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Vlorax wrote:
Fennris wrote:

First, thank you for adding to the conversation. A DEVs input is always appreciated. I do understand what you are saying. Its just a design choice that I really don’t like. I like to feel that my characters ability is due to his competence not my equipment.

Are you sure you understand because his example of PF2 was exactly an example of a characters ability trumping their items...

Yes I understand, but I don’t see that example that way. I see that without my weapon I’m doing 75% less damage. Then a character 1/2 my level has a reasonable chance to kill me.

I don’t want to derail this any further than it has so we can agree to disagree.

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Personally I prefer PF1 with Automatic Bonus Progression, and I expect I'll prefer PF2 with the equivalent, since, like you, I want all of my numbers stuff to be built into the character and allow magic items to be mostly cool abilities and flavor things.

I completely agree with you.

The way I like to think of it is this: If a 10th level PF1 fighter steals a 20th level PF1 fighter's gear while the 20th level fighter is bathing, equips the gear, and attacks, the 20th level fighter is toast. Even a 1st level PF1 fighter pulling this trick can get to the point where the 20th level fighter needs a 20 to hit, but the 20th level fighter has enough HP to wait for the 20s to come.


First, thank you for adding to the conversation. A DEVs input is always appreciated. I do understand what you are saying. Its just a design choice that I really don’t like. I like to feel that my characters ability is due to his competence not my equipment.

I’ll disagree that fighters are the least reliant on magic items. I believe that casters are the least reliant on magic items. As for Doggieberts comparison to PF1. I feel that the argument is flawed. Having played PF1 at high levels I never felt that all those items were required to be effective. Those were just power gamers must haves. Unlike in PF2, where 75% of my damage done is attributed to the weapon I’m using.

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I’m happy to hear this. I have made clear my disdain for this edition. That said I have a couple of friends that want to give it a try. So I’ll give it another try and see if I like it any better.

I agree with most your cons and a few of your pros. Though I can not agree with this one: “You are less dependent on items and treasure, and your build is the base of your powers.” I find martials are more tied to equipment more than ever, sine the number of damage die are tied to it.

Hopefully it will go well, time will tell

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Alenvire wrote:

So after my party did the first AP for 2nd edition we all lost all interest. It just did not feel good in our hands. I know there has been updates but I honestly lost so much interest in it that I could not keep up to date with the changes.

So, Now that the launch is announced for august 1st What is peoples current opinion of 2nd edition as we know of it and review of it. And if you would put whether you had a similar first impression and if it has changed and why, or if not I would appreciate that. My own lack of interest is making it hard to sell it to my players.

TBH the comment section is not the best place to answer your question. You’ll either get that the system is horrible and reasons their group stopped playing, though most of them have left. Or you’ll get the other end of the spectrum that everything Paizo does is fairy dust and rainbows, which is mostly what you’ll get now. There are very few honest balanced reviews. You will have to read the updates and previews yourself to get an idea if the new system is for you. Better yet, wait untill it releases, and read through CRB before you buy it. Hopefully there should be enough information by then to draw an educated conclusion.

I have to agree with N N 959 on most points. I personally loathe the PF2 Ranger. You can look at my previous posts to learn why.

Free climbing requires insane grip strength though to be fair I can see acrobatics for urban climbing such as parkour. Acrobatics are more about balance, and coordination not jumping and climbing. As someone had said earlier it makes sense to need both.

I see no issue with jumping being in Athletics, and frankly it makes more sense to be there. When watching sports would you consider the people competing in the long jump, high jump, or even the pole vault events acrobatics? Strength seems like a more logical choice for those skills

Kaelizar wrote:
RazarTuk wrote:
Granted, that would lead to the interesting mental image of a fighter being able to pick a branch up off the ground and murder people to death with it, dealing more damage than a greatsword could in other people's hands.

I guess you haven’t seen what John Wick can do with a pencil.

I would be fine with damage dice tied to weapons for martials if they tied casters spell effects based on the plus of their weapon or focus. So they can only do base damage dice of the spell with no increasing and need the plus to add damage dice. It also affects the size of the AOEs, # of creatures affected, duration and the like. Once they do that, than I’ll be good with my damage coming from an item rather than my character

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Yes, I’m very disappointed in the way that Paizo went with the Paladin. The Paladin is now more of a holy defender. It is similar to 5es Cavalier. Who’s main job is to get the enemy to attack them and if they don’t they get to hit them.

There really never was a point to 2Es crossbow Ranger. The feats are just bad choices and do not synergize with the class at all

Meh, the Ranger is still lower than a bottom rung class. The addition of the latest 2 feats does not change that the Ranger class in its current state is flawed to its core.
I would love to see the goblin race, sorry heritage, completely dropped and any other heritage added in its place. Though I think their plan is to have the goblin be 2Es Ysoki

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I have to agree with you. With today’s update it is clear they have no intentions to make any drastic, but needed changes to this class. As such, this edition is probably not for me. Maybe things will change as the play test goes on. Time will tell. Unfortunately I believe there are others like me that will just check in every now and then to see if there have been any changes, leaving Paizo with little more than an echo chamber for feedback.

The Ranger needs more than just a few spells to be viable. Hunt Target needs to be replaced or completely reworked. Most of the feats need to be replaced or reworked. Currently the only way to make the Ranger work is to put most your feats into multi classing. Snares are worthless. The Xbow feats are not good at all. Using favored aim, with a heavy xbow will only give you 2 attacks every 3 rounds, and that’s if you’re doing nothing else. With the light xbow you get 1 attack a round. Both make HT pointless. I could go on for awhile, but I’ll leave it at that.

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This is going to be long so buckle down. It appears that the ranger class has been an after thought in some of the recent RPGs. Much like 5e ranger, this new ranger appears to have been just thrown together with just a hodgepodge of random feats and skills that don’t synergize at all. Not to mention the main staples of the class are paltry compared to other classes.
First, lets look at hunt target. It looks OK at first glance but when you look deeper you realize it doesn’t give you much of anything. The first part gives you a +1,+2 on your second and third strikes respectively. Not bad, but you will only occasionally get a second strike and rarely ever a third. Especially if you are taking the animal companion feat route. Which is really the only one worth taking. This also costs an action so no matter what you are only getting at most two attacks in the first round. More than likely it will only be one if you’re melee focused. The only way to get 2 ranged is by using a bow. Of course, the ranger gets no feats for bow use. The crossbow feats are OK but using them you’re only getting 1 attack every other round with a heavy or one a round with a light.
Second benefit it gives you is you do not suffer the second range increments. Sounds nice, but hunt target has a max range of 100 feet. There is only the short bow that has a range of less than 100ft. Again, we get no feats for bows, so makes this pretty pointless.
Thirdly the +2 to seek and track. Great fluff, but little else. You may use that 3 maybe 4 times in an entire campaign.
The fighter can get the benefits of your +1, +2 just by taking a feat. He can also use it on any target and split attacks how he sees fit. He also is doing it better than you because he is better trained in weapons and has the feats to back it up. So, the staple ability of the class is done better by another class just by taking a feat. Awesome.
You would have to add something to the hunt target to make it remotely decent. Possibilities are doing an extra die of damage, or set number of extra damage per hit, make weapons keen against the target, or make your attacks deadly.
The feats in general a ranger can take are atrocious. You have random two weapon attacks mixed with crossbow and snare feats. Not enough of any of them build out your character. I will say the animal companion feat tree is worthwhile. If you want rangers to use crossbows you need to add a feat allowing them to reduce the reload time by one. Snare feats or worthless because snares in combat or even traveling and resting are ineffective at best.
The abilities at lvl 5, 9, and 11 are to situational and underpowered to the same level abilities other classes get. Trackless step, no one cares use survival to cover your tracks. Natures edge even with snares is to situational to matter. Wild stride would be OK if you are unhindered by all forms of difficult/hazardous terrain normal or magical. This is supposed to be a lvl 11 ability.
The best way to make a ranger is to pump all the feats you can into multiclass fighter and take the animal companion feats when you cant take fighter feats.
TLDR: Rangers are again on the bottom rung and need a complete overhaul

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I much prefer it tied to proficiency or class level than a magical +. Your basically saying you’re an awesome 10th level fighter but if I take your magical sword away you can’t do any damage. With this method why aren’t we limiting the damage dice casters get for their spells to the magical plus to their staff.

Make classes good at what they do. Don’t require items to make them viable.

I’ll agree to disagree. I admitted the 1st vs 20th level was a bad example, but since you want to bring it back up I’ll counter your critique. Even with all these combat feats a 20th level fighter will still do less than the level 1 if he hits.

As for your other point about characters needing magical items to complete their quests, those magic items were mostly artifact quality or legendary at least.

Again trying to make a fighter have to have a magic weapon to be any good at combat is lame.

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Yes, I admit the level 1 vs level 20 is a bad example and a bit hyperbole. I still believe tying ones combat effectiveness to magic items is a bad choice. Magic items will be somewhat rare and not every martial is going to get a magic item at the same time. So now one martial character is doing most the damage during combat. Not fun for the other characters.
This to me, is similar to them telling casters your spells can only x damage untill you have a magic weapon. Then your spell damage will go up incrementally per plus.

If we go with your example of high levels with low level gear the only ones affected are the martials. Casters will be relatively unaffected. This is why I believe damage dice should be related to the characters ability, not items

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I would like to see the amount of damage dice you get from weapon attacks tied to Something other than magic weapon pluses. I feel it’s weird that a lvl 1 fighter could do more damage then a 20th lvl fighter could just because they have a magical weapon.
I think scaling weapon dice to either your proficiency level, so expert would be 2, master 3, and legendary 4 dice. Maybe tie it to class levels. Make weapon die amount scale similarly to the way cantrips scale with caster levels. Just a thought

No you didn’t miss anything. Snares are a worthless gimmick or too situational to matter at best. I admit they are good in defensive positions, but how many times in n adventure are you ever setting up in the defense. You could say when your resting, so let’s hope they step in that one 5ft square.
Even with quick snare you have to use your entire combat round to place a snare. Now you’re hoping that the enemy moves to you and goes through that square. More than likely they are going to see it and just go around it.

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So much wrong with Rameths comparison of the fighter and ranger. C bows have reload times, 2 for heavy and 1 for light. I didn’t see any feats that bring the reload times down, I could be wrong. Also the favored aim feat that gives a ranger +2 to targets not concealed or screened takes 2 actions. So round 1 you get 1 attack since one action to hunt the target and 2 actions to favored aim. Next round you have to take 2 actions to reload a heavy and 1 for a light.

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I must say, with the information provided, that this ranger class will be as bad or worse than the D&D 5e ranger. Hunt feature as written is trash, it boils down to getting a +1 on attacks, and then only if I multi attack one target, and I believe it costs an action to activate. Sorry no. Snares, while entertaining and has flavor, it’s just fluff. You will hardly ever if at all get to use them for combat. There aren’t many battles that are coming to you as the adventurer, as you are the one moving forward.
As a person that has loved the ranger class in most games, this is just disappointing. As with all classes I will have to wait for all the information on this class when 2e releases before I can make any true judgements. Though with what I see now it looks really grim for this class. I’m sure I will play test it, and hopefully we can make some changes to make this class viable. All of this is obviously just my opinion so do as you like with it

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I for one am happy with the LG only Paladin. Though I’m fine with the LE anti Paladin and even a LN paladin. No other alignment really makes sense. There are a few things I don’t like about the 2e paladin, but I’ll have to wait untill the book is out before I worry about it too much. Hopefully we can make changes as needed through the play test period.

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Thank you Tarondor, I just made that real fast so we all would have some place we could discuss things untill the official site was up and running. Im currently deployed, but will try to help the best I can

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I have created a simple forum board so we have a place we can put down ideas, converse, and share stories. I have never made one before so it is very basic but gets the job done. Please stop by and check it out at:http://kotcr.proboards.com

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A suggestion or rather a plea actually is to allow add ons for some of the remaining brewmasters, geography buffs, item masters, and so on. I had to go with the crowdforging buddy reward, I would have liked to do the geography buff or the Alpha instead, but needed the second account. I would just like the ability for naming whatever it is the reward allowed you to do, it doesnt include anything else. If not that allow me to upgrade my reward level and add a basic buddy account. just a thought thank you for your time.

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I would like to pledge my sword to your cause. I will be playing a paladin since I dont believe they will have cavaliers in the game at this time. I have yet to finalize a name but will probably Vidarin (surename unknown).

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Fennris wrote:
I have all the daily deals if someone still needs a shield mate

shield mate has been taken.

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I have all the daily deals if someone still needs a shield mate

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I like the way the game is heading, even enough to support it with my own money, but I am still very wary at the same time. These saftey nets to avoid a sheer gank fest are a good start, but birds of a feather flock together. I just see all the gankers banding together and having a huge raiding party in the wilderness killing everyone that enters. It will be large enough that all the deterents they have in the game will have no effect on them. I hope it doesn't go that way but previous experiences have shown me otherwise.

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Are those dogs I hear in the background. :)