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My package is missing Orcs of Golarion.

I double checked my online order, and packing slip, and it is listed on both.

Since I have the PDF, there is no rush to ship it out to me. If it would be easier, it can wait until my next shipment.

Unnecessary story short, I just now went to download the Adventurer's Armory updated PDF.

There is no easy way to single out, or highlight, updated or modified files.

Some way to do that would be nice. I am thinking maybe a release date, and a last modified date, both sortable? That seems to be the easiest way to do it to me.

Or is something like this already on the to-do list?

I wasn't quite sure where this thread belonged. Off Topic, Video Games or here. I settled for here.

This isn't meant as a rant, but I am bitter about it so that will likely bleed through.

I am making this thread to warn people about PayPal and NCSoft not "playing nice together."
For the past month, I have been trying to work with both PayPal and NCSoft to try to resolve a "payment issue," with out any resolution yet.

From what I can gather online, and it isn't much, PayPal has NCSoft "blacklisted" after a fashion, and clamps down security when some try to make a payment to NCSoft* (like me).
This would be acceptable, if annoying, except NCSoft then turns around and blocks/bans your game account that you were trying to make a payment on/to. And NCSoft Support for game blocks/bans is not something anyone wants to deal with. Trust me on that.

So, after resolving every issue with PayPal a week or so ago, I am still waiting for NCSoft to either complete the transaction - in which case I get my game account back, or cancel the transaction - so that I can get the money that PayPal has been holding for a month back.

If avoiding NCSoft isn't an option, avoid paying with PayPal if you can.

*There are rumors of identity theft and lawsuits revolving around PayPal and NCSoft. I do not mean that either company perpetrated those actions against the other, but that there are many instances of other people perpetrating them and using PayPal with NCSoft.

Microsoft did some major patching today (yesterday, depending on timezone)

I'm not sure this topic deserves its' own thread, but I couldn't find a better thread for it that it wouldn't get lost in.

Allegedly only for new customers (and current customers can opt out without contract renewal), but there is no more unlimited plan.

A post from an Apple thread encouraged me to pass on some things to hopefully raise awareness.

The post snippet:

0gre wrote:
If you are your own technical support and value your time at $0/ hour then Windows is an easy call. If you support family/ friends or don't feel like dealing with anti-virus and an unreliable OS then Apple is an easy call. I hate working on other people's computers so I bought wife/ daughters/ mother Macs and don't worry about it. Maybe I paid a bit more for those computers but the fact that I don't have to deal with supporting them more than makes up for the price difference.

That was certainly true. But it is changing fast.

Last year, information on writing rootkits for Mac OS X was presented at the Black Hat Security Conference.

A "proof of concept" iPad and smartphone rootkit demonstration.

An article on malware scanners failing mentions the systems of infected machines worked on. Of note are OS X and even Ubuntu Linux (2 years old, but still of importance).

Mac OS specific spyware.

Don't let yourself fall into a false sense of security people. As Windows security gets better, and alternate market share rises, (and let's face it, virus writers getting bored with focusing on Windows), all other OSs will be seeing a rise in malware.

I am wondering what level of proficiency the forum community thinks posters should assume about other posters.

In a semi-recent thread in the Rules Questions forum, it became clear that a few posters expected everyone to maintain a level of proficiency in the English language roughly equal to that of a native speaker of about 20ish years (my assumption).

I would like to hear what others think.

Me, I've seen it time and again that anyone asking if a "creative interpretation" of the rules was legal/legit/kosher, ends up admitting down thread that English isn't their first language. And yet, posters answering the question assume that the questioner holds the same mastery over the English language that the answerers do.

Maybe I expect too much of posters trying to answer rules questions... But I hold them up to a level close to that of a Paizo employee. After all, they are an unofficial representative of the company if they are trying to answer questions about company products.

Then again, it is pretty messed up if the third biggest troll on these boards has to fight for compassion and understanding for a subset of forum posters...

EDITed:: to fix typos that weren't pointed out to me.

According to Sebastian Rupley on episode 208 of Cranky Geeks (approx. time index 26:25), Freescale has eReader chips that will allow $60-$70 eBook readers.

So, either I nailed it in my first pass - not very likely...

Or no one else gives a damn about the surfing safety of other Paizonians?

There have been many threads and posts about how the Summoners' Summon Monster spell-like abilities (abbreviated as SLAs from here) are "too much."

There have been several suggestions on reducing the overall impact of the SLAs in order to bring the Summoner more in line, and to reduce the "nova" effect.

What if we made the SLAs useful for something else? That would reduce the "nova" effect, without nerfing the schtick of the class as much.


The Summoner can convert a use of his/her SLAs to a healing effect on the Eidolon, and only the Eidolon.
Similar to channel energy, the SKA would heal a number of d6s of damage per level of Summon Monster. 1d6 at 1st and 2nd, 2d6 at 3rd and 4th, and 9d6 at 17th and 18th. At 19th, maybe the SLa counts as a Heal, but that might be much.

Keep an eye on your Shipping charge if you order this.

For me, the charge is $15.94.

I'm not trying to get Paizo to justify it, just warning prospective customers.

Have a look.

Yeah, yeah. I know. No one cares, and I'm just a whining cry baby for even thinking the way I do.

Guess what? Stop reading right now. This isn't the thread for you if you are thinking that way.

If you are still reading, then I suspect you are curious, and for that reader I'll try to explain what it is that is taking my interest in Pathfinder away.

No, I don't expect anything to come from this. But I do expect Paizo to take note. Again, I don't expect that notation to change anything.

First, let me explain I don't really speak for the group I play in. But that group does tend to share my opinions, so I am a reasonable representation of about 8 people.

We didn't like the change from 3.0 to 3.5. Financial situation aside, there was too much nerfing of spells. The change in Heal and Harm were enough for me to want to throw the 3.5 PHB into traffic. Add to that the reduction in buff spell lengths and it was almost settled. And we could understand, and sympathise, with the reasons they were changed.
Liking something has very little to do with comprehension, or understanding.
So why did we change?
The Ranger.
Yeap, one class adjustment was enough to put aside our disdain for the other changes.

And it played well. We had fun. But I still cringe when I look at Heal/Harm.

What we liked in Pathfinder Beta:
Barbarian Rage Points. Yes the points. The powers were refreshing, but the points sold the change. While the points might have needed tweaking, they gave each power weight. If tweaked just right they eliminated the "obvious choice" of powers. These didn't even make it out of Beta... The powers themselves feel too much like a CCG to enjoy as is.
Human Weapon Training. Finally, a compelling reason to play humans. No, a feat and a bonus skill point weren't enough for our group. Humans are too bland, too normal. Hell, we are just as likely play non-PHB races as we are to play non-human PHB races. Any time we had a character idea that used a martial weapon, we could forgo the 1 level dip into a warrior class (usually Fighter) and play a human. This, too, didn't even make it out of Beta.
Channel Energy. This one hurts the most. There are very few classes that can suffer the "Hand of God" rule (meaning the DM has rules to take class powers away at a "whim"), and all of them suffer the same stigma. Clerics, Paladins, and Druids fall into this category. Any excuse to get one of these classes to the table is welcome. Giving them more power and flexibility is the most obvious way to do it. Hell, that was why the Cleric was given so much power in 3.0. It was to entice players into enjoying the class. Channel Energy was almost it, although a little too short in range. Now Clerics need to take a feat to do what they have been expected to do for years before PFRPG. It isn't a good example, but it would be similar to if Fighters had to take a feat to be able to do combat maneuvers, or Rogues needed to take a feat to Sneak Attack or Trapfind.
Fire Domain Fire Bolt ability. Yes, that one thing was great. I have - well had - a character idea that revolves around that alone. A full fledged idea and background and everything. Now I see that any character based on that needs to have a 15 minute work day...

There are a couple of other things we still like about the Beta, but I know they were opposed pretty heavily so I doubt they will make it through the final.

What we didn't like about the Beta:
Sorcerer Bloodlines. Don't get me wrong. Flavor was great. But for us, Sorcerers didn't need any boost. So this is a power increase that isn't needed for us.
Consolidated Skills. While I get the simplicity... It is hard to wrap my fury little brain around some of them. My character has to be fluent in 15 different languages just to be a master forger? Really?
The nerf in shape altering spells. Yes, I know this is a contentious area. Remember, liking has nothing to do with understanding. Problem is, we are adults. We used the spells responsibly. Others didn't, and we all have to be treated as children now.

So what we end up with is everything (or at least almost everything right now) that we liked about the Beta is gutted, and every thing we didn't like is still in.

So think less of me if you like to, but there really isn't anything about Pathfinder holding my, or my groups' interest.

But there might be that one class adjustment that makes it all worth it.
I'm sure not expecting it.

I'm not so much complaining, as questioning / reporting possible "funkiness."

I ordered my new Gamemastery Subscriptions today in one order - with nothing else.

I received three order confirmation emails.

1186340 was notice for the two subscriptions, and nothing else.
1186342 was for no items and a $4+ shipping charge.
1186344 was also for no items and a $3+ shipping charge.
(I might have the values reversed for the shipping charges.)

Is this correct, and not an error?

Presented by Brian Brushwood. (Note, this is a panel to educate people on the tricks that con men/people use to manipulate people.)

Part 1
Part 2

Most of this stuff I have figured out myself, but I am a bit shocked at how many people fall for the Authority FAP... Seems we are programmed to accept anything presented by someone in a uniform, no matter how fake. :-S

I'm watching The Totally Rad Show (admittedly, I don't really like the show, but I like the news aspect of it).

They are reviewing Terminator Salvation, and they don't really have a clue about the time traveling paradox the franchise uses...

They are complaining the the Machines "know too much" for the future, but forget that Skynet grows from the series so it has that information in the future.

There is a reason I fast forward through most of it. ;-)

Bugleyman and I started a discussion on this in another thread, and I feel compelled to continue it. This isn't meant to "call out" bugleyman, but if he feels like posting in this thread I'd welcome it.

For the record, we seem to be on opposite sides of the issue. But, I'm making an assumption based on our exchange.
I'm against the government making laws preventing people from treating their own bodies any way they want. Unless it can be proven, clearly, that their actions put others at risk, I don't feel government should have any say. I'm Chaotic that way. ;-)

We have been inundated with propaganda, essentially, that claims seat belt use saves lives.

According to the Click it or Ticket campaign, "60% of fatal car accidents occured with occupants not wearing seatbelts." Unfortunately, I didn't have the patience to track down where they were hiding that ad blurb on their website, but I did find this site that relates that same statistic in it's third sentence.

It is presented in a way to suggest that if all of those people that had died had just worn their seat belts, they would be alive now.

The problem with that is that statistic also means that 40% (37% if you use the stats from of fatal car accidents occured with occupants wearing seat belts.

I think it is safe to assume that any accident that can cause your death while wearing a seat belt will also cause your death when you aren't wearing one. Sure there are some corner case examples that refute this, but it really is close enough.

Now, if we assume equal representation of accidents across wearing a seat belt, and not, that means 40% (37% from of those fatalities without a seat belt would have been fatal anyway.

I'm extrapolating a bit, but that suggests that maybe 1 in 5 fatalities could have been prevented by wearing a seat belt.

I have to stress maybe. Not only because my extrapolations aren't as accurate as they should be, but also because I don't think those statistics really get to the heart of the matter. I find it reasonable to think that the fatalities that occured without a seat belt were primarily caused by reckless driving, and that the accidents would still have occured even if seat belts were involved due to the poor driving judgement of those involved. Unfortunately for me, it is all too easy to debate if wearing a seat belt would have made a difference.

But is 1 in 5 fatalities prevented worth enforcing the requirement of wearing seat belts?

And then there is the question about quality of life, and if the individual would rather be dead than in the condition they might be in if the seat belt really does save their life...

And just to present another view, Stick it to Click it or Ticket is an online organisation lobbying against seatbelt laws. I'm not affiliated with them, nor do I claim them as allies or authorities. I haven't gone through their website to verify if I even agree with them fully. But I did want to point out this page for those that want to "talk data."

(I apologise for how crappy the formating will turn out to be, but I can't really do anything about that.)

SITCIOT wrote:

Traffic Safety Lie #3: “Seatbelts reduce traffic accident fatalities.” and/or “People who wear seat belts are safer drivers.”

The Hard Facts: According to the NHTSA’s “National Occupant Protection Use Survey”, Seatbelt use in the United States was at 58% in Fall, 1994. In 2006, the national use rate was up to a national average of 81% - an increase of 23%. Using the logic of today’s so-called traffic safety advocates that every seatbelt worn saves a life, we should notice a corresponding 23% statistical decline in the number of deaths on our roadways. But the statistics do not show this to be the case.

The top six states for seatbelt use (in 2006) were as follows: Washington (96.3%), Michigan (94.3%), Oregon (94.1%), California (93.4%), Puerto Rico (92.7%) and Hawaii (92.5%). The chart below shows the number of fatalities in each of these states each year, according to The Fatality An Reporting System (FARS).
Washington Michigan Oregon California Puerto Rico Hawaii
1994 640 1,421 494 4,232 122
1995 653 1,530 574 4,192 130
1996 712 1,505 526 3,989 148
1997 674 1,446 524 3,688 131
1998 662 1,366 538 3,494 120
1999 637 1,382 414 3,559 98
2000 631 1,382 451 3,753 132
2001 649 1,328 488 3,956 140
2002 658 1,277 436 4,088 119
2003 600 1,283 512 4,224 135
2004 567 1,159 456 4,120 142
2005 649 1,229 487 4,333 140
2006 630 1,085 477 4,236 161
-1.56% -23.65% -3.44% +0.09% +31.97%

An unbiased examination of the facts shows us that seat belts fail to produce the life-saving results their supporters credit them with even in the states where their use is most prevalent. While one could argue that Michigan benefited from seat belts with a 23.65% drop in fatalities, this is canceled by the 31.97% increase in fatalities in Hawaii. The remaining states have produced dismal results despite their very high seatbelt usage rates. The reductions in fatalities are in the very low single digit percentage point range and in some cases, a slight increase in fatalities was noticed.

And if bugleyman will forgive me porting a post in that other thread over to here:

bugleyman wrote:
Matthew Morris wrote:
I'm also against mandatory seat-belt laws. If I want to increase my own risk, where's the state to tell me I can't?
Great; except that society has to spend resources to scoop your brains off the road.

But the reality is, society is spending those resources even if no one is scooping Mathew Morris' brains off the road.

The response personnel aren't paid on a per job basis. They are still getting paid if they are sitting around the card table as if they are out scooping brains off the road.

No, the title wasn't a less than clever attempt to not put “Edition” in it. The truth is, while this thread is inspired by the “Edition Wars,” and will touch upon it, it isn't restricted to that war alone and I couldn't come up with a better way to indicate that in the title without making it very long.

It is clear that there are several people that want the “Edition Wars” to just end. Good luck with that.

While I sympathize with that feeling. It is simply human nature. Nearly everyone, at one time or another, will reach the point of stepping beyond simple fanatic (let us remember, that is what fan is short for) basking in the glories of our thing of worship and sucking it up with his/her/it's failures. It is at that point, when the source of our fanaticism touches our hearts so deeply that we can no longer stand by and even let another speak ill of our object of devotion. And then we step into the realm of ideological proselytization.

Before anyone thinks they will cleverly point out the times I have succumbed to this irrational behavior, let me point out that I didn't claim I have not, nor never will, cross that line. As I said, it is human nature.

Let us look back on “Wars” that have passed, and are still raging.

Sports Teams: How many generations has this gone on? It has been a while since I have heard anything from “across the pond,” but for a time there it seemed as if there was a brawl every few months in Europe between sports fans. And while it certainly wasn't condoned, it appeared as if as long as no one was maimed or killed, it was viewed as a matter of course. “Oh those hooligans are at it again...”

Race Car Drivers: Probably a sub set of Sports Teams, but prolific enough to warrant it's own listing.

Car Brands: How many generations has the Chevy / Ford War gone on? Although this may be a bad example, as it may be artificially ended soon. While I never really partook in this war, I do remember the t-shirts being sold in its peak “I'd rather push a Chevy, than drive a Ford,” and vice versa. I wonder what the D&D equivalent would be? “I'd rather house rule 3.5, than play 4e,” and vice versa.

Operating Systems/Computer Brands: How many decades has the Mac/PC war gone on? How many more will there be?

Game Consoles: How many decades has there been the rift between Sony and Nintendo? Not to mention all the other littler brands that have cropped up, and died. Then there is the Xbox.

Authors: Even the most reserved of educated persons can get worked up over approaching slander of their favorite author.

Blu Ray/HD-DVD
Vinyl/8 Track/Cassette/CD/MP3/FLAC/etc

And probably countless more than I am not remembering right now.

So, if those that wish to have the “Edition Wars” end can somehow convince others of the correctness of their ideals, without suffering ideological proselytization themselves, I'd love to hear how. I could use a change of tactics myself.

The title says it mostly, but to be more clear...

What would you say if a player asked to make a Fiendish Familiar (Fiendish Symbiont from the Fiend Folio) as his Sorcerer's Familiar?

Technically I know it doesn't fit the Animal or Magical Beast base for familiars, and I really don't think it would add anything as a familiar that it doesn't give the character anyway.

So I am thinking it really doesn't deserve status as an Improved Familiar.

I'd be interested in others thoughts and opinions please.

First, let me make it clear that I am not looking for step by step instructions, nor am I asking for anyone to do the work for me. But I will entertain offers. ;-)

My friend, and GM, has had his game world running for about 30ish years now.
His world map started out as a hand sketch, then got scanned into digital format when the technology was new. Since then, it has been "colorized," and labeled, with no consistency and haphazardly.
To make matters worse, it is so low in resolution that it blurs terribly if you even try to zoom in on it.

So, what I am looking to do is improve it.

I'm looking for hints, tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to 1) increase resolution so that it can be zoomed in on, 2) clean up the labeling, 3) and generally make it more usable.

It doesn't have or need much detail. It is really just a political map with major geographical details.

If there is a way to do it like I would do it analog, I'd use an overlay to trace the continent lines, and political lines, then blow it up to clean them for higher resolution. Then I could label it consistently.

The big problem is I've never really used image editing software and I am lost trying to find anything.

So what should I do to start this?

If it helps, I'd prefer to use GIMP.

My group just got through The part of Edge of Anarchy where you can play this "game."

The scene went well, we were all entertained. It played well.

But the GM had a problem with the way the gambling works. At first I thought it worked as intended - naturally encouraging betting against the favorite.
But upon thinking further, I think our GM might be right. Unfortunately it has been too many years since my one Statistics class that I can no longer produce stats and formulas to help my point.

But essentially, unless we are missing something, the game encourages betting on the side with the least betters and betting less than every one on that side. And if everyone follows that train of thought to its conclusion, then there can't be a game since it requires the wages to play with.

For example, if there are two players and ten betters and the average wager is 2 pieces (for this it doesn't matter what pieces as long as they are the same) and you bet 8 pieces (you are one of the ten betters) - if your side has a total of four betters or more you won't even get your money back. The winner gets 13, and your side gets 13. With you 8, and your three (or more) partners 2 each, that leaves your side 1 piece (or more) short of breaking even.

On the other hand, with the same set up, if the average wager is 5 pieces and you bet 1:
The winner receives 23, leaving your side 23 to split. If your side has four betters in addition to you there are 2 pieces left to split among the five of you - after initial wagers are returned.

There really isn't much incentive to bet.

Is this really how it is supposed to go?
Are we missing something?

As of about 2:30am EST (if not earlier) the site is acting bogged down, or overworked.

I can sympathize.

NOTE: I am not complaining, just reporting. I hope it isn't anything serious.

Small nit pick, but I'd like to see the following made a bit clearer:

Under Rogue Talents: it states "A rogue cannot select an individual talent more than once."

Does that mean that any given Rogue can only select the talents Combat Trick, Major Magic, Minor Magic, and Weapon Training only once each?

Or can a Rogue take them multiple times, selecting a different sub-selection each time?

Due to exhaustion and work, I am just now reaching the point where I can contribute...

And I see a slew of threads out there. A lot of threads. I am not complaining about this... But I just don't know what I can add.

So, Jason Bulmahn - or appointed lackey(s) - is there any area that hasn't been commented on (enough) that you would like to see more opinions on?

What area can I be most helpful with?

I know things are still a bit hectic... And the dust hasn't quite settled yet...

But if you guys are willing to discuss it, I'd like to hear how Paizo feels after the announcement of the Pathfinder RPG.

I know you lost several subscriptions. I know you gained a couple. This I gleaned from the messageboards.

But I was wondering if you are confident of your stance, a little concerned - borderline, or you aren't sure about your stance yet.

And if you are willing to pass on numbers, I'd like to know as well.

BUT, I am also willing to accept "we won't discuss that."

Please stop celebrating in other peoples threads. Especially since we have our own area to praise and thank Paizo.

I know you want to sing you joy to the world, but lets let those mourning the loss of Pathfinder 4th Edition grieve in peace, shall we? We would want the same if the roles were reversed.

I'm not wanting to reopen old wounds, but I do need to summarize what happened to give enough background to my point.

A few days ago there was a situation on the forums. Either you know about it or don't. During that situation, I lost my temper. So, I took a break. I stepped back, and stopped posting for a while. I regained my composure, and my rationality – which might have been the worst thing to happen as far as interaction between Paizo and I go.

I come back, and looked at what happened in my absence... And all I can say is wow. Paizo staffers and affiliates making venomous and insulting posts and then justifying it with “If you find that insulting, then these aren't the boards for you.” Slick guys, reel slick. Way to lower that PR bar back down to human levels.

And that is when it hit me.

I am not supporting WotC for two basic reasons

  • They are insulting their customer base. Even if I am not personally insulted, or if the entire customer base doesn't feel insulted.
  • They are producing a product that I will never use.

Paizo, on the other hand:

  • Are insulting their customer base. Even if I am not personally insulted, or if the entire customer base doesn't feel insulted.
  • They are producing a product that, if I am truly honest with myself, I will probably never use.

So. There it is. Guys like Joshua Frost, and Steve Greer have “forced my hand.” I only see three options before me, and I am hoping the wise posters here can see another couple options.

  • Be a hypocrite. This is something I loathe to be. Sure, I've been a hypocrite in my life, and probably will again. But not willingly.
  • Buy 4th Edition, and other products just to justify continuing my Pathfinder subscriptions and all the other purchases I make from Paizo. Yeah. This will happen. Even if I had enough money to do this, this isn't a very likable option.
  • Stop supporting Paizo. And I don't want to do that. Nicholas Logue, and Mike McArtor alone are reason to keep purchasing. But it is the option I am most willing to take.

So I look to the rest of you. What angles am I missing? Please tell me there is another path to take?

First, let me state a few things that I will never be able to stress enough through this media.

1)I do not blame Paizo for their actions, nor do I fault them for it.
2)I do not encourage, nor advocate personal attacks.
3)I can never, never, never express just how angry I am now. Written words will never convey it.

I hate what has become of the Paizo forums. I really do. And the moderation hasn't even really gotten heavy handed yet. But the snowball has been thrown onto the mountain side, and it is only a matter of time before the avalanche falls.

I have seen it before, and I see it starting once again. Once forum “rules” are posted, everyone thinks they have the right to interpret them as they see fit. And worse yet, to try and enforce them every chance they get.

And if that wasn't enough, everyone will start posting while walking around eggshells and wrapping their figurative hands up with twelve pounds of gauze on each hand to keep from hurting each other. Gone are the days of truly honest discussion.

It is a sad state of affairs. And worse than that, those posters that “won” this victory will take it upon themselves to enforce their vision of how these forums should be conducted.

I hate the feeling that I have a knife to my throat waiting to cut the life out of me if I should post something, somewhere, that someone might find offensive. Before someone thinks I am being overly dramatic, my posts are my words. My words are me. Cutting my words out, is cutting me.

I despise the feeling that I am being “punished” by other peoples actions. You want to punish me for something I have done? Fine. Be my guest. No matter how much I may not like it, I can't fault you for that. I really, really, really HHHAAAAAATTTTTTTTEEEEEE being punished for other people. You have no idea how much I despise that.

The reason why? I would never be so damn arrogant to force others to live to my ideals. And I really hate (yes, I have grown tired of trying to stress that word) others forcing me to live to their ideals. EVEN IF I AGREE WITH THEM!

Putting a pretty face upon the ugliness of humanity doesn't make the ugliness go away. All it does it force that ugliness to fester, and breed, and grow stronger.

I personally don't get along well with Sebastian, or Crosswiredmind. But making me pretend that I love them is a disservice to me.

Right now, I have lost all interest in Paizo as a company. It isn't that I am considering withdrawing my subscriptions to spite them. It isn't that I am trying to get revenge. It is that I have lost all love for the company.

And if that wasn't enough... It is because of other peoples actions. Not even Paizos. So that increases my hatred in general due to making me a hypocrite against my will.

In an effort to keep from burning this place down with my flames, I am going to stop visiting for a while (to which there is much rejoicing). If I never post again, it will be because I can't stomach the hatred and loathing I feel every time I go to click on the Paizo link.

Be wary of Pelgrane Press.

Disclaimer: This post will touch upon DRM. I am not trying to advocate piracy, nor condemn companies trying to prevent it. I am only trying to relay information.

A friend of mine recently purchased a PDF file off of DriveThruRPG published by Pelgrane Press.

It turns out the file is protected against printing, among the usual modification protection.

The biggest gripe about this is there was no warning of this that my friend could see. Had he been aware of this restriction, he would never have purchased the file.

I made this post as a warning to, hopefully, prevent others from falling into this situation.

ENWorld thread

Repost in the following spoiler, to save space:

Queen Dopplepopolis/DangerGirl!, Xath and I also got to see a preview of D&D Insider and the new D&D Game Table this weekend at the D&D Experience. We spoke to Chris Youngs (formerly Chris Thomassen), Scott Rouse, and a couple of the software producers working with Wizards, including head producer Didier Monin.

The build we saw was "Pre-Alpha," and represents the current version of the software. Attendees had the opportunity to volunteer for a public beta of the software, and Chris and Didier guessed that the full D&D Insider would launch "close to the launch of 4e." However, they stressed that they wouldn't push the product out "until it's ready," and acknowledged the importance of getting it "right" from moment one.

The character creator was highly reminiscent of a number of MMORPGs, and appeared to be at least as customizable as any I've encountered in that milieau (comparable to City of Heroes, in my opinion). You can adjust characters' height and weight, and "pose" the visiualized character in a number of different ways, and once you've done that, it can act as a 3D digital miniature in the Game Table application. The faces weren't photorealistic, but there were a number of "morphing tools," as well as a skin and hair-color palette that offered a lot of customization choices. They showed off a female face that was at least a little more feminine than some of the pics that have already surfaced on the net. Certainly passable, if not the most beautiful character I've ever seen. Better than some of the really masculine females that have been posted elsewhere online.

We didn't get to see how the character visualizer would interact with the electronic character sheet application that they have planned for the game, but we were assured that they would integrate the two programs in some way. Scott and Chris both intimated that the character sheet program would interact with the rules database that has already been mentioned from the weekend, but details on that front were scarce.

The Dungeon Builder, part of the D&D Game Table, is a tile-based application, apparently using digital version of WotC's Dungeon Tiles. As with the paper versions, the tiles are flippable, and have slightly different pictures on the front than on the back. There were a few 3D elements (some braziers, for example, in the dungeon we saw), but we were told not to expect many 3D map elements at launch. We were told that there would probably be 40 fully 3D digital miniatures available at the product's launch, including some fan favorites like the Beholder. There will be more to come, although the price point for these digital minis is still being discussed. In the mean time, users will be able to create tiles with existing digital art for use at the game table, sized appropriately for small, medium, large, huge, etc. creatures. There are currently no plans to allow people to create their own 3D assets for use as terrain or minis, and Chris Youngs seemed surprised that there seemed to be so much interest in what he dubbed "casual 3D modeling."

You can lay tiles over each other (putting, say, a tower on a set of wilderness tiles), or a overlaying a pit over a stone hallway. You could also draw free-hand, but there was no option to "fill" areas with terrain; there will also be an erase tool that will allow you to do some shaping, but definitely not the ultimate in customization. Scott noted that this was, at least in part, intentional, so that the Dungeon Builder wouldn't be able to compete directly with the Dungeon Tiles line. For that same reason, maps created in the dungeon builder will be able to be printed/exported as .jpg or .png files, but not as fully-useable, gridded tactical maps for use at the actual table.

Nevertheless, everyone from Wizards seemed excited that the tool would allow people to re-connect with groups/players lost to distance or time, and guessed that there would be e-adventures designed specifically for the application available at or shortly after launch. To that end, there's a well-developed chat tool, as well as solid voice software. Scott compared the projected uses of the D&D Game Table with Magic Online, which brought bunches of lapsed M:TG players back into the fold.

On a personal note, I'd say the product we saw would be probably be worth $10/month, especially given access to the Rules Database that others have mentioned. That said, at this stage, it doesn't look to be a revolitionary leap in gaming technology.

I am a bit concerned... I would think they should have more solid details at this point. It could be that they are unwilling to reveal details... But that info is presented more as the details aren't known.

Listen, I am not trying to criticize you guys in any way. Nor am I complaining.

In fact, I would ask everyone else to keep complaints out of this thread.

But why/how can items be removed from my cart while I am shopping?

I added one item to my cart, and everything was fine. I went to add another item, and the first was removed due to it being unavailable. I almost missed the message as I went to add a third item, and was told that was unavailable.

At this point, the second item is still in my cart, as I look the page over and see everything has reached Out of Stock/Unavailable status except one item. Since I am not interested in the remaining item, I head over to view my cart to take the one item on it out, and it is removed from my cart because it is unavailable.

I am not looking for anything except an answer to the following question:

Why is your system set up like that?

I do not have a problem with how things worked out. Had everything sold out while I was loading the first three items, I would have "put them back" anyway. I am just a bit shocked at the system not being elegant for once. :-)

In another thread, I have read a couple people mention they hope 4th Edition will fix the problems with rogues. (Thread Link WARNING: 4th Edition thread.)


I am missing something. I don't notice any problems with Rogues...

Could someone clue me in?

Firstly, this technically isn't the correct forum for this thread. But since my transgressions happened in the 4th Edition Forum, I feel my apology should go here as well.

I am sorry. I jacked the thread Death and Dying to hell and back. And then some more.

That wasn't my intention, nor was it my plan. But it still happened.

I do realize that that thread was not the most appropriate place to "have it out," but I never saw a better way to handle it.

I have no excuse.

If any of you feel compelled to comment on my behavior, please, I invite you to do so in this thread.

Disclaimer: Before you light your pitchforks, or sharpen your torches... I am not here pointing a finger at WotC and saying "you naughty, evil, Alcalde..."

You may be wondering why I am posting this here. And that is because it touches on WotC's (lack of) marketing, and I'd rather be wrong for posting it here, than wrong for posting it elsewhere...

Now on to my

Main Point: If you are not aware, then earlier this week WotC partially lifted select playtesters from their NDA. These individuals (One of which is Nicolas Logue posting here) were allowed to share their positive experiences about 4th Edition.

Some people feel this practice is underhanded. I am neither supporting or disputing that opinion. I'll leave that to the individual to decide.

However, I was reading the February 2008 (issue 225) issue of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly), in specific the editorial by Editor-in-Chief Dan Hsu.

And it struck me that video game producers are acting strangly similar to WotC. I know, that isn't going to help the claim that 4th Edition is like a video game... But I can't change that.

In short, that editorial claims that in the past if a VG company didn't like your reviews/previews, they would just pull advertising. Lately though, companies pull your right to preview their product.

So the point I guess I am trying to make is, if you don't like the way WotC is handling things, it is very likely you won't like what (some) video game companies do.

And you may want to stay out of the consumer market altogether soon...

Again, I am not supporting, or vilifying, these companies and practices. The actions aren't really immoral, nor unethical. And they certainly aren't illegal. I don't think it is smart... But that is something else entirely.

I just started my Pathfinder Chronicles subscription, and chose to start with the map folio (since I already received the item cards).

I went to cancel my pre-order for the map folio, and found it automatically was canceled.

You may have a one man crew when it comes to your software...

But it is much more professional and elegant than most personal transactions I am involved in.

While I am at it, I wish all the staff happy holidays, and a successful new year.

Thank you all.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting in an estimate of time before shipping, as well as after shipping in the orders.

Now I no longer have to pester Customer Service about when my order might ship out.

Next request: Gratuities.

I want to send who ever is responsible for this $20 to cover at least a six-pack of their favorite beverage.

Don't seem to be working anymore.

I am not certain if this is intentional or not...

For reference, I am using Firefox, and I do have Greasemonkey running - but no scripts for the Paizo boards.

I can add more information if requested.

There were a couple of things brought up in the Tell Me Truly thread I wanted to reply to. Everyone else should feel free to "dump" their comments in this thread to keep Erik's thread as clean as it is.


Talion09 wrote:
Some of the changes sound good (I actually like Tome of Battle, which seems to be a minority opinion)...

I wouldn't say you are in the minority. It did win the Origin Award for best supplement after all... And by my Gather Information check, I would say the Paizo posters are about a 50 / 50 split.

Rambling Scribe wrote:
...and I can hear Shadowrun calling my name (I'm two editions behind there)....

I'd recommend only going to 3rd Edition.

4th was too "streamlined" (or "dumbed down," if you prefer) for my tastes.
But I hear many people like it. (Sounds awfully familiar...)

DitheringFool wrote:
I understand 3.5 is not perfect. So fix it, don't totally from the ground up start from scratch do it over. 4e is not an evolution of the game. It is a totally different game that they are calling DnD.

Amen Brother! :-)

I don't want to put too fine a point on it.
I am sure your employees are working hard.

I am just wondering if there was a way for your shippers to check older, unfilled orders.

I see a couple of threads asking for order status on orders from 8/20, and I have an order from 8/14 (#780991) that is still pending.

I am aware that certain items take longer to ship than others.
But there is very little on the customer end to inform them of what is going on.

Well, thank you for reading my question.
There isn't any need to reply.

Normally I would handle this via email, because it certainly isn't worthy to be made public.
I only do so, in case if others are in a similar situation they may be aware of it.

I recently received Order #785820, which is my Pathfinder Chapter 1 and Player's Guide, and found I did not have the second Player's Guide I had ordered in the original Order #733415. When I double checked the original order, my additional Player's Guide was canceled.

This was done, despite my email conversation with Corey Young on June 8th in which I explained I wanted a second copy.

I do not ask that anything be done. I mean I wasn't overcharged or anything, in fact I honestly believe it was done with my best interests at heart. And I can easily order another Player's Guide in my next order.

Again, the only reason I posted this was in case anyone else might see it and have the same situation, they can be aware that an extra copy of the Player's Guide might be canceled in an attempt to save them money, even if they actually wanted a second copy.

As always, thanks very much for your time.

Your efforts to keep your customers happy is an inspiration. I hope other companies are taking notes.

Don Northness.

Firstly, this was the best forum I could find. I apologize in advance if it is incorrect.

Now then. I wanted to take the time to thank everyone in Paizo's Customer Service department.

Every email question or concern I send is answered in a reasonable amount of time, and in a courteous and friendly manner.

Each time I receive an answer I am torn between replying with a personal thank you, and not "wasting" your email inbox with "unimportant" messages.

(Then I tend to forget about them entirely... Sorry about that.)

So I wanted to make sure the message was sent, and to let all of you know that I appreciate the effort you put into addressing my concerns - all without taking up your valuable inbox space.

Thank you all.

Don Northness