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nope.... I've mainly used roll20 to find games cant seem to find any around here :/
none of the comic shops are doing any dnd or pathfinder so best hope is to wander in and see if there are anyone looking for players but Im not even sure they support that.


I found that thread and wondered if it would be possible to give a homunculus levels in swashbuckler instead of its Racial HD from adding 2k gold... haven't had a chance to look much into specialty stuff for them so if anyone know of any pathfinder companion books that deal with them or add more construct stuff I would gladly look at them.

get either a high crit chance weapon like the scimitar or grab teh longsword then weapon focus and slashing grace at level one for reliable damage, pump your dex up to 18 and drop your str since you wont need it. For ranged weapons grab a crossbow, heavy crossbow since you will most likely be doing damage with your range then trying to get close. Piranha strike at lvl 3 might be better so you get another 2 to damage. The dodge then disorienting maneuver can be used with acrobatics skill to let you get a bonus to attacks.

for teh swashbuckler stuff do the weapons HAVE to be held one handed to benefit since it just says you need the m to be onehanded weapons not that they cant be wielded with two hands... if that does work you can get the 1.5 bonus....

lets see shocking grasp at lvl 3 is 3d6+1d8+3 (precise strike)+5(dex to damage slashing grace possibly +7) + 1 from black blade +1 acrane pool point +1 from black blade point
for a total of 3d6+1d8+11(to 13) at a +10 to hit (1 from blade, 1 from arcane pool point, 1 weapon focus, 2 bab, 5 dex) or if vs enemy in metal armor or holding metal a +13 (3 more from shocking grasp)
avg damage is
23+3 precise damage on regular and 46+3 precise damage on a crit
minimum 15 maximum 37 on regular and min 27 max 71 on crit

gestalted with a bladebound kensai magus perhaps? Get a free magic weapon at the same time you get precise stike....hmmm the damage potential is staggering and comes with the nice little bonus of magic

hmm and if the gm allows it add in eldritch scion to change your casting to charisma so as to be slightly less mad.

wouldnt no action allow you to reload at any time as in even during their turn?

Oh I missed that and I definetley agree with knightnday the Char sheet is what his char has if its not on there he doesnt have it he needs to show you all of the char info if he doesnt anything he wont show the char doesnt have.

Bioboygamer wrote:

Well, I've got some info from the player's character sheet:

Ifrit Sorcerer 3

STR 10
DEX 17
CON 17
INT 12
CHA 20

17 AC (4 armor + 3 from DEX)


Problem 1

his armor with mage armor and without is the same now if he uses shield spell THAT adds 4 ac in form of shield bonus.

Problem 2
his saves
fort and reflex are both correct but his will save is 2 not 4 he gets a +3 from class and - 1 from his wisdom mod

Problem 3 did you roll for stats or do point buy if point buy how many points?

Prob 4 list of spells he knows and his feats plus traits can help us flesh out what else might be wrong

Prob 5
the +30 ft base speed might come from his bloodline elemental fire if that is what he chose HOWEVER that comes at lvl 15

ALso to those who are debating arcane strike isnt that a bit off topic?

Hmmmmm..... Graven Guardian of Torag makes a decent early level construct minimum lvl is CL7.

[url]http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/constructs/guardian-grave n[/url]

All you have to do is replace the scimitar with warhammer since it uses the deity it is dedicated to favored weapon.

It wont attack worshipers of Torag unless they attack it.

YOu get to choose two domains for it good ones are:
artifice (fast healing 5)
war (makes the favored weapon +2 in its hands)
strength (gives it power attack)
rune (if it resist or is immune to an energy attack its next attack deals +1d6 of that energy type.)

Clockwork becomes available at CL 12 (some ways to boost cl exist)
Good choices are clockwork mage or clockwork soldier

CL 10 has some cheap rune guardians.

But the best lowlevel stuff would be animated objects since they are teh cheapest. Give the wizards spellbook an attack to defend itself creat flying shields and swords animte a tower shield to give you concealment against enemy mages. Create a flying light ballista thats got 4 arms so it can load as a standard action then give it rapid reload. Alot of what you can do is dependent on how much system mastery you have cause constructs didnt get a lot of love :(

EDIT some other suggestions include soul bound doll and soul bound shell. Both are capable of casting spells and such the soul bound doll is alimited caster while the shell is a full caster. The shell requires a willing lvl 12 caster....unlikely for you to find unless you have mind control and that doesnt seem correct for a forgepriest...should probably ignore the soulbound constructs they seem more like an evil char thing. Although if you encounter a unconsious Lvl 12 caster (mini boss maybe?) he counts as willing :)

See person above you mate

Fun ideas create a flying light ballista that is animated, CL 5
A stone statue that you animate
both are large creatures and get 4d10+30 hp cost for both is 6,250

AN orange Ioun Stone, or anyhting that increses you CL will let you create the constructs earlier, spell specialization, or Stand of prayers karma beads.

Dunno havent gone into them in depth but some first off constructs would also include soulbound mannequin, required soul does not need to be sentinent (that mouse eating your cheese) and can cast some spells too. Soul bound shell gets you a full mage but requires a sacrifice. Clockwork Mage is a CL12 construct that people like apparently.

EDIT: A great cl 7 construct would be the Graven guardian yougive it your gods favored weapon and it will treat it as +1 keen weapon.
SO for aspu that would be two 1d6+3str+1 from two handed+1 magic attacks on a full attack.
If you give it the artifice and strength domains during crafting you now have a fast healing 5 construct with 1d6+11 damage with a +9 to hit.

Possibility to upgrade it is in Ultimate magic.
Graven Guardian is from Bestiary 3

Are you allowed to use Ultimate Magic for constructs?
Edit: When you get to lvl 9 it will become cheaper due to having the 5th level domain spell fabricate.

Lets see things to keep in mind you have to meet minimum CL requirments unlike craft wonderous or craft magic arms and armor. You need both of the above for the craft construct feat minimum lvl 5.

Construct subdomain for your artifice cleric might be nice due to getting limited wish and polymorph any object instead of wall of iron and statue also slightly more thematically appropriate.

Cl 5 stuff
CL 7
Iron Cobra
CL 9
Terra Cotta Soldier
CL 10
Guardian Gargoyle
Bronze Sentinel
CL 11
Clay Golem
Rune Gaurdian of Wrath (exchanges burning hands for MM or another low level spell of evocation)
CL 12
Almost all Clockwork Constructs
CL 15
Clockwork Golem

Look here for the rules on creating your own custom animated objects
http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/constructs/animated-objec t

And Here

Favorite spell is the selected accelerate word spell available for word casters everywhere or via a feat at lvl 11

have a rank of alchemy and charging hurler and war hulk? and be dwarf then throw those halfling skirmishers at your enemy with their readied actions to throw javelins mid air

^ That and they can always fall back to the baggage train and pick more up. I mean you think they only carry 5? more realistic would be about 20 to a horse and when you have entire units of horsemen of say 100 throwing them at you 2000 javelins thrown into your side or front and weighing down shields and generally destroying any semblance of order can change a battle pretty well.

Dwarven sorcerer of the empyreal blood line.

8 str
18 dex
9(+2) con
20 wisdom
7 int
5 cha

add in a rank of monk for a 19 ac without spells like mage armor or shield and focus on spells that cause trouble or are save or die spells

Now now then you would have to add in a level of corssbloded wild blooded empyreal/deep earth sorceror for appropriate puns(closest I could find to a geomancer class).....or you could play steve...death incarnate

thought I should add this in as this giant has weapon focus (rock)
https://sites.google.com/site/pathfinderogc/bestiary/monster-listings/human oids/giants/giant-true/giant-cliff
if some one could link it that would be nice.... new here and dont know the forum linking stuff :)

and the official prd


they have a +12 to hit with the thrown rock
+1 from dex bonus
+10 from base attack
+1 from weapon focus
-1 from being large
+1 from the rock throwing EX ability
since the cliff giant is proficient only in simple and great club that means that rock is a simple weapon. damage for rocks is listed in universal monster rules with the damage dice in the specific entry take precedence over the general damage.
Rock Throwing listed here

Rock Throwing (Ex) This creature is an accomplished rock thrower and has a +1 racial bonus on attack rolls with thrown rocks. A creature can hurl rocks up to two categories smaller than its size; for example, a Large hill giant can hurl Small rocks. A “rock” is any large, bulky, and relatively regularly shaped object made of any material with a hardness of at least 5. The creature can hurl the rock up to five range increments. The size of the range increment varies with the creature. Damage from a thrown rock is generally twice the creature's base slam damage plus 1-1/2 its Strength bonus.

Format: rock throwing (120 ft.); Location: Special Attacks (damage is listed in Ranged attack).

Dotting. Thinking of a dwarven magus have to look at teh CoT stuff to set up my char sheet but it will be up soon hopefully.