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Rick Kunz wrote:
Now Available!

Yay! It's out in the wild!

Fallyrion Dunegrién wrote:
Ronin_Knight wrote:
GentleGiant wrote:

Everything looks like 4th ed things to John, it's a shame he can't get rid of that bias.

To be fair most of the playtest books scream a weird 4E/5E Hybrid to me.

If you haven't had a chance to peruse 13th Age and/or Shadow of the Demon Lord, I would highly recommend a look at those. Age has some similar trappings for abilities (powers, feats, and +level modifier) and Shadow has done a good job of emulating the "choices matter throughout the career [life, if you're lucky] of the character".

rabindranath72 wrote:

That seems stupid indeed; I doubt any of the original designers really went that route.

However, I recall reading an interview (Jonathan Tweet or Monte Cook or Skip Williams; can't recall), where it was said that the dragons' CRs don't take into account the spells. This makes way more sense.


If you ever have a chance to look at the old Creature Collection (the original 3.0 version), the puppet master/jester leader of the Carnival of Blood is something like a CR8, *DESPITE* casting as a 18th level sorcerer and maybe having some cleric spells thrown in, too. It is a glorious stat block that almost made me poop myself when I read it.

Texas Snyper wrote:

5) Bloodline powers seem pretty weak once again. Granted, I haven't playtested them yet but they've once again gone with "go melee things" as sorcerer powers. The more martial oriented bloodlines should also give armor proficiency and/or other methods to make them less squishy. Otherwise they're basically useless. And they cost a class feat.

For a class feat at second level, you can take Fighter dedication, gain training in all armor and martial weapons, and be ready to go toe-to-toe with (most) enemies. That said, I need to play around with a warcaster build more to make a greater judgement call on this.

Hastur! Hastur! Hastur! wrote:
Dragonborn3 wrote:
My contribution: Move bloodline powers to the sorcerer section of the book!

Seconded with the addendum of:

Move all powers to the appropriate class section of the book.

My one thought with this (which admittedly needs me to actually play a game with a sorcerer first) is that the bloodline powers all seem a bit "mundane" when compared to the 1e versions of bloodline powers. Yes, all the powers (in both versions) are ~mostly~ imitations of spell effects, but apparently with the fluff written into the 1e powers made them seem more exotic. Maybe it was the relative bonkers nature of the capstone powers that made it seem like the class/bloodline was leading to something.

211) Does an alignment exist for statements and, if so, what skill will I use to decipher the relative truth of such statements?

I'm not sure The Adventures of Pete & Pete could ever be created again, though Man Seeking Woman was a superb homage to it.

Beyond the obvious (Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs, and Are You Afraid of the Dark?), I suppose I would love to see a new You Can't Do That On Television.

HUZZAH! It's a baby book! And, like Athena, it was born of the mind of a person with a splitting headache! Also, like Greek mythology, my pride in writing this needs to be rectified (through reviews).

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Berselius wrote:
A cybernetically enhanced RED DRAGON with technomancy to boot plus an batallion of alien warriors? Welp, those iconics are in deep trouble. ^_~

"How are things looking out there, Fry?"

I will definitely be following this game. Enjoy, everyone!

2. You send over whatever was in the Silvermount Collection.

ArtaMrydhyen wrote:

Hello, 3 friends and myself play 3.5, we like it and have fun playing. And since you are talking about D&D 3.5, I would like to ask if you have any 3.5 conversions?

Please let me know, I am specifically looking for the H series module conversions to 3.5


I'm sorry, I don't have these. You might be able to find some conversion notes by sending a private message to the forum members. I think I saw you looking on another thread about this.

Also, I think Legendary Games has some rules for mass combat. Check in with them (they are extremely friendly people), their storefront here or their website Otherwise let's keep this thread 3.0 focused.

There is a 3pp product for this called the Shaman. I'm pretty sure it's from Kobold Games. Information regarding this class can be found over at d20pfsrd.

Joseph Meyer wrote:
I guess I should have clarified Society game play.

What you want are the additional resources. I think I have the formatting correct with this.

Edit: Also, if you have made choices that are later deemed non-PFS legal, normally it is grandfathered in. In some occasions, instead you are allowed to either rebuild or make a simple swap of the offending choices.

Aaron Bitman wrote:
The grass is often greener on the other side, and I often feel conscious of the relative merits of 3.5 and PF, but all in all, I still feel I like 3.0 the best. My son made it clear he prefers Pathfinder, and he once made arguments about why we should switch back to it by pointing out some of its merits at some length. I responded "I know that PF has some advantages, but I'm sticking with 3.0." He wasn't terribly happy with me for a while after that, but we continued playing all the same.

This seems correct. I certainly enjoy being a BIG DAMN HERO once in a while, and there are so many ways to just become better at basically everything that are just gratuitous additions at every level. Any chance I have had to GM, I normally run PF: combat maneuvers are a bit cleaner, and everyone knows the system better than they know 3.0. Also, Psionics. I know it works, but it's such a disjointed (unhinged?) addition to the base 3.0 game. The Psionics book has certainly been a fun read though.

Many a time has come that I just want a small story about rescuing a couple of hogs from ghouls in the valley. There wasn't a need for a sledge hammer of bonuses when goldsmith's hammer of well laid plans would have sufficed.

Also,the soft covers of the time are awesome. The complete class series (Tome & Blood, et al) turned out to be a great way to focus a base class into a prestige role, and the licensed IP books are highly entertaining (Prophecies of the Dragon book is a great read and I'm sure a good play through; Diablo 2 might be a bit of a slog, though there is some exclusive in-game lore and mechanics that are pretty innovative).

Utilize a stable cyanogenmod build. It's easy enough to install, and you have a relatively high degree of reliability for updates.

My favorite phone was a Nokia Lumia 920 and it was incredibly hardy phone with an operating system I adored. (Don't judge me: Windows Phone 8.1 was spectacular.)

Now, I use a OnePlus 2 and it is phenomenal phone. A nearly bare bones overlay atop Android with a boatload of RAM, 32g memory, and it is easily physically opened (in case you need to repair). It's GSM, so that might color your viability.

I will be purchasing a new one of these when I eventually get a different phone.

I think there are some similar ideas in either the Thunderscape line or one of the Legendary APs (Legendary Planet or maybe Hypercorps 2099).

With that said, are you thinking some Xenoblade Chronicles/Xenoblade Chronicles X? I am all over that like gravy on a biscuit.

Holy crap, what a good book this turned out to be. I never even saw the original ToM, so this has been a delightful read. I know reviews are the life blood of a new product: once I have a chance to better feel out the book, I'll be putting one together.

Also, while not fulfilling the action economy of 4 players, allowing them to gestalt might put them on the order of 3-4 in utility and probably 3 in overall power. A somewhat higher point buy and an increase in wealth by level would probably put the party closer to 4.

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Negative Five Star GM wrote:
They use "Fey-zers" of course!


Space is mutable: seems like a perfect place for dreamers and the courtly host to alter it.

You might do better still with a short series of PFS scenarios: find a batch set in cities (cram them into the same one, if needed) and have the GM gently elude the stories together. For some of the city scenarios, other than a fight or two, many can be overcome with 'soft' power and face skills.

EDIT: Dragon's Demand could work if your GM is willing to put in extra effort to include additional allies throughout the module.

Look to Interjection Games for this. The Big Book of Bloodlines should have something that can work. Here is the book. This.

hogarth wrote:
rabindranath72 wrote:

There's Wheel of Time (which is a hell of a game in itself!)
There's the Slaine RPG (though it required the PHB.)
d20 Call of Cthulhu was 3.0 as well.
The first Star Wars d20.
Rokugan and Oriental Adventures.
Not sure about other stuff.
This is probably too late to be helpful, but d20 Modern is based on 3.0 I believe.

I wasn't able to find a copy of Slaine, or CoC for a decent price, but I did find a few of the others: WoT is a beautiful mess and I wonder if I'll ever get a chance to play it. What an enjoyable read they've been...

I've been on a retro kick for a few days now. If you haven't looked into it, the Myth & Magic rules are a great OGL write up of 2e AD&D. There isn't a boat load of support now (two horrendously run KS campaigns that are a few years behind schedule), but I think it can easily handle 0e-2e module and maybe even 3.0 ones. I don't think it really bled out to anywhere other than OBS, but I would highly recommend everyone find the starter guides.

SmiloDan wrote:

Artifacts are weird.

They mess with Wealth By Level.

They often provide abilities vastly higher than normal for the PCs' level.

Multiple artifacts might have to be given out to balance the party. If you do this, it kind of cheapens the specialness of artifacts. If you don't do this, one PC might be vastly more powerful than the rest of the party.

Artifacts can often trivialize many encounters.

Agreed. By and large, an artifact shouldn't be in the hands of players for long. Make it the MacGuffin and Leacy Weapon that eliminates problems when used 'properly' but other than that, their swinginess makes them unwieldy in the hands of mere mortal PCs.

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Don't forget about the obscure ones from bankrupt groups. Andronia is the one I know of (and own a physical copy of the campaign setting). Take a look for it on Kickstarter for it. Here.

Also, Endzeitgeist is probably a good place to start for finding the best of and detailed reviews of 3pp materials.

jedi8187 wrote:
I have a suli Cavalier planned for an upcoming game, an that seems to work well. As others have said strength based face characters/charisma casters are their specialty.

As much 'meh' as cavaliers get, I love them as a class. This sounds like a blast to play, maybe with the ghost rider (Occult Adventures, the ectoplasmic-steed one) archetype and be a Herald of the Elements.

Vatras wrote:
Otherwise you can look at Carrion Crown, which is a gothic adventure for Pathfinder.

If you do this, consider looking into Legendary Games' Gothic Grimoire (series). I don't know the exact way that it fits into the Carrion Crown, but apparently it is a great addition to the AP.

Reviewman wrote:

I've talked to Ssalarn about this one before and I hope it comes to fruition!

A skill based Curiosity Passion with the split being secrecy and education. Passion veils would primarily be veils with more of a focus on accomplishing tasks involving acquiring, sharing, and using knowledge. Base Passion would involve benefits for going with light armor, since that's generally helpful for sleuthing, espionage, and many other skills.

Secrecy would give skill unlocks for any skill a veil is augmenting while education could make aid another (think of the out of combat skill stuff) more powerful.

To go with this a veil for long distance communications would be pretty cool as would one for interrogation.

This would also work well as the base for a Discovery (or, in a more derogatory sense, Will) passion, with communism and Objectivism as its daughters. Having an activated aura that creates an anti magic area for so many rounds for Objectivism and an aura that shares teamwork feats for communism.

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Ssalarn wrote:
Fig wrote:
I like the Indo-Iranian flair, but I'd love to see another cultural influence. There has to be other cultures that would wrap themselves in magic. Maybe Native American or one from the Pacific islands? Perhaps a Maori influenced Daevic archetype?
That's actually something I could definitely look into! I've already got a couple ideas cooking....


Not that you need any help with it but a Daevic haka to frighten enemies brings a smile to my face. Extra/alternative credit if a Bard archetype can be wrought from the idea: instead of inspiring confidence, the performance inspires fear or other effects based on the amount of essence invested in it.

I like the Indo-Iranian flair, but I'd love to see another cultural influence. There has to be other cultures that would wrap themselves in magic. Maybe Native American or one from the Pacific islands? Perhaps a Maori influenced Daevic archetype?

berserker444 wrote:

I wanted to make a nature oracle/hussar cavalier into a mammoth rider and eventually have a huge wolf. It should be smart enough to get the good feats.

CalethosVB wrote:
Are the iconics for each class even statted up anywhere? I'd like to see that.

Yes, they are in the core SoP book, starting on page 208.

In the SoP Bestiary, a short NPC codex might also be helpful. Certainly not many are needed (a dozen or so beyond the SoP iconics) just to quickly round out an encounter or give a town some simple inhabitants.

It sounds like FFG has the right idea. We have a local brewery that often ends up a place for games and drinks. The games tend to happen during the daytime hours (business is slower and many families come in for the very tasty sandwiches and family atmosphere). I don't think I've seen any RPG being played, but (board)games, studying groups, knitting circles and even a band of post-partum mothers for a nursing and social circle have enjoyed the setting, food and drink.

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Melkiador wrote:
I was really disappointed when I found that I couldn't just buy a PDF of the Player's Handbook from the WotC site. It's funny, because I often complain that Paizo stays too married to dead tree publishing, but WotC seems unable to comprehend that anything other than that even exists.

It is a shame considering how much effort seemed to be going into D&D Classics/DM's Den over on OBS. I would gladly drop some money on a digital copy of the 5e core books if I could find them. Frankly, this is the only way I can continue to justify purchases: digitals take up no physical space so I can tote my library around on a tablet, are often less expensive, and are excellent entry points (for me) to hop in on a Kickstarter for.

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Ravingdork wrote:
Since they threw away there online community... something I don't see Paizo doing anytime soon...

This was perhaps the most startling thing. Not that I expect a company to take accept all the vitriol of their boards (I don't think even 4chan could survive that), but I'm not sure there are (should be?) better venues to talk about a game than the company's website. Small press, certainly farm that out, but the big players have some sort of duty to keep 'dialogue' with the end users.

Beyond trade shows/conventions, how else would is it possible get large amounts of 'reliable' information/data back to the large publishers? Sales numbers alone can't tell all the story, though reviews might be a better metric.

What errata are we talking about? For some reason, I didn't see anything that looked like it dealt with Arcanist in the current list of FAQ/errata.

I'll be looking into each Star Wars, Saline, and the CoC books. I do have a special place in my heart for the WoT game: everything on the book screams how the system was new and dripping with source material flavor. It's a little daunting, though, that every weave is useful and over-channeling becomes rather easy pretty quickly.

I did see the links earlier, and ultimately downloaded the entire OGF .rtf files. In case anyone wants them, let me know. That SRD is pretty slick, too.

Did anyone publish complete games under the original 3.0 SRD? I'd certainly be intrigued to see what behind the Wheel of Time RPG had been printed.

The SRD was updated with 3.5E, but the original document (though apparently impossible to find in any complete form) can still be referenced as a source text, correct?

As I recall, multiclass characters had to keep their non-favored class levels within 2 of each other (of the highest non-favored class?) or suffer a cumulative 10% reduction in experience for each class whose levels were not within 2.

While I hated this at the time, I think I now see this as one of the vestiges of the 2nd Ed/AD&D era.

This thread has been a wonderful trek down memory lane. I'll be pulling out my 3.0 books this evening to read through some history.

Sounds good. I figured since it was legal, the trade requirements must be able to be met.

Thank you for the help, everyone!

I might be jumping the gun on this one, but is it possible to take the Hallowed Necromancer wizard archetype if the wizard is receives Spell Focus instead of Scribe Scroll as a PFS character?

Or, is this a case where the class still has the Scribe Scroll for purposes of trading it (and the Spell Focus feat that replaces it) to archetypes?

Thank you for the help.

A group of 4 of us began with Hero Quest (the board game) when we were in middle school, so we were about 11. We didn't start a proper D&D sort of game (theater of the mind, unrestricted dungeon dimensions, etc) until a few years later in 1999 when a buddy picked up Eye of the Wyvern Quick-Start AD&D 2E adventure from this new fangled Amazon. The next Christmas, I gathered up my gift money and purchased all three core rulebooks for the new 3E (at that time, the books were $20 each).

I recently picked up a copy of Hero Quest (original Milton Bradley published, licensed by Games Workshop) and it is just as glorious as it was in 1996: simple rules, every character has something to contribute and the board is such a gorgeously textured piece of cartography when the doors and fixtures are on it.

We also still have that original copy of Eye of the Wyvern and I've used updated versions of the included adventure to kick off numerous short lived campaigns.

What exactly are you looking for in your shape change? Alchemists seem to do this reasonably well.

EltonJ wrote:
Fig wrote:

Would it cover strictly underwater or is it the entire chain of islands (above and below the water's surface)?

Personally, I've wanted to run an island game where there are some terrestrial and marine encounters. I would be more interested in a complete island system, even if the focus was below the surface.

The focus is on the island chain itself. The aquatic nature gives it a more flavored outlook, though.

Color me intrigued then.

I'm still a fan of socks.

What about abstract golems? Rogue Genius Games did the Construct Companion that has some great ideas for how to make Abstract Golems. You could represent all the ideas people forget when they pass from one room to the next.

Beyond that, it could be Lost Carcossa, the Dream Lands or the Island of Misfit Toys.

Would it cover strictly underwater or is it the entire chain of islands (above and below the water's surface)?

Personally, I've wanted to run an island game where there are some terrestrial and marine encounters. I would be more interested in a complete island system, even if the focus was below the surface.

Devilkiller wrote:
I once had a PC who threw silver forks as improvised shuriken, a tactic which was marginally effective against low CR devils.

A regular Blue Raj, eh?

Trip: Oops, I thought for some reason it gave a bonus to trip attempts: I may have had a very generous GM while fighting an animated chair or some such.

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