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Kle wrote:

I still find your request bizarre.

A Request for a change-log is a bizarre request?

Well I find my request perfectly reasonable


Holy moly, I guess this is the world of Twitter come to pass.

You bought the book, even though you don't think it'll be interesting to read?

I thought that reading the book was the whole point of buying it?

One little suggestion:

1. Read
2. Think
3. Post

I bought the book, because I am a subscriber of the campaign setting line.

Meaning: I get every new publication and I am not going to cancel a subscription because one book is in great parts a reprint of what I already own.

Hello, one question:

I received my copy today, is there a way to figure out, what is really new?

So far I own every product from the subscriptions you see above my posts, therefor many things detailed in this book (I tend to go so far to say nearly all of them) are already known to me. Many Companions and Setting-Books go in much more detail than this book does etc.

So could someone point out, which pages are interesting to read, if you already have read, well everything there is to read so far regarding pathfinder, since it is really time consuming to read the hole tome again for a few new pieces of information.


OK that answers all of my questions. Many thanks for the extensive support by the way, which especially in case of a critical comment (such as mine) is not something I have come to expect from other companies.This really is a credit to you.

Well as I stated above I am with Pathfinder from the very beginning and since the end of 2009 a direct customer of paizo (who lives in Europe). Therefor my shipping fees are not the smallest plus the occasional import taxes. So when I opened my last package and skipped through the pages I was a little disappointed that the really new content isn't overly excessive. Hope you understand my side of the story.

In any case I understand the need for a low prized product to allow a new customer a glimpse at Golarion.

Speaking of untouched regions ... Alkenstar and Numeria would be great, - but those are just my two pennies.

Keep up the good work.


Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Why not reprint them? Because they're 3.5 books with some rules material we'd like to remove or update to the Pathfinder RPG.

OK that is a quite irrefutable reason, which raises another question:

There are a lot of Campaign Setting Volumes and Companion Volumes based on 3.5 - will you update all of them to match the Pathfinder rules?

If so I have to rethink my subscription policy, since I personally have no reason to spend money on a remake of i.e. "Into the Darklands" even if there is one or the other feat mentioned which was designed for 3.5.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Or, given that we have tens of thousands of new customers buying our core rulebooks and starting to look at our campaign setting line, and the gazetteer and the Campaign Setting books are both sold out, it's exactly the sort of thing we should be publishing right now—a short, low price point book to get people started on Golarion.

Be that as it may. Why are those books sold out and if they are, why not reprint them. If for some reason a reprint is not possible or more costly than a new product so be it.

However, this product might make a lot of sense for those people who are new to Golarion, it makes little to no sense for people for people, who are familiar with Golarion.

Therefor I hope that the "Pathfinder Intro Game" is published as a standalone product, and not within one of the 5 Series (RPG/CS/CP/M).

My point is just, that I got a reprint of a lot of things I already know with just a few new points. Hence if the agenda of making new introduction products continues instead of reprinting old ones, I will time and again get products, which I basically already own and that is not why I became a subscriber. Or you could mark products as newcomer products an make an option to exclude such products from the subscription.

Well even if I am the only one, this is one (in fact the first product) of the Pathfinder-Series I do not like very much. The new things are really few. There is a lot what has been printed many times over. The Gazetteer contained most of it, the CS-Hardcover also, not to mention that a revised Hardcover will be released some time soon. Not to mention that all or at least most of the gods got a detailed view in gods and magic and an even more detailed on at the end-section of some adventure-path adventures.

Nations quite the same story.

As you can see from my subscriptions I am quite an Pathfinder aficionado, but this product fails to strike my fancy.

Granted it is a good introduction for newcomers, but that's about it.

My group really plays for some time now and knows the world of Golarion, if it was meant as a newcomer overview it is really late.

That really depends. If the challenge of the adventure is the allocation of scarce resources, than I keep track very keenly. If it is an adventure in the civilized world, where PCs are buying and selling items worth thousands of GP, I don't keep track of the living cost, since these are sums so marginal, it doesn't really matter. Torches ... I don't think they are really in use in my party, since all players considered it a wise idea to opt for everburning lanterns... one thing less to keep track of.


I guess the reason you started this thread, was to get answers, which outline a general guideline of what is good and what is evil, what is lawful and what is chaotic. From my experience this is a discussion, that might never come to an end, when even two people are engaging in it. So nearly everything is up for an endless dispute. How to solve this problem?

You are the GM so it is up to you to determine what is good and what is evil period.

You are everything the players are not. You decide what works and what not. As any rulebook will tell you, as a GM you have the final say. Since there is no way to scientifically proof what is good and what is evil (otherwise this discussion would not exist) it remains a subject of arbitrariness - with you as the arbiter.

This is one of the few topics I will never discuss with my players, in this point my world is law. This I tell my players should they be new at the table and the reason why I rule this way (see above) until now they have always accepted this judgment since it is one of the few viable ways out of this dilemma. The only exception I am willing to make is, that the rulebook states, that act X is a good/evil whatever act, since the game designer obviously wanted the world to work in this fashion. If you do not want to leave your players completely in the dark, you might tell them, when they act how you categorize this act. You don't need to give a justification, since this will start the debate all over, just to give the players a feeling what you consider good an evil so they can act accordingly if they want to.


Gorbacz wrote:
what alignment would you apply to the late Pope John Paul II ?

LE, LN at best.

Sure, anyone could just change the details they don't like. I'm just wondering why those details are there in the first place.

First: With all due respect, take a deep breath. At first it is a game, if one does not like it, one does not have to play it.

Second: Such things are making the World more realistic. Did you notice that in Sargava the Colonist use people from the Mwangi as a cheap labor force? Does that ring a bell? Once upon a time there was a country called the USA if I remember correctly, where especially the southern states used cheap labor (slaves) form Africa to tend to their cotton plantations.
I don't know which ethnicity you guys belong to, but may be people of afro-american ancestry don't like this ether? So the authors of paizo are not only sexist but also racist for incorporating such similarities into the game world?

I don't think so, a fantasy world with similarities to the real world is much easier to identify with, not because one likes the circumstances described above, but because one knows them. For those of you who haven't noticed Golarion is very much like the real world. So if the argument of your player is, that sexism and so on are things she experiences in real life, tell her to get a lawyer, for as far as I know their are very strict laws against such things especially at the working place and if you don't like a world with similarities to earth, well there are a lot of other settings and no one forces you to use this particular one, so I really don't see the problem.


Draons revisited states, that in all time there was one redeemed red dragon, is anywhere mentioned how its name was or the story behind its redemtion?


Well if this would just be normal sleep (whatever that means for a monster of this type) I'd agree with you. But the text goes even further in stating, that a direct attack on the body just causes more noise) OK it has fast heal and damage reduction and so on, but it seems the creature is oblivious to such attacks on a conscious level. As a GM I could of course rule: OK you have done everything there is to accomplish in this dungeon and now you are utilizing it as a training ground, which was most likely not the intention of the author therefor after whatever time to havero wakes and slaughters all of you. - problem solved!

Not really, since I don't like wiping out my group just because they act like players do (what can only in the rarest of occasions be regarded as realistic behaviour).

Since I virtually read all of the Pathfinder publications there is something else. Adventuring is a occupation in Golarion in contrast to other fantasy worlds where the PCs are the only adventuring group and are stumbling from one adventure to another. If someone says "I'm an adventurer and set you to acquire riches (gold) and glory (level) than the idea of a training ground is not that absurd. Go into the woods and slaughter some goblins till you get the knack before facing the red dragon ... you're catching my drift !?

Furthermore I don't know which publication it was states that the hellknights summon devil's for training purposes so that (if I remember the text passage correctly) fighting humans is like child's play ...

All over Avistan or wherever hellknights operate they summon devil's for training purposes. Asmodeus (who hates the mortals because the bring chaos to the otherwise orderly universe) sits in nessus thinking

"Oh well let them use my minions for training, so that they know there weaknesses when we invade the mortal world to wipe them out"

and not

"the next time someone is summoned I sent an Infernal Duke so they get more than they bargained for and this nuisance is dealt with"

Wait a minute NPCs can use whatever technical mechanisms the world offers to push their expertise and PCs are punished for doing the same.

Bottom line: I think this situation is much more delicate, because to rule "it is not possible period" is the most blunt option I use as rarely as possible, since I don't like arbitrariness and my players do neither.

The Arcopolis of the Thrallkeepers can serve as an infinite XP generator. The text states that if a certain noise level is reached, a tentacle comes out of the pool in the middle to investigate. This is the tentacle of a havaro (quite an innovative monster) which is in a state of hibernation and the PCs at their current level have no means to wake it up (which would bei a Level 24 Encounter). Each tentacle is a level 6 encounter and there can be 6 tentacles simultaneously (the more noise you make the more tentacles come out of the pool up to a maximum of 6) if one is slain another regrows in its place. For a well equipped level 10 party it is not a big problem, to handle this situation, however player could stay in there to level up as much as the like, when resources dwindle one leaves the temple, since the tentacles cannot follow and regenerates. 3.5 states that an encounter 8 level lower than yourself yields no XP, however if you use the Pathfinder RPG rules you can level into infinity even with level 1 encounters, it only takes a lot of then.


Of course one could state, that there is a ladder instead of the staircase, in other parts of the building there are ladders as well, but this would be a ladder with a breadth of 15 feet .... looks kind of strange.


Take a look at page 44 (The house of the moon). Notice the stairs leading from area B1 to area B2. The holes in the floor trough which the stairs descend are just 5 feet brought. This is an architectural folly, because it implies that the stairs are so steep, that a human could descend in this small space without banging his head.

For someone being about 1,80m (about 6 foot) tall this means even if one stair is only 15cm (0.5 ft) broad it would have to be 30cm (1 ft) high.
But only if the bottom/ceiling itself has no height, which is unlikely/impossible.
Meaning the stair have to be steeper still.


Thanks for the quick answer, that leads to one further question:

If the same character has the Two-Weapon-Fighting Feat and wields a light weapon in offhand the penalties are -2/-2 resulting in:


Now this same character selects Improved Two-Weapon Fighting.

In addition to the standard single extra attack you get with an offhand weapon, you get a second attack with it, albeit at a -5 penalty

Does this penalty stack with the normal penalty?

So is it


or is it calculated independantly?

Hi everyone, I purchased the Pathfinder Corerulebook last week and just finishe the combat section.

Here I have a question regarding Two-Weapon-Fighting.

It states

If you wield a second weapon in your offhand, you can get one extra attack per round with that weapon. You suffer a -6 penalty with your regular attack or attacks with your primary hand and a -10 penalty to the attack with your offhand when you fight this way.

Assuming you play a character with a BAB of +20/+15/+10/+5 so you have 4 regular attacks when fighting with two weapons those bonuses decrease to

+14/+9/+4/-1 for the regular attacks. Now you have a offhand attack at a -10 penalty.

Does this penalty refer to the hightest bonus or the lowest or one in between. The rules are not clear about this.

Thanks in advance