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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

The Complexity of Evil Campaigns and why I feel like I'm alone in my view of it.

Throwing Builds are practically impossible!

An Alignment Thread

Tired builds

Beast Shape in Oracle Mysteries - WHY?

what level pathfinder player are you?

in character have you ever had the urge to stab another person's pc?

Changelings and the Reincarnate Spell

"Weakest" feat / character option you've actually taken?

How do you write campaigns (and game sessions)?

Skills and Magic

Favorite and least favorite class features

Trying to remember the name of a particular bag

Favorite Magus build / Archetype?

101 ways to get petty revenge on your friends

Love the feature, hate the class

Crying Leaf help

Interesting Pathfinder V. D&D Articles on EN World

Level 12 Cleric General Encounter. How to build?

What Vigilantes have you played?

Chaotic Neutral and Warmongering; War, Evil?

Need advice for / critiques for a Rogue Inquisitor Build

Your top 10 and bottom 10 official Pathfinder classes?

Most Bizarre Multiclass Combinations?

Bombs and none alchemist levels

is there a feat that will give arrows a push effect?

Future Perfect - Divination In Your Pathfinder Game

Feats that augment buff spells

How to kill an Eidolon(unchained)

About the lack of Occult Rituals and how to produce more with Epic Spells sort of

Best Ping-O'-Stick

For the Greater Good alignment

The Aranea Appreciation Thread

Create that Character!

Favorite Prestige Classes

What is your favorite method of generating ability scores?

what are the disadvantages of becoming undead?

Agna Character Sheet

What's the possibility of the CRB getting the Tech Writer (BB) treatment?

Pathfinder: Reverse Power Creep?

Looking for a sound effect for my oracle.

Can We Stop Using The Word "Adventurer" Now?

your a wizard and you can enlarge a man......

is there a feat that allows you to use charisma for AC?

Your most favorite spell?

Is it possible to create an Npc as a player?

How do kineticist compare to 2 / 3 casters?

Raging Kinetic Whip Build

Templates upon templates

Jack of All trades / constant class dipping.

Custom Gaming Mat?

Off the Top Rope - Making a Pro Wrestler in Pathfinder

Uses for NPC Familiars?

Max Ability Score

Do People Use Improvised Weapons?

Editing PDFs for characters.

Lamashtu related brainstorming - possibly NSFW

Additional Unchained Poisons by Mark Seifter

Teaching Lessons

Why the Small Race Melee Hate?

Mystic theurge with CL 20 (and 14)

Dual initiative and time stop

Is Reliability Breaking the Game?

Totally new to this (ish)

Keeping track of your spells.

Favorite Race

medium - summoner multiclassing

General Susumu's Glory Domain

Tired Old Builds

Is there a book with a listing of the Devils and Demon Lords?

Corruptions-Missed Oppurtunities

Pathfinder Complete Compilation Books of Feats, Spells, Classes

Everything is overpowered!

How a class feels

Anyone else ever think...?

Image question

Panic! at the disco / Fall Out Boy in Pathfinder

Horror Adventures Sanity Rules

Why is it so difficult to determine what has Lawful and / or Chaotic alignments, but so easy to determine Good and Evil alignments?

What Masterwork Items do you use for your skills?


Doing urban intrigue well - GM advice

Why You No Likey PF's New Classes?

favored class racial bonuses

Evolved companion and no pounce?

Familiar shenanigans... maybe?

Why are the Outsiders the biggest creature type

a funny

Any good cheat sheets for....

Character and Cohort relations

Looking for suggestions, Lantern and Shovel stats

Alignment silliness or "How to become good in three easy castings of Protection from Evil!"

Please help me understand the amnesiac psychic archetype.

Character generation with Unchained Cross-class rules

Tempered Champion Paladin vs Champion of the Faith Warpriest

Are there any Spontaneous casters that use wisdom as a key stat?

Ways to extend spell duration

Gamma World for Pathfinder...

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