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Gen Con 2018 Boon #7: Inside Manufacturer (Social Boon) – This looks like a fun one. You “know a guy” who’s a weapons manufacturer. After an adventure, earn checks by letter him inspect weapons found you found. Give him one of your weapons at the beginning of an adventure for him to apply a “trademark manufacturer modification” (per Starfinder Armory) at a discount. It also boosts that weapon’s damage based on the number of checks.

Gen Con 2018 Boon #9: Free Agent (Faction Boon) – Bank reputation after a scenario instead of assigning it to a faction. After ten times, you can apply the stored reputation to any one faction.

Legacy Race Boon


Xenowarden Affiliation

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Hey jtaylor73003,

First of all, sorry your character died. Like you, my very first PC died at the end of my very first PFS scenario, The Confirmation. I spent weeks trying to find a local venue that ran PFS and, once I did, I spend hours agonizing over the character details and backstory of my first PC, a fencing bard.

It was actually a combination of my lack of experience with tactics (I ran through a threatened area) plus the foe's critical confirmation with almost maximum damage. Even the GM and other players seemed shocked. However both the GM and folk I met playing were so much fun that I kept going back.

At least in my PFS experience, death is rare, but it happens. I'm actually surprised it doesn't happen more. And as much as it sucks, it sucks so much less with a brand new character than one you've had for months.

I tried used it as a learning experience to help me mold future characters. Now, over a year later, I also GM PFS as well as still play with that first GM who killed me because he's a great guy and I made some great friends.

So I guess my suggestion is, if you like the group you're with, to keep going back and learning. Personally, I sure wish I had the Strategy Guide last year it probably would have helped me.

For the most part, the Paizo forums can be a great support group and share really useful advice. Whatever you choose, good luck!

* Dead bard jokes are welcome. One of my current PCs is level 8 and going strong :)

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I love the new format! It's going to make GMing so much easier for me. Thanks to the entire development team for making this happen!

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Sorry if I missed this in the Guide to Organized Play but if PCs are going to play through the entire module with non-PFS legal characters (but they are going to apply the credit to their PFS characters), would they or would they not get day job rolls?

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John Compton wrote:
GM NMP wrote:
I'll be starting to run this Saturday night with my home game group and was wondering if there's a rough estimate on when this will be reportable for PFS?
Take a look toward the bottom of the product description on this page. You should see a link to the Chronicle sheet download.

Thanks for the quick response, guys! I'm sorry I was probably unclear. I meant any estimate on when will it be reportable as a session on-line? I thought I saw some of the unreleased Season 6 scenarios listed but didn't see this module.

Thanks again and happy new year everyone!

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I'll be starting to run this Saturday night with my home game group and was wondering if there's a rough estimate on when this will be reportable for PFS?

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strangepork wrote:
Lots of great stuff...

Thanks for taking the time to pull this together. I'm starting to run this with my awesome home group Saturday and these notes are extremely helpful!

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My Dirge Bard uses a small spin-drum (like the one in the final fight of Karate Kid Part 2) as his percussion instrument. It's the only one-handed persussion instrument I could think of (in case he needs the other hand free) but it seems thematically appropriate to me for some reason.

Plus GM's seem to think it's hilarious when I rub my thumb and first two fingers back and forth going "thub, thub, thub" when I use it as my percussion instrument to demoralize enemies with Haunting Refrain...

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Paz wrote:
Gone forever, I believe.

OK, thanks.

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Hi there,

I searched the forums and couldn't readily find and answer so I'm posting it here...

Back when I first started Pathfinder Society, I accidentally deleted my first character (my XXXXX-1) right after charcter creation. If I recall correctly, I probably wanted to change my character background/etc. and thought I was clearing it to start from scratch. I clicked "delete" and *poof* it was gone. I didn't have any PFS credit at that point so it's really not a big deal at all except my first character starts at XXXXX-2 which is kind of goofy.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone knows a way I can restore my -1, if I should contact technical support, or if there's no way to restore it.

Thanks in advance!

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Luthril wrote:

I would like to second the idea of strengthening the Spiritualists bond to speaking with spirits or otherwise lending more uniqueness to the class....

Agreed 100 percent. I am hoping the final version gives the spiritualist special abilities to handle/manage undead. I thought the dirge bard really did a great job on this flavor including (among other abilities) their ability to use mind-affecting spells on undead.

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I'm considering a spiritualist called (for now) the Professor. While exploring the fringe of the Worldwound during his travels, he bonded with the spirit of a certain half-elf knight seeking to make amends for his failings during the Fifth Crusade. The phantom is known only as "the Unknown Crusader."

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To the original question, I originally was concerned about what I perceived to be book after book of new rules. Not as a player -- as a player I thought the new options were fantastic. The Advanced Players Guide and introduction of archetypes blew my mind. To me, more options as a PC was better.

But as a new GM, I was terrified. Overwhelmed by all of the new options, concerned about looking like I didn’t know what I was doing in front of my players when I GM Society. In fact, I still have problems remembering factoids from the core rulebook (wizards’ school abilities come to mind). Kind of an odd dichotomy, I guess. So from that perspective, I was concerned.

What’s turned out is that at every PFS table I’ve GM’d to date (which admittedly isn’t a lot), the players are more than happy to answer when I say “Sorry but can you explain to me your PCs ability/power/quirk works?” That has been great for me and I've learned a lot. So far, I’ve just needed to know the basics (maybe the bare basics) of what each character class does to manage my tables. I'm pleasantly surprised that it hasn’t been as overwhelming as I thought it would be.

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Personally, I love playing and GMing the 3-7 range. 1-2 just feels too "random." A bad roll of the dice and a PC can bite the dust. Plus a lot of classes cooler abilities don't really blossom until around level 5 or so (I'm just thinking of my bard's inspire courage +2 and inquisitor's bane).

At levels 8 and above, it's still great fun but things tend to take longer. Also, scenarios get a bit more complicated for me. Fortunately, most of my players are 1-7 but when they start to level up I'll bite the bullet and run higher level scenarios for them.

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I received my order amazingly fast and it was packaged great. Thanks, Paizo!

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I'm looking forward to the changes, especially shorter scenarios that are easier to prep. Thanks for keeping us the loop!

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Hi everyone,

I apologize in advance if I've missed the obvious but I've gone through the forums and the scenario introduction itself and am still really confused about how to record Silverhex...

Specifically, I'm the PFS coordinator and a friend GM'd Silverhex over two Fridays, one day he ran 2 quests the first day and the second 4 quests yesterday. We all had fun trying out the pre-gens and the scenarios were fun so that's all great. But I've tried to report teh quests and am still really confused. There are a few basic questions I can't wrap my head around and I'd like to request some guidance from the PFS community at large....

(1) Do I have to report them six different sessions, one for each quest?

(2) If this answer is "yes" to the above, how do I allocate the prestige points?

(3) Does a GM running six sessions earn 6 GM "credits" towards their star?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Mark Garringer wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

OK, thanks!

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I just purchased this scenario to run Friday night. It looks awesome but I had one question about final gp that I can't seem to wrap my head around...

GP question:
Do the PCs really get the chance to claim the bounty payment IN ADDITION to their subtier gold? If so, that seems like a lot. Not that I mind, just curious so I run this correctly

Any help would really be appreciated -- thanks!

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GM Bold Strider wrote:

Master of Many Styles 3 / Paladin 2 / Lore Oracle 1 / Champion of Irori 6

Str > Cha > Con > Dex > Wis > Int

Dragon Style feats
Pummelling Style feats
Elemental Fist
Power Attack

Dragonslayer Shield
Brawling Mithril Breastplate
Ghost Touch/Limning AoMF
Deliquescent Gloves
Belt of Physical Might
Headband of Alluring Charisma
Cloak of Resistance

Greatest character I have ever played.

Wow, this concept sounds like something I've been struggling for weeks to build: a well-rounded hand-to-hand guy with some magical abilities and skills. I've looked at Sacred Fist, Brawler and Master of Many Styles but can't seem to come up with a concept as interesting as yours.

Would you mind providing a level breakdown of your build and what he was like to play? Did you use a specific Paladin archtype? I heard that Iroran Palidan doesn't work for Champion of Irori as it gives up Smite Evil.


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Oops -- make that narenmprasad at gmail dot com or send me a private message. Cheers!

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Hey Enchantedsord,

I actually live in Lombard, IL too and am looking to get more active with PFS!

I've started playing this year but have been challenged finding a time that worked around my family's schedule. I've actually been considering setting up as GM on Sunday afternoons around 1PM and am working on a location.

If you think you might be interested or want to brainstorm ideas, please email me at naremprasad at gmail dot com.