A Public Thank You to Paizo's Customer Service.

Customer Service

Firstly, this was the best forum I could find. I apologize in advance if it is incorrect.

Now then. I wanted to take the time to thank everyone in Paizo's Customer Service department.

Every email question or concern I send is answered in a reasonable amount of time, and in a courteous and friendly manner.

Each time I receive an answer I am torn between replying with a personal thank you, and not "wasting" your email inbox with "unimportant" messages.

(Then I tend to forget about them entirely... Sorry about that.)

So I wanted to make sure the message was sent, and to let all of you know that I appreciate the effort you put into addressing my concerns - all without taking up your valuable inbox space.

Thank you all.

Don Northness

Sovereign Court Contributor

I agree with all of your sentiments. These folks do an awesome job and deserve our recognition and thanks.

*makes Dark Side cookies for Corey & Cosmo*

Here you go! :D

Hear Hear!

Absolutely correct. You guys definitely go above and beyond for your customers, and it is very much appreciated.

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Ditto the above. Cosmo and Corey (and Vic too) have taken the time to answer every question or concern I've had.

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