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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Groups using ALL (or at least most) books / material in campaign

Things all Pathfinder RPGer's should do

Thoughts and predictions on the next "Ultimate" book

Things all Pathfinder RPGer's should do

150+ Clearly Misunderstood Monsters

Your favourite class of each Non-Magic, Arcane, Divine and 'Nature'?

Your personal Top 3 classes

Silly noobie questions

Why No Custom Generation System For Specific Things?

Your favorite thing that people hate

am it reading this right

Monk vs. Rogue: The Lowest DPR Olympics.

How do people survive outside the poles?

"If only we had..." (Gear the Party Forgets)

Who are the minions of Sivanah?

The Ravenous Moon

Character generator like YAPGC that utilizes Unchained rules.

Would a LG character get along better with a CG character or a LE character?

How to make an antipaladin fall?

Using Soul Gems to starve the Abyss.

downtime renting rules? monthly costs?

Ultimate Creation Guide?

Casts Ressurect on Thread

In need of a DM

Build Challenge: The Buffoon

Weird Vigilante Concept - the Reverse Vigilante

3.5 Spelltouched Feats in Pathfinder?

Why Infernal Healing is banned in my table

Should there be more options for stat split characters, and multiclass characters?

Wizardly wear?

Interesting archetypes

Halfling culture and lore?

Warhammer Fantasy Battles (Pathfinder version)?

The World Is A Dangerous Place - Environment and Terrian in Your Game

is there a magic item that allows long distance communication?

is there anything you can think of that you can't make?

Kineticist Powers I Would Like To See

How fast can we get in one round? (Board Challenge)

Leadership & What class are Followers?

Monster Advancer

Making horseman of the apocalypse

Ki pool

if you can't save feats for later level...


what are the rules for combining weapons?

Intelligence for AC

GM rolling skill checks.

Does spiked gauntet allow spellcasters to use somatic components?

Who is the most evil?

Goblin Minis


How many people have your characters killed?

Gaspar Dell'Amore, The Black Rose of Edme

Racism and Alignment

Do domain spells for clerics have to follow the rule for ability score

The tales of a DM with 9 players

Similarities between deck building and character building

Combat Video Series Part One

eternal youth = death from old age?

Aroden and Asmodeus

Who is more deadly in combat

Advice on Modules

Using other games during Pathfinder

You Roll the Rs - Languages in Your Game

5 Paladin Multiclass Characters (You'll Never Expect)

A Few Pathfinder Questions

Question About Horror adventures

Where have all the Heroes Gone?

Demonslayer question

Good alignment Witch

Am I the only one that likes healing?

Masterwork Backpacks are weird...

Not maximizing your primary ability?

Breaking the Mold - Choosing to Play a Non-Core Race

Vigilante with VMC Cleric

Flying stands?

Roleplaying low Charisma, but....

What does a Golarion royal court look like?

Of gates demiplane and forks

Creatures compiled by terrain type?

Diefic Obedience Kalistria (PFS)

Acrobatics what can it do other then...

Any APs in which you meet gods?

Ranting about the weirdness of Heirloom Weapon

Now that Horror is out what genre next?

Should there be exceptions to what deities let their clerics channel?

What's the point of mounts?

if a large house was a monster.....

Which spells work under an Exciters Perfect Passion ability?

More action economy? No thanks.

where do i find out what kind component that a performance has?

Give me your best Pathfinder conspiracies!

Anyone ever try to find the average touch ac by CR?

Kineticist Missing Wild Talents

Petition: More Occult Class Favored Class Bonuses for Uncommon Races, Please!

Do monster abilities work all the time?

Soliciting ideas for an NPC

A question of taste

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