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Hello hive mind:

Apologies for posting this when there's so many guides and nonsense out there, but I can't seem to figure out a basic question I have when it comes to Variant Multi-classing:

When you VMC a class like fighter or Oracle that gets a feature at level 1 that isn't mentioned outright in the advancement track for your secondary class conditions, do you get those at all, or not?

In specific, I'm wondering if an Oracle I'd like to VMC into fighter would get the Bonus Feats class feature or not as neither Archive of Nethys nor D20pfsrd mention this.



If I'm reading this correctly you'd like to give up 5 feats in order to get a class feature that gives you 11 feats. The answer is no.

Generally Pathfinder is an inclusive system. This means that only what's mentioned in the rules is included. This means if it isn't mentioned you don't get it/can't do it.

In the same way: If you play a fighter, and go VMC-Oracle you don't get 9th pevel spells. The rules don't say you get it, so you don't.

For VMC, some options are really good, some are not. Some depend on how well you can use the mechanics of the game to be good.

VMC is not gestalt. Ignore the advancement track for your "multi" class completely.

Variant multiclassing doesn't give you anything from the "multi" class other than what is specified in the list. An oracle (VMC fighter) 3 is just an oracle 3 with the bravery feature of a 2nd level fighter and one fewer feat. The oracle wouldn't get any additional proficiencies, larger hit dice, fighter bonus feats, or armor training (though this last one does come online at 7th level). You simply trade feats for specific fighter class features as specified by the VMC table.

To expand on the completly correct things mentioned, I would like to state it outright that despite the name, VMC is not multiclassing, and doesn't actually have anything to do with multiclassing. Using VMC, you dont have more than one class. An Oracle with VMC Fighter is not a Fighter, it doesn't have Fighter levels, and it doesn't count as a Fighter for specific things (e.g. the Defender of the Society trait).

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