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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Why do dragons hoard treasure

What class is the best healer overall - Cleric, Oracle, or Shaman?

The most over-CR'ed and under-CR'ed creatures in the bestiaries.

What is wrong with the Summoner spell list?

Why don't fighters take Master Craftsman?

How is Arcane Trickster not just a better Rogue?

Fighter Using Deity's Favored Weapon

Classes that are still needed

How much is take 10 worth in combat?

Ideas on How Anti Characters Can be Used in a Campaign

Jiggy for Rules Historian

Does Pathfinder reward offense over defense?

Aspis Consortium details?

101 Solutions to the "Goblin Baby Problem"

Leadership feat not always broken

No Older Female Iconic

Please no more combat expertise!

Anybody starting to have trouble recognizing their game?

How do you handle XP?

Spell Incantations

Character prompt images

Name That Character / Item!

How do you handle Aid Another for skills

Updating Polymorph / Shapechange

Clerics of Razmir: Why Not?

Map trouble on Google Docs

How do you handle XP?

I accidently theory-crafted Leonidas from 300. (sweaty leather speedo not included)

What do your battle maps look like?

No Older Female Iconic

Need some help locating a Summoner (Demon / Devil) Archetype pls ...

ways to get sneak attack

Sea elves

Running A Game for Two Players

No huge snakes (wildshape)

NPCs With Hero Points

Ramifications of Reload Speed

Pathfinder Complete Compilation Books of Feats, Spells, Classes

Any pre-existeing Political Pathfinder campaigns?

No Older Female Iconic

Solar Oracle and Fly skill

How do you award XP for non-combat encounters

wu kong in pathfinder

Is Valeros Mad Martigan Reborn?

Had my worst GM recently, anyone have any tales of GM terror?

Styles of games you could do without

Is Valeros Mad Martigan Reborn?

What Makes a Great DM?

Thwarted! Those dastardly PCs always taking a third option...

So our whole party died....

20th Level Commoners: A Pathfinder Podcast for New Players and Old Masters

Mystic Past Life and the Hybrid Classes

Buying items: what is available, to whom, and when?

I Did a Thing!

This is how you create a forum link

Things like Domains, Schools, and Bloodlines

Meti's Sword Manual

Why go Eldritch Guardian?

Turns out, Mythic Greater Dispel Magic is a thing

Siege Mage? Am I missing something?

On the line Gaming

judgement inquisitor

looking for a group to join

mythic heroism question

Ring of Hex Vulnerability

Pathfinder Gamer Reality Show

PC's training between "adventures"

Is there any info on Star Keep in Mendev?

Cheap magic items you really enjoy

Great weapons and terrible weapons

Most powerful deities?

Sell me on the Gunslinger?

Alchemist class...where did tbe concept for this class come from?

How does Wild Shape work?

When do you get your feats?

Paladin of the Silver Flame - Benefits?

Ki Arcana + Drunken Ki = All the Arcana!

APGamingREAL: Pathfinder Actual Plays

Into The Gauntlet! Game Mode & Community Endeavor (Post your CR4-10 encounters here!)

Mystic Theurge Tactics

Multiclassing and Wizard Spellbooks and Gunslinger Pistol

Is the Android race overpowered?

what product is the trait "By Land or by Sea" in?

Mastermind Investigator

Lore Question on Oakstewards and Sevenarches?

Help me get over my HATE for Combat Expertise! Please

Why isn't there a Stormborn Bloodrager bloodline?

The Fluff Veto: GMs Controlling the PC "Why"

My top eight things I dislike about Pathfinder

Ultimate Campaign thought exercise: Trade through the Shackles.

Sorcerer bloodlines that are still needed

Are there any magic items that increase Sleight of Hand

Character sheet Ranting

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

Haywood County NC Pathfinder Group

Lightning Rod. The spell

Barbarian stat and ability advice

Pathfinder - Online Actual Play Podcast

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