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Its hard to give advice not knowing your build or your stats. Personally I love playing the Arcane Duelist archetype, even more so now with slashing grace. He does decent damage but also has plenty of buffs.

Give an opposing team SR

combine it with the card caster archetype and be gambit

I like to play a sorcer with the false priest archetype and the sylvan bloodline who focuses on summons jwhen I want to carry.

The once per day thing is only the spontaneously castin one spell he knows like the wizard can do with his arcane bond. Its rather unimportant.

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To be fair I wouldnt worry too much about it. If youre focusing this heavily on melee as a sorcerer youll probably be dead soon enough and time to reroll

witches have patrons which you could thematically use as a pact

Why would anyone be mad about having to take gold back? Are you calculating weight for every coin?

buying a clw wand is 750 gold early. hopefully your party isnt relying on a level 6 caster for their divine needs anyways.

to be fair most nature gods would to me be best represented as true neutral

Hmmm...flurry and wildshape. Wis to AC with no casting? Or lose flurry for unarmed strike damage and retain casting up to level 6?

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why not put the 16 in INT and the 15 in DEX with the +2? It only starts you with a 17 Dex but youll get the +1 at level 4 anyways taking you back to 18.

If I'm understanding this racial feat right your cavalier idea is perfect

Natural Jouster

An untouchable rager/primalist with the arcane bloodline is a super effective mage killer.

you could just not do point buy and use a different point allocation system like 2d6+6 or 4d6 drop lowest.

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Undone wrote:

Normal content (No Crafting, dazing spell, leadership, or sacred geometry) Otherwise all normal content legal.

9th level casters 10 pt buy
6th level casters 15 pt buy
4th level casters 20 pt buy
No casting 25 pt buy.

How bad or good is that for the structure of the game? Does this help simulate the extra dice some classes got long ago in 1st ed?

I feel that classes really probably should have been printed with a base point buy attached.

How does everyone else feel about this?

Honestly if a GM gave those rules to us, I'd scoff, walk around, leave, and find a better gm.

Teatime42 wrote:
EsperMagic wrote:
Some DMs let you use Eldricth heritage on wildblood lines and some dont. Since this isnt meant for PFS who cares? Maybe his DM houserules it, but arguing over it is stupid.

Because maybe his GM doesn't, and he's mistaken when it comes to the rules.

And, this IS in the rules question forum, where the rules matter.

Most players know what their GMs allow. To assume otherwise is dumb.

Some DMs let you use Eldricth heritage on wildblood lines and some dont. Since this isnt meant for PFS who cares? Maybe his DM houserules it, but arguing over it is stupid.

if this was a serious nerf to a summoner's PFS viability Im sure Paizo would have addressed it by now.

So far I'm liking the Storm Druid acrhetype to add to the whole weather manipulator/attached to nature vibe I want over lightning blaster. Went with dwarf for the race and with a 20 point buy i have this...


I figure I'll start with the Weather Domain and then pick up the Air domain at level 9.

Mostly using the weather offensively. Lightning bolts, chain lightning, sirroco, ice storm, etc. But druid does give the ability also to wild shape into an air elemental/whirlwind

I looked at the master of storms archetype and it was intriguing if mostly just for storm shape. I really wish it had given like a DC boost to spells with eledtric and cold descriptors(lightning and snow) but alas it doesn't. Should I take improved unarmed strike if im going master of storms to better amp up my whirlwind damage? Or stay straight druid and just wildshape into air elementals?

Well it's pretty explanatory in the title, but Im trying to build a weather manipulator(think Storm form the x-men), but I'm not sure what is the best way to go about it. It's a 20 point buy game and I'm stuck deciding between druid or sorcerer. I'm leaning towards druid because or access to the storm and air domains through the storm druid archetype which also will give more castings of my domain spells spontaneously. PLus it seems a bit more thematic at least. Any suggestions? I'm assuming i'll be a human though if I go druid I might be convinced to switch to a dwarf.

i played a witch and i dont think i ever cackled once. i slumbered and ice tomb'd everything i saw though.

augury instead of summon natures ally? Trash. Stay thematic, allow them to spontaneously convert any of their druid spell slots into extra castings of their domain spells.

So you dont trust your players? I know the first time i played i jumped right into to archetypes and everything. Never even played 3.5 before.

why not just let them pick? its not like pathfinder is that hard of a concept to grasp.

How dare you use the name of Primus in vain?!?

its a bad naming convention but yes alterante traits have nothing to do with racial traits....yeah see it sucks.

Divine Scion is close but you will be stuck with the standard 3/4 BAB. Its not a bad prestige class for a battle cleric or oracle as long as you don't care about Channel Energy.

Divine Scion

Personally i really love the occultist archetype as it basically combines sorcerer/wizard/summoner into one class which I feel is a lot of power even if it kind of depletes your arcane pool but then just focus on the exploits that only require one point to be active.

Dread Knight wrote:
EsperMagic wrote:
wait why is primalist? A primalist/untouchable rager with the arcane bloodline is probably one of the best things you can do.
It's for PFS Primalist is banned in PFS.

That doesnt really answer why unless its just another stupid arbitrary pfs ban...

wait why is primalist? A primalist/untouchable rager with the arcane bloodline is probably one of the best things you can do.

str 18
dex 13
con 16
int 10
wis 14
cha 10

Pelor's favored weapon is the mace so you could go sword and board style. BUt with three level one feats, youre probably best off just picking up martial weapon proficiency for either the great sword of the falchion. The ability scores give you the most damage. Wis, Dex, and COn are all very fluid choices. You only need a wis of 16 to cast any spell you have which should mostly be buffs and cures. If you are getting up close in melee you could either take Heavy Armor Proficiency or one level in fighter for yet another bonus feat and better armor/weapon proficiencies.
With heavy armor the thirteen dex is fine. The 16 con gives you extra early hit points.

A human sorcerer with the sylvan bloodline and the false priest archetype.

Bigdaddyjug wrote:
I don't think wordcasting is legal in PFS.

Forgot this was PFS but you're right.

you could be a battle oracle with wordcasting focusing on undeath and servitor? Then your spells say relevant but you dont really need to mess with DC's or worry about falling off late game.

Arachnofiend wrote:
It looks like you have a party of three really terrible characters, actually... As has been stated the Swash's fort and will saves are atrocious. I'm pretty sure he's over carrying capacity with all that adventuring gear, too.

yeah...its the encumberance everyone is concerned

fighters never interested me. And rogues and monks are melee and pretty terrible. Once I discovered casters they all sort of pale but sometimes a mindless barbarian or paladin is still at least fun rather than the BSF or the WUR(weak useless rogue)

Yeah battle is one of the top 5 mysteries in general I think. Its certainly number one for combat oracles.

i did the same concept but I used the step up and standstill feats as well with improved critical working towards stunning critical. And for rage powers went with eater of magic, witch hunter, superstitious and the beast totem line.

Any other opinions/advice?

This is what i have so far: Here

Thanks for mentioning that. Since the description under the arcane bloodline just mentions applying the effects of said spells I was unsure how it would work with the various SR and save bonuses.

Personally I thought since they actually aren't being cast that they might not be affected but you bring up a good point.

And I actually just went and rechecked the list and noticed the (Sp) marker. So yeah...well I can get Haste from boots and beast shape IV well thats a lot of notekeeping and stat following I can ignore haha.

So after looking through the archetypes and the bloodlines for the new Bloodrager calss I saw something that peaked my fancy. The arcane bloodline makes you really good at shutting down enemy casters, if of course you can get into a threatening range with them. The untouchable rager makes you really good at avoiding their spells thanks to your SR. You only lose your own casting ability(kinda sucks I know) but still is this a viable approach to a character?

Would you build it just like a normal Barbarian?

Maybe even go ham and also pick up the Primalist archetype to grab some awesome Rage powers if necessary? Mainly just Superstitious and Witch Hunte instead of the 4th level bloodline power?

Or just be a slayer form the advanced class guide. it is literally a ranger/rogue hybrid

Assuming a twenty point buy just use this:

Str 14
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 7
Wis 19
Cha 7

true it fuels your initiative but at he same time while not going last is important, you arent a character that needs to go first. Super high initiatives are mostly beneficial to casters who can start summoning, laying down battlefield control, or buffing. You just shoot arrows. I always went wis, then str/con, then dex, dumping int/cha. With the monks ac bonus and wis to ac having a high initiative really wasnt that important to me. Especially being in the backlines where enemies would have to move through the whole party to even get at me.

the problem with wild shape druids is that they start to fall off late game 10+ in my opinion. Casters only keep getting stronger.

I'd say Ghost Monk, Caster Druid, or Reach Cleric

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