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Aerys whirled around at this and slapped both Reijo and Ishirou sharply in the back of their respective heads.

"Both of you idiot men knock it off!" She barked out.
She turned on Ishirou, who flinched back.
"Just tell them! If it's true, you'll need their help! If it's false, it doesn't matter!" She shouted.

Shaedeen wrote:
She gives Aerys the ol' side-eyes, almost daring Miss Bossypants to start something.

Aerys ignored Shaedeen and the commotion at the cliff, staring grimly out to sea and drinking something out of a flask.

Aerys took one look at the ship and snorted her dismissal. She sat down and stared out to sea, eating some of the sea scorpion meat wrapped in leaves they had acquired and cooked along the way.

Sunny wrote:
"So. How's be it are ye gon'a be gettin' ta' there from here?"

Aerys turned on Sunny.

"I DON'T KNOW!" She screamed. She paused gathering her frayed nerves.
"I don't know yet; satisfied? Maybe we can fix up a wrecked ship! Maybe we can signal a passing ship with a fire! Maybe we can make a raft and paddle there! What we won't do is get there by sitting around!"
She slung her pack roughly and started walking West.

Aerys threw the plank she was wrestling into place in their shelter.
"No! I'll not spend another minute here in this deathtrap!
She turned and glared at the rest of the castaways.
"I remember from my studies Cheliax made an attempt to settle this island a century ago; and if they found a way through the reef, that is a way off this island!
"I don't know about all of you, but I have a career. I have a SHIP waiting for me in Eledar, but it's not going to wait forever!
"I'm out of here!"

She started gathering her stuff into a backpack.

With Jet Subtlety restrained by Faerith, the two ne'r-do-wells eagerly hand over the armored lockbox to Jet.

Looking it over and shaking it so it rattled, Jet snorted with disgust.
"Blast it; I left the key back at the Inn."

"With a LOCK on it? THAT IS THE VISITORS SAFE YOU THIEVES!" She screamed. And you are pretty sure that she is going to whip them to death right there.

"Ladies, gentlemen." Jet said, approaching you all.
"Counting up everything everyone brought with them and the victuals in the carriage, we have most of two days of food."

Her gaze wandered over to one of the boxes that the two guys with the carpet had with them. She suddenly dashed over to them in a fury and pointed at it.
"WHERE DID YOU TWO GET THIS?!" She screamed in their faces.

Jet stood forward.

"Ahem." She coughed delicately.
She shouted, her voice carrying easily over everyone's chatter like the crack of a whip.

Everyone started to open their packs and lay out what they were carrying for inspection.

Jet backed up and gestured to Sor.
"Over to you."

Jet, surprisingly, has everyone organized when you roll up to the Inn.
She has people attach harnesses to the horses and connect them up to the wagons while others load them up with the equipment and supplies from the Inn.

She shook her head.
"Why would I need to do that now?" She looked at you shrewdly.

Listening to your talk, she snorts.
"A whole lot of mealy-mouthed nothing talk." She sneered.
"But you say you have questions that only I have answers to.
"Well? Out with them!
"Let me hear them, and I'll judge them worthy of my time!"
She demanded hotly.

Cynara wrote:
"I am called Cynara Eruthiel; my companions and I have come in search of counsel regarding the phenomenon in the sky."

She squinted at you suspiciously, then inhaled deeply.

"And I am Ambassador Ekardani.
"Alright. You lot are too much of a mixed bag to be Azlanti."
She declaimed loudly.
She twirled her glaive with impressive authority and slammed the butt of the shaft onto the ground with a thump.
"And you don't smell bad enough to be Karzoug scum.
"And you don't dress or look like anythink I've ever seen before.
"AND the elves hereabouts don't mix with us hairless monkeys without an entourage of bodyguards and perfumeries.
She said and nodded.
"This brings us around to who you REALLY are." She glared at you, as if daring you to lie.

"I've not seen you before. Be ye Azlanti dogs?"
She said, giving you all a hard eyed examination.
She then switched to Elven.
"Who approaches the Consulate of Mighty Thassilon? Speak! I have not seen you in the city before." She said sharply.
Spellcraft DC15:
You realize that had made a series of subtle gestures... She cast Detect Good and you almost missed it.

The large woman , Lia, eventually released Kaskus, who gasped for breath.
”Just look around new sailors. Mama Lia sure has something you like.” She drawled with a broad wink.
Looking around you see that she has two examples of each first level potions.
Kaskus shook his head.
”Be sure to…” He gasped out, ”To show them the special items, the ones in the back…”

Mama Lia arched an eyebrow.
”Oh well then, you come with me to the back.” She said with another win.
If you go to the back, she shows a few potions that are more advanced, but also 50% more expensive.

Knowledge:Arcana dc15:

She has six potions of the second level.

[npc] YSABOT
"Wait! Persimmon sees something! There, beyond those skeletons!" She points south, to a point ten feet beyond the skeleton swarm there, about forty feet away.