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A question I feel is important. Will this years Free RPG Day module, We Be Heroes, be sanctioned for gaining playtest points? Asking, because it appears from the description to use the Playtest rules-set, only two months before PFS2 itself drops. As such, I worry there may not be much desire to run it, unless the Playtest Points are going to get applied.

As the Free RPG Day module dropping just before conversion to the 2.0, it feels important to me, that it get as much love as possible. As it will likely be one of the drivers for new players deciding whether or not to pick up 2.0.

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Yes, have it count for Playtest points!

(Not that I need more Playtest points... but it would be nice to encourage others to try out PF2. The playtest burned out some of the enthusiasm for the new edition, and we need to build it back.)


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So posing a question...what happens in 3 months, are playtest points still earnable/spendable? Will the adventure be playable as a PF2 product? The chronicle sheet should address that.

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Excellent questions, Sandra!

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Will it be possible to get a copy or pdf of the scenario a few days before Free RPG Day? Need time to prep it.

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That's something you'll have to discuss with the relevant store.

The stores generally get their Free RPG Day boxes a week or two beforehand.
We've never had a problem getting a copy of the scenario ahead of time so that we can prepare.

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I did contact the store manager. I will be able to get a copy in advance.

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I am curious about the adventure, I heard rumours that it is supposed to use the 1.0 Playtest rules, and I have doubts if it is not better for me locally to just wait for the final rules and not teach players rules they will never use again.

That said, for those locations that want to offer it, it should be able to award playtest points.

Regarding PF2 sanctioning, I wonder if it would be possible to do an update for that product, to prevent players from learned no longer correct rules from the pregens.

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My local store got the Free RPG Day materials in about a week ago.

The four classes are Bard, Barbarian, Druid, and Ranger.

Among the feats they have are Goblin Song and inflammable Goblin which I think came out in Update 1.4.

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