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From what I have read from book one and two I would love to play Drow in this. But my group just finished Way of the Wicked and didn't want to play another evil group.

Though I would love to play WotW again. I had so much fun with that one.

What are people doing while waiting for book 3? My group is just about done with book 2, all that is left is the mine. What should we do? I was thinking about just putting the campaign on hold until the next came out. I'm what wondering what others are doing.

I would try Monk using the Martial Artist archetype. It seems like it would be the closest to the show. I've thought about it a few times watching the show.

At level 5 you get to add abilities to your sword. Like Ice, flame, speed, vorpal...

If I am at level 6 and I have a +1 magic sword could I vorpal by paying the 5 points from my pool, or do I have to wait until I could put a +5 enchantment on my sword (level 17)?

There was a discussion about that last gaming session.


This Friday I will be playing my 2nd magus and its going to be a kensai. (the first was a straight up magus) I am starting at level 6 and I am going dex based fighting.

What I was wondering if anyone can tell me what I should except or any pitfall to look out for.

I think the Magus has become my new favorite class.

I suppose if I bought it I might be able to use the rules. :) So far I have been having so much with the class.

I am creating my 2nd ever Magus. The first died at level 5 due to having his brain eaten by a int devourer. I went with straight up dex based magus. This time I want to try the Kensai.

I think I am going with Dex based dervish dancing. (we cant use material from ACG, none of us has that book) and I get to start at lvl 6.

Any sort of general knowledge you can add? I was thinking about a str based magus but I am sort of unsure how to build it. Seems like all the guides are for dex based one.

Thanks for the help. and thank FrodoOf9Fingers for the guide that I am using :)

Happy PI to you all.

I am about to play a void wizard, because I have never played one before, and I was wondering if anyone had any sort general advice about the power of the void?

Also, I would like to take a Prestige Class for my Wizard of the Void. Since I normally don't use them I am unfamiliar with the ones that would be "good" or "bad" I will be goodish so nothing evil.

I was thinking based on just looking at them the PrC that give you access to spell on other classes lists. Any help would be nice.


and may the PI be with you.

What really grinds my gears is when I go out my way to role play and make like background and stuff. Then the murder hobo of the group who wanders around and barely participate in the session gets the same of XP.

That really grinds my gears.

I've read books one and two. Our group is one session from finishing book one. I am really wondering what is going to happen in Book 3. I wish I could do this as Drow though.

I really wonder how this all plays out.

There it. It is a magic item that the PC can make. In one of the books there is a listing of Magical Item, its there.

If you base your XP on the AP or when its story-appropriate when would you do this? After the adventure? Before (so XP from last session) Or maybe something dramatic like a level increase right before the big boss battle?

Since it seems like people don't use XP all the much what do you do when you have a player who does almost nothing. They are like murder hobo or something close to that. Then you have the player who does extra things like draws a pics or has a deep background for the character.

Do you have rewards for that? What are they?

I had one GM who would reward with Universe Questions. You could ask the universe any question or favor and you get it with no questions ask and no GM trickery.

It was also hard to get them and you really couldn't bank them to use them later.

You are the DM and have a group of people Pathfinder and you have to hand out the XP. Does it matter if its an AP or home brew?

If people show up (no matter what they do or don't do) they get equal share of the xp?

Do you reward people for whatever?

Should XP be "fair"?

One things I was thinking was that he would do arena combat. Not for the gold but for the experience in fighting. Grab extra patrol out in the wilds of the underdark. Going around to the other martial school and asking for lessons. ( like in all the kung-fu movies)

Playing a very young dwarf magus in an all dwarf underground game. He suffered his first major loss in battle to a drow. (he didn't die but was reduce to under 0 and had to roll to stabilize)

I was thinking that the direction he would go after this would be to train harder and push himself to be a better sword fighter so he wouldn't lose again. Sort like the characters do in all the fighting anime.

What I am asking is how to bring this up to the DM and what sort of in game mechanic would this entail. Would he level up faster? (we are using the medium track so would he go to the fast?)


Like just extra experience in general?



Any ideas at all? What would you say as DM??

I think I will keep the Weapon Focus feat. Maybe I should take the extra Arcane Pool? I have 7 points right now..

The only Arcana I can see taking is the Shield one and at 5 there are not lot of good options.

The whole campaign is taking place underground. I was thinking of taking the extra Darkvision so I could see further but I am not sure if it will be that useful.

The plan is to go the 20 level though. So I should have feats to play around with stuff and things.

I took the Accuracy one so I can get a +5 bonus to hit. I thought to take the Shield one at lvl 6.

I am a dwarf. (its an all dwarf campaign and i got a +2 int +2 dex trait) The only book we don't get to use is the ACG.

I thought about the extra Arcane feat but I am not sure what to take since most of them are like around 6th to get the good ones. :)

I just got to level 5 as a Magus. This is the first time I have played one so I went with just straight class (no archetypes) as a dex based dervish dancing.

What I am wondering though is what two feats I should take for level 5. I was thinking of taking toughness and weapon focus (scimitar).

At level 7 I was planing on the Metamagic feat intensify for shocking grasp.

What feats should I take for my lvl 5 magus?


Tonight we pretty much finished book one. There is a little more left to do according to the dm. We killed the drow baroness and took over the tower so I am not sure what is left but hey that's what the dm says.

I really hope that book three comes out soon. I think it will take up a few months to get through two (we only play every other Friday)

Have to say though that book one has been a lot of fun. I just wish we could have played drow rather than dwarves. Had a lot of fun as a Magus (dex based) dwarf with a scimitar.

So then if I created a medium size army the only initial cost will be the extra goodies you can add on to it?

and then from there I need to figure out the weekly rate.

Greetings all:

I am using the UC guide for kingdom building and now we find ourselves in need of an army. However I couldn't find how much it cost to build one from the start. I get the idea of how to determine the coast per week in BP points but I can not find how much it cost to build.

A little help please?

Thank you.

Gate into the City or how about a Gate into different section of the city. Like a gate guard to the Noble area. Then two of the could patrol the area and roll perception for a rouge or two. Or they could be bribed to look the other way. What about if the caught the last part of an assassination plot and maybe they saw the assassin?

I went through this AP as an AntiPaladin Knight of Sepulcher. IT KICKED ALL THE ASSES!!

If you want to be a fighter type as well as the charmer outside of fighting this is a good class to do.

If I had to do it again though, I would play a straight up Wizard or maybe a Necromancer/ Agent of the grave going to an Intelligent undead.

Sorry if this is a spoiler but you MAY be able to play an Int undead and if that makes you squee for joy then Wiz may be a better option.

No matter what it is one the best AP I have ever played.

It was a pretty easy battle with Thorn. But fun. I loved it right after the final blow (I got to make it). I felt like I had conquered the whole kingdom at that point.

Then book 6 happen... lol

Look at the Duelist in the core book and try to build that. You could try the Two Weapon fighting route as well. It does take Dex to build and you could use a sword and dagger thing.

It would be nice. My group has started book one. So far I am loving it. I just don't want to get through 1 and 2 and have to wait.

With only hours left in the year and month, will it be possible to get the PDF of Book 3 of Throne of Night?

I am at 3rd level with him. 18 Dex. Its my first Magus so I have been going straight class (no arechtypes or dips) I was wondering though what should my AC be? Right now I have an 18 right now. We don't have any magic armor yet. I have a chain shirt. I took the Shield Arcana as my 3rd level.

is 18 good? How can I get it better?


PS The people who wrote the Magus Guides... Thank you very much I have been using A LOT!

I am at 3rd level (Magus) in a all dwarf game. I am going Dex based fighter. (There is trait that gives me dex and int but minus cha) since this is the first time I am playing a Magus I went with straight levels. I did think about Kensi but I view him as more magical than fighting. Though I have been using the guides for the Magus class.

Since I view him as more magical than fighting I was thinking about maybe doing a level or two in either alchemist or wizard.

Would that be a good idea or a waste of time?


The website seems to down. Does anyone know what is going with Fire Mountain Games?

I have to say for its a Wizard for me. I just love playing them. I always have something to do as a Wizard and I enjoy the challenge of being squishy. All the RPGs video games I play, I always play a wizard more than any other.

Tell them its like playing a Final Fantasy game but only with paper, pencils and dice.

We are using the Kingdom building rules for a campaign. Also, I wanted to run a business using the rules from the downtime section of the book.

What experience have people have using this book? I'm playing a Magus this time around. What are some fun stuff to do with this book?


I played through it as anti-Paladin. It was fun. I took the archetype of the Crypt lord for him which really makes them fun when it comes to damage and healing self.

It is hard to play a wizard (but then again its always hard to play one) but there is the option for Vampire and Lich and that is always fun.

There are a couple of variants you could try. Our group didn't but on thinking about it I think would make the whole AP more interesting.

I would like to see some AP's set around Geb and Nex. An AP with the idea of exploring one of the Deep Mystery of the Pathfinder universe. Maybe an AP were the group is made up of mostly Arcane Caster.

I love arcane stuff and I would love to see an AP or two devoted to that.

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Has there been any word when Book 3 is coming out? My group is going to be starting soon and it would be nice to know so we don't have to stop.


There is a variant in the Books for different play styles. One is for a group of Evil Clerics. If your whole party is willing, that could be a really interesting choice. There is also a Goblin one as well. That is were all the PC's are Goblins.

One thing to stress though is that you need to do a lot of stuff outside of combat. Combat is important but if you can't do anything but that you will not have a good time. You NEED a non combat role.

Also STEALTH. You will not go wrong by having stealth.

Having just played through that AP, (which BTW is FREAKING AWESOME) I have some advice.

If you want to be a Martial type The Anti-Paladin is a great choice. (The AP has a house rule that the Anti-Paladin can be LE but check with your DM) There will be lots of Good creature to use your smite good on and if you play smart you can do some serious damage with one hit. (I was doing close to like 150 with one hit at higher levels)

There are some interesting archetypes that you may have access to (but you want to check with your DM to see if they are available)

Though on a personal note I would go with Wizard. (I love that class) If you play your cards right you can become a Vampire or a LICH (Not until later in the book though still a Freaking Lich)

The biggest issue my group had was healing. When your Cleric is evil you lose out on a lot of the healing that a cleric can do. So I would stock up on potion and wands.

I've often thought about playing a Witch and going for the full Winter Witch experience. (archetype and prestige class)

My question is: Have you done that and what was your experience like?

Will there be an update to the guide? Not just for the ACG book that is out but adding some more feats as well.

Hello all;

In two I am starting a new campaign. I will be playing a magus (for the first time ever) I'm pretty sure I will be doing the Dex based route (because I like dex based fighters).

What I am wondering though should I do straight Magus or should I tack on the Kensai Archetype? I am not sure if I do it having never played a Magus before.

So I am asking is it worth taking or should I stick with a straight Magus?


I would like to see more dark themes in Pathfinder, like Lovecraftain horror and madness. I realize that not everyone wants that but it would be nice if Paizo made a book or dealing with some of the darker aspect of the world.

Yes I know I could make it up on my own but sometimes I just want a dark game and not have to create everything from the ground up.

Something I thought of a long time ago.

In a forgetton age a powerful group of mages were bored. So they started to gamble. Soon the gambling got bigger and bigger then they hit on the mother of all ideas. A group of slave would be found and they would run them through a dungeon and bet on the outcomes.

Soon Mages all across the kingdom(s) were betting and it was one of the biggest of entertainment ever. Of course this mage kingdom fell to dust and history BUT the dungeon is till active. Finding new "slaves" to run throw the Dungeon.

It starts with the mother of all storms. The kind of stormy weather that heralds the end of time. The PCs are find the only refuge from this storm is a cave. Once they are safe from the storm they fall asleep and wake up trap in the dungeon.

I sort think Arcane Magic is ubiquitous in Pathfinder. There are magic items all over the place from scrolls to artifacts in almost every "dungeon". You have several classes that are devoted to Arcane magic and even some of the monsters races need magic to be defeated.

So yeah I think its a pretty safe bet to say that Arcane Magic everywhere.

Magaambyan arcanist Pathfinder savant, are the two I am thinking of taking. I have to be a good guy so it does limit what Prestige Classes I can take. But, the two the like I the most are those two. They seem interesting and you can get spells from other lists.

Does Loremaster work with a Wizard, it seems more like a bard class than a wizard class.

I was wondering if anyone had tried them and what you thought about them. I am thinking about a couple of them but I am on the fence about it.

I'll be playing a Magus soon and had a couple of questions. Are there any prestige classes for them?

Also, I plan on doing the Kensai Magus I'm pretty sure I will be doing the Scimitar route BUT is it the Aloran dueling sword worth looking into?

This is the first time I will be playing a Magus. I usually do Wizards so I hope it wont be too different.

Any advice for a first time Magus would be nice as well.


I was playing on Friday and the actual Heal spell seem worthwhile to cast on the martial but the Cures didn't seem to do much. When the bad guys hit for 70ish+ dmg a 30ish cure doesn't seem to do much.

I want to bring up to the cleric we have in our group but I couldnt quite remember what the arguments where about.

To be honest though I don't think it would do any good.

So I have come across this a few times in random threads. What I have been wondering is how would this work? I think from what I have read it seems interesting but I would like to know me.


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