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Gary Teter wrote:
But why so much pickled ginger?

If you were trapped on an island with Gilligan and the Howells, you'd be perpetually smashed on the Professor's coconut wine too.

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King Yoohoo Of The Cow Glaciers wrote:
Vanykrye wrote:
I'm sick. Which of your aliases has a legitimate cure? I know for sure it ain't 4 Out Of 10 Doctors.
The General says "chicken broth, garlic, and ginger".

{pops in} I personally recommend to start by taking two of these {gestures with gin double martini} and taking more as needed until you start feeling better. But don't bother calling me in the morning, I'll likely be helplessly trapped under a couple of nurses.

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4 Out of 10 Doctors wrote:
Tacticslion wrote:
Breakfast ach Ever Re. And now sleep.

Someone hold him down, he's speaking in tongues, again.

Gets out Physician's Desk Reference, looks up exorcising scrambled eggs.

Ha ha! I think TL's coming down with a bad case of Welsh. I recommend two shots of a good single malt scotch every couple hours until he snaps out of it.

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archmagi1 wrote:
But yet we got 3 seasons of boredom in Slaver's Bay and half a season of the Sand Snakes... The least they could give us is more bird themed stuff in the Eyrie. Sweet Robin forcibly renames all his retainers after other birds. Ser Chickenhawk, Ser Turkey Vulture, Ser Bald Eagle, Ser Yellow Bellied Warbler, Ser Swallow. Nobody would dare trifle with the Vale then...

Or, considering it's Robin in the Moon Door-ed Eyrie, perhaps it'd be: Ser Kiwi, Ser Penguin, Ser Emu, Ser Ostrich, Ser Chicken...

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{pores salt magic circle around thread to ward out appearances by Stuffy Grammarians and Kelsey Grammerians}

{teleports in, sips gin and tonic} 400 aliases? Oh my, don't strain yourself, dear boy.