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Badly Disapointed


I'm a little confused by the presumed correlation with some of the powers they decide to add onto bardic performances, via these feats. Some of them strike me as excellent low level spells, and others as good inspiration for new bardic performances of their own.

Finally the last feat leaves you hanging with an incomplete sentence. When I saw that I decided not to buy any more products by this source, until they at least fix the downloadable issue.

Since the next character I'll probably get to play instead of running is a Bard, this was a sad dissapointment.

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Loved the Animal Aspects, however most of the other Feats struck me as badly designed rage powers. When if the price comes down to 1$ it'll be worth picking up for the remainders alone.

I'd like to see them do the equivalent of Kits for Barbarians.

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50% weak, 50% wonky


Not bad if you are doing hongkong action theater, unfortunately most of these don't fit in a midrange fantasy game, and several of those that do are overburdened with prerequisites. One or Two goodies in here.

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Well Written and well balanced, fits the PFRPG well, worth the cost.

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If only the others were this good.
Many of the Feats are a trifle underpowered and don't perfectly fit the PFRPG final rules.