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Rong's page

6 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Eelario.

Full Name





Monk 4







Special Abilities

Fast, real fast






Common, Orc



Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 7
Wisdom 14
Charisma 9

About Rong

Favorite food and eating habits?: Meat, hot and juicy. Dried meats, in a pinch. Ravenous eater, more to get eating finished and back to the mission, than to satiate his hunger. Very commonly goes several days without eating.
Smoke and/or drink?: Smokes tobacco to calm his inner demons and focus his mind, especially before sleep. Other herbs are preferred, but much less readily available. Alcohol is forbidden, but he appreciates the unexpected wisdom, and loose tongues it brings out in others.
Promiscuous or Pious?: Takes what comes his way, but seeks nothing and courts no one.
Hobbies?: Meditation; observation of humanoid behavior; games of high dexterity.
Dexterity?: Ambidextrous.
Gamble?: Frequently; only on games of skill (not logic or chance) but for almost any stakes.

Rong comes from a virtually forgotten way of life: he is a Ki-spirit. His way of life is focused entirely on aligning the Ki of the world around him, be that through thoughtful meditation or brutal combat. He is forbidden to discuss anything about his training, the tenets of his beliefs, or the location of his training ground. He visits his master annually at high summer as part of a two-week journey into the wild. His beliefs brought him to the civilized lands upon learning of a great imbalance in the Ki of the Inner Sea region.

He is a stout, gray-green-skinned half-orc who could be mistaken for an orc. The size of his bald head and jaw clearly define him as male. On close inspection, one would notice very short tusks protruding from his lower jaw; a bulbous, human-like nose; brown eyes and a muted complexion--all indications of his mixed lineage. His skin reveals scars almost everywhere that it is exposed, with some larger ones disappearing below his clothing and hinting at the extent of his past injuries or self-mutilation, which is unclear. Other obvious markings include a runic tattoo on his forehead, which is repeated on the backs of his hands, on the tops of his feet and knees, and on the outside of his arms at each elbow. The scar and tattoo on his forehead, in particular, attract the most attention. The scar runs in a perfect arc from above one eye to the other, through the center of his brow, with the rune tattooed directly above. This scar was clearly crafted, rather than accidental, as it has very clean edges and is uniformly about 1/8 inch wide, much like a scar from a burn rather than a laceration.

His manner is calm and reserved and unless provoked, he remains at alert with one hand on his staff as a walking stick and the other behind his back. He is always dressed in loose, dark brown, cloth breeches and a long, tan tunic, which is open at the front with no shirt underneath. His legs are bound with cloth sashes so that there are no flapping, loose ends nor binding of the fabric. The sleeves of his tunic are rolled up and bunched above his elbows, and secured with still more sashes. He wears sandals made from some woven, reed-like material and with a complex system of leather straps over the foot and behind the heel to secure them.

At his waist, he wears a leather sash slung with several pouches, a green leather sling, and an ornate, round sheath at his left hip with a weapon grip sticking out of it. His most apparent weapon is a well-worn, black quarterstaff about 2 inches in diameter with carvings all over its surface. Leather shoulder bag,

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