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Boon is now available.

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Don’t think I’ll have it ready in time for Free RPG Day’s official date as my local store is running it a week late because of a scheduling conflict with a Magic Tournament where they are giving away a Mustang to the winner and expect a pretty sizable crowd (the game store is HUGE and can seat 350). So Free RPGs are being ran the week after. If I get anything done I’ll link it here but hadn’t plan to start working on it until sometime next week.

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I’m going to try to make a cheat sheet for the players with explanations of their abilities, feats, and spells since many in our area are not familiar with the play test rules.

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My local game store got the Free RPG Day material in over a week ago.

The four characters (Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Ranger) have feats like Goblin Song and Inflammable Goblin which I think came out in Update 1.4.

And each one does have RP listed in their stats

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My local store got the Free RPG Day materials in about a week ago.

The four classes are Bard, Barbarian, Druid, and Ranger.

Among the feats they have are Goblin Song and inflammable Goblin which I think came out in Update 1.4.

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Thand Gut-splatter. 2e goblin fighter who thought he was a paladin.

And of course Forge Steelfist. First adventure entered a bareknuckles brawling contest and proceeded to roll crit after crit, living up to his name.

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the three intro scenarios are available July 28th.

are these considered season three and can they be played before August 4th? will the guide be out before this time in order to make Season three PCs?

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Getting +2 to hit and 2d6 from bane, +1d6 for flames of the faithful, +1d6 and +4 attack for flanking (teamwork feats), plus judgments, makes an inquisitor no slouch in combat.

Monster lore helps allot to know which judgements to use.

I like the inquisitors ability to adapt depending on what he is facing. Gaining bonuses for attacks, damage, saves, caster level checks, AC, resistances, fast healing, etc as needed

Outside of combat he has abilities like discern lies and detect alignment and bonuses to sense motive and intimidate along with tracking.

Overall it has been one of my favorite classes to play.

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had a great time at the SIEGE. Thanks to all the DMs and organizers who made it possible.

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TwoWolves wrote:

So what are the major differences between this con and the Dicehead SIEGE event?

Dicehead SIEGE has a lot more miniature gaming.

I was at CON-Nooga, and played in one of the Pathfinder games. It was a lot of fun, but now, unfortunately, the closest Pathfinder Society games are in Atlanta.

ConNooga is a multi fandom convention with all the people doing Cosplay, big dealers room, special guests, panals and seminars on movies, comics, anime, books, room parties, gaming, etc.

The Dicehead SIEGE is just gaming. Nothing but RPGs, Minis, CCGs, Board games, etc. If you want to Game the SIEGE is the place to be. If you don't like gaming then it will not have much to offer you at all.

There are Pathfinder games at Dicehead in Cleveland, TN and my old group in Athens (50 miles north) play.

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A big thank you to all the judges and organizers at ConNooga this weekend, I had a blast playing and everything got started on time. The only complaints I heard were tables running over the times posted, some by an hour or more.

The room was always full of eager players and great DMs, my favorite was Jen, who was awesome and made her tables fun and enjoyable.

Hope to see you all in the future and may the dice gods be merciful.

Scott W.
aka Barathen Soulanvil, Inquisitor of Torag

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I had a great time playing PFS at Origins. Wonderful DMs, great organization, and most of all lots of fun.

Played in one of the most hilarious games in a very long time at a table of 7 which included 5 half-orcs and a very creative DM whose name escapes me at the moment, but she knows who she is.

I did learn that when you are sitting on top of an unconscious female half-orc barbarian giving her a potion of healing and she wakes up and decides to give you a kiss, watch out for the tusks.

Great job from all the organizers and DMs. Thank You.

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I had a great time at the SIEGE and thanks to all the organizers and judges who made it happen.

We even had players who enjoyed Pathfinder so much we ended up playing another game after the con was over at a local airport restaurant.

We will be posting some pics and more info of what went on once we get it all reported and recover from lack of sleep.

Hopefully we will have even more turn out for next year!

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Josh Sent you an Email.

10 Days to go!

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Higher level tiers are always harder to fill because there are fewer players with high level characters. As the SIEGE gets closer some tables may be removed and others added. If there is no one signed up at a table it may be removed. Some scenarios that are maxed out or overfilled may have a table added.

If you want to add something to the warhorn site contact Kyle Turner at emperor799@gmail.com. There will be tables there for open gaming so bring what ever you may want to run. We usually have a few games that get added on the spot when enough people want to play a certain adventure.

We will make ever effort to get everyone into a game. Those who signup on Warhorn will be seated first, but its very seldom we have ever had to turned anyone away.

Part of my job at the con is to run anything that needs a DM and to play if I am needed to make a table. Right now though my highest PFS character is only 3rd level.

Anymore players out there with high level PCs sign up and help us out!!!

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exile wrote:

Holy cow. Last year organized role-playing at SIEGE was almost 100% LFR. This year, it looks like PFS is the big draw...at least based on Warhorn sign-ups.


That's the way its looking so far.

We have 17 Pathfinder Adventures on the schedule, running a total of 24 tables. We have 16 of those tables with 4 or more players already signed up. Only three of the 17 adventures have no sign ups as of now, and all three of those are higher tiers.

We have 34 Living Forgotten Realms adventures on Warhorn at the moment and we have made two tables so far. 13 of the tables have no one signed up yet, but we have had many walk-ups in the past.

Anyone wanting to attend or DM sign up or contact us soon. Cost is only $25 and that covers all the PFS and LFR as well as most of the other games being run. The Con hotel is only $59 a night and all rooms are newly renovated.

Special Guest - Jamie Chambers

Other RPG’s that will be there
4th Ed D&D
3.5 Ed D&D
Warhammer Fantasy
Call of Cthulu
Star Wars
Werewolf LARP
and many more

Lots of Warhammer

There will be Console Gaming, War games, miniatures, board and card games.

This is an all gaming con so if you get the chance come out and get your game on.

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We will fill at least 15 tables with the people that have signed up so far.

Has anyone here requested and recieved any Pathfinder Con support? If so what does it consist of? The last two years we have tried to get con support for ConNooga and the Dicehead SIEGE, but get no response from Paizo. Just want to know if its worth trying again.

Check out the Warhorn link above and you can see PFS is alive and well it East TN. Anyone wanting to DM at the SIEGE sign up now!!

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Joshua J. Frost wrote:


Send me an email about this con. josh@paizo.com

Email sent.

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We are planning on running 16 tables of PFS over the three days, but only if we have judges and players. So sign up and come and play!

There is a ton of stuff to do at the con as well as in and around Chattanooga.


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I'll be there!!!!

Well I better be since I am helping to run it ;)

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Need Pathfinder DMs !!!!!

Only Cost $20 for all three days, DM two Slots and get in FREE!!!

What is Dicehead SIEGE?! (Southern Invasion of Everything Gaming Extravaganza!) Over 30,0000 Square Feet of GAMING.

The Newest and Largest Gaming Only Convention in the area. GAMING - and more GAMING all weekend long. RPG's, Tabletop, Card, Miniatures, LARPS, Board Games, Consoles, FREE WIFI, etc...
- if it's Gaming - YOU will find it at the SIEGE!

Coming MAY 2009! 3 Days of Gaming, Prizes and Tournaments - Did I mention PRIZES! The Prize Support will outweigh the membership cost into the event! If you are a gamer - you will not want to miss the SIEGE!!!


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Is there a list of future Scenarios? There is a convention in February in Chattanooga and I want to run PFS events there and have to have the info in by the end of December.

I would like to run the newest events that come out in January and need to at least submit the titles.

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I saw that my FLGS had some pathfinder adventure paths in the discount bin this past weekend. But then they are all big into Warhammer and Magic. RPGs get like one little shelf.

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In one of my games on Sunday we had a guy who spent about the first hour of the adventure making a character, he had no idea that he needed one. He just heard about Pathfinder and wanted to give it a try. Having a pregen would have allowed him to be more involved that first hour or so. If he liked the game he could have made his own PC for later.

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I was also a member of the house that handled vermin, and yes it was pure chaos. Which I guess in a drow city at war with itself is as it should be.

I agree with some of the others that it felt more like a LARP/RPG hybrid than an RPG. There was one house next to our table that spent 2 hours playing out a combat using standard RPG rules. During this time drow armies would be attacking each other and be over in a just a few minutes. There needed to be a much faster system for battles instead of just standard 3.5 rules. Something that could be done in just a few minutes time.

Overall I had a good time though, and would do it again next year.

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My buddy and I created characters for both Pathfinder and RPGA's Living Forgotten Realms on the drive up to Indy. After playing Pathfinder we forgot all about the RPGA characters. It was great fun.

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My group:

Angreth - Male Elf Ranger

Dammit Zookok Saskatchewan Alumberto Melfuddle ChainShirt Tha'therd -Male Gnome Scout

Faelin - Human Fighter

Rowen - Elf Druid

Sir Cramson - Elan Psion

Tholkus - Elf Rogue

Tilian - Halfling Sorcerer

They just made 2nd level.

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I had some e-mail issues and did not get them. Could you please send them again.

Thanks for all your hard work.

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Could you please add me to your mailing list also. Seems like everyone is very impressed with your work.