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Hey guys. I have some bad news.

I'm stepping away from doing PBP stuff on Paizo. Personal reasons. I don't want to leave my games in a lurch, two of them have been rescues I picked up from other DMs who quit, because I know it sucks for a game to end prematurely. I feel awful ruining things for you guys. So I am hoping, perhaps, some of you might be willing to pick one or more of my games up. If anyone is, I can hook you up with all the pdfs, any notes I've made, plans I was brewing, whatever.

I'm really sorry. Never wanted to be the one posting this message.

The above, I'm copy/pasting into all my games. You guys, though? My still-unnamed guardians of Breachill? I love you guys. We almost made it to a year. I commissioned a student to illustrate the party as a surprise -- it's not done yet, but I'll still share it once it is. I will miss you guys, and I'm sorry to cut short your attack on the mine after like 3 weeks of planning >.>

I'll check in over the next couple days to see if there are any takers on DMing. I'm sorry again. <3

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Demalyn frowned thoughtfully. "Dryads cannot consume alcohol. It does not make us drunk, just very sick. And this party is the only one I have been to."

She tapped her lip, considering. "I have never mated, but one time, there was a man who entered the woods and tried to cut down my sister's tree. She was very cross with him, and used her tree's branches to trap him. She gave him a chance to apologize, but he would not. So she stripped him naked and left him strung up for days. It was not sex exactly, but she did mount him on some vines. I do not think he found it pleasurable, but she said it was very funny." She smiled innocently, clearly oblivious to how dark her tale was.

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NG female human psychic 4 HP: 40/40 | AC 17| F+7, R+7, W+9 | Perc +7 (init +9) Speed 25 | Class/Spell DC 20| Active Conditions: none | Hero Points: 0/3 | Lvl 1 Spell Slots: 1/2, Lvl 2 Spell Slots 0/2| Focus Points 0/2 | Wand: Charged

Niss clutches the ring but stops focusing on it, wincing with the spike of pain the strong negative feelings carried along. "Nothing new. She hated this town."

She took a deep breath, and smiled as she let it out. Fin would sort out the poison lingering in the rock, and he was right about the orcs in need of help, but they'd won.. It was over. Vilree was defeated, and the town was safe.

Niss looked at the ring again. Vilree had experienced a terribly unfair life, and it had corrupted her into a monster. Niss's life hadn't been one of happiness either... But the Princess Guard, her family, had helped her become strong, and confident. She wouldn't let her past rule her, as Vilree had. She tucked the ring away into her belt pouch, a keepsake and reminder of everything that had happened since the caravan stopped in Etran's Folly. She'd keep her distance from the stone, until it was safe, and ensure the ring did, too. She walked over to Drake and slipped her arms around him. "We did it, husband. And you even managed to not nearly die, this time. I think we're getting better at this."

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Relevant Link.

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Me while you guys plan.

Me when I realize how complicated initiative is about to get.

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Terry took out one of the remaining wasps, and Mateo ended the last of them. Atia you can hang onto that spell slot <3. A few stragglers buzzed about, but the hardy men of Rickety's Squibs were fighting them off, and had it under control.

Syl, at Mateo's feet, was still being tended to be Destinie. Light and warmth spread from the oracle's hands, and the grisly injuries were closing as if time was being rewound. Finally, the dragon stirred. It wasn't much -- a soft groan, and a sharp intake of breath, her brow furrowing in pain as the injuries were still quite severe. But she yet lived.

The poison from the wasp stings had paralyzed Rickety badly, and the old man would need time or magical healing to fully recover, but he was alive.

Before the final wasp had been rebuffed from the town, before any of you could move to Rickety's side, or do anything more to help Syl, a new alarm cry rose. Could it be more of the bugs? Several people scatter for cover, seeking the danger.

It's easy to spot. A Chelish galleon had anchored in the cove, and a launch of sailors is even now clambering up onto the docks. You know enough about this place to understand -- the value of squibbing is hiding your ship's identity. As such, only one ship is ever admitted at a time.

With the wasps causing a commotion, this vessel has slipped in unescorted -- with the Promise / Good Intentions plainly visible in it's transitional state. Your secret on display to these newcomers. And the man in charge lies unmoving on the ground.

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Seemingly in shock, the Duchess allows Vash to steer her to a seat, Nuruk pulling out a chair. She sits and just keeps staring at her own hands and arms. "Every day...every day it was the same," she murmured. "She told me...I knew what had to be one...but it never mattered. How does one throw a party in a swamp?" She was rocking back and forth a bit, and glanced at Willow. She dipped her head into a small bow, after a moment's hesitation, and took the clothing, but didn't put it on yet.

She frowned with confusion, and murmured words that made even less sense, under her breath. "He doesn't have a home or people to care for. He's not afraid of anything, men least of all. He's fast and strong like a big wind...” She shook her head as if to clear it of the last remnants of Waterworld.

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I am a teacher and run the school D&d club so I claimed it was a necessary resource =D

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I WIN! I bullied IT into unblocking Paizo, at Catalina's urging. We're back, baby. Might be slow posting today as I'm leaving momentarily for home, but tomorrow we're back to normal!

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You continued on your way, travelling northeast through the dense jungle. You reach your destination at last once night threatens to fall.

You can hear the mining operation before you get anywhere nearby. Picks on stone ring out loud and clear, a cacophonous percussion punctuated by shouts as orders were called out.

If you want to approach near enough to get a look, I'll need stealth checks. Also, if you attack tonight, it's about to be dark and vision will be affected, so decide if you plan to get a long rest first and attack in the daytime, or what -- it's the same day you fought the kishi.

Lastly, since it's been a while irl, recall you learned a few things about this place already: it's not mine tunnels, it's an open-pit quarry. The kobolds warned of "giant vulture people" and begged you to spare Hezle, their leader, who is being blackmailed into working for for the cult. There are also baby elephants in need of rescuing.

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I can have Chioma pick a few POI intelligently if you like, with parameters of "Wtf is the cult up to"

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It's a high school. Almost everything is blocked lol. I emailed a request to unblock it along with a handful of stat block sites. We shall see.

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Putting this little apology in all my games, sorry for the slow posts from me lately! First the holidays, then some personal stuff cropped up, then work blocked paizo--and my classroom is a concrete bunker with no phone signal, so my prime posting time has been stolen. My interest is NOT waning, just taking time to work out a new routine. I hate posting from my phone but mostly have to for now.

Chioma cocked his head to the side at Yasami’s comment. ”Perhaps. It sounds as though you intend to convey an appreciation for many gods whose aims align with yours, but my Lady’s methods and values do not suit you as well as do another deity’s.”

Cev summarized the situation and Chioma nodded. ”You have the right of it. What matters most is that I find those blooms, and return, as quickly as is feasible.

The angel listens attentively to Caiten’s request. ”I will seek what you ask. And you are right,” he addressed Sulee, bowing low, respectfully. ”I will find you. But it will not take me several days. In the skies, out of the tangle of vegetation, I can make very good time. Until then.” Chimoa bowed to the group of you, and, barring further additions, will prepare to take wing.

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I post a lot from my phone and I HATE catching autocorrect typos way later when I can't edit them, so apologies for the garbled mess in my last post. " It is said he is the reason that Hell is a place of agony and flame, and all EVIL DRAGONS pay him lip service.". Smh.

Chioma addressed Caiten first. "The Magaambya is the Expanse's largest academy of the arcane. My understanding is this wizard was once an unscrupulous fellow who worked with slavers. He amended his ways, began to do good to balance out the evils he'd committed, but to enter the jungle again was forbidden him. I came at the behest of a companion of the wizard."

He smiled at Yasami. "I am a humble servant of Ionedae, the Light of the Sword. As for 'how this works', a prayer was answered. The more righteous the cause, the louder it calls to us. Saving the life of a child is a clarion call I was happy to volunteer for."

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Just clarifying since it's come up twice since this battle started, the 2 action version of Heal adds the 8 extra points, the 3 action version does not, and is a flat 1d8. If you look at the text for heightening the spell they specifically clarify only the 2 action version gets the modifier, and the spell descriptions usually state if you get all the benefits from a lesser version of a spell, this one does not. Not nagging, just clarifying! <3

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Cevendyll wrote:

I do not see that the assailant was Auto-Glimpsed.

Can we chronomance that!?

*Makes the frustrated muttering noises Joe Pesci makes in Home Alone at her own inability to remember that reaction*

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Realized I forgot to describe two of the keys you guys asked about. The house key, when placed in the ground and twisted, will grow a small little shack for shelter. It functions identically to the tiny hut spell, except it appears as a little cabin instead of a dome, and works once a day.

The burnt key is cursed >.> Jingle Jangle didn't know it, because she hoards keys, but it can only be gotten rid of by someone who takes it willingly. When caught in a storm, it greatly increases the odds the bearer will be struck by lightning.

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Dario Zuz wrote:

Thanks to Eye For Treasure and Crafter's Appraisal, I can identify magical items with just the Craft skill instead of whatever skill they normally use.

It's xmas and I've had a long day...but what cloak? >.> Did you just mean his leather armor? I'm gonna assume you did and I'm not crazy and forgetting about a cloak.

Dario determines the armor Gerhard was deprived of was enchanted to make the armor more potent (+1 leather armor), and the whip bore the same rune Caiten had worked hard to put on each of your weapons -- a rune the increase it's striking ability. (+1 striking whip).

The handwraps were something a bit more interesting, but he couldn't quite puzzle them out.

The bag was quite a find -- an extradimensional bag of holding, (Type II, holds 50 bulk, it's how Gerhard carried the kegs of powder)it would make carting the party's supplies around much more trivial.

The jar of sand, when tipped over, continued to pour out sand, indefinitely until turned right-side up again.

The brass censer, when incense was used within it, helped focus the mind of one who sought to better understand the divine. (moderate version)


You follow the trail for nearly an hour before you find it leads to a small campsite. A dark-skinned human man is sharpening a rather wicked looking hunting knife, a large, blood-stained sack lying on the ground beside him. His quarry, which is what you presume the bag to be filled with, is easily six feet long, and wider around than a human. He has not noticed your approach yet.

Merry holidays, friends, got too busy to post this morning with gifts and such, no worries if you're busy, too. <3

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Gerhard slowly clambered to his feet when Catalina allowed him, not saying a word. Dario handed him the items in question, the man's own waterskin and rations, as well as a knife. Gerhard took one last look at the temple, refused pointedly to look at any of you, and slunk off into the jungle, heading north.

The temple, now that it wasn't doomed to explode, seemed like a fine place to camp after all the excitement. No survival check needed. You settle in, with time to appraise the items you liberated from Gerhard. ID and RP to your heart's content.

---------------------- The Next Day --------------------------

You continue to the northeast, knowing you're nearing your destination. You should reach the quarry by nightfall, with the option of waiting until morning, or trying to use the darkness to your advantage.

That is, if you don't run into trouble along the way.

"I smell blood!" Shadow announces, a creepy statement declared in an adorable voice. Rocco and Sulee can confirm as much, and following their noses leads you to a small patch of jungle where smears of blood and the signs of struggle mar the nearby foliage. A trail of broken branches leads further into the trees. A fight of some kind took place here.

Perception DC 20 or Survival DC 15:
You see a single clear footprint in a bare path of earth, that of a humanoid wearing a boot. You can follow the trail, if you choose. The blood is still wet, and can't be more than an hour old.

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Sorry, got busy with the last couple days of school before break, and distracted with a few things. I'm on it! <3

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"What does b&~$~ mean?" Shadow asked.

"And what's a f!~~ing?" Rocco chimed in.

You could just imagine the faces of folks in Breachill, as a pair of juvenile wargs that were getting bigger every day pranced around town spewing foul language.

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Joran charged the allosaurus, chopping into its leg with his greatsword, the blow so powerful he felt his blade strike bone and heard the massive predator screech in pain, a high pitched, grating sound.

Map on Roll20 now, Joran's strike was over half its HP... but very much got its attention. <3 There's not actually a road here, was just the best map I could find for a mostly dried up riverbed.

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command save since you're all waiting on it: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (6) + 11 = 17 He gon'drop it! Yay Caiten! But then he has two actions left...

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The figure appears to be an ogre who is setting a long table.

She's not armed like in the pic. Also that is the most clothed female ogre I could find. I need eye bleach. Send help.

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Nico helps Diego wrap Lyrie's wounds and prevent her death. Alistair finds keys to the cells in the storage room north of the cells, along with a variety of rusted torture implements.

Upon the unconscious woman's person, you find five scrolls, a familiar-by now potion of cure light wounds she never got the chance to quaff, a wand, and a silver comb. Lief notes her cloak is magical, as is, of course, her spellbook, and she has a pouch with 3 platinum and 278 gold pieces at her hip. Had time so I added this all to the inv. sheet.

Bjorn is rewarded with a fain groan from her after promising to bring her Nualia's head. She's too hurt to really awaken, but he's fairly sure she heard him.

The way down lies to the north, through the secret door. Only one floor left! We've been in Thistletop since late September, I know it can sometimes kill groups, being such a long dungeon crawl, I'm glad we're going to make it through <3

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Just saying hi and hope all is well with everyone =)

Holidays have us slowed down, which is fine, totally get it. Hope the folks who've been quiet since Wed/Tues are busy in a good way and not too stressed. Hang in there! =D


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A girl of about twelve winters, who helped Thelma serve the food, walked into the room and saw Mateo's attire, his leg propped up on the table. She burst out laughing, the kind of laughing that breaks a person, that brings tears to the eyes and hurts your gut after a while. The kind that's normally contagious, but most of those present knew enough of Mateo, or had read his expression well enough, that none of them joined in, eyes on their breakfasts.

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Syl walks in a moment after he waltzed though, a bemused smirk on her face. She handed a couple gold coins to the teenage boy that was about to shop for Mateo. "Don't bother." Then she slipped Lanni several more and smiled pointedly -- one that was more mischievous and less murderous than he'd seen from her before.

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Demalyn burst with relief and excitement and hugged Khalil in her exuberance, careful not to make him drop the sapling, before withdrawing and blushing green again.

"Oh, thank you! I promise not to be a bother. I can carry her, if you like." She took the sapling gently from Khalil, and raised it up to her head. Her hair, which had seemed much like a human's thus far, albeit filled with growth, moved of its own accord, twisting and entangling around Khalil's hat, and forming a nest of sorts for the sapling. In the end, her hair had formed a curly, messy beehive of sorts, with the small plant sticking up from the top. It was as odd at it was adorable.

Searching around, Ixjharatar did indeed abscond with everything, but Agdon's brand was still on the floor of his room. It does 3d6 fire damage and the one struck cannot see the striker for 24 hours or until healed. Requires attunement. His men are all still webbed where you left them.

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Mateo Nikas wrote:

The strange look that came over Syl earned an equally strange look from Mateo as he stopped and slid an arm around her shoulder, pulling her in closer to him.

"You alright? You always get a weird look when you're watching them?" Mateo says softly, nudging against her. "Do they upset you?"

Syl gave him a forced smile that was clearly annoyed with the couple. "They don't upset me. They disgust me. But I don't want to talk about it."

All of those originally from the Wormwood could plainly see the change that had begun to come over Syl in recent days. The only thing keeping the murderess in check then had been Harrigan's rules and the promise of a keelhauling. Now Mateo kept her in check, but it was different. Her insanity seemed to have stabilized somehow. She was still an angry, dangerous woman. But mania no longer danced in her eyes, most of the time.

And Mateo, especially, had learned to read her like a book. He'd had to, or she'd have killed him the other night after he talked her down from ending Terry. He could tell there was something about Joran and Atia in particular that stoked the furnaces of his dragon's anger, whereas she didn't really care about the rest of the crew one way or the other.


Des wrote:

"You sure missed something out there. We had to fight a naga just now. The poor thing went mad over the lack of water around here... not that I can really blame her. It's really blistering out there."

Thelma made a small face as if this was only mildly interesting news, her eyebrows furled and a "huh." sort of expression on her face. She plated up a pile of roasted chicken for the blonde and slid it over.

"Everybody alright?" Kroop asked in his hoarse voice. "Ey, Thelma, is naga edible? I can go get it if you want."

Thelma made a stunned face. "No! They's sentient creatures!"

Kroop shrugged, "A'right, nevermind." There was a long pause. A long pause. "Ey, Thelma, what's sentient? They too salty, or they poisonous, or what?"

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Caiten wrote:
2) Fern, for the doubled-solo enemy you might roll 1d10 for the first initiative, and then add to that for the second initiative. That should help keep its placement separated - though manually adjusting it afterwards may still be necessary. And yes, back-to-back turns for the enemy does seem really strong.

Yeah, going forward I think I'll do something like that. Ultimately, I will always err on the side of not screwing you guys over =D

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LMFAO, just saw the last slide on the crew slides, Terry. You DO look like Santa, but more importantly, I can now imagine Santa Terry is a member of the crew, working on the ship, letting the other pirates sit on his lap and request loot for xmas. <3

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Cev recognizes that the temple seems to be devoted to the deities Desna and Gozreh, but that it combines their depictions into a singular entity.
He notes the place was devoted not to a combination of the two gods, precisely, but to a sort of “mini-pantheon” composed of both of them, named Shimye-Magalla. It's an obscure belief, from an ancient Mwangi human society known as the Bonuwat. The things you learn when you crit the check =D

Lisi and Dario are able to pick a path up along the ridge without going too far out of the way. No climbing is require from this direction, just an uphill hike. If you are approaching with stealth, please roll such. You can roll Society to know more about the Bonuwat.

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-----------The Following Day----------

Thanks to Dario and Lisi, you all found a nice spot to camp. There was an old Ekujae scout post that looked to have been unoccupied for a few weeks, at least, and while there wasn't room for all of you to sleep up there, it allowed for a safe watch to be set. With tales of a giant, croc-eating reptile fresh in folks' minds, it eased your worries to have a good spot to keep watch from.

The morning was clear and hot, humidity evaporating from the nearby plants making it uncomfortable, but you were all beginning to adapt somewhat. Still, a cool autumn breeze back in Breachill would not go amiss. It had been nearly two weeks since you left.

Your morning trek begins, and for about an hour, a troupe of monkeys follow along with you, swinging from the trees above, occasionally throwing the pits of fruits at you, or trying to sneak up and pilfer rations peeking out of packs and the like. Eventually you depart their territory and they stop pestering you.

Around noon, you see an overgrown ridgeline rising up from the jungle, presenting a craggy stone face to the south, where you're approaching from. Perched atop the forty-foot-tall cliff is a mostly overgrown stone temple. A trio of stone balconies extend from the temple’s southern facade over the cliff’s edge, while several triangular openings in the stone walls that may once have held windows are now filled in with packed clay. The building’s walls are adorned with badly damaged carvings that may have once been androgynous, butterfly-winged figures swimming in the sea and flying through the sky.

RP all you like, from the evening, morning, or trip, and when you're ready, let me know if you'd like to investigate the temple or bypass it.

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Oh hey! Guess what!

It's time to be level 6!

We'll tackle that before we move to another hex.

EDIT: Reminders to update you stats in your header, and make sure your level 6 stuff is easily accessible in your profile. Check your stats in the macro sheet, too, so I'm rolling your initiative and stuff correctly. <3

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Caiten, Dario, and Yasami shoot the thing down before it can escape with Cev -- the elf was what some might call a snack, but he'd prefer the drake not see him that way.

Sulee asked the pups if they were okay, but they didn't even hear her. They were both charging around with a strong case of the zoomies, laughing, snarling, and play fighting with one another. "That was FUN!"

"Shadow did you see? I bit him!"

"I saw! We helped!"

This continued as you all took some time to tend to wounds, the warg pups nearly knocking over Yasami's supplies in their exuberance, Guba riding on Shadow's back as if in a rodeo.

The poison that afflicted some of you did not last long, (Max duration 6 rounds) and you started feeling better with a bit of first aid and a dash of magical healing from Cev.

The pillar remained enchanted, and you know from the last one that destroying it will release a large shockwave with the potential to alert the Cinderclaws to your location.

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Dario fires off a pair of well aimed shots into the Drake carrying the wargs, one of his bullets leaving an impressive hole as it tore through the thing's scales. Then, to his right, Catalina rushes forward, stopping just ahead of him and firing her own pistol. Her shot landed right where Dario's pair hand, only it blasted such a hole through the creature that it encompassed both his smaller wounds he'd inflicted. It brought to mind the tail of an archer who could split his opponent's arrow in twain.

The drake with the wargs clings to life with single digit HP.

Still Lisi, Yasami, Joran, and Cev's turns, just updating drake hp.

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These drakes are going to win if people keep disappearing >.> <.<

Still Oren and Cev's turns, but I'm bumping you, with love, this afternoon.

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Listed all available ship upgrades in a third tab on the inventory sheet, for easy access.

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It's all good Dreamer, we're here when you're up for it. <3

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Oren brings Foehammer down on the drake's neck once, then again, and the thing thrashes in pain, screeching and releasing its bite on him in the process.

The pillar seems identical to the first one you saw intact, but for a different colored gem. Caiten and Cev both attempt to strike the thing, but it's shielded somehow and neither strike connects. Just flavor, it just has a higher AC and it's stupid to miss a stationary object without magical shenanigans. No need to spend an action looking at it.

Joran and Dario feel buoyed by Caiten's magic as they prepare to strike...

Dario's turn still, just updating things.

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*cryptic GM smile*

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Looked back at glimpse opportunities and the drake that poisoned folks is juuuuust a bit too far away given diagonals and the fact it's flying. If Cev wants to step closer on his turn, the drake is planning to stay there and try to wreck people.

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Sorry for the slowness, I have a lovely head cold. Bumping Cev to the next block.

Yasami rushes to Oren's side and grabs onto the thing's wing (DC was 27, lol, nicely done), rooting her feet in place to help prevent Oren from being kidnapped and dragged off alone. As she emerges into the clearing, the pillar fires off another green beam, aimed right for her...

beam attack: 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (16) + 20 = 36
poison damage: 6d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 2, 5, 5, 1) = 22

Yasami, reflex save DC 24. Since the hit was a crit, the result is one step worse that what you get, so if you succeed, it's a fail, if you fail it's a crit fail, etc.

2:Dario, Caiten, Oren, Cev
4:Lisi, Yasami, Catalina, Joran

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A helpful thing many folks have been doing is posting their reactions in their posts to remind my 4-game-running self to account for them =)

I'll go back and sort out what that would affect when I have some time later, and if you post your turn by then, Cev, I shall scoot combat ahead.

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Lisitsei Nagorát wrote:

"Enjoy an age of ashes," he mutters grimly.

"That's the name of the movie!"

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NG female human psychic 4 HP: 40/40 | AC 17| F+7, R+7, W+9 | Perc +7 (init +9) Speed 25 | Class/Spell DC 20| Active Conditions: none | Hero Points: 0/3 | Lvl 1 Spell Slots: 1/2, Lvl 2 Spell Slots 0/2| Focus Points 0/2 | Wand: Charged

Niss told the orcs not to stop walking until they were a mile away, to guarantee no problems. She'll use Detect Magic as her exploration activity.

"Which way should we go in?" she stood close beside Drake, pleased things had gone better than expected thus far.

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So in case it wasn't clear from the 4 games I am DMing at once, I am a psychopath. I made up 25 characters for your new recruits. (Pics, names, and some headcanon only I know, not stat blocks, screw that, lol).

I added them to the crew slides along with some sort of nugget about them, you can learn more as you RP. They're all working at Rickety's this week, but you can totally bump into them as the days pass if one strikes your interest. They've all signed on to depart with you.

Lanni, I love you, but please don't feel compelled to speak to all 25 in a single post ;)

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Caiten grants Dario a little magical shot of adrenaline, though he misses with his own shot, shifting positions.

Dario aims his shot well, a bullet blasting right through the torso of one of the slender, serpentine creatures. It was so shocking to the drake that it stunned the creature momentarily.

fort save: 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (1) + 17 = 18

Still Oren's turn, then these drakes get to go and things are going to get messy. Sidenote, my autocorrect keeps wanting to capitalize 'Drake'. Can't imagine why >.> *imagines a jungle drake as Plaguestone Drake swinging around like George of the Jungle*

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Your line about her and Mateo killing everyone on the island had me snort-laughing in a classroom full of students. =D

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