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Draons revisited states, that in all time there was one redeemed red dragon, is anywhere mentioned how its name was or the story behind its redemtion?


The Arcopolis of the Thrallkeepers can serve as an infinite XP generator. The text states that if a certain noise level is reached, a tentacle comes out of the pool in the middle to investigate. This is the tentacle of a havaro (quite an innovative monster) which is in a state of hibernation and the PCs at their current level have no means to wake it up (which would bei a Level 24 Encounter). Each tentacle is a level 6 encounter and there can be 6 tentacles simultaneously (the more noise you make the more tentacles come out of the pool up to a maximum of 6) if one is slain another regrows in its place. For a well equipped level 10 party it is not a big problem, to handle this situation, however player could stay in there to level up as much as the like, when resources dwindle one leaves the temple, since the tentacles cannot follow and regenerates. 3.5 states that an encounter 8 level lower than yourself yields no XP, however if you use the Pathfinder RPG rules you can level into infinity even with level 1 encounters, it only takes a lot of then.


Take a look at page 44 (The house of the moon). Notice the stairs leading from area B1 to area B2. The holes in the floor trough which the stairs descend are just 5 feet brought. This is an architectural folly, because it implies that the stairs are so steep, that a human could descend in this small space without banging his head.

For someone being about 1,80m (about 6 foot) tall this means even if one stair is only 15cm (0.5 ft) broad it would have to be 30cm (1 ft) high.
But only if the bottom/ceiling itself has no height, which is unlikely/impossible.
Meaning the stair have to be steeper still.



the topic already says it. I noticed next to many nicknames there is a bracket in which one can see to which product lines this member is a subscriber. I was wondering how to get such a tag.



in some post of a paizo representative I read, that the adventure paths in their current form are the main cash cow of paizo and therefor will stay the way they are. Be that as it may, but if this is really the main way of distributing information about golarion aside from companions and chronicles it might really be a nice thing to have a sort of general index to see which information can be found where.

Take the gods for example. Where do you find information about them?

-The Campaign Setting
-The Gazetteer
-Gods and Magic

now comes the paradox:
An even more detailed description than that in Gods and Magic can be found in:

-The Adventure Paths

It gets worse:

Issue #23 tells us something about Rovagug
Issue #24 tells us something about Spawn of Rovagug

Are you catching my drift? How the hell am I to remember where which information is stored. Making knowledge checks in real life to find the information I need when standing in my Pathfinder-Library sounds like a funny thing, but believe me it is not. Opening every adventure path reading the table of contends and putting it back into the shelf gets bothersome since the number of volumes approaches 30 and there is going to be more.

Therefor I suggest and I hope this finds the backup of the community a online lore index, where I can have an alphabetical list of all topic regarding pathfinder combined with some kind of search funktion so that I click on or enter "rovagug" and it tells me:

"Information about the topic rovagug can be found in"

Campaing Setting pp. XX-YY
Gods and Magic pp. XX-YY
and so on.


I want to become a subscriber of various pathfinder product line. I added them to my shopping cart and noticed that only the adventure path subscription receives a 30% discount, but the information of this subscription states, that I will receive a 15% discount on all other paizo products, but this is not the case or at least not shown.
Please tell me how to proceed to ensure, that I receive the discount on the other product lines as well.



I'm just reading the Pathfinder #18 entry about the Land of Black Blood. The Entry about the central lake "The Caltherium" states:

This central pool of black blood covers almost a square mile of territory

If I rephrase it, this means it is slightly smaller than a square mile.

Now if I look on the map on page 50 the scale indicator shows, that 2.2cm are 40 miles, if I take a very very rough measurement by this scale, the Caltherium is 9360 square miles large. (I calculated length times breadth)

This leads to the question how big this vault really is.

To clarify this I took out the guide to the darklands on page 46 of this publication you will find map of Orv ... unfortunately without a scale indicator.

OK... so I took out the map of the inner sea region which can be found in the Gazetteer, which has a scale indicator. I'm living in Europe to you may forgive me for using the metric systems, since I have no ruler with an inch scale.

On the map of the inner sea region found in the Gazetteer

4.3cm = 240 miles.

Lake Encarthan measured from Tamran to the mouth of the Sellen River on the opposite side measures

7cm = 390 miles

Now I went back to the map of Orv where you can see lake Encarthan just left of The Land of Black Blood. Taking the same measurement the show tha Lake Encathan is 3cm across meaning

3cm = 390 miles in "real" Golarion.

Now I measure the Land of Black Blood across its breadth where the Caltherium is supposed to be. It is roughly

2cm = 260 miles which is exactly the size to the Vault as given on page 50 of Pathfinder #18.

Therefor the description of the Caltherium must be wrong, because everything else is in accordance with the rest of the world.



I am read the Great Beyond and as far as I gather, every plane represents one alignment:

Heaven = Lawful Good
Nirvana = Neutral Good
Elysium = Chaotic Good

Axis = Lawful Neutral
Boneyard = True Neutral
Maelstrom = Chaoitc Neutral

Hell = Lawful Evil
Abaddon = Neutral Evil
Abyss = Chaotic Evil

All the other deities make the homes in the realm best befitting their alignment. Now why do Calistra and Gorum reside in Elysium and not in the Maelstrom as their alignment would indicate?



I am reading the Great Beyond. Thought the Book there are references to Daemons and Demons.

Since I am not a native speaker I consulted for the two words, although I knew before what a demon is.

The page tells me, that demon is american english and daemon is british english and are of identical meaning.

Knowing that DnD and therefor Pathfinder has a such a vast variety of monsters, that a shortage of meaningful names seems nearly inevitable, I get the distinct feeling, that there must be other differences between these two kinds of monsters.


There are 4 kinds of servitor Daemons


As far as I can tell those are coming from ancient greek, but i cannot tell there meaning.


Sorry for double post, but somehow I could not edit my last past.

I read a little further an there is another paragraph, whicht appears two times in the book:

Page 23: Aspis Consortium

Were the Aspis Constortium ... leaves him preoccupied with the weather

On Pager 47: Aspis Consortium holds the same text.



the Guide to Absalom detail a district called Green Ridge, unfortunately I cannot find it on the map on the first page. A big map such as in the Guide to Korvosa would have been a great idea especially for a city far bigger than Korvosa.


Hello, I am currently reading the guide to Absalom. On page 26 subsection "Fort Tempest" it states:

...Fort Tempest was build a few centuries after Aroden's death...

When we take a look at the time line of Golarion a presented in the Campaign Setting page 203 states 4606 AR as the year of Aroden's demise and 4708 AR as the current year. Strictly speaking the current year in Golarion is 4709 since one year in our world equals one year in Golarion and 4708 AR equals 2008 AD if I remember correctly.

The contradiction goes even further.

...after the Radiant Siege of 1619 AR proved a foe could take the point and use it to build a tower to fling rocks into the city...

Let's assume the Keep was build after Aroden's death, although a few centuries cannot be possible, since this would indicate some point in the future. Why does it take the City 2987 years to notice this weak spot in its defenses and build a Keep?

Sorry if this has already been posted.



I am not talking about the map being glued into the book, but a lot of mapmarkers falsly placed.

For example the Gilded Orrery (H5) is H15 on the big map, in fact H15 appears two times, (one time incorrect as mentioned above) and a second time for The Overlook.

Further more Eodred Walk is written on the big map where Eodreds Square should be, the circle (the right place of Eordred's Walk) with the shops arround it as no marker at all.

The map on page 16 names H1 the Great Hall, which in fact is the Great Tower.

N1 and N2 are missing entirely.

These are just the things I noticed while reading the first few pages.

Will the be an errata on this book or will any errors be fixed in a reprint only (which yet has to be announced)


I just finshed the Campaign Setting and I noticed that there are many parallels to our world.

Arcadia = America (even that the Ulfen (Vikings) discovered it first)
Vudra = India (many gods for many aspects of life)
Tian Xia = Asia
Avistan = Europe
Garund = Africa (Desert in the north (Sahara) jungle in the middle (congo))

Sarusan = Australia
Crown of the World = Antarctica (although in Golarion it is in the north)

Many nations in Avistan reflect some of the nations in Europe for example Cheliax reminds me somewhat of Nazi-Germany, to beginn with it has the

Wolfsangel in its flag see here:

Starfall Doctrine predicts an millenium of unprecedented success.
Tausendjähriges Reich (german for "an empire lasting a thousend years") was a term used by NS-Propaganda.

Chaliax maintains one of avistans most massive army (somewhere it is hinted they are preparing for war)

It is a stain on the face of Golarion and a mockery of what was once the greatest kingdom of mankind

Could this be an allegory to the holy roman empire on whichs terretory in later years the NS-Regime rose?

Furthermore it is a popular theme the the Nazis employ supernatural powers to futher the goals (Indiana Jones / Hellboy)

Other Country resemble other european countries may be not in such a great detail, or may be it is simply the fact that I am german to see such a great resemblance in Cheliax.

Next the secquence of planets

Golarion is the third planet from its sun just like earth its sunward neighbor is the "Green World of Castrovel" which is coverd by jungles.
In science fiction and the early beginings of astronomy it was hypothized that jungles grew on venus (among other things)

see here

the more outward planet is "The Red Planed Akiton" which clearly resembles Mars.

Many of the peoples listed have close resemblance to the ethnicities encountered on earth I am not going to list them here one by one.

I do not think, that this is coincidental but was done on purpose.

Is it that worlds which people can identify theselfes are more popular in general or where there other motives behind the creation of golarion in the way it is?



the Corerules state, that an anmial does not get multiple attacks for a high attack bonus.

What does that mean?

Does it mean, that an animal cannot make a full attack since it has only one attack OR does it mean, that an animal compagnion makes all its attacks at its highest attack bonus?



I am currently reading the Campaing Setting which contains a map of the "Inner Sea Region".

Will the be a map of the rest of the world? So I get to see a map of Vudra and Tian Xia? Or are these left empty spots on purpose as to allow more freedom when adventuring there?



i read the Corerulebook and today created the first characters.

Some things I am not so sure about:

At first level in 3.5 you got (a fixed nuber + int mod) x 4 skill points to distribute.

This is not the case any more and you just gain as many skill points at first level as at any other level correct?

What about your starting HD?
In 3.5 you got your full HD + CON Mod. at first level.
I see nothing of the sort in Pathfinder have I missed something?

I am asking because I thought that with pathfinder the "luckfactor" for mages would be reduced.

In 3.5 they had a d4 so with no CON Mod. 4HP at 1st level.

Now they have a d6, but since I nowhere saw that this is to be given full this results in an average of 3.5HD. So the starting situation for mages has worsend? If I overread something a page reference might be a nice thing.

Gorgons Fist:
The Feat-Descrtion says it can be used when a enemy is slowed (as is the case with scorpion strike) but not exclusivly. Does this also make any enemy slowed down by heavy armor a valid target of this ability?

Weapon Specialization:

The prerequisites say: Weapon Focus, 4th level Fighter.
Does this mean, that you have to have Weapon Focus AND be a Fighter of 4th level or does it mean, that you have to have Weapon Focus OR be a Fighter of 4th levl?

Shape shift:
Here are the rules not very clear or my understanding is flawed.

When you take Elemental Body IV for example it states:
It function lile EBI meaning you can shapeshift into the form of an elemental with the exception, that this allows you to change into the form of you huge elemental... so far so good.

Lets take a look at the earth elemental:

You gain +8 size bonus to STR, -2 penalty on DEX, +4 size bonus to CON, and +6 natural armor. The modifications are applied to the stats you have while in humanoid form.

Whats aboud everything else? Do I draw all other values form the stats of the monster as printed in the monster manual?

So like 228hp +27 melee slam attack, earth mastery, push and earthglide and so on? Or does it work in some other way i failed to understand?

Thanks in advance
Greetz Ganzir

Hi everyone, I purchased the Pathfinder Corerulebook last week and just finishe the combat section.

Here I have a question regarding Two-Weapon-Fighting.

It states

If you wield a second weapon in your offhand, you can get one extra attack per round with that weapon. You suffer a -6 penalty with your regular attack or attacks with your primary hand and a -10 penalty to the attack with your offhand when you fight this way.

Assuming you play a character with a BAB of +20/+15/+10/+5 so you have 4 regular attacks when fighting with two weapons those bonuses decrease to

+14/+9/+4/-1 for the regular attacks. Now you have a offhand attack at a -10 penalty.

Does this penalty refer to the hightest bonus or the lowest or one in between. The rules are not clear about this.

Thanks in advance