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Which undead template are you looking for? Vampire? Ghost? Lich? Something else? Some sort of "generic" undead template?

What content do you feel is missing?

As far as creating your own content, I should probably have some links on hand, but let me do some research ...

First, there are the help files. They include some "classes" that lead you through some things, and a big reference guide.

Second, you could go to and click on the "Help and Support" tab near the top. You can get to the documentation/help files there, too, but there are also some video tutorials, and some links to the PCGen forums, the e-mail LST file help, and a live chat link which can be helpful.

Here's a couple of quotes from the PCGen mailing list:

Andrew wrote:
There is no planned Mac release. Apple has changed some important things they include or don't include, which has made it impossible for our new Mac volunteers to figure out how to create an actual Mac app build. However, the zip folder version can work on a Mac and is listed as the Mac download on sourceforge.
Ryan Johnston wrote:

Andrew is correct. The most recent release of PCGen will run just fine on a mac. Here are the steps to get the software running on a Mac:

1. Download and extract project from this URL: .zip
2. Navigate to extracted folder
3. double-click pcgen.jar

Notes: You might get some warnings about opening software downloaded from the Internet. Go ahead and open it.

You might need to make sure that "Allow apps downloaded from 'Anywhere'". That setting is in System Preferences->General

I know PCGen works on Mac. Our Mac packaging guy has been away for a while, so we don't have an automatic set-up, but the program itself works. I don't have a Mac, so I don't know what set-up steps are needed. I'll see if I can find out.

What book is Thunder and Fang from?

What version of PCGen are you using?

cerberuspuppy wrote:
I've never seen any Java app that wasn't garbage. Vassal, XMage, on and on they've ALL been about as reliable and user-friendly as a rabid porcupine. Trying to get PC Gen to work was like trying to build something out of melting LEGO.

While perhaps that was cathartic for you, it is of absolutely no help in making PCGen better.

What is it that you were trying to do? How did PCGen do it, and how did you want PCGen to do it? How can we make PCGen easier for you to use?

It would also help if you would include which version of PCGen you used last, so I know what to compare your experience with.

Why no Java "garbage"? Why does something being in Java automatically make it garbage?

What you are describing---I don't think it exists.

I'll admit, I'm confused. PCGen should not be asking for a license. You may see a notice that we are using the Open Gaming License, but you shouldn't need to accept or have any license yourself to use PCGen.

If you could walk me through what you are seeing when you try to use the program, I'll do what I can to help.

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Which version of PCGen are you using?

Scale mail is medium armor, which slows your speed to 20'. The slowed speed gives a -4 penalty to jump. That's probably where the difference is.

PCGen usually knows the rules better than I do. There are always bugs to work out, though.

If all else fails, the "Tools | Preferences" menu choice brings up a bunch of settings you can set. Clicking on the "Locations" entry in the left-hand column brings up the locations of saved characters, data files, and a bunch of other things. They also can be changed to other locations, as desired. [I do that for several of the directories.]