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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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FAQ System

Final Thoughts: Vigilante Playtest

Best Open Content

Cavalier Vs Fighter (feats) Don't see advantage of Cavalier

Revival the Lovecraftian fantasy mmo and why you should care

Exciting Cleric!

Do Undead Dream?

Why do we need piercing / slashing differentiation?

The One True Build, x47

What's the "baseline" of the Pathfinder community?

Christmas Adventures?

Deadliest template you've seen so far (3rd-party sources included)

another kineticist question about omposite blasts

If PFS rules WERE the Pathfinder chassis, would it be an overall better game?

Eldritch Scrapper - What makes it work?

kineticist burn points ...

Is it cannibalism to eat a were-creature?

Random Encounter Tables for all 5 Bestiaries?

Virtues of Blind-Fight

Killing the Party Cleric

merciful Kineticist ?

Monsters you can summon to your kindle, anyone done this?

to kill or not to kill

The Rider Challenge!

Making a Magus build and need help

Light Prison and Light Blindness


I need help help building a muticlass swashbuckler / magus.

101 New Uses for Mundane Items

Giant Pistol / Mantis Shrimp, Potential for great monster ideas.

5 More Rules Pathfinder Players Keep Forgetting

Council of Wyrms for Pathfinder and Fey Dragons for Ponyfinder

Just Pick Up a Bow

What if Exotic Weapons Weren't Exotic?

Occultist magic circles

can we make a cannonball special?

Ethereal Plane

Profession: What do you wanna retire as?

Should the Gm look up every questioned rule?

[unchained] How is the new action economy system?

Favorite idea you ever stole.

Craft is not Broken

My party needs healing

Help to choose divine spells

Bestiary 5 characters

Nightmare Barrage: New, Gigantic, Brutal Superdungeon. Who's up?

Crossbow Build

Keeping a damaged ship afloat, with magic!

The Straw Golem Argument

Rules for projection

Is it possible to wield a large greatsword in one hand?

Wrath of the Righteous Livestream

What kind of claw weapons are out there?

A question about the Arcane duelist Bladethirst Ability

101 Creative Uses for Undead

if a drow and and an elf have a.....

Mythic Campaign World

What's your experience with Aid Another

Tatzlwyrms and treasure

Mad Taxidermist

What Axe is This?

Reign of Winter Livestream

Strongest Animal Companion possible?

Is it a good idea to have NPCs escape?

Why are the Psychic discipline's methods to regain phrenic pool so hilariously imbalanced?

Opinions on PF and compatibility with D&D 3.5 / D20 OGL

Paizo Blog: Illuminating Darkness

converting adventure paths

Is Pathfinder magic just a kind of science?

Did it take me this long to notice that Steadfast Personality happened?

New Player to Bards

Divine Protection Errata

How often does one Houserule?

Evil has escaped Dark Sun

Most Damaging Wand

Clever uses of Suggestion Spell

Bestiary with old content - opinions and solutions?

Streaming Wratch of the Righteous AP

Pathfinder "Hunger Games"

Rules for projection

Thinking Outside the Box with Character Concepts


What book is the City Bred variant of the Half Orc found in?

Thought Experiment: Does Balance Actually Matter?

Opening Doors!

Skinwalker changes in Inner Sea Races

Brown Mold....yikes

Pathfinder Livestream: The Bloodcove Disguise!

Paladin's Castle, Need ideas / suggestions

Questions About Warpriest vs Arcane Archer BAB

Balancing encounters

homebrew campaign

Alternative spirits for the Medium. Has anyone done any?

Is variant multiclassing sub-par?

Working on an oradin build. Interested in helping me?

Occult Bestiary Player races

Balancing a Hag Coven encounter for a party of level 4 characters

Tablet friendly character sheet

Player empowerment versus "correct" choices

Monster Summoners Handbook

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