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Evan van de Steeg wrote:
Is the ship from the Drift heckers adventure path a good ship to use?

Drift Hackers

Is the ship from the Drift heckers adventure path a good ship to use?

Any opinions on the ship featured in adventure the ATech vector?

Does planar radiance work with unarmed strike?

Redshift rally and to defy the dragon before or after the drift crash?

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Yeah... Neither of you read the book carefully it says and I quote The Burning Archipelago’s trade has come to a halt, with even the normally prominent corporate satellites going eerily quiet. Stores find their shelves emptied, unable to receive stock in any straightforward fashion. The price of goods has gone up astronomically, with many goods available only via aftermarket routes. Though travel within the Archipelago itself is unimpeded, existence is precarious in these bubbled cities; being virtually cut off from the rest of the Pact Worlds proves just how true that sentiment is. Despite interruptions to commerce, the daily life of an average resident remains unchanged. The primary tension stems from lashuntas in Asanatown, who were unwelcoming to outsiders at the best of times and have completely locked down following the Crash. Wild conspiracies fill the streets, with some implying that the sun may begin to expand rapidly and consume the Burning Archipelago at any moment. Nothing about the tunnel closing or being cut off from the rest pact worlds just the trade being shutdown because of the crash

Kishmo wrote:
Radam wrote:
Hard to do horror with dinosaurs when you walk around with military vehicles and equipment.
But, what if, the dinosaur can hear your thoughts, cough you dead, and has monofilament blades strapped to its forearms?

That's good but how about some adventure seeds like a unscrupulous biotech corporation making dinosaurs from golarion's past in a asteroid in the diaspora for zoo's theme parks and/or bioweapons the Jurassic park lost world novel is good example genetic experimentation as it has dinosaurs with Charmeleon like abilities and the Island map looks like an hollow asteroid

Builds like cad bane and dinosaur horror examples being dino Crisis and Jurassic park novels

John Mangrum wrote:

All? No.

Some-to-most? Yes.

If cargo holds are shown to have external hatches, then generally speaking, a force field maintains the starship's internal atmospheric integrity while the hatch is open, akin to armor's environmental protections.

okay but when you're refitting expansion bays can the new cargo hold have an airlock?

Do all cargo holds come with airlocks?

Can you use variant spellcasting with spell like abilities

Does variant spellcasting apply to spell like abilities

Can said fusion change the solar flare damage or just the crystal's?

sanwah68 wrote:
Yes, the prerequisite is the minimum

cool thank

Can you take a feat when it's prerequisite says for instance Cha 13 when you have Cha 18

Garretmander wrote:
No, it just means that class abilities that normally affect melee attacks, like plasma sheathe, affect your ranged attacks with solar flare instead.

oh okay then which is better solar flare or lunar weapon

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The solar flare description States it can use melee related class abilities does that mean you can use at close range?

Where is the PDF for this!?

Kyra and Meri are back to together!!!!!!!!! I thought they broke up back in spiral of bones comic?