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Congratulations to those who got in. Kurt did say he withdrew though...

Don't stress it. We've waited so long, we can stand to wait a bit longer. Sorry about messing up the timezone when mentioning the deadline in my previous post.

Out of 23 submitted characters, 10 have also submitted a roleplaying sample. 6 hours left on the clock. The wait is almost over. 6 hours left on the clock. Good luck SchorchedOne, may you be so lucky as to end up picking a party that works well together and well for your game.

"May Desna grant me luck to be one of the chosen ones." Evan prays out loud while looking up at the stars.

The forest of the heart:
Evan's body is aching from the bruises his father have caused him. His cheek stings and both his left arm and leg radiates pain. Every step he takes send a shock through the injured leg, but he still marches on though the forest. I need to get away for now. If I stay, there will just be more violence. He thinks.

The soft sound of sobbing carrying through the trees interrupts his thoughts, the half-elf can't help but be intrigued and goes to investigate. In a clearing he spots a girl crying and clutching herself in pain. Evan is shocked when he realise it's Ameiko. She's so beautiful even when crying. I wish I could help her, make her stop.

He stands still for a moment to watch her before he finally gather his courage to call out. “Hello! Ameiko! I didn't expect to see you here.” When she looks up and notice him, he continues. “What troubles you so?

Ameiko looks up, wipes her tears and shakes her head. “It’s none of your business Evan.” She says in a dismissive tone. As she speaks, Evan notices that she got a bruise herself. He nods and touches his stinging cheek gingerly. “Yes, sometimes we just need to be left alone. To get away from all the troubles. That's why I'm out here too.

The half-elf pauses for a moment. He spots her samisen and get an idea for how to change the topic. “You play such beautiful music on your samisen. I see you carry it with you today. Could you please play a bit? Something gorgeous to listen to is always nice when your feeling troubled.As is it to look at someone as stunning as you.

Ameiko ponders the request before reaching for her instrument. “Yes, I can do that. She starts playing and a hauntingly beautiful and sorrowful melody fills the clearing. Evan's heart swells with emotion. Tears form in his eyes as he sits down to listen.

The melody is calming, but it also makes Evan think about all the things he wish were different. I wish my father wasn’t reacting so violently so often. I wish I could do something to stop him. But I can’t, I’m powerless, I’m not strong enough to fight him. There’s a faint hint of something else inside his mind, something unfamiliar. Evan tries to reach for it, but it’s gone, if it ever was there. I wish I could impress Ameiko, get closer to her. But anyone getting close to me are getting closer to my father, I don’t want him to harm her. It’s too risky. I’m not strong enough to protect her, not strong enough to have anything to offer her...

Ameiko finally stops playing, a resolute expression on her face. “You are right Evan. Sometimes we just need to get away from trouble. I’m going to venture out from Sandpoint. See what the world have to offer.

Evan is surprised at her statement. Ameiko had been around for as long as he could remember. Is she just going to leave? I kinda wish I could go with her. Leave my father behind. But that would mean leaving Aludriel behind as well. Can I leave her to face his wrath? Also I wouldn’t be very useful to Ameiko. I’m not strong and I don’t have any other particularly amazing abilities. Wishfully the half-elf nods and forces a smile on his face before he replies. “Maybe it’s for the best. I wish you good luck on your adventure. Hopefully you’ll discover many awesome things.

I hope so too Evan. It’s better than the situation as it is here. I should head back...” Evan looks on with longing as she leaves before he decides to head back as well. He rushes after her. “Wait up! I’ll go back to town with you.At least this way I get to walk a bit longer alongside her, even if I can’t go with her on her journey...

Everyone could benefit from reading Painlord's guide to play by post and the precessor from Doomed Hero. They propose ways to mitigate these issues.

I find that if people are posting every day then a game is way more likely to last long than if people are only posting a few times a week. It keeps the game fresh in everyone's mind and keep people interested.

Here is oyzar's summoner. With the life spirit he'll be able to fill in for healing as well. Please feel free to comment if there are anything you wonder about or if there is something you would like me to change to better fit in with the game.

Male Half-Elf Summoner (Spirit Summoner)

There are plans, and there are plans... Meaning, some things you can plan out, while others it's better to play out. I can plan on having my character being someone who could work together with Vasilyan, though that doesn't mean it actually will work out. For example if I were to make a CN dedicated worshiped Lamashtu then the possibility of things working out would be quite slim indeed (though don't worry, I won't do that).

Male Half-Elf Summoner (Spirit Summoner)
Vasilyan Medvyed wrote:
I tend not to plan anything ahead for my characters, especially in PbP ;)

Fair enough... However I believe it's still possible to answer my question. Would you be open to the possibility? I know some people dislike playing relationships. I you don't like it then playing it out is probably not a good idea. You've also played a bit with Raven already and the two of you share some background, is your relationship of the kind that could develop into a romantic one? I'm mainly concerned with not making you and Raven not feel as if I'm imposing on what you already got going on.

If you are open to it then we can see how things work out in-game. Either things work out or they won't. There are plenty of positions to fill if it doesn't work out.

Though it might be able to get there if you actually do want to end up there. Would you want to end up in such a relationship?

Edit: Crosspost with Raven.

Raven Sirkas wrote:

I was thinking of pursuing a more platonic "True Companions" thing with Vasilyan. As for romance...


...I have other plans.


Dammit, I need one of those things that Deus from Grrrlpower has that summons storms specifically for ominous backlighting and maniacal laughter!

Thank you for the update. Glad to know I won't be stepping on your toes at least.

Male Half-Elf Summoner (Spirit Summoner)

Well, as I said I'm probably switching to a female. Would you be open to potentially getting in a relationship with my character, pending what happens in gameplay? I see from your sheet that Vasilyan is hoping to find a wife. Do you have something already planned in that regard, with Raven perhaps?

Male Half-Elf Summoner (Spirit Summoner)

I've read through the discussion thread. Not sure if I should read through the gameplay thread or not, seeing as my character won't actually have known what happens there. I guess I'll look over the sheets.

Kingmaker Wolfspirit4W wrote:
I had some concerns about the regular summoner, mostly because of experience where optimized Eidolons did an entire party's worth of work with unhittable AC and the disposable nature. We are light on melee at the moment so the Summoner could work, as long as the Eidolon isn't the Whinny-beast of Death. Alternately, a sorcerer would work.

While Summoners are powerful, I'm having a bit trouble seeing how an eidolon could do so much. I would think it would be a bit worse than a fighter or barbarian of equal level (though with the advantage of coming back from the dead). I'm a bit hesitant to go through with it now... I don't want to end up causing a problem down the road :(. Summoner would fit the roles missing in the party perfectly though and I really like the class a lot. I'm considering picking wild-caller (the half-elf one, not the plant one) if I end up going for non-master summoner.

One idea I've wanted to play out for a long time is to eventually end up in the position of dual rulership. I don't want to force you to change your plans for my sake though. Are there anyone currently planning to fulfill the position of ruler? Vasilyan or Alexei perhaps? To accomplish this my character would have to end up in a relationship with one of you. Maybe other plans in this area stops this idea? Obviously they wouldn't start out with something going on, but maybe it could be possible to get there over the course of the adventure. If thing doesn't work out for one reason due to roleplay issues that would of course take precedence over trying to force this idea through.

Where can I find the character build rules? Are everyone still level 1?

Male Half-Elf Summoner (Spirit Summoner)

Thank you for your warm welcome:).

@Wolfspirit: What do you prefer a regular summoner, a master summoner or sorcerer? You had some worries about Eidolons right?

Vasilyan Medvyed wrote:
I found that it's incredibly hard to stay in character when you don't have the chance to post at least 1/day everyday. On the one hand, I appreciate Wolfspirit GMing style and love the way he approaches several things, but on the other hand I have to admit that I feel a little bit disappointed by the slow rate at which the game has been progressing...It's not easy to find a definitive answer. I'll think about it in the next few days and let you know :)

I couldn't agree more with this!

Male Half-Elf Summoner (Spirit Summoner)

Hi, I was contacted by Wolfspirit to join you on this adventure with an arcane caster. I greatly appreciate the vote of confidence. I'm open to make whatever the party needs, though of course I have some ideas of my own.

I saw there was some discussion about a tank or a caster. How about both a tank and a caster? Evan is a summoner who's pretty much ready to go. Though I think I'll change to a female character and probably change some of the backstory as a result. If people are concerned about the eidolon mechanically I could change to a master summoner. That would still give tankyness from all the summons.

Alternatively I could make something else if people would prefer to not deal with a summoner at all, a sorcerer perhaps?

Bah, I have a summoner that would be perfect for this (Evan Rivers), why do people hate the class so much? Multiple characters doesn't bog the game down at all in pbp since noone are sitting around a table waiting for you to roll/move your characters. Feel free to check him out if you are open to changing your mind. If not I may or may not submit something else.

Good luck everyone. Hopefully Evan is good enough. This is looking to be an awesome game no matter who gets through.

Evan is happy to be welcomed back by Kryolani. Having companions such as this might not be such a bad things. His happiness quickly dissipates by Celest's comment though. He carefully removes the arm around his shoulder and answers seriously. "I at least don't swing that way. I understand your boredom from waiting, but I feel there is still much to be gained, for all of us, by discussing relevant issues, even if we aren't going on the expedition."

He turns back to Kryolani, "I've never stayed in one place in Brevoy for more than a couple weeks, if snow impeded our travels, though I was born in New Stetven. Thanks for the welcome though, you are a nice guy, even if I'm not interested in you in the way Celest suggests."

Evan is NG, not N as listed on the submission rooster.

"Fey eh? I guess something useful came out of this discussion after all, if nothing else then knowing they are there is good. I don't know much about fey though. But now we know to ask around. Who knows, maybe there are some weapons that are more effective against them than others?" Evan says happily. He is quite pleased for more information, even if it just to pass time while they wait for the fateful decision.

"As for where I'm from... Well everywhere and nowhere all at once I guess. My mother and I are... were rather, travelling around from place to place. Though I was born in Brevoy. So here I am getting back to my roots sort of. I don't know much about my father sadly, or what happened to him..." Evan's words trail off. It's difficult for him to talk about his family situation. At the same time he feels like if they share their stories and get to know each other better it can only be a good thing.

Evan turns to Anya with a pleased smile. He hadn't expected to find someone who had actually been there, but by starting this topic they could learn something from her which they wouldn't know off otherwise. "With your great experience I'm sure there are many things you could tell us. What dangers awaits us in the wilds? I know of bandits of course, but surely those are not the only potential foes in the Greenbelt. If we know what we might face we could prepare ourselves better."

"Maybe..." Evan's words trails off as she hands him back his smallpants. How the hell did she get those? I guess that's the disadvantage of wearing a robe. He blushes, clearly embarrassed and quickly grab them and stow them away, not wanting to show them to everyone. Free of the woman he takes another step away from the woman and draws a deep breath to calm himself. The redness in his face, partially from excitement and partially from embarrassment, finally recedes. He rubs his wrists and other places she grabbed a bit too hard to hold him back before he returns to the conversation.

Evan jumps back into the conversation once he has rightened himself. He manages to keep a calm and soothing voice as he responds to the others. "If you remember back master dwarf, I did say that our focus should be on every step on the way, not just on the end goal. Discussing what the end goal is to make sure everyone's expectations are met is good. However it certainly shouldn't come at the cost of figuring out the best next step to take. At the moment there is a lull in the action as we wait to either be chosen to head into the Stolen Lands or not. As such we do have time to discuss such things. Surviving in the wilds is important though. I've actually traveled a fair bit myself. While I've kept more to roads than wilderness, I've been through rougher parts as well. So to turn to the next step then, for those who get chosen anyway. Have anyone of you been in the Greenbelt or knows what awaits us there? Knowing what is there could let us prepare better."

knowledge local about the greenbelt: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20

I totally forgot that we were supposed to favorite the characters we want to play with. I'll try to fit in time for that over the weekend. It's quite a bit to go through, so I might prioritize roleplay over getting through everything.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Evan is quite shocked about the suggestion that he should pay. Is this the kind of woman I am dealing with? But she initiated this. Though I guess that's how they get customers. He is still aroused by the woman clinging to him, but mentally he's not interested at all. He once again tries to break free, but is twarthed by her superior wrestling technique. Evan turns to reply to Issi, hoping to also cause Celest to lose interest in him for the moment. "No, of course we aren't mating here. That wouldn't be appropriate. I'm sorry to ruin your fun, but I'm not looking to put on that kind of show."

grapple to break free: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (7) - 1 = 6

Hoping to drive Celeste's mind in another direction he jumps into the conversation with Issi. He tries his best to participate in the discussion calmly, but it's hard to not let Celest's pressence affect him. "A strong leader is needed in times of haste and uncertainty, like a crisis. Clear lines of command makes it much more efficient to communicate who do what. Shouting back and forth on the battlefield to figure out what to do will take more time than you have. For stuff like figuring out the best long term direction to take or what regulations to implement it's better that a group work together though in my opinion. That way you are more likely to satisfy the needs of everyone as you get more perspectives on the problem. That could either be handled by the leader asking for advice or by simply having the group work together without a leader. In fact I think it would be a very good quality for a leader to frequently discuss and listen to those around him or her."

Evan is NG alignment, not N. I see that it was correct in one location, but not in another, sorry. It's kind of hard for me to post much further roleplay before Celest does. Though I will unfortunately be a bit busy this evening so won't have time to post as much as I would normally due to some Christmas party at/after work.

Evan relaxes visibly as Shiroz comes to an abrupt stop. At least I won't be responsible for the death of this woman. That would be a tragedy. It would also make my chance of getting into the party worse, though that was insignificant by consideration. More importantly though, there is a woman hugging me, complaining huskily about my rigidity. The press of her body against his is warm and soft. It certainly reinforced the ideas in his mind of what other things they can do when pressing together. She also smells very woman which turns him on. He doesn't get distracted by the smell of ale as he knows what other things she was supposedly offering.

After Shiroz' comments Evan's blush deepens. He does not want everyone in the courtyard to figure out his situation and make fun of it, like the dwarf had. Undoubtedly her teasing will get worse if he continues to resist, so he figures it's probably better to roll with what was happening and try to deal with things as they came rather than resisting further. "And you are soft in all the right ones." He lowers his voice to nearly a whisper, preferring to keep what privacy he can. Instead of resisting the grapple he leans into it, trying to wrap an arm around her, though she can stop it if she so chooses. "Do you prefer the eyes on everyone upon you for things like this?" He inquires, showing his interest in getting to know her better.

grapple: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (12) - 1 = 11

"No Shiroz! Stop!" Evan shouts out and holds out a hand to stop his companion before it can attack the woman. "She doesn't mean harm." His flattered blush turns to a look of worry and he goes a bit rigid in her grip, stopping his fighting. A few beads of sweat appear on his forehead. The half-elf is worried about Celeste. He knows how strong Shiroz' protective instincts are. In the heat of the moment Evan have forgotten that he can communicate mentally with Shiroz. The connection is after all quite fresh to him.

Celest Slyblade wrote:
Roksana 'Rok' Jedynak wrote:

Roksana rubs her jaw, considering Serolt's question. Brows furrowed, her response is slow to start, as though she's still unsure of what she's saying.

"The Law exists to protect the people. So the first thing should be to set principles. Guidelines that all agree to live by, like the Six River Freedoms. A new settlement won't be large at first, so you don't need a hard set of laws, just something to keep the population in line. Like a group of newly joined soldiers, they have common ground so even if they don't get along, when the fires start, they fall in line. Let those guidelines influence the laws you set."

"Dear gods what a bunch of useless prattle. She doesn't even know what she's talking about." Celest says drunkenly to Evan Rivers leaning heavily against the reedy Adonis.

"'Courts are fer kings' is one of the Six River Freedoms! It's six right?" She complains to him, her breath about thirty proof. "The king makes the rules and you gotta follow them no matter what."

She finally looks up into his ridiculously beautiful face. Celest smiles mischievously and her voice turns husky. "Unless there's a queen."

She strokes Evan's long silky hair and brings her lips closer to his. "If there's a queen you gotta follow her rules too."

[dice=CMB (unimproved grapple)]1d20+1

I suppose there are consequences for high "soft" stats like charisma and weak "hard" stats like strength too. Like fer instance when an amorous drunk wrestles you to the ground in an attempt to remove most of your clothing.

Young Evan isn't too familiar with the opposite sex. He has spent far too much time on the road and in the company on his mother to have time for much of that. He knows his own beauty as his mother have told him about it often enough, but he is still flattered as well as a tiny bit embarrassed to see Celeste take such an interest in him. He smiles even as his face takes on a slight blush. When she grapples him he struggles against it, as he doesn't think this is an appropriate time for such things with all the people around and the focus on being selected for the journey south. If there were different he might not have struggled so. Still, his strength and skill is no match for Celeste's. "This is... Not the place for such things..." He stammers out before his words turn soft. "Thank you for the interest though. A King should have Queen. Though I do agree with others that it is way too early to talk of such things."

Serolt wrote:

"Pharasma makes cradles for us all eventually.", Serolt mumbles to himself.

A blood thirsty lot, ready to kill for king and country, firm in their convictions. He holds Regin close.

Turning to the group he says, "So you've slaughtered, driven off, or, maybe, saved all the bandits, pushed the wild back into the wilderness, and brought civilization to some small group of settlers."

"Now what? How would you rule? What would be your first edict or declaration? What law would you find most appealing to lay down before your people?"

Evan is surpised at the turn the conversation has taken and his eyes widen slightly. He stammers slightly. "I... I had not been thinking that far ahead. To go out there to explore, to discover the wild and varied wilderness would be nice in itself even as it at the same would offer us many hardships. Life on the road is never easy. I can only imagine how much more difficult it will be to go through lands where no one has traveled before. No doubt surviving in the wilderness will take as much of our attention, if not more than the bandits. Our focus should definitely be on every step of the way for quite a while, so we don't stumble and fall."

Evan pulls a hand through his hair with a thoughtful expression. "Still, you can't know which steps to take if you don't have the end goal in sight. If we do manage to get rid of banditry and otherwise make the place we explore into a hospitable place, then settlers will hopefully come. Rules and edicts will be needed to support the people. I think that should be the focus, to come up with the laws that are the best for the people. I don't what those laws are now. I'm not some student of law or civilization. We will have to see what needs the community and the people have when we get that far, then find out what rules or laws solve those problems. To figure out needs, it's important to talk together. If we keep track of what people wish for or require, it'll be a whole lot easier to manage any sort of group or community. I think the same holds true whether you are four or four hundred people."

Evan Rivers
Eidolon: Shiroz


Player - oyzar

Race - Half-Elf

Class - Summoner


Leadership Roles - Ruler, Councilor, Diplomat

Combat Roles - Buffing, Control | Tanking, Melee damage

Out of Combat Roles - Face, utility spells, some other skills (Disable Device, Knowledges)


Time Zone - CET. I normally post mornings on the way to work(somewhere in the range of 7-9), on the way home from work(16-18), then one or more times later in the evening.

Player's Introduction - Played pbp and pathfinder since beginning of 2013 (I've played a lot over at GiTP, but also played here since last summer). I've also been playing some free-form pbp and live sessions of pathfinder, but not as much as I've been playing PbP I love the interaction between characters and the story they create together, but also to figure out how to solve various mechanical challenges in the way that is best for the character. I like time PbP gives you to think through the things you post, which unlike live play gives you better options for playing the character differently than your real personality. I think activity is an extremely important and too often overlooked aspect of PbP. Too many games fall apart because people have widely different expectations with regards to activity or because some people lose interest and start posting infrequently. I hope that with the way you are gathering people here you'll be able to solve this issue and I am extremely excited about potentially being part of such a group.

Post samples -
Aratis Dawnlight a Magus in Curse of the Crimson Throne
Thrane Tulix and his Eidolon Kaiku in Jade Regent. I really like the way the eidolon allows you to play off yourself if necessary. I hope to use that in this game as well to explore aspects that others might not be as interested in. I created an alias for Shrioz which might make things easier.

Evan nods towards Jellak. Passion still burns his eyes, but he still responds to the man in a calm tone, trying to consolidate their viewpoints. "There is much truth to your words. We can at least agree on one thing though, it's better if people don't resort to banditry at all. As you say, you hand out punishment in order to make others think twice before committing crimes and rather resort to other things."

The half-elf pauses and holds up a finger. "However, what if there are no one to dissuade? What if there instead are people who have joined with bandits but haven't really had any other realistic options. If you face a group of bandits and you tell them you will kill them all no matter what they do, they will fight with ferocity until death. If however you instead offer those who surrender and repent the option of making up for their crimes, as long as they are not too serious, then you might face a much easier fight, with less risk of dying. Those bandits who are saved might then go on to do good deeds. For example work the land to make food for the child that they stole from. It is a fine balance though, it would be bad to be so kind to all bandits as to invite others to seek that path. I hope that in time it'll be possible to eliminate banditry through all the Stolen Lands, though obviously that is a far away dream now, but through this venture we can get a tiny bit closer to that goal."

The summoner absentmindedly lets his hand roam through the glowing fur of his companion. "What I'm saying is depending on the exact situation given there can be different solutions that are best for dealing with bandits. As my mom used to say. 'The answer to any question is always, it depends, the trick is to find out what it depends on'."

Over in the corner a young man has been quietly chanting for himself for the past few minutes. He is dressed in a pair of simple brown robes with a reinforced shirt of hides protecting his torso. He got a crossbow at his back, but none of the larger melee weapons some of the others carry, though if one looks closer it's possible to spot a wide variety of pouches and bags hanging from his belt that could very well contain spell components. His face is very handsome, brilliant blue eyes framed by long dark hair reaching nearly to his shoulders. Underneath his hair a pair of slightly pointed ears can be seen, revealing him to be a half-elf. Though he looks a bit tired and his eyes are a bit red as the corners as if he had been crying recently.


"P̸͓͖̲̎̅̍̀̕l̦̲̭͖̦̟̩̲͙ͦ̆̀͞ę̯̳̬͔̲̪̀͋̍ͨ̃ͅa̖̖̒ͣͬ̿̂́s͖͈̦̣̲͖̐̊͂ͩ̉̅̊̄́̕͟ê͑̍̉͐ͧ͌̅͏͏ ̻͙̭͎̥̖̪̼ ̵̌͑ͭ̚͏̗̻͔̦̦̗͕c̡̭̠ͫͫͫ͐̒͠o̸̫̬̽ͮͥ͐m̰͈̭ͬ͆̽͘͟e̸̪͍̱͕͖̙̠͆͆ͥ̅́̇̒ͧ͢ ̙̠͚̭̿ͭ͢o̴̟̘͙̒̓͡h͚̘͒̑͊͐ͤ̊̀ ̡̞̻͉̣̥͖̬̞ͪ͗̂̈́a̲͇̫̹͎̫̦ͧͦ͋ŵ̵͙̦͓͌͘͝e̎ͮ̑͗̄͞҉͈̻̠̩͈͚̱ş̵̠ͩ̓ͮ̊ͭͦ͑̀õ̇̍ͥ́͠҉͚̱̰̲m̢̺̯̪ ̺̗͍̭̼ͤ̅ͨ͐͛ë̷̺́̄̑ͦ̈́ͤͪ ͇́̑̆͟͟S͔̪̰ͣͨ̕͝ḧ̝̲̲͇̙̫̩̗́̃̏́i̦͑͌r̨͕̬̻̪̖͚̂̋̐ͧ͒ͣ̓̽́o͆̀ͤ̑͑̑̕҉̲̺̞͔̥͎̰͈͝z͎͈͕͔̤ͯ̽̉ ̓̅͟ͅ.̥̣ͪ̇̈ͫ̃ ̛͖̼ͮ͋ͨ̌͐̿̀ͣ̀P̛͚̮̰ͭͪ͐̑̀͌̍r̡̲̫̹̥͔ͨ̂̏ͬ́ͮ̇͑͝o̢̹͕̟͙̪̠ͯ̌̉ͅt̺͕̜̰̳̞̓ͤͩ̀̚͝e͉̮͑ͮ͜c̣̱̜ ̬͍͚ͪͭ̔̌t̸́͏͚͇̖ǐ͉͖ͮ͘͘ņ̴͓͎̠͔͒͒̓̉͑ͪ̔g̸̤̱͓̃͌̅̔͆̏̎ ̤̠̤̣͖̠̥̜͆̌ͣͩm̥ͩͦ́͌͞e̘͂ͯ͘ ̧̖̖̊̐̅í̹̫̪̼̼̹͍̻͎̐ͪ̏ͯ̅̃͐ș̢̳̲̾̌͑̚ ͑͒ͦͧ̉̀̚͏̨̰̯̱̬͔̖g̜̬̱̟̱̝̼̃̍̇̏̒ͫ́͊́̕͝r͇͓̙̬͕̂̌ͨ͋̀͡e̸͙̭ͥͥ͗̌͑̐͠ä́̉́̂҉͇͜t̺̠̳͉̪͎͙̘̓ ͧ̌̍̿̓́͞,̧͇͖̩̫̍̂͠ ̷̛ͧͮ̈̎̈́̓̚҉̼̝̻͚̖͙̞b̺̦̺̲͚͍ͮ͛̑̔͗͗̈́͑ų̹̣͕̰̪͎̦̜̣̂̀͗̀t̯̀̈́̇ͧͧͥ ̶͓̰̯͔̯͙̦͖̂̾ͬw̧̰̥̱̲͈̠̭̽̑͑̂̌̌ͣͮ͜͞ȩ̵̬̬̟͔͙̦͕̙ͫ͋̓̊ͬͩ͌͘ ͔̞̾ͧ͂ͤ̌ͨ̓̊c̷̟̪̱͎͕̹ͣ͛̄ͮ̀͠ą̹̼͕̟̬̤͑̓́̐͆̉̎̀͢n͚̪̩̙͙͎̄̒̄̎̕ ͔̼̣̔ͬ̂d͕̈́o̧͙͉̭̪̤̻̰̠ͮ̔ͬͮ ̴̜̜̪̫̱ͫ̏ͯ̂̔͘͝s̘͖̗̹̻̀̒́̆͆͠ȏ̲̣͓̤̩̜̫͚̠ͯͮ̊̐̊̀̆ ͍̳̩̯̹̆̑̀̕͟m̘̗̹͔ͦ͊̾͜u̡͐͋ͥ̊̈͏̫͕̻̜̞͝ć̶̡̮̮͍̠ͬ͋͝h̸̟̻̣̫͔̯̳͖͕ͥ͊ͧ̔ ̧͚̹̫̒̍ͣ̾̊̾̇͝m̡̺̯̫̱̭͈̙͕͐̊oͮͮ͒̊͠͏̙̲̳r̮̲̞͙̾̆͒́̇̈́ë̈́͐͊̽҉̛̻̗͎̗.̵̘̼̲͎͕ͭͫ͑̚͜͡ ̶̩̞̺̈̈́̉ͩ̚͝M̷͇̤͖̯̘̬̬͒ͯ̃̓͆̌ͭͯå̵̠͕̝̦̯͚̒̈̀k̟̺̺͙̲͂̈́̅͌̿͗͗̎́̚͘e̗̯͐̑ͯ ̴̖̙̙͎̺̺͗͑̐̌̊͐̉̓t̶̼̑͊̅h̡͕̤ͯ̀͋͑ͭe̷̛͕̠̟͎̟̹̾͗ͥ͒̐̃ͣ̽ ̷̳͔̻̫͉͓̻ͣ̌̑ͦͬ̔͠l̙͎̲̼̥̹͕̞̪ͦͨ̀͞͞a̴͚̗̝̮̫̮͕͇͙̓̔ͤͥͩ̔̇̿n̯̻̚͘ḍ̵̮̘͉̫͈͓̱ͣ̈͆̉̀͘ ͖ͧ̎́͛̓̌̈͋́̚͝s̖̗ͣ͊͟a̸̢̦͈̯͉̼̻͙ͥͅf̷̥͎͕̞̄̂͋ͫ̈́͂ͪ̆ě͍͍̂̐ ̛̳̣̦͍͇̯̮̒̎̋̎b̶̨͈͈̺̖̀ͭͭ̃͛̅̚ͅy̴̴̘̳ͥ͂͋͘ͅ ͓͔͗̈́͆̆ͭ̃͢͟d͎̳̖̞͙̞̱̣͍̏̓̿ͭͦ̓̓͜͝͞ṙ͚̝͆̾̔̎͂ͬͥ̃͝ĭ̮́̕v̶̙̲ͩ̎ͪ̈ͫͤ̚ͅḭ̸̠ͪ̿͟n̡̳̦͑̅̏ͬ̕g ̴̎͒͌͑̄̇̆͢͏̩̣̞̮͈̝ͅ ̮͓̠̳̲̔͊̑̈́o̤̺̠ͨͪ͂͒̀͠u̘͉̬̗ͦ̽͟t̾̅̾͒͊͑͗́͏̗̰͓̱͚ͅ ̓͛̽̈́ͤͯ̌̑̀҉̘̮̯̩͙͕̬̭t͔̬̩̫̺̯̝̩̽ͮͨͪ̐h̷̜̦̝̞͉̑͗̚͢ͅeͤ̈́͂҉̹̹̖ ̻̠ͯ͐ͩ̑͢ḇ̫͚̪̻͍̺̹͐̄͋̌͢ã̛͑̾͒̇҉̛̭̤̪͙̯̞̘̩ṋ̠̱̠̪̓ͩ͆͐̐d̡ͫ͌̐͐ͤ̚҉̘ī̗̦̖̺̻͛͢ṱ̖̹̪̭ͤ̇̅̾͛̓ ̀͘s̋̽҉̼̫̞͇.̡̥̳ͫ̐͗͜ ̴̘͇̜ͯ̓̅̇ͯ͌̇Tͧ̃ͣͯ̐҉̡̥̝͓̫o̞̭̯͖͓ͦ̂̆̏ͪ̈̃͟ ̧̟̝͉̮̫̖͖̩̇̍́ͮ͋̊̊ͥg̤̞̿̅̒̆̍̄̿ͦ͌͜͜ȩ̶̡͙̯̟͓̫̃̎̂̆̉ͧ̔̚ţ͉̝̥̥̣͔̅͂̒̊̀́͠ ̶̺̖̝̥̦̞̦̬͊̓͌̓ͪ̃͗͘͟i̸̛̝͕̜͗ͦ͌̈́ͦn̢̞͎͈͙̆̾͑̚ ͖̥̰̣͙ͣͬ͌͒ͥ̽o͔͇ͥ̃ͯ͆̂̑̿ͬn̢̡̝̣̦̹͐̓̍ͫ̓ͪ͡ ̴̸̡̟̹̝̜͍͉̑ͧͤt̢̗̲̩͚̲͑̊̿ͤͫh̶͖͙̳̲̰ͦ͌̆̈͛͐̽́̚ͅạ̝͈̪͔ͩͫ͊͊̌̾ͧ́̚t͖͉̘̼̬ͫ̆͜ ͇̲͕̞̥̥͒̀̿̂͐͋ͥm̴̧̥̲̮͖͍̄̆ͣ̓͠į͈̫̼̤ͧ̿͐͂̒ṣ̴̨̛̾̑̉̌́ͩ̚̚s̫͗̑̒ͥ͞ĩ̛̞̘̝͚̤̫̮ͫͭͫ̕ȯ̢̠̟̻̯̺ ̤̙́͐̑n̸̯̰̯̣̫̺̗̓͌͗̅ͧ̉͗̓̕ ̷̬̙̺̣͕̹̰̉͊̍̿ͣw̷͙͎̠̥͈̌̕e̛̻̯̻͔͛̑͘͜ ̟͚̜͑͆̌ǹ̛̜͔̜̯͎̹̩̺͑͆ȩ̷̭̹͔̺͕̤̰͓̩͋̋̈́ͭe̋ͥ̀̎ͯ͏̵̜̭̮d̸͍̻͕̬ͯ̃͊͂ͫ͞ ̶̔̀͆͑̾ͮ҉͕̣̞̬̝̪̼t̢̲̣̭͑͛͗ͥ͟o̵͈̻͉̙̫͔̙̗̽̋̋̎͌̉ ̡̫͓͓̪͉̭̬̦͌̿̓ͬ̓̊̏̚m̙̻̈͊̅͊ͫ͘͜͝a̙͖ͨ̐́́k͚̯͙ͤ̔͞ͅę̛͎̝̥͎͍̪̌͗̂ͦ͂̀ͦ̚͢ ̷̞͈̦̘̓̆ͦ͌̾ͨa̴̧͍̰͕̠̤͕̼͗͠ ͒ͬ̊͂ͨ͏̥̹͝g̰̗ͤ̏͂̎̓̒ͭ̎ͩǫ̞̬̤̪̳̣̠̻ͪͫ͛̈́̄͐̈́͢o̢͖͈̘̤̞̻͆ͤͨ̋̂͢͢d̮̝̱̤͇̼͖̘̒̇ͥ͊̈ͣͩ͞ ̷̥̩̲̻̰̹̈̒i̵͎̙͈̺̝̟̎͗̃ͪm̈́̉̈́̾̒͌҉̰̖́p͍͎̭͚͇̘͙͊͆̿̋̾̾̽̿r̡͈̩͖͚̜̰̎̎e̶̢͉͒s̵̥̞̱̦̻̈ͮ͑ ͮ̀͢ŝ̵̡̯͖̘̮̪̻͙̪̐̐͡ͅi̹̘͙̐o͗͋̒͑͊̓͢͏̘͉̬̖n̟̻͍͎͓ͨ͂̒̎͂.̢͍̯͉̝͂̔͐ ̸̲̖̘̓̎͑ͤ̊͟Y̊͏̻̰̪o̓ͬ͗ͬͪͪ͐͘͜҉͖̼͈̼͙̮̮ǔ̴̯̺̼̫͈̉̐ͧ͂ͨ̐ͯ̉ ̡͚͎̫̻̰̯̤̃̎̓̿̓̉̓̄̐͟c̵̳̺͍̠̬̲̱̔̊ͧ͘ͅả̟̮ͣ͂̒͘͜͡n̬̠̈́̌͂͌̀̾̉̿ ̎҉͏̶̬͔ͅc̡͍͈̩͑͌͂̽͒̄ͯ͢ḙ͔̥̥ͮ̍͗r̶̺͉̘̱ͨͦ͆́t͌̈́͌̋̆҉̰̣͙̜͔̺̕͡à̷̸͖̯̦ͭ͒i̩̺̳̳̺̝ͣ͂ͫ̄̈̂ͤ ̕͞n̓͐̇͛҉̥͎̜lͦͣ̃͌̀͏͙̮͇̫̖̩ỵ̡̦̠̅̑̄̓̋̽̆̏ ̜͓͉̪̜̌ͩͦͭ̒̈́ͮ̐͠h̶̹̠̠̔̆̂̀͌̓ḛ̶͇͍̯̮̅̔̐͟ḽ̛̙̳̖͔̝͓̫̯̒ͪ͝p̷͍̟̭̬̘͖̮͇ͥ͆͆͑̈͛ͪ͊̕ ͕̰͍͂̓ͮ̏d̟̯̜̝̝̬̽͌̈̍̀̊͂o̞͖̬̟̮̳̠̔͟͜ ̺̲̰̿̓t́͏̼̙͎̙̠̀h̷̩̯ͣ͐̊̑ͪ̾͟a̭͙̖ͬ̌ͨͦͦ̂̋t̫̯͚̏̍ͮͯ.̧̰̣̬͚͓͊ͦ̈́̀"


Suddenly there is a faint sound like shattering glass and in the blink of an eye a large cat-like creature appears beside him. Standing on all four paws the creature's back reaches up to Evan's midriff. The pelt of the creature is all white, but it's easy to see that it's not of this world, it doesn't look like a snow tiger or a polar bear, rather the pelt is brilliant like a white hot forge. It gives of a soft light, but it's not so strong that it hurts to look at it.

Evan smiles widely when he sees the outsider appear. His whole face lights up. He bends down on one knee and hugs the outsider. "Finally Shiroz!" As he gets up and dusts of his knees the creature answers, in a voice lighter than that of any opera singer. "Good to see you too, but I still think this is unnecessary. Our motives and determination are stronger than any other and we got the skills to match." Evan shakes his head in denial. "Still, we should do our best. If we don't we got no one to blame but ourselves when we fail. And we have tarried here long enough squabbling. Let's go talk to the others. They could be our future companions. Having more companions would be great" Evan's face light up in a smile again as he mentions companions. He had been wishing for more travel companions for some time and this was a golden opportunity to get that.

Serolt wrote:
Issi Flamehair wrote:

"I don't think any person is inherently evil. My cousin Lorenzo was mean and tried to cut my hair but he wasn't evil, just jealous. Lots of people are like that, if you have nice things then they want to have them too." She pauses, and her hair becomes darker and darker, the colour of dried blood. "But no-one should be allowed to hurt other people. If someone tried to hurt my friends I'd hurt them back! And I'd keep hurting them until they stopped!"

Issi takes a deep breath and seems to realise that she has been shouting the past few moments. The spectators notice that her shouting...

He listens to the heavy philosophical talk and interjects late as his mind drifts along a little.

"But what of those with little choice? Not everyone is a bandit leader, not everyone is evil when it comes to crossing swords."

He gestures to the two duelists practicing their trade in the courtyard, "Those two for example are bandying their weapons for our entertainment - ultimately for the coin they need to fill their bellies."

"There are those in the hinterlands who are left with no choice but banditry to fill their bellies. Hunger is a powerful motivator. They may have fallen on hard times and be in need of an even break. Not all to be sure, but some."

He stretches his legs, tired of standing in one place so long, "I'll use my weapons on any who cross me and mine to be sure. But I'll also show mercy to any who cease their...

Evan walks over with a smile in greeting. He figured the gathering is too large to waves as he says "Hi, there, I'm Evan Rivers and this is my companion Shiroz. I couldn't help but overhear you discussing bandits. That's a very important topic to all of us here. You all bring up several important points, though from different perspectives. I think they all can be valid, though not necessarily at the same time. Bandits are as different as you and I. We have different backgrounds, skills and motivations. Some resort to banditry to fill their bellies while others do it out of sadism, or because they enjoy the power it grants. A few bandits willfully abandon a safer career in civilization, while others turn to lawlessness because it was the simplest choice or maybe under duress from the more sadistic of their numbers."

As he speaks his gaze slowly travels between those before him, catching their gazes to engage them and to try to figure out if they are as passionate about the topic as him. "It falls to those of us who are to venture into the Stolen Lands to deal with this varied group. Some we will definitely have to fight, but others we might be able to show the error of their ways, or maybe even preventing them from becoming bandits altogether by giving them better options. I hope that we'll eventually paw the way for more law and civilization in the Greenbelt. That way no more people have to die to banditry." There is a slight hitch in his throat at the last sentence. His passion for dealing with banditry might seem noble, but it also is founded on very personal reasons.

Ugh, seems like my crosspost with Issi clashed somewhat

GM Giuseppe wrote:
Alright guys, I will close this recruitment in 24 hours, so if you haven't submitted your character yet, please do it as soon as possible.

Do we still have until the 20th to roleplay? It might be a bit short of time to show of my activity and skills. Still, I guess that's my own fault. I'll finish up Evan then get him submitted.

A large portion of pbp is roleplay for sure, but there is also a significant mechanical component. For the mechanical component (combat, traps, puzzles etc) spells are often (but not always) the most interesting and fun actions a character can do. Being able to do more such things often then makes for example combat more fun and interesting. Anyway my musing on stats was just an observation. I'm strongly considering to drop Evan's charisma to 19 in order to boost his int and wis to 12 each, mostly for roleplaying purposes (I haven't fully settled on all aspects of his personality yet. I just wished the designers hadn't made the game such that doing that would mean going down from 3 to two spells per day.

I really wish the difference between 19 and 20 in a caster stat at level 1 was smaller in pathfinder. At later levels the difference becomes much smaller, but at level 1 having 50% more non-cantrip spells is a big difference.

This is oyzar's character Evan. He is not completely done, but I've made some headway with his backstory. Hopefully I'll be able to finish him up tomorrow so I can join in on the roleplay.

Evan stops his walk for a brief moment to look around and enjoy what his senses tell him. It's fairly quiet, just the sound of wind rustling through the trees and birds shortly chirping away break the silence now that his boots have stopped their noisy march. It's quite different from the noisy hustle and bustle he is used to from the city. With five franatic gnome siblings there was hardly ever a moment of peace and quiet when he grew up. He quite enjoys the calm and soothing sounds out here in the wilderness. Not that he didn't enjoy the time back growing, but some variety, some new experinces, is always nice to go through. It seemed like only moments ago that people were screaming on top of each other, clamoring to join the expedition into the stolen lands. Of course he doesn't just hear, he also sees. The green leaves on the trees, the brown trunks of the trees and the play of sunlight as rays stream through the canopy is already wonderful, but he sees so much more. One of the rocks on the ground seem to reflect the light just light a diamond, it's dazzlingly beautiful how it scatters the sunlight in all directions, lighting up the undergrowth around it. He knows that if he showed it to someone else though they will only see a normal rock. He would probably even see a normal rock himself if he did try to pick it up. At the corner of his eye he can see a bush burst into bright violet flame, but when he turns to look closer only a normal green bush full of leaves stand before him. He turns his eyes back to the path and starts walking again. I should enjoy the sights, but not let them distract me. I wouldn't be much of an adventurer if I stopped every 5 feet to gawk at plain ordinary things.

I am sorry, but I wasn't able to quite get my characters where I wanted for this one. Time and inspiration just didn't want to cooperate sufficiently. I'm still going to submit Evan Rivers (recycling an old alias with a different character). Hopefully he'll be good enough. I'll post another character shortly.

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I've never seen a game that has been dead for this long resurrect before.

Male Half-Elf Summoner (Spirit Summoner)

Seeing Nave once again jump into combat makes Evan a bit frustrated and angry. But dealing with the bandits was what they came here for, and he had sensed that the bandits were about to call their ruse. So he quickly squashes his anger and calls upon his power. He can feel himself reaching out to... Elsewhere. A skeleton, some flesh and blood still clinging to the bones comes forth onto the battlefield. It appears right on the other side of the guy Reafil attacked, in the middle where it immeadiatly strikes out with a clawed bony hand.

Attack Bloody skeleton, Augument Summoning, Flanking: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22 damage: 1d4 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6

Directing the horse by the reins with one hand while he summoned the creature, Evan rides into cover behind a tree nearby.

Evan uses his standard action to summon the bloody skeleton. The skeleton uses it's action to attack. The horse uses it's action to move. Since Evan isn't trying to get it to attack or to guide by the knees no checks are needed.

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How many bandits are there and do we have a map?

Also, the pfsrd lists bloody skeleton as possible to summon with summon monster I. Is that ok? I Thought I should ask since it's a bit unorthodox (though it is paizo).

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Thinking about it, I do think we actually talked about how we were thinking to deal with the bandits. Killing them all doesn't seem right after how we treated the other ones. No initiative? Also Gideon and Kejal should at least decide if they are dismounting or not. Would be nice if Gideon starts up Inspire Courage before people start attacking. I assume Wikiwik has at least drawn his rifle. I guess in order to draw a weapon and attack in the surprise round you have to actually charge eh?
Once the men are down from the tree Nave gets too impatient to wait any longer. He has already dismounted and walked fairly close to the guy who called them out. Suddenly he bursts into a sprint towards him, pulling out his new hammer as he does so and brings the massive weapon down on top of the unsuspecting bandit. Rage burns in his eyes as he does so, empowering his strike to an incredible level.
Attack rage, charge, power attack, masterwork Longhammer: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (18) + 9 = 27 damage: 2d6 + 12 ⇒ (2, 1) + 12 = 15

Stats: hp: 13/13 AC:13 (Raging, Charging) Rage:4/5

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You were still faster than me... Sorry for being slow. Life is hectic, but I try to prioritize the little freetime I have to find time for this. Sometimes I'm just too tired though.

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I was planning to have cast Mage Armor on Nave a few minutes before we arrived, not sure if I wrote that though.
Evan suppresses his guilt and anger at hearing Kejal being called a whore and says out loud instead. "We'll see. Why don't you have the guys come down from the trees? I want to greet them and a surprise inspection is the best kind of inspection.". diplomacy to grant the request: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (18) + 13 = 31 Evan and Nave will both ride closer to keep up appearances, though Evan will also look for if there is something on the battlefield to seek cover behind. Nave will dismount once they get close enough, he'll even walk right up to the speaker if possible. He'll send another message to Kejal: "I'm so sorry, let's get in position to attack them once the people come down from the trees, they are over there. I think they are on to us Also, the wagon is trapped" He'll send the same message except for the apology to Gideon and Shogunto.

I assume he can see Shogunto due to the high perception, if not, ignore that part. Sorry for taking so long, yesterday was hectic.

Male Half-Elf Summoner (Spirit Summoner)

Just when I final had time to post last night, the site was down :/. Sorry for not finding the time earlier...

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Is it a trap or tarp? I've read both things and am now a bit confused.

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My plan was for Evan to do the talking since he both didn't have to lie and got a great bluff score, but I guess communicating that beforehand would have been a good idea. Well if we live, maybe we'll learn.
Bluff, just in case you'll allow Evan to try since technically he did speak first, -5 penalty already included: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

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Given my comment there is plenty of room for her to lie and them still interpreting it favorably for us ;). She could have just not been willing to admit the truth I was hinting at. Of course they could simply see through what we are as well :P. Thanks for the update.

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Who are we waiting for now? I don't know if anyone else plan to reply before the bandits do. Where are the stealth people compared to the rest of the group and to the bandits?

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Seems like we could have used some better communication... Yes it would have been a good idea to have the good scouts scout ahead... Also the whole point of saying the "truth" was so that they wouldn't catch anyone lying, though Evan's bluff is actually great. That way Kejal wouldn't have to try to lie. Ofc Solspiral might require a roll anyway and that is fine...

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My intention was to leave the choice to you, sorry... As for disguising wings, fold them together and make it seem like you are carrying something huge on your back or something, like a backpack.

Male Half-Elf Summoner (Spirit Summoner)

Aww that sucks. Hope you get better soon. Thanks for letting us know.

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Evan gives off a short laugh, hoping that somehow he managed to keep his voice close enough to that off Happ. "An unknown lady? Gee, I wonder what use I could have for her. I hope to have her share my tent of course!" It's not the way Evan would have said it, but it sure is the truth. He does wish to be with Kejal. He directs a magical message at Kejal while they reply. "Sorry for the coarse language, but I do want to be with you." Evan hopes to stall the bandits as long as possible so they can get close enough to the bandits.
Message allows for replies as well. Also that is the truth, so not sure if a bluff is actually required.

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