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Please cancel my PACG subscription.

Thank you.

I'm playing him as a poor man's alchemist with the Alchemist's Kit. Acid Flask covers combat checks and checks against barriers and lets you use Disable, which Mavaro has natively. Since it's a disable check, you can use the Burglar's Bucklers from Set 1 (both of them since they allow you to play a second armor on the check) to bring you to 3d10 + 2d6 + 2 against 95% of your checks against banes at the cost of a single discard. And since the check invokes the Acid trait, Blessings of the Elements can be recharged for another d10. Throw in Canteen and Mumia Smuggler and you can get 12 uses out of the 4 Acid Flasks before having to worry about healing them back.

I round this out Blessings of the Elements to cover most checks to acquire and close, plus the odd non-combat basic skill check against monsters. The Burglar's Bucklers can be used to give Fortitude if needed (though I prefer to keep them in hand).

It's a bit of a different approach since it doesn't rely as heavily on his signature power (it's more reliant on his large item pool than anything), but Acid Flask just seems so good. I do find myself wondering if I should have just gone with Damiel, but Mavaro brings enough to the table otherwise that I'm happy with this for now.

This build does suffer from being heavily dependent on getting Alchemist's Kit or Canteen out early, which in turn is heavily dependent on Mavaro being able to recharge all or most of his hand at the end of his turn. If it turns out that's not actually allowed, this build is likely dead in the water (I'm hoping we see a ruling on this before the weekend).

elcoderdude wrote:
Irgy wrote:
elcoderdude wrote:
Irgy wrote:
If you follow this logic you'd never be able to cast Cure at all, since it's never (directly) relevant to any situation.
Casting Cure is relevant whenever a character has cards in their discard pile.

By that logic you could cast cure in the middle of an encounter, just because you have cards in your discard pile. The rule about cards being relevant to the encounter is different to whatever rule says you can't cure a healthy player.

Actually, this neatly caps the debate & resolves my dilemma.

Curing is relevant if you need healing, but it is not allowed during an encounter because it is not related to the current step.
Similarly, gaining a skill (for example) can always be relevant, but not related to the current step.

STILL I think we should clarify in the rulebook why display cards/powers are always considered relevant to the situation.

I think this covers it:


If a card in your hand does not specify when it can be played, you can

generally play it anytime you can play cards, with the exception that during
an encounter you may only perform specific actions at specific times.

It's not that display cards/powers are always relevant, it's that many just don't specify when they can be played/used.

Kumarei wrote:

Mine arrived today, but minus some cards. Not sure if this is kosher, but could someone post the location details for Volcanic Vents? It's the only missing card we need to be able to play the first scenario with three players.

EDIT: Nevermind, we just started playing using a modified Abyssal River :p

Sent you the info anyway :)

Katina Davis wrote:

Hello Fatalist,

Thanks for letting us know about this! I'm sorry to hear that you were missing the character and role cards, but I've got a replacement order all set up and it should be sent out to you shortly. Once the order has been processed for shipping, you should receive a confirmation email to let you know that it's on the way.

Just let us know if there's anything else we can help out with in the meantime.


Thank you. It looks like I'm missing the Bazaar card as well. Sounds like it would have been in the same pack as the character and role cards since it's designed to be marked on. Not sure if there was anything else in that pack.

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Yes to both questions. As long as you're using one of the skills gained and you haven't already used the power on that check, it would be allowed.

Play cards and use powers that affect the check (optional). Players may now play cards or use powers that affect the check. Players may not play cards that modify a skill unless you’re using that skill, and players may not play cards that affect combat unless you’re attempting a combat check. Do not add traits from these cards to the check; for example, playing the spell Guidance on a check does not give the check the Divine trait.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Fatalist wrote:
Any kind soul care to do a full spoiler (or send me photos) of the character and role cards so my friends and I can play this weekend ?
I'd PM you some info if I had them. Sorry.

No worries :) I got the info I needed.

Any kind soul care to do a full spoiler (or send me photos) of the character and role cards so my friends and I can play this weekend ?

I am missing the character cards from the Mummy's Mask base set (I do have the tokens). I counted 377 cards (plus the "Open Me First" card), so it looks like I'm missing just those cards (with the 110 card add-on deck and the 14 character cards, that would put me at 501).

Edit: Actually counted 384 - hadn't included the token cards.

Ah, missed that. Thanks. Still can't find the character cards though, and after counting through all the cards twice I'm coming up short by 14.

Edit: posted this in the Customer Service forum.

Were the character cards supposed to be packed with the demo pack? Mine are missing :(