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Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
When will the Pawn Sets be available

According to the Pawn Box's product page, they will come out on June 26th.

D_GENNEXT wrote:
Will PC 2 and MC have sketch cover versions as well? I really liked those on PC and GMC.

Yes. There'll be sketch covers for Monster Core, Player Core 2, and even Howl of the Wild.

Luis Loza wrote:
The iron aspects of them (teeth, claws) are a reference to Baba Yaga. In folklore, she's often noted as having iron teeth. The whole bit about kidnapping children and locking them in towers draws from Rapunzel.

So Iron Hags would be kidnapping them and locking them up, or is that a general Hag aspect? Or maybe an aspect for the Cuckoo Hags? 'Cause I was thinking of Rapunzel for them, honestly.

Hey Luis, I had a question about hags in Monster Core. I know y'all talked about how the hags would reflect more heavily on folklore, with the Cuckoo Hags being the most motherly and "birdcage the child" ones, the Sweet Hags being the "Hansel and Gretel" gingerbread house kind, and Sea Hags being the "Little Mermaid" Ursula kind of hags. My question is, which folklore will the Iron Hags be pulling from? I'm not familiar with any overly-physical hags in fiction or folklore, so I was curious of what tales y'all would be pulling from (also decided to ask, since heavy coverage of hags already happened, so not sure when the next chance to ask this would be).

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I mean, we're sitting currently at 36 ancestries and 14 versatile heritages (post-Remaster, when Half-Elf/Half-Orc became the Mixed Ancestry VH and Aasimar/Tielfing/Aphorite/Ganzi fused to become the Nephilim VH). We're getting 6 more ancestries in Howl of the Wild, and 6 more ancestries and 1 more VH in Tian Xia Character Guide. And then there's the new VH in Player Core 2. So after all those books, we're looking at 48 ancestries and 16 VHs.

And then there's Starfinder 2E's playtest right around the corner, and with it being 100% compatible, that's another handful of options you can sprinkle into the mix. We're definitely at the point where there's more options than you can shake a stick at, for sure.

(And as for Grippli, they were confirmed to be the 8th ancestry in Player Core 2 and renamed to the Tripkee. Hopefully they'll get their feats and abilities looked at and expanded!)

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For those who weren't around for the latest Tian Xia livestream, we got a LOT of juicy details for the content in this book. Including all 3 of the remaining new ancestries!

Tian Xia Livestream Spoilers:

Ancestries -
- Sarangay are a water-buffalo-looking ancestry with an origin from Filipino myths. They have close ties to the moon and their heritages reflect that ("Full Moon" and "New Moon" were the given examples). They are NOT Large like minotaurs, but are default Medium (with New Moon Sarangays being Small). They have a soul gem they keep in their forehead, which also gives them magical powers. Original myths had their power come from magical earrings, but in Paizo lore the earrings are meant to be a distraction from the forehead soul gem. One of the feat abilities is "Smoke Through Bamboo", specific to New Moon, which lets them Step through difficult terrain, as they are used to stepping through dense forests and the like.
- Yaksha are an ancestry, based on several IRL myths, who were originally guardians from the First World, and when the FW was abandoned, they swore a vow. Each heritage of the Yaksha is less of a lineage, and more of a vow they swore to uphold and which grants them powers (playing with the Edits and Anathema system in a fun, new way!). The single example given for the heritages was "Deny the Traitor's Rebirth", who are sworn to confront their mortal enemies, Asuras and Rakshasas. This gives them powers and an easier time to see through illusions and shape-changing disguises. An ability for the Yakshas was named, called "Howling Aspect", lets them pull their hair into fire and gives them a unique Fire Hair attack to use in a more fiercesome form. A great piece of lore is that the primordial power of their vows allow Yakshas to love up to 1000 years, but due to how dangerous the vows tend to be, Yakshas typically don't live longer than a century. And in an interesting mechanical aspect, the Yaksha have the Spirit and Yaksha traits, and NOT the Humanoid trait!
- Yaoguai are an ancestry, not far off from the assumptions of Yokai, who are animals, plants and aspects who were born or uplifted into a different form. The heritages are basically what the Yaoguai was born from (the examples of "Born of Vegetation" and "Born of Elements" were given). They possess a Humanoid form, which gives skills relevant from their background (Born of Vegetation gets a bonus to Medicine) and a Yaoguai form which gives them different abilities. One ability is "Morphic Strike", which transforms a part of their body to attack with. If they were born of an animal, they might transform their body part into a claw, or if they were born of nature, they may be some elemental energy.

Versatile Heritage -
- Hungerseed are NOT a part of the Nephelim versatile heritage, but is now its own separate VH. This is due to the fact that Oni are no longer Fiends, but are now Spirits. And since they are now their own VH, they're given more space to give them very Oni-derived abilities. The heritage itself gives you Oni horns, and there's a high-level feat that has you open a third eye that can blast out lightning. Another ability is the "Bloodshook Dash" feat, which gives Hungerseed a +10 status bonus to their Speed whenever they're below half their HP. They kept the Hungerseed name 'cause Oni are still hungry and it still reflects to their Half-Oni offspring.

Archetypes -
- Starlit Sentinel is the defacto Magical Girl archetype. They are empowered by one of the signs of the Tian Xia zodiac. They can transform into this alternate form, and gain the basic stuff: They can shoot little bolts of starlight, they have unique Focus Spells they can ONLY use while transformed, and they can use the hearts of their friends to empower their weapons with special runes. To elaborate the last part, they draw their sword harmlessly through their teammate, and the rune that best describes the partner's personality empowers it!

EDIT: OH! And another Tanuki feat was spoiled. "False Priest Form" is an ability that has you assume a false priest form and act like you're casting divine spells. However, if someone disbelieves your form, you get kicked out of the form, and your sheer embarassment prevents you from using the form for the rest of the day! Further reinforcing that Tanukis are complete and total losers.

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Dragonchess Player wrote:

Out of the 20 Gods of the Inner Sea, I doubt Abadar, Asmodeus, Desna, Gozreh, Irori, Lamashtu, Pharasma, Rovagug, Sarenrae, Shelyn, Torag, or Zon-Kuthon will be killed. They are either too powerful, have portfolios that are unique, or stories that will be completely disrupted if they are gone.

Cayden Cailean, Erastil, and Gorum are slightly less safe (IMO), but I don't see why Arazni would want to take their place. Arazni might have a beef with Urgathoa, but that would mostly remove the "evil necromantic priest BBEG" from many adventures.

I could possibly see Arazni taking over for Calistra (new god of vengeance), Iomedae (not killed, but gives up divinity to Aroden's first herald), Nethys (new god of magic), or Norgorber (new god of conspiracies, plots, and trickery?).

Reminder: Whichever god that dies, Arazni is NOT taking over their spot. She'll be elevated as a Core 20 god, but she will not inherit whatever domains or preferences the slain god had control over.

So yes, Cayden Cailean can keel over from alcohol poisoning in WoI, and Arazni won't have to join a fraternity in order to become a Core 20 god. She can remain a non-drinker. Or whatever her preference is.

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Helvellyn wrote:
It will be interesting to see how heavy they go with the story. Is it just the War of the Immortals book or are there going to be additional books, adventure paths and accessories to cover it?

It's been said previously that it's a major crossover event, with several products to go alongside it. There's the "War of Immortals" rulebook (which will have 2E's mythic rules, as well as the Animist and Exemplar classes), the "Lost Omens: Divine Mysteries" LO book (with Remastered rules on the gods found in "Lost Omens: Gods and Magic", as well as new gods and archetypes/class archetypes), and a novel. There's also adventuring content, but the details on that (and whether it's a full AP, standalone adventures, PFS scenarios, or some combination of the three) has yet to be announced.

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Project: J-ko wrote:

Oh my God...all 20 of 'em. So week by week is how we're gonna find o-WAIT NO!!

There's only 10 weeks until April 16th. They're only gonna clear half the names by the time that stream goes live, if I'm doing my math right (which is questionable).

** spoiler omitted **

That, or they can reveal two gods are safe at a time going forward, saving the final reveal for the livestream.

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JJGYET wrote:
So uhhhh, what all ancestry are we looking at for this glorious event?

For the playtest? It'll be the 9 ancestries featured in Field Test #3's survey (Android, Barathu, Human, Kasatha, Lashunta, Pahtra, Shirren, Vesk and Ysoki) as well as Skittermanders. This was stated in the Field Test #3's opening page.

There'll also be 2 versatile heritages, the Borai and the Prismeni (them being the Geniekin/Nephilim equivalent for the Drift).

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CorvusMask wrote:
Is Aucturn finally being born or is it another one of world ending threats in this solar system? :D

Well, Thurston just confirmed on Twitter that it's Aucturn. So I guess we solved the case, gang!

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MiraculousWaterBottle wrote:
There appears to be something wrong with the image. As far as I can tell there's no technomancer character on it

Nothing wrong with it, actually. The 6 classes that'll be playtested for Starfinder Second Edition's Playtest Rulebook will be the Soldier, Mystic, Envoy, Solarion, Operative, and the Witchwarper. First Edition's Technomancer and Mechanic are not slated yet to be playtested at this time.

Mayhaps they'll show up later in a different book? Only time will tell.

Farien wrote:
ElementalofCuteness wrote:
Isn't Discern Secrets one of those silly Focus spells which does infinite Recall knowledge rolls?
That's the one, yes. Discern Secrets as currently written gives the target an ability to use Seek, Sense Motive, or Recall Knowledge as a free action with no trigger or limit.

It's the only hex cantrip that kept their 1 minute immunity restriction. All the other hex cantrips had their 1 minute immunities removed in the Remaster.

Berselius wrote:
Interesting that there's only eight classes detailed. Are Cleric and Wizard no longer viable options for future material anymore?

Player Core classes got their feats and subclasses from the CRB and the APG, plus a few new feats, all merged into 1 book. Player Core 2 will do the same thing with their 8 classes, as well as have the archetypes from the APG in there as well.

Kavlor wrote:
2. For rule books. Two main bets. Firstly, a book dedicated to advanced technologies from Numeria. Without new classes, but with new options for other classes, based on high technology. Secondly, a book dedicated to arcane magic. Possibly a rework of the arcanist class. A set of additional options for all classes related to arcane magic, for example, magus.

I wouldn't expect any Numeria content to be published until after Starfinder 2E is published, and that won't happen until July/August 2025 (whichever month GenCon is that year).

Maybe by next year's PaizoCon, or the one after that. But it's definitely something I'd be interested in, as well!

KingTreyIII wrote:
FAQ wrote:

For the purpose of abilities that require successfully identifying a creature using Recall Knowledge (like the mastermind rogue racket), how do I know what creatures I have successfully identified.

Let us imagine that Robbie the Mastermind Rogue is attacked by three identical wolves: Alice, Bob and Charlie.

For the purposes of such abilities, a character is considered to have successfully identified a creature when they succeed or critically succeed at a Recall Knowledge check, regardless of what information they gain. If Robbie successfully Recalls Knowledge against Alice, their racket ability triggers against Alice, but not against Bob or Charlie. The information they gain would still be useful against all three.

If Robbie later tries to Recall Knowledge against Bob, they would use the typical DC, not an increased DC for a subsequent check against the same creature. Similarly, if Robbie is later attacked by two new wolves, the checks to Recall Knowledge would start at the typical DC.

In short, each creature is treated as a separate creature, even if they appear to be identical.

Okay, while this IS a helpful clarification, it still doesn’t address one of the elephants in the room: how would I know whether or not I succeeded (and can thus make that creature off-guard with the mastermind racket) if Recall Knowledge is a secret check? And how do I know I didn’t just critically fail and get false information?

Question: Where did you find that clarification? I'm looking all throughout the FAQ page, and I can't seem to spot it (at least, not this text with all of the examples, there is a bit in the Player Core errata that says to use the RK rules in Player Core instread of GM Core).

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Breaking news! Part 2 of the module comes out on the 14th! HERE'S the trailer showing off some of the new maps and sheets for the module!

And remember, the discount for the module ends after the 2nd part comes out!

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Elfteiroh wrote:

On discord, there was some talk about some things we found. Nothing big really. All usernames are based on the Discord ones.

Sang wrote:
Remaster Merisiel is missing "low-light vision" from "Ancestry Abilities". It is listed in Senses, though. (Both Lini and Harsk have their vision abilities listed separately.)
EzeDoesIt wrote:

For Feiya, Schooled in Secrets is missing from the skill feats section in Feats and Abilities

Enfeeble in the Feiya pregen has the attack trait. That was removed from the Day 1 errata.
Harsk: Dwarven Weapon Familiarity ends with a comma.
pre-Remaster had the same error
Sling is lacking the Propulsive trait on the weapon's traits and in the traits section for Kyra

Also, from me: I see that Ezren doesn't have any mention of the special way he can use Drain Bonded Item becasue of school of Universal theory, but yeah, at lvl 1 it affect nothing, so not including it makes it one things less to grok for new players. But make sure to have it for higher level versions!

Overall, this definitely looks like the most solid set of pregens we have gotten yet. Congrats!

Hey, one of those guys is me!

And I got a few more errors I noted on Discord, and will reproduce here.

Bless gained the Aura trait due to the Day 1 Errata, so it needs to be added to Kyra's Bless spell.
Figment gained the Subtle trait due to the Day 1 Errata, so that needs to be added to Lem's Figment spell.
The issue with Kyra's Sling lacking the Propulsive trait is present in Lini's Sling, as well. So add Propulsive both to the weapon's traits, and add Propulsive's text in the Equipment trait section.
Droogami is missing the MAP-adjusted modifiers to their claws and jaws Strikes.
Droogami's senses are listed twice, once in Senses on the top left, and also under Support Benefit and Abilities on the middle-right.
And Merisiel probably needs something akin to Lem's and Harsk's note for her "Forlorn" ability under Defenses, noting she has a bonus against emotion effects.

And that's everything I could note to change for these pre-gens! Overall, not bad!

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DomHeroEllis wrote:
Foundry said they will have a list of changes, also, so I'm guessing Paizo must have one to hand to gift us...

HERE is the list of changes from Foundry's wiki page. And the above Reddit post from AquelePedro has grown to cover most of the changes, from ancestries, feats, skills, classes, and spells. Only backgrounds aren't covered, and that's caused they're 100% unchanged from the CRB.

olimar92 wrote:
Ezekieru wrote:
olimar92 wrote:

Missed the Ki Form for Monk, but it would obviously work like Ki Strike.

Also, the Errata for Secrets of Magic doesn't have Rune Lord. So I'm going to assume that's going to be more of a project.

And Sacred Ki should probably do spirit damage, with an option for it to have the Holy or Unholy trait.

Sacred Ki is from Gods and Magic, so it's not going to be in this run. The Feat makes it so you choose an Alignment Damage, based on Deity, and select that when you use Ki Strike on a creature with the opposite alignment you choose. You can also deal it in place of Force Damage in other Ki Spells.

I'm going to assume that the change will Sanctify Ki Strike as Holy or Unholy, your choice, and any other Ki Spell that could reasonably be chosen. Unlike the current Feat, Holy and Unholy aren't types of Damage. So the Monk could just do Holy Bludgeoning Damage if it just Sanctifies the Monk.

Ah, that's right. Well, if it's from Gods and Magic, we'll likely see a new version of it in Lost Omens: Divine Mysteries instead. Or maybe the Lost Omens books will get an errata later. Either way, not the purview of these Rulebook errata.

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olimar92 wrote:

Missed the Ki Form for Monk, but it would obviously work like Ki Strike.

Also, the Errata for Secrets of Magic doesn't have Rune Lord. So I'm going to assume that's going to be more of a project.

And Sacred Ki should probably do spirit damage, with an option for it to have the Holy or Unholy trait.

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pixierose wrote:

Great work! Some things I think were missed.

The Fey eidolon in Secrets of Magic has a f feature that mentions Illusion and Enchantment spells, with the school removals this makes this a mostly dead feature. (illusion is still a trait so its somewhat functions)

In the Player Core, Rogues are listed as getting a "crit success on a success" when they get expert in fortitude. Was this intentional or just something that was missed in the errata pass?

Over-all your work is great, especially given the time constraints. Thank you and the wonderful teams that brought this to life!

+1 to these issues! Hopefully we can get them looked at sometime. Otherwise, great job y'all with the errata so far!

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Laclale♪ wrote:
Elfteiroh wrote:
Where have you heard of "Day Zero" errata?

Ars quota

MadamReshi wrote:
The Fantasy Grounds post in question.

The post you quoted was edited to remove the mention of Day 1 errata coming.

Good thing the Wayback Machine exists, then!

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keftiu wrote:
Are they still wholly off-limits to Monks?

None of the axes in Player Core got the Monk trait added to them, no. They did add the Monk trait to the staff, the spear and the khakkara, though!

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3 Crows Witch wrote:
Any new cantrip spells that help with melee casters?

Ignition (new fire cantrip replacing Product Flame) does 2d6 fire damage in melee, whereas it does 2d4 fire damage at range. Also does 1d4 persistent fire damage on a crit (or 1d6 fire damage in melee).

Gouging Claw now does 2d6 slashing or piercing damage, and 2 persistent bleed damage on a hit. Double damage and double bleed damage on a crit.

Shield now blocks damage any damage from spells or magical effects, not just physical damage.

theWasp wrote:
Ezekieru wrote:
Side Note: The Grippli have been renamed to the Tripkee now!
I heard that, but had no idea how to spell it. Also not sure if Catfolk and Lizardfolk will use their own names.

Luis Loza confirmed the spelling on Discord, I double-checked.

As for Catfolk/Ratfolk/Lizardfolk, I believe it was said those names would stay the same, as their people's names (Amurruns, Ysoki, and Iruxi) would be too difficult for new players to parse.

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calnivo wrote:
Squiggit wrote:
The example of Melodious (Request) + Charm is also a bad combination because the free request happens as part of activating the feat, which means you'd be making it before you cast the spell.

Can someone quote the text of Spellshape as successor of Metamagic trait? I'm asking because Metamagic had the following clause:

Any additional effects added by a metamagic action are part of the spell’s effect, not of the metamagic action itself.


"Many spellcasters can gain access to spellshape actions, typically by selecting spellshape feats. Spellshape actions tweak the properties of your spells. You must use a spellshape action directly before casting the spell you want to alter. If you use any action (including free actions and reactions) other than casting a spell directly after, you waste the benefits of the spellshape action. The benefit is also lost if your turn ends before you cast the spell. Any additional effects added by a spellshape action are part of the spell’s effect, not of the spellshape action itself."

calnivo wrote:
Squiggit wrote:
Melodious spell is basically identical to Conceal Spell, but also has the secondary effect of letting you do a free create a diversion, demoralize, perform or request if the spell you cast has the emotion, sonic, auditory, or visual traits.

Thx. That is interesting. Though I don't know yet, which spells qualify as trigger for that second effect; naively it sounds like it could open up some fascinating possibilities. For instance - IF charm qualifies (what I hope) - it would allow a discreet, Charm-Request combo.

I can already imagine above-mentioned, sly caster with the passion domain moving past some NSC whose urgent cooperation is needed. Some slight, passing (charming) touch, a little bit of whispering in the ear - and things might quickly move forward...

Ironically, Charm also has the Subtle trait too, so there's no point in using Melodious Spell on it.

Most of the spells you'd expect to want to cast without being noticed, like Message, Silence, Invisibility, and so on have the Subtle trait already built in. You'd most likely want to use other kinds of spells with Melodious Spell instead.

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Yeah, sad to see the Shadow trait (for natives of the Shadow Plane/Netherworld) wasn't on the GM Core's Creature Identification list. Maybe there can be an FAQ establishing which of the Recall Knowledge skills we should use for that?

And also, a minor annoyance for me, can we either 1) Add the Humanoid trait to Trolls in Monster Core, so we can assuredly identify them with Society, or 2) Add an FAQ establishing which skill to use on Trolls or Giants in general for RK? We got 7 different Trolls, and all 7 only have the Troll and Giant traits on their statblocks. And neither are on the Creature Identification list, too.

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theWasp wrote:
Yasha Vienne wrote:
Sorry if i am being silly. What is the difference between Player Core and Player core 2?

Player Core 1

Classes: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Witch, Wizard
Ancestries: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Leshy, Orc
Versatile Heritages: Changling, Nephelim, Mixed Ancestries

Player Core 2
Classes: Alchemist, Barbarian, Champion, Investigator, Monk, Oracle, Sorcerer, Swashbuckler
Ancestries: Catfolk, Hobgoblin, Lizardfolk, Kholo, Kobold, Tengu, Grippli, Ysoki
Versatile Heritages: Dhampir, Duskwalker, Unknown Third Heritage

Side Note: The Grippli have been renamed to the Tripkee now!

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Oh hey! Paizo LIVE showed off the final cover of Player Core 2! Seoni is transformed into a Conspirator Dragon, and being ridden by Fumbus and is carrying with her legs Jirelle! And they're all fighting a big ol' Cyclops!

HERE's the screenshot from the stream of the final cover!

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breithauptclan wrote:
Ezekieru wrote:
Definitely want to use almost all of it. I'll probably mix and match old classes and the PC1 classes, check out Monster Core to see how the new spread of creatures are compared to the PC1 classes, and keeping mixing it up until Player Core 2. Then I might be stick with the Remaster entirely.

Well, even with that you are going to have Thaumaturge, Summoner, Magus, Inventor, etc... that aren't going to be in either Player Core or Player Core 2.

So are those 'old' classes?

I'm hoping the long promised "twice-a-year" errata process mentioned at the beginning of this year will actually start after Player Core 2 comes out. Once that happens, Magus/Summoner/Gunslinger/Inventor/Psychic/Thaumaturge should be able to be errata'd quickly and made up-to-speed with the Remaster.

If not, then I'll figure something out. I'll have 17 Remaster'd classes (8 in PC1, 8 in PC2, and Kineticist in RoE) to play around with while I wait. I'll be able to coast by with that.

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Old_Man_Robot wrote:
Calliope5431 wrote:
Might as well start us off - enfeeble inexplicably has the Attack trait, despite having nothing to do with attacks. Likely someone forgot that it was no longer ray of enfeeblement and no longer has a spell attack roll.

I actually don't think this is a mistake.

It looks like an intentional step to decouple the Attack trait from being exclusively applied to spells which target AC.

The langauge in the new Knowledge is Power feat carves out a benefit granted to attacks which don't target AC.

It also means that it would benefit from things which improve attacks in someway.

Luis confirmed on Discord that Enfeeble having the Attack trait is an error, and is marked for errata.

Luis Loza on Discord wrote:
Sure seems like an error. We found a similar error for a different spell and I've already logged both errors for errata.

Definitely want to use almost all of it. I'll probably mix and match old classes and the PC1 classes, check out Monster Core to see how the new spread of creatures are compared to the PC1 classes, and keeping mixing it up until Player Core 2. Then I might be stick with the Remaster entirely.

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Riddlyn wrote:
graystone wrote:
Ok, just got my pdf's and have started looking through it. If anyone has specific questions I can try to help, otherwise I'll post whatever nifty things i find while i make my way through the player/DM CORE.
Is the familiar from the witch dedication still gimped?

Witch Dedication now gives you a familiar with the normal amount of abilities, and Basic Witchcraft nets you 1 extra. So you now get a familiar with 1 extra ability now!

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Gisher wrote:
FlySkyHigh wrote:

God I really hope the Assassin archetype gets a fix in this book. It has several major flaws and could really use some love.

Especially the fact that, the way it's written, you essentially can't use it at early levels of Free Archetype Variant without locking yourself out of two FA feats.

Can you explain what you mean by that?

I can explain. FlySkyHigh made that comment the same day NoNat1s published a video talking about how bad the Assassin archetype is, labeled "The WORST ARCHETYPE in Pathfinder2e".

I honestly don't agree with NoNat on that, given a lot of grievances would be alleviated if you get off "Mark for Death" before initiative starts. Which you could probably do, given you're an Assassin, and you'd want to be Sneaking around before a fight.

And while "Assassinate" only works when you're undetected... you kinda WANT to be undetected, 'cause again, that's the archetype's theme. Mark for Death well before the time and date before you'd attempt to attack the target, go in undetected, and then Assassinate as the first move of the fight to do a massive first hit and potentially kill a Party-Level-or-Less creature. Sounds like an Assassin to me!

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Blave wrote:
Hm... if a ruffian crits with a pick, the weapon dice become D10. Would that still trigger sneak attack? Probabaly not, I guess?

Changes to the die need to apply first before you determine if your weapon gets Sneak Attack. So if you crit with a Fatal Weapon and it brings it over the limit, it gets no Sneak Attack.

On the other hand, if you get that Leshy feat "Grasping Hands" to grant Reach by reducing your weapon die size by a step, that would possibly then qualify that weapon for Sneak Attack.

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Luis Loza shared some cool spoilers on PF2E Subreddit Discord today!

Question: "Can we get spoiled on what Ruffian Rogue does?"
Answer: "Can sneak attack with advanced weapons (limited selection) too :)"

Question: "Anything about Druid? We know that metal anathema is going bye bye, but what about those "extra effects while casting depending on the order"? Are those passives? Focus spells?"
Answer: "Thre's new feats! Plant order gets the Garland Spell spellshape, for example. Causes your spells to create areas of difficult terrain that can harm people."

Question: "I've been very curious about the Void Warp spell that was teased with the reveal of the new Wizard schools, any hints on what it does?"
Answer: "It's an alternate for chill touch! Deals void damage and can cause enfeebled."

Question: "Anything bard related"
Answer: "I'll let the warrior muse keep its secrets for now. We renamed some of their focus spells to better match the artistic theme. For example, inspire heroics is now fortissimo composition."

Question: "whats your favourite new spell in the remaster?"
Answer: "Acid grip is pretty fun!"

Question: "Hmm… last one from me I think, what single change to a class do you think is most impactful/you’re most proud of?"
Answer: "Probably the wizard schools. They open up a lot of design and flavor space. I got to play with a new school that is the purview of an archetype. Technically, a wizard can take it, but it's definitely more focused on the archetype. You'll see someday! It's particularly fun because it's a remastered version of an existing archetype. It shows just how much we could have done out of the gate if we had the new school tech."

Also, Luis is noting an errata to add the Subtle trait to Figment from the Core Preview doc! All really great stuff!

Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
Do we know when the APs and PFS scenarios are going to be ORC compatible>?

No idea. JJ has already confirmed Seven Dooms for Sandpoint is an OGL adventure. So maybe the AP after?

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Leon Aquilla wrote:
SpaceDrake wrote:

I mean, PF2 and PF2R are still perfectly inter-compatible, so it'll be fine.

How do you do alignment damage when a character doesn't have an alignment? I think you're not arguing in good faith.

The Foundry module is going to be removing all references to OGL material, including monsters. I think it's a little more complicated than a condescending "They're inter-compatible so don't worry your pretty little head about it".

If the original AP was published under the OGL, the module will be posted under the same license. There might be parts of the system that'll struggle with the removal of alignment, but OGL monsters and spells will remain in the system, with the exception of the ORC creatures/items/spells with the exact same name as the OGL being treated as errata and changed.

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WWHsmackdown wrote:
We might be hearing some stuff on Monday, I'm excited to see what's new

We definitely will be hearing stuff from Monday onwards! Mark Seifter of Roll For Combat will be doing streams starting on Monday that will cover an overview of the Player Core, a stream for each of the classes, and a stream on GM Core. And I've heard other YouTubers will also start their coverage on the 30th as well.

Lots to look forward to, for sure!

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MagnusPrime wrote:

Has there been any word on errata for other classes?

Psychic, magus, summoner etc?

Nope. We know there was supposed to be a twice-per-year errata process starting this year that would no longer be tied to book printings. But then the Remaster was announced, and I believe I saw somewhere it was confirmed the Remaster had stop that process.

We'll likely not see any of the new errata process until after Player Core 2 is sent to the printers. So probably nothing until July/August, sadly.

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Did a full write-up of today's Paizo LIVE! Please give it a read!

Link found on Reddit HERE!

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Definitely looking forward to Thursday's blog about the changes to spellcasting! One of the biggest things I've wondered is how vocalizations with spells will work, and how some spells (like Silence and spells that deafen casters) will end up looking like!

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Calliope5431 wrote:
Cyder wrote:
A Fighter that maxes intelligence

Bwahahahahaha. Good one.

You don't get a class boost to Int, so you actually can't max Intelligence - at best, you're always a point behind an actual Int-based class, and at low level before the level 5 ability score increase, more like 2 or 3. And depending on the fighter you're playing (Str based without plate armor, for instance - plate and the bulwark property it provides is EXPENSIVE at low levels) you're going to have to make some very hard choices about which one of your saves is going to be bad. Because you can't pump Str, Int, Dex, Con, and Wis all at the same time.

Making difficult, character-defining choices sounds like fun to me, instead of playing it painfully safe by only pumping the three saving throw stats.

A smart Fighter focusing in on Recalling Knowledge sounds like a really cool kind of character to play as. Especially with the RK clarifications letting me choose my questions, so I can play it as deducing things about the enemy in a moment-by-moment manner.

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Evan Tarlton wrote:
Based on what we know, the next Field Test is almost certainly the Mystic. The original announcement said that they were still locking down specifics for the Envoy and the Solarian. There is of course room for things to have changed since then, but I'd put my money on the Mystic if I had to put money on anything.

Mystic seems like the best call, and it'd be a great opportunity to showcase some futuristic spells (like Harmonizing Ringtone, for example).

The Raven Black wrote:
Ezekieru wrote:

It'd be super easy for Lawful Champions to get an exclusive Oath feat that makes them stronger against Proteans, and Chaotic Champions get an Oath feat that makes them stronger against Aeons.

It'll be interesting to see how unsanctified Champions would play out, given there's a level 1 feat option to sanctify Exemplars in the current playtest, and another level 1 feat that locks you out of sanctification in exchange of their own benefits.

Having sanctification (Order / Chaos) would have been broader than getting a kind of sanctification vs Proteans/Aeons.

Yet the former was not included because it was deemed not relevant.

I do not see Paizo designing a PC ability whoch would be even less relevant (hurt Proteans/Aeons) since it would have been easier to just include sanctification (Order / Chaos).

They've printed similar Oaths for Dragons, Fiends, Undead, Celestials and Evil creatures. I could totally see them putting similar feats for Proteans and Aeons, or having a subclass feature that incorporates those bits in.

Heck, you could have a bespoke weakness others have talked about with Spirit damage from creatures with the Protean/Aeon traits, and the "Lawful"/"Chaotic" subclasses could make it so you are treated as a Protean/Aeon for the purposes of weaknesses, resistances and immunities.

Going about it this way would allow those creatures to still have their outer plane war against each other, without drawing too much ire from using OGL terminology.

Or they can just give a greater amount of base spirit damage to Neutral Champions to make up for the lack of Order/Entropy weaknesses. I don't know, I have no real horse in this race.

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DomHeroEllis wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
I'm with you on this. I'm not sure why they are doing this.
It is easier to get retailers to buy books that are not 700 pages and it is less a splitting core in two than a reshuffling of the Core Book, APG and GMs Guide.

Yeah, there's been plenty of complaints for 1) the size of the CRB, 2) the readability and ability to search things within the CRB, and 3) having to bounce back-and-forth between the CRB and the APG for options of the CRB classes.

Shuffling the CRB, GMG, and APG into Player Core and GM Core (with the remaining half of the ancestries and classes going to Player Core 2) makes the books easier to read, easier to get in book stores, and have all of the options for each class in a single book.

I'm fine with my copy of the CRB, but I'd definitely would like something I can read through a little easier. But that's just me.

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Lord Fyre wrote:
breithauptclan wrote:
I'm not seeing any downsides to any of this.
I've only seen one downside. Namely, having to rebuy my PF2E Core Book, Bestiary, Game Mastery Guide, Advanced Player's Guide, and Beginner's Box.

Pretty sure they haven't announced a replacement for the Beginner Box yet. Likely there'd be an eventual product to replace it, but right now it's staying around.

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rainzax wrote:

I betcha the change goes further to fuse "Class DC" with "Spellcasting DC".

Just whether or not your character has unlocked the "Cast a Spell" action through class abilities, innates, archtypes, etc.

Very supportive of the streamline in either case.

Just the opposite, actually: According to Michael Sayre on Discord and Reddit, all Remaster spellcasters get Trained in their Class DC, so they can access critical specialization effects from feats and archetypes. The Animist playtest reflects this, and shows that spellcasters innately don't go beyond Trained in their Class DC (so maybe that'll add value to archetype feats that'll get you Expert in Class DC).

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