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I fully agree with Paizo's policy of making price changes transparent and ensuring that they can pay everyone making the products a good wage for the excellent work they do.


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Rysky wrote:
Lesrek wrote:
All that to say, I really think OP should stand behind the Paizo APs regardless as content. Sanctioning is not an explicit endorsement of the content, just a recognition it is a Paizo AP. Reward your most loyal fans!
Define "loyal" , what makes you better and more special than others?

looks like the implication here is "buys, or probably has subscriptions to several product lines"

but there is no asking for special treatment, just that there shouldn't be products that are treated as worth less despite all the efforts that have gone into developing those contents. I greatly appreciate the work that was done on Agents of Edgewatch and run it as my first and third AP. But because it is not sanctioned (due to similar reasons of not being fit for public play) I suddenly feel like I could have spent my time better had I picked another AP. I was not in OP and definitely had strong sessions Zero with both groups when I started, and now I am locked in a very long campaign that I can't get anything out of for my characters due to bad luck and despite putting extra effort to make it palateable to my players (who have refused to play cops since that hits too close for some of my players)

Rysky wrote:
Lesrek wrote:
Because my players want to be rewarded with their time in OP as well since they dedicate time to both. Given the choice of two options of two APs, they will always default to an AP that will have carryover benefits to their OP characters.

How about playing the campaign y'all will actually like rather than one that'll only be played due to bribes?

Paizo is working better to curate their content for Organized Play, no difference than them not allowing Evil options while still publishing those things. There's nothing two faced and you're not "better" for demanding access to those in PFS.

PFS has an image and atmosphere they wish to maintain, one that's inviting and encouraging people to come back and play again. Naturally, certain options get the axe.

I'll agree on certain options getting the axe. Intestine Rope is not fit for any table ever in my opinion to name one thing off the streams (it was fit for the stream though... made me queasy) But you are not automatically opening all the options from an AP to the public play venues by offering the 12/12/30 for it. And I might be naive - but how many AP tables are actually played in public for PFS Credit? Don't these usually move to a players house, a separate Discord, a certain Forum thread that others are not expected to casually read or similar?

I want to say conflating Sanctioning and play in public is either an unconscious bias that stems from the reasoning for not sanctioning the AP, or a strawman, since it's explicitly not what Lesrek (and I) ask for.

Lesrek wrote:
And if they are so concerned about it being played in a public setting, why can't the sanctioning doc simply say that the game isn't to be played as an open game. Isn't that the whole point of the sanctioning doc in the first place? Provide limits on the "how" content is run?

(I'll also second that AV is sometimes going a step beyond what I find palateable and I certainly wouldn't like a GM reveling in some descriptions in public.)

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dmfourhire wrote:
Are goiung to have a foundry version for this one as well?

yes, the foundry module is finished and will likely be released later today. I hope that many can enjoy the work the team and I put in!


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Congrats Tim! :)

Congratulations all!

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- Developer Thurston Hillman to discuss upcoming digital products.

It seems we missed that one, any news you can share about the topic?

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*sneaks in again*

also, the damage or description of the other item is wrong

*sneaks out*

Still awesome. I just want it to be more awesome

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Seasons greetings, Winter week is saved and everyone can revel happily in this witches town.

I noticed during the play that once again the scaling information was missing, other than that an item the players can loot in this scenario has a link that the players can easily click to inspect the combat encounter's stats. I don't mind players looking up stats or having them memorized from being GMs, but handing them out is meh.

In my testgames this one was my favorite, I had diverse characters that were easy to get into to present my players. Thank you for this delightful set of bounties, for all the things I point out they were a lot of fun to run and I'd do it again given the chance with new material.

your Foundry Bot.

* I missed to note that the skill challenge's adjustment for more players was missing from the journals.

hehe, this bounty is a delight and I met my first tiny player Character here, she did all manner of marvelous things during the social scene.

The terrain walls can, at some positions, add odd shadows on the upper right corner of the map. Nothing too bad, but with walls, I am of the opinion that less is more.

During this run all players had terrible luck at the skill challenges and I got to burn them visiously for it, what a great NPC to do just that :)

I loved the theme of this Bounty, but my players lucked out and trivialized the combat. At this point, that's a meme in my run.

for my own convenience, I added the relevant condition to the special NPC abilities (and an inline save) but that is just me being phancy.

My group collectively failed to recall anything about the religious/social background used in this bounty and I'm still mad at the dice for that. Should have fudged that^^

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small addendum from yesterday's second glance: the special ability of the encounter is always scaled to its elite version.

I loved this bounty when I first played it and I loved running it with the totally chaotic party. Even though it's a short Bounty we had about 2 hours of mostly roleplay out of this :)

After the game one of my players noted that I was missing the 5/6 player adjustment, which made this far easier than it was supposed to be. Searching after the game didn't turn up any section in the journals or anywhere about the encounter adjustment, the information is just missing. (also the tokens weren't functional, but that's probably due to the process at some point and would be summarily fixed or worked around)

I also want to thank the artist for a very special Farm animal that is just too awesome and can't be appreciated enough. You know what I am talking about!

Played it today to break the new offer in. It's good to read and run on the screen and my party steamrolled the encounter.

But the tokens on the map seem to be unlinked from the ones in the actor directory. A small issue and fixed in under 5 secs, but it puzzled me for a moment to figure that out.

Also Kudos to the artists and a gridless map. This is a dream to look at!

Made a map for the Copper Hand Hideout, I hope the links are stable.

Grid version
No Grid Version

is there any scale for the city of absalom? the Festival can be measured using the Heroes fountain as a scale, but I don't know about absalom itself

Quick question: How important is the Dragonfly Pagoda for the rest of the AP? My group got very excited at the mention of a bounty for help keeping the peace and intend to set off to defeat stragglers in the cordoned off part of the Precipice quarter.

It'd be a bit awkward to give them all the information and all backgrounds of what is about to happen in the Pagoda, but they are already on the trail of the missing people and could conceivably go in and do the House of Planes as expected by the AP. I'd just create a dungeon to get their fighting quota/level filled while they travel around the undercity towards that house (essentially failing forward on that count)

Thanks, this will certainly come in handy while I GM.

That said, the Players guide says the AP is easily converted to not be about Law enforcement and offers bounty catchers and treasure hunters that are set on the crimes by the festivals planning commitee. The players guide also has no idea about the civil forfeiture issue, which would still be a thing as written? All in all that does not solve the issue at its heart and only makes it more messy by allowing basically anyone to don a badge and rob on sight of any misdemeanor.

I'll add that I am german and this hits pretty close to the Stasi, but worse. So I am left to redo almost all informants and reworking the treasure acquisition mechanism. I might be missing obvious things here, and considering that most of my players actively worship Ragathiel I have a servicable hook, but it does not feel like "Fortunately, it is a relatively simple matter to remove the law enforcement themes completely from this Adventure Path" - the Law enforcement themes do hinge upon the official payroll, not just the name of the employer.