Request Thoughts on a Fiendish Familiar (FF) as a Familiar.


The title says it mostly, but to be more clear...

What would you say if a player asked to make a Fiendish Familiar (Fiendish Symbiont from the Fiend Folio) as his Sorcerer's Familiar?

Technically I know it doesn't fit the Animal or Magical Beast base for familiars, and I really don't think it would add anything as a familiar that it doesn't give the character anyway.

So I am thinking it really doesn't deserve status as an Improved Familiar.

I'd be interested in others thoughts and opinions please.

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I think it sounds fine -- a character choice not a mechanic choice or unbalancing ploy. As such I'd likely allow it; just let the Player know that if it does look like it's becoming unballancing, you and he will have to alter it.

-W. E. Ray

Thank you Moleck.

That is pretty much how I viewed it. Bending the rules, but for all the right reasons.

Is there anyone else who might see a pitfall I missed?

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