How about a Pathfinder version of Hearthstone?

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Hearthstone is the relatively new online collectible card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment set within the Warcraft universe. While the Warcraft universe is certainly rich, I think an online collectible card game set within the Pathfinder/Inner Sea universe would be much richer. Incredible demand exists for such games. For example, an iPad version of Hearthstone was released for the iPad earlier this month and quickly became the number one app in 38 countries. A gaming analyst has been quoted as estimating the game will generate $30 million in revenue for Blizzard this year. The development costs should certainly be less than more costly, graphically-intensive games such as MMORPGs and MOBAs. Hell, I'd even be interested in helping finance development of the game if Paizo were interested.

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I got a feeling that if Paizo does do something like this, they'd probably go the Pathfinder Online/Goblinworks route with it

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