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Ok so it seems that the general consensus is if the Prestige Classes ask/focuses a specific class(s) that any classes with the ruling “Your (insert class here) level is your effective (insert class here) level” would lose out in some way despite meeting requirements for Prestige Class. Would this be a safe way to go about builds like this in the future?

So to be more specific, my play group has come to a crossroads about how to go about multiclassing for Prestige Classes and class that give you a effective level of a different class. Example:

The Rage Prophet is a Prestige Class that combines the Oracle and Barbarian. Its requirements are a Base Attack Bonus of +5, the Oracles Curse feature, and the Rage Power “Moment of Clarity”. The class itself states that any levels in it count towards your Barbarian and Oracle levels for the sake of Rage, Rage Powers, Revelations, and Curses. Now if instead of a Barbarian if I were to go the Bloodrager Primalist Archetype which lets me choose standard Rage Powers instead of his Bloodline Powers and also treated his Bloodrager levels as Barbarian levels would I be able to multiclass into Rage Prophet gaining full bonuses from the Prestige Class while still having access to my Bloodline Powers as I gain levels of Rage Prophet?

Looking for a general ruling on builds like this, so GM’s please let me know your opinion and anyone with a lot of Multiclassing experience please share as well.

What about trying to raise the spouse up or free them from their bonds? Would you have to choose a specific deity or would you just have to win over a deity in general?

We’ve all seen and heard the jokes about the over zealous Bard or the lucky/unlucky Cleric who ends up with a demon/deamon/devil lover/spouse, but in actuality is this doable? I know you can make deals and gain favors/boons but can you actually have a spouse of the mentioned races and still be active party member without constantly coming into conflict with the rest of the party? If you’ve been a GM or Player who has experienced this, please share your experience or advice.

I’m looking for at races for a Rage Prophet, Barbarian/Oracle prestige hybrid class, and Was mostly going by the stat bonuses the races give me but I noticed Half-Orcs get class bonuses to both Barbarian and Oracle. I feel like I already know the answer but wanted to ask if anyone could confirm whether I would get both classes bonuses.

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Hello everyone!! I’m posting this thread because I need help working out the melee mechanics of a Rage Prophet I’m building for what me and my friends are calling a “Advance Campaign.” Oracle wise I’ve narrowed down the Mysteries and Curse (and spells to a lesser extent) to 3-4 options but haven’t set anything in stone due to the odd player/party set up. Our GM is allowing my friend to play a evil Drow Arcanist with the potential to become a Drow Noble if he can convince said GM in-game to allow/make it happen, because of this our GM is allowing the rest to build whatever we want as long as it is Official Pazio and also not Psionics. I’ve talked to my GM and he’s allowing my idea which I’ll get into.

My Rage Prophet is going to be split like so:
Level 1-5 Barbarian
Level 6 Oracle
Level 7-16 Rage Prophet
Level 17-20 Optional

The 5 levels of barbarian are going to be the titan mauler archetype so that I can get the abilities Jotungrip and Massive Weapons (descriptions will follow). The idea is that EWP turns all Bastard Swords from 2-handers to 1-handers even if their above my class size. Adding Jotungrip to this would mean a large bastard sword would be the equivalent of a standard 2 handed weapon which I can wield as if it was a 1 hander so no penalties. Massive Weapons is where things get a bit crazy because the ability allows me to wield up to a 2 handed weapon one class size above me with a -4 penalty. However, if I stay with the BSword I’m not using a 2 hander still a one hander so I would only receive the basic -2 penalty for an oversized weapon. Finally we throw impact on all of this and we have a medium character swinging for Gargantuan damage with a natural 10ft reach due to the size of the weapon. This is all OK’ed by my GM where I need help is the race.

At 2nd level, a titan mauler may choose to wield a two-handed melee weapon in one hand with a –2 penalty on attack rolls while doing so. The weapon must be appropriately sized for her, and it is treated as one-handed when determining the effect of Power Attack, Strength bonus to damage, and the like.
This ability replaces uncanny dodge.

Massive Weapon
At 3rd level, a titan mauler becomes skilled in the use of massive weapons looted from her titanic foes.
She can use two-handed weapons meant for creatures one size category larger, but the penalty for doing so is increased by 4. However, the attack roll penalty for using weapons too large for her size is reduced by 1, and this reduction increases by 1 for every three levels beyond 3rd (to a minimum of 0).
This ability replaces trap sense.

Now as I said earlier one of my friends is going as a Drow with a chance to become Drow Noble, to balance this our GM has allowed all Pazio sponsored races up to 20 Race Points.
This brings the Kasatha into the mix which gives me 4 arms, 1 primary 3 off hands, so this has me thinking of a few different ways to abuse this huge damage. Know before I go any further I will not be going past huge BSword for sanity of all.

The first idea I had was just to dual wield two swords, with a hand for spells, and another for grabbing items and what not and start with a -6/-6 penalties.

Another idea is to have on BSword, a tower shield, a hand for spells, and a general free hand.

A third idea is to have a sword, a composite bow, and a hand for spells.

Mostly want to know whats the best “bang for my buck” would be. No one in my regular group has played a four armed race so any tips or tricks from someone who has played such a character would be most helpful. Also if there is a magic item such as a wand/rod to add to the mix of items and boost my spells would be appreciated too.

So it seems the Warpriest is gonna be my best bet for what I’m looking for. Thank you all for being so quick and inforative. Good luck on your future games peeps!

Java Man wrote:
Looks to me like a skald could be glorious here.

That is a concept I didn’t think of.

I will have to check with my gm over the giant and advance templates. Also it sounds like my best bet would be to go straight magus or warpriest. I thank you folks for the advice.

We go by levels for HD and are generally pretty open to the idea of all templates, classes, races unless they are stupid broken like my one friends Pscionic character.

The Advance and Half-Dragon aren’t a bad idea, but as I said I’m more concerned with the trade of high damage and buffs VS damage, buffs, and healing. The GM we have is the kind to throw the book at us when it comes to eneimes and will always make it harder.

Also, according to the D20pdf site we use Centaurs are large to start.

Hey there! So as the title says I’m looking for opinions on 2 builds I have. The builds are for a upcoming campign where myself and two others will be running a high cr game, monstrous races, templates/prestige classes, etc will be allowed. The issue I am stuck on is my role to play in the group. We have Drider Grappler (not sure if monk or brawler) and a dedicated ranged character, I have opted to tank for both of them since the Drider is alot of health and good AC but very singler focused while our range is a glass cannon. I’m trying to build a charcater with good damage and support (buffs mostly). I’ve narrowed it down to 2 builds but would like a general opinion/advice on how to excute said builds or other ideas that would do said job.

I’ll list the general overview of the builds I have (please note that I’ve mostly played just straight classes and mostly advance races)

Build One:
Centaur Rage Prophet
5 lvls of titan mauler archetype for jotungrip and +5 BAB
At 6th lvl take oracle (battle mystery and reclusive curse)
7th go Rage Prophet (go the full ten levels)
Afterwards go four more levels into oracle for access to lvl 7 healing spells

General idea for this character is to be a meat sheild that can buff himself silly and buff his allies to make everyone tougher with Titan Maluer providing access to a huge bastard sword with impact to have 4d8 damage. Buffing obviously provides better survivability with healing incase of emergencies.

Build Two:
Half-Giant Magus(Bladebound) (no pscionics)
Go 3-5 lvls into titan mauler for huge bastard sword and high damage (and the ability to shorten targeted enimeies range by 5 feet)
Starting at lvl 4 go bladebound magus continue as far as needed
At some point take the mongrel giant template to go rune giant option for massive stat boots
Along with the template, look into runeguard for thematics or possibly one of the other magical warrior prestige classes

General idea is similar to first build but focusing more on the magic melee combo. This build is based around the idea of heavy buffing and damage with stacking spells on top OR channeling spells through swords for massive hits while still giving good support via buffs. Giving up heals due to idea of “We don’t need heals if they are already dead.”