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Look, I already tried to murder you all in one game and it didn't work out, what makes you think I'd do it again? >.> <.< =D

As the person who plans on telekinetically chucking rubble at people and manhandling them with the Force, I am fine with shields being able to block the crap I throw at bad guys. However you want to rule on it is fine with me!

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Javell DeLeon wrote:
Also, I switched out a few hatchets for light hammers. Figure I better have some bludgeoning weapons as well just in case we run into skeletons.

Just punch them in the face, I hear that works. ;)

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What can I say? I'm just that good. ;)

In actuality it's just a lot of free time and an introverted nature, lol. Other people go out to socialize, I get my dice rolling. I'm at my limit atm though, lol. I don't know how anyone could do 26.

It also helps to have a pocket Caiten who appears like a shoulder angel to help with rules =D

Yay for getting to play with you all =) I am looking at making a psychic potentially. Some kind of spellcaster for sure.

I was curious so here's a list of submissions so far, in case others want to reference it, too.

KeeperofRunes: Marsyas, human Occultist, Haunt collector (story done, need crunch)
AngieH: Bobbi Starkaz, 13 year old human arcanist (story done, crunch in progress)
NotEspi: Hveslav Setrakian - (human?) Lunar Oracle OR Nawra of clan Serun, half orc shaman (stories done, needs crunch, also hi Yasami)
Evriani: Serrahlia, human urban druid (done)
Liliyashanina: Expressed interest, no submission yet (unless I overlooked something!)
PJP: Doctor Gareau, Human Alchemist (story done, needs crunch)
Arjuna332: Gabrie Ionescu, Human Oathbound Paladin Against Corruption (done)
Lapyd: Laere Milav, dhampir inquisitor (done)
Mustaparta: Elthevan, a Tiefling (Kytonspawn) bloodrager (urban bloodrager, destined bloodline) (story done, needs crunch)
J Scot Shady: Beastmorph alchemist (expressed interest, no submission yet)
rdknight: Miren Carasu, elven Investigator Empiricist (story done, crunch in progress)

I think I got everyone, if not I apologize!

I'm cool with background skills, and the players guide says to pick your equipment and you'll find it shortly into the adventure, I believe.

Reading the Player's Guide, it sounds like some specific things go on with our characters for a few years that we aren't supposed to know and get revealed over the first half of the AP.

Personally I kinda dig having a very vague bit of early memories and then being a blank slate for the GM to play with (or to come up with as we go collaboratively, don't wanna make too much work for you). More fun to have amnesia and actually not know stuff than to write up a whole thing and then pretend not to know it. Thoughts on that approach? I know you just got the book and probably haven't had time to read if there's a guide for that.

Arjuna and I think alike, I was popping in to post I wanted to be a Human Oathbound Paladin Against Corruption, lol. But no worries! Instead, I'm thinking it might be time to give urban druid a spin, with the knowledge domain.

I'm interested!

Gnome artificer, working on her now =D

Ditto to everything Fey said, with the busy last week! I lean point buy but rolling could be hilariously good or bad so that's fine, too.

I am leaning towards a nerdy type who's out there for research purposes anyway. Maybe a wizard, maybe an artificer, depending on what other folks wanna be. Personality a bit like Stephen in Moon Knight or Evie from The Mummy.

So to keep this as spoiler free as possible, there is a pretty major sword later in the path, and the books say to alter it into a weapon that suits your party, if needed.

My players are a monk and a sorcerer, and neither uses weapons at all.

Any entertaining ideas for what to turn it into that could have the same effects/properties, and still make a lick of sense with the story? Worst case scenario I can give it to the rogue I'm playing with the party, but I'd really rather one of the players gets it.