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Normally I would handle this via email, because it certainly isn't worthy to be made public.
I only do so, in case if others are in a similar situation they may be aware of it.

I recently received Order #785820, which is my Pathfinder Chapter 1 and Player's Guide, and found I did not have the second Player's Guide I had ordered in the original Order #733415. When I double checked the original order, my additional Player's Guide was canceled.

This was done, despite my email conversation with Corey Young on June 8th in which I explained I wanted a second copy.

I do not ask that anything be done. I mean I wasn't overcharged or anything, in fact I honestly believe it was done with my best interests at heart. And I can easily order another Player's Guide in my next order.

Again, the only reason I posted this was in case anyone else might see it and have the same situation, they can be aware that an extra copy of the Player's Guide might be canceled in an attempt to save them money, even if they actually wanted a second copy.

As always, thanks very much for your time.

Your efforts to keep your customers happy is an inspiration. I hope other companies are taking notes.

Don Northness.

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