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Undefeatable is the new supplement line for fans of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game who are looking to add more interesting a different feats to their gaming sessions.

Undefeatable 5, which focuses on Fighters, has over 20 feats including Accidents Happen, Dazzling Strike, Meat Shield, Shatter Undead and Vampire’s Thrust that are perfect to be used in any game setting. This 5-page PDF is just the sort of thing needed for GMs to add depth to any great Pathfinder Roleplaying Game session. Written by Simon Rocquette with Reuben Hinman.

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Average product rating:

1.50/5 (based on 4 ratings)

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So not what I was hoping for and also Just Wrong!


First off, the first feat uses rules from 3.5 not even beta or Pathfinder rules. What’s up with that? It uses the old idea of Dodge where you have to pick a target you’re dodging, but as I did reread the rules on this feat dodge applies to all attackers. So how can they say this is for Pathfinder rules if they get this so blatantly wrong?

Then the Armour focus feats are just like what Fighters are already getting from simple being a fighter, if these stack it really seems to me to get overly powerful.

Dawn Strike seems more of a paladin or cleric Feat but I guess it can work for a fighter, esp. if there are lots of Undead. Maybe call it Dawn Flower Strike to tie it to the deities more.

I just read Shatter Undead. What the? I know rolling a 20 isn’t that often but it will happen and you know just when the party battles the big major for but no I rolled a 20 and I win now. So wrong!!!

Ok I’m stopping commenting now as almost every other feat I read I think is either too powerful or too odd to ever be taken. The bard one sucked and really this one just doesn’t impress me either. I so enjoyed the Cleric and Wizard ones and I liked the Barbarian as well. But these two latest ones just fall so short.

Devils abdicate


I've been skimming through the feats on this one, I too question the balance properties of many of the feats. Having written that, the other PDFs do have rehashes of feats from the books in the Complete Series (Complete, Fighter, Complete Rogue etc), just with slightly different names. This one at least the feats are actually new (with the possible excetption of 2 feats on the 1st page).

Still, it's in pretty good family. Can't wait to see the Monks one.

50% weak, 50% wonky


Not bad if you are doing hongkong action theater, unfortunately most of these don't fit in a midrange fantasy game, and several of those that do are overburdened with prerequisites. One or Two goodies in here.



I love most of the other Undefeatable PDFs, but this one was a miss for me. I find Fighter's are difficult to do, so I can't say I expected any less.

The feats in here seem a little flashy for my tastes: creating golden replicas of your weapon that strike with you on your next attack, opening rifts in the ground with your weapon, conjuring buffeting winds to encircle you with a swing of your blade, etc. They're just not hitting their mark for me. Though if you liked TOB:Bo9S, then this might be more for you!

The balance of some of these feats are questionable, and having a party full of powergamers means I have to really eyeball things before I throw it onto the table to be torn to shreds. The mount feats didn't particularly excite me either, but that's more of a personal bias than a legitimate concern; those feats themselves seem alright.

Overall, if you've purchased the other 4 PDFs, I would either, A) grab this for the collection, or B) skip it in favor of a better one.

Now available!!!

The Exchange

I too agree with the above reviews. This product really misses the mark. Fighters with vampiric drain abilities? That is just wrong. Fighters are non-magical. Everything a fighter does can be extraordinary but should conform to some level of believeability. Summoning winds, vampiric drains and other over the top powers may make for fun if you envision fighters in a dragonball z kind of campaign but this supplement is a let down for the classic view of a fighter that just relies on steel, leather and wood to make his way in the world.

Good reviews, I will steer clear of this one. I liked Bo9S...but basic fighters are still basic fighters, and shouldn't have (SU) based feats.

I can see some of the feats being inappropriate for something like Golarion or Realms. But in some campaigns they could be very appropriate and negate the proliferation of fighter-derived classes. Which I think is fine.

I am getting the felling that we went a little to far "magical" with this one. Well in the future, I think we will make our warrior based class feats a little more "skill" like instead of magical effects. Thanks for the feedback!

Scarab Sages

LMPjr007 wrote:
I am getting the felling that we went a little to far "magical" with this one. Well in the future, I think we will make our warrior based class feats a little more "skill" like instead of magical effects. Thanks for the feedback!

Re-brand it as over-the-top martial arts style action feats, then the PDF will draw the crowd that would like this style of fighter.

For 99 cents I'd say this is worth buying. I might not use it but I'm only out a buck.

As already pointed out dodge is not a targeted feat thus conflicting with pathfinder rules.

Something else to mention:
Shield focus has the same name as a pathfinder feat the already exists, but has different abilities. I suggest everyone call it slightly different. Use the one from the supplement, for all the other feats that use it for a prereq as well.

I personally like some of the feats, just a little unclear on some of them as to what the end result is. 2 off the top of my head are slithering strike and triple strike. With triple strike I don't think you get to use your feats for attack and damage with it and it doesn't have the action it takes to activate it. If it is a move action it doesn't seem overpowered to me at all, free action then it can be broken, but so can other feats. With slithering strike not sure as to whether or not you can move after every attack as a free action or just once per round. There were a few others that seemed to lack full descriptions, but I can't remember what they were off the top of my head.

The Exchange

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

The Meat Shield feat is a completely dissociated mechanic -- there is no indication how or why the fighter gains the situational bonus to AC. This prevents any kind of adjudication of when the bonus does or does not apply (eg, does it apply when the fighter is near friendly summoned creatures?).

Also, the AC bonus is not typed, which is a rookie designer mistake.

It's also not clear why this feat is restricted to fighters, or how this feat is balanced. Fighters may need some help, even in PFRPG, but a massive untyped bonus to AC is probably not high on the list.

Scarab Sages

Agreed. Too much magical fighter. Too much *stack this up with this ability*. As a DM, there are a few feats in there I wouldn't allow in my game because they're too offsetting to the balance :/ A couple super-broken feats.

Dazzling Strike comes to mind here.

Spelling errors as well.

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