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A pet peeve I have with area descriptions in many APs is the descriptions are incomplete. I would rather the description be something I can read to convey what the characters seem, smell, hear, etc. when they enter an area. Many times though a description might omit the NPCs present in the room leaving the DM to tack this on sometimes awkwardly after reading the supplied description or, as I do, modifying the supplied description before the session to include missing elements. Is there a reason why some descriptions completely omit NPCs that would be completely visible and noticeable when characters enter an area?

While I'd love a hardcover 200+ page setting book on the First World I'm happy to see this publication which somehow escaped my notice until now. Already pre-ordered it!

Hero Lab offers Weresharks are a race option but they seem awfully powerful especially at lower levels (e.g., DR/10 (except silver)). I was familiar with the player option to be a Seascarred/Wereshark-kin (Blood of the Moon, pages 20-21) but have not seen any specific instance blessing a Wereshark as a player option. Anyone aware of any PF product blessing such an option? There are ways to make it work but my group is now curious whether Hero Lab's inclusion of Weresharks as a player option is based on some authority.

You can already see class details in Hero Labs.

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