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My simple advice is to take this book immediately. Great content, great art, interesting spells and domains, a huge number of deities to worship. Beginners will be delighted, experienced players will enjoy the high-quality transfer of old deities and demigods to the new PF edition.

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101% EPIC


It's really epic. Only the endings (!) of some of the sanctioned Adventure Paths can match the scale and spectacular. A beautiful fighting scenes, worthy of Hollywood blockbusters; a difficult choice of Jedi/Sith style actions; one of the coolest chronicle sheet that I've seen. It's here. Definitely play and have fun. That's what you are looking for in 'seeker games'!

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This is one of the worst scenarios I've ever played. Alas. The main claim - silly and illogical reactions of the majority of NPC. We played scenario for 6 hours, most of the time spent in polemics, and then gave up. Rating of 1 star is quite appropriate.