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A pet peeve I have with area descriptions in many APs is the descriptions are incomplete. I would rather the description be something I can read to convey what the characters seem, smell, hear, etc. when they enter an area. Many times though a description might omit the NPCs present in the room leaving the DM to tack this on sometimes awkwardly after reading the supplied description or, as I do, modifying the supplied description before the session to include missing elements. Is there a reason why some descriptions completely omit NPCs that would be completely visible and noticeable when characters enter an area?

Hero Lab offers Weresharks are a race option but they seem awfully powerful especially at lower levels (e.g., DR/10 (except silver)). I was familiar with the player option to be a Seascarred/Wereshark-kin (Blood of the Moon, pages 20-21) but have not seen any specific instance blessing a Wereshark as a player option. Anyone aware of any PF product blessing such an option? There are ways to make it work but my group is now curious whether Hero Lab's inclusion of Weresharks as a player option is based on some authority.

Any chance we will see this eventually?

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The latest video I've been able to find is:


This is pre-alpha footage. I am hopeful we can expect significant improvement in the graphics quality, texture quality, visual content depth and character motion quality when the game is complete.

Hearthstone is the relatively new online collectible card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment set within the Warcraft universe. While the Warcraft universe is certainly rich, I think an online collectible card game set within the Pathfinder/Inner Sea universe would be much richer. Incredible demand exists for such games. For example, an iPad version of Hearthstone was released for the iPad earlier this month and quickly became the number one app in 38 countries. A gaming analyst has been quoted as estimating the game will generate $30 million in revenue for Blizzard this year. The development costs should certainly be less than more costly, graphically-intensive games such as MMORPGs and MOBAs. Hell, I'd even be interested in helping finance development of the game if Paizo were interested.

We've all seen the TV ads where some gadget is sold for a "low price" but the "shipping and handling" charge is some crazy amount. Its easy to laugh about those companies because those ads are one big BS parade. However, I'm regularly shocked by what Paizo charges for "shipping and handling". But that hasn't prevented me in the past from ordering alot of stuff from Paizo.

However, today the issue really struck me. I ordered two of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook T-shirts from Paizo. The price for the shirts was $40. The "shipping and handling"? $13.12. This is using "standard postal delivery" which does not cost anywhere near $13.12. So obviously most of this charge is the "handling". When I try to order those same two shirts from Offworld Designs, the manufacturer of the shirts, the price for the shirts is the same, $40, but the shipping and handling is only $6.85 for Priority Mail shipment via the postal service.

So my question is for Paizo. Why are you charging $7-10 to place two shirts in a box?

Just for kicks, I tried to order a single die. ONE die. Cost of the die? $5.36. Cost of "shipping and handling" to send that one die regular postal mail? $3.83. Seems awfully high for a single die.

And before anyone posts it. I am completely aware I can choose to shop wherever and if I find Paizo's prices too high I can get most of this stuff elsewhere. But I want to support Paizo. But when I have to pay a significantly higher price and shipping and handling to order it through Paizo it gets tough to stomach.

I'd like Paizo to help me understand why their price structure makes sense.

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I humbly request that in future contests submitters have the ability to view their submission's statistics during the round 1 voting period. The ability to view the number of "votes for", "votes against" and "ties" would make the month long voting process less frightful! Also, seeing how these statistics develop might provide more insight as to whether a submitter should start working on whatever round 2 submissions would be. This is my first year participating and I have never done anything like this so I'm quite curious to know how my item fares (and I am one of those "instant gratification" types). I am quite hopeful I might have come up with something and simultaneously quite anxious I have produced the game design equivalent of a "turd". Save us from ourselves Paizo!

I am trying to determine whether touch attacks benefit from modifiers. I understand touch attacks are versus the flat-footed AC of the target but it is not clear (at least as far as I can tell) whether touch attack rolls benefit from modifiers that a normal attack would use. For example, Ray of Frost (Core Rulebook, pg. 330) states it requires success on a "ranged touch attack." While that attack is done against the target's flat-footed AC does the caster get to add modifiers to his/her ranged touch attack roll? Dexterity? Intelligence?