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I recently switched from iPhone 5s to s7 edge and I'm shocked by how much worse everything looks on the forums here. It's probably because the resolution is quite high, even though the screen size is still quite small. Any chance you could look into fixing it? I imagine resolutions on phones will only get better going forward.

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A lance can be wielded one handed while mounted. An large weapon used in one hand can be wielded in two hands by a medium creature at a -2 penalty to hit (unless you got Effortless Lace). However a lance still counts as a two handed weapon. Can you do this in pfs? I know you can wield a large bastard sword as one of the iconics does it. Is there an official ruling (or presedence) somewhere that I haven't been able to find? Or can I expect table variance?

I have a couple questions about Tattooed Sorcerer that I haven't been able to decisively figure out the answer to.

a) Create Spell Tattoo: What is the cost, if anything?
b) Enhanced Magical Tattoo: If you have Mage's Tattoo (Enchantment) then Geas-Quest is a legal choice for this ability. This ability doesn't mention time used to activate the spell like ability at all, hence it defaults to the 1 standard action. You can use this to cast Geas-Quest (or really any long casting time spell) a standard action. Am I missing something?

So I read the FAQ on Armor spikes. But some things are still unclear to me.

1) I can't find the rules for it anywhere, but what sort of armor can you put armor spikes on? Can you put it on light armor? Silken Cermonial Armor?
2) Do you still benefit from the corageous enchantment on your armor spikes if you attack with a two handed weapon?
3) If you attacked the previous turn, do you threaten both at reach and close if you wield a two handed reach weapon and armor spikes?
4) If you didn't attack do you still threaten both?

Hi, it would be nice if dice rolls only worked on original posts and not on edits and there was a warning if rolls were edited out from the posts. This has been implemented on other boards I've played pbp at, but sadly isn't in place here. It would make me (and others I've talked to) feel much more safe that no one are trying to cheat by editing the rolls. I've only seen edited rolls 3-4 times so far (sometimes unintentionally), but then again, I've only been playing pbp here actively for a bit over two months.

I would also love if notifications worked on the forum, but I imagine, that is a whole different issue.

I tried to buy some digital products some days ago through my phone. It for some reason required me to fill out a billing address after putting in my card details. The form didn't resize from the payment details size, so it was impossible to fill out the last line as well as to hit submit. This made it impossible to complete my order.

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I recently came across the spell Alter Summon Monster from Pathfinder Player Companion: Monster Summoner's Handbook and I can't help but wonder if it actually is intended to interact with Mount/Communal Mount and the heightened versions of those (or just Phantom Steed etc) the way I read it to do. For reference, here is the spell:

You swap a creature summoned by a conjuration (summoning) spell for a creature you could summon with a summon monster or summon nature's ally spell. The new creature must be an option from a spell of the same level or lower as the spell that summoned the target. The new creature cannot be summoned into an environment that cannot support it. The target can attempt a Will saving throw to negate this effect, but if the target is under your control, it receives no saving throw. Alter summoned monster does not alter the duration of the spell that summoned the target, nor does it affect any additional creatures summoned by the same spell as the target. The new creature has the same conditions and amount of damage as the target creature, and remains affected by all curses, diseases, poisons, and penalties that affected the target, but no other spells or effects carry over. Alter summoned monster is a spell of the same alignment type or types as the creature for which you exchange the target. An eidolon can't be targeted by this spell.

All the various Mount spells are conjuration (summoning) spells, so they fulfill the only requirement of the spell. However the mount spells have a duration of 2/hours level, lasting easily the whole day after a few levels. This basically allow you to expend a 2nd level spell + another spell to get a summon monster lasting the whole day. For a 2nd level spell + an 2nd level spell this is probably fine, but for a 2nd level spell + a 4th level spell to get a 4th level spell summon lasting the whole day seems a bit much. Is this the intended behavior? Also, Heightened Mount or Heightened Communal Mount cast as a 4th level spell would by my reading allow you to replace the Mount(s) with a 4th level summon (or whatever level you chose to heighten it to), giving you some nice added flexibility to this combination. Is there any reason this shouldn't work?

Unfortunately my questions of this spell doesn't stop there. Summoners get access to this spell. Summoners can cast Summon Monster IV as a 3rd level spell and Summon Monster VII as a 5th level spell. If they target a 3rd level mount, or a 5th level mount, would they then get to swap it with a 4th and 7th level summon monster respectively? This could essentially give access to summon monster IV for the whole day at level 5 with coordination with a wizard or witch and access to Summon Monster VII at level 9 (this gets much worse with gestalt, but that isn't paizo rules even if a lot of people play PF with them so lets not cover that). Is this the intended behavior? It would be very nice to get a FAQ and/or developer answer for this.