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Apologies in advance if this is already addressed somewhere, but the topic is coming up with so many results that don't relate beyond "Quick draw's a thing" it's insane... *grumbles about broad search parameters*.

So my question is this: I know you can *draw* weapons as a free action with QD, but can you *STOW* those weapons as a free action? I'm wondering because of a fighter I'm playing who relies on throwing axes for his ranged option, and fights in melee with falcata/buckler ala Buckler Duelist/Rondelero Fighter. Would be good to know for optimal battle preparations mid-combat. (Many frigging flying enemies keep surprising the party with that ability and it's frankly getting on both my and my fighter's nerves; would be good to be able to switch and still have full attacks - Jade Regent is a full-on B***H.)

Thanks in advance for any help!

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There is a quick stow feat, however its not as good as you want it to be.

Quickdraw Light Steel Shield is close, as you can stow it as a free action with quickdraw, but its not a buckler.

Glove of Storing for the ranged weapon might work, or a Scabbard of Many Blades.

I'll have to look some more because I think there are a few other options.

If you are allowed to get the combat stamina feat, it upgrades quick draw to allow sheathing as a swift action as long as you have 1 point of stamina still.

Falcata, buckler, throwing axes, quickdraw. You are set already, lemme explain: buckler hand is "free", so can draw and throw axes (with a -1 to hit and losing the buckler bonus, but doable). Or you can put your falcata in your buckler hand as a free action, throw axes with your totally empty hand, and then switch your falcata back to your 'falcata' hand (some GMs may balk at the number of free actions there.)

If you are permitted 3rd party feats you also have Lightning Swap from Dreamscarred Press' Path of War.

Thanks all for the suggestions! I think I'm going to try to talk my GM into using the stamina rules as it's an unique system and several feats I have now or will have at next level will benefit from it. Will also look into the scabbard as 10k GP is a touch prohibitive right now.

You don't need to stow anything, so it doesn't matter.

1) Switch your falcata to the buckler hand as a free action.
2) Quickdraw and attack with axes as needed
3) Switch your falcata from the buckler hand as a free action.
4) Profit.

Two handed weapons work almost the same way.

After the fight you need to collect all the thrown axes.


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