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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Paizo hates mounts; changes to mounted combat

Can a good person do evil things and still be good?

What screams "paladin mount" to you more: Pegasus or Unicorn?

101 uses for Visions of Madness

Spell Incantations

Why can't Wizard cast healing spells

Abusing Downtime

Homebrew Game Encounter Question - Many Mobs, run to the center!

Weapons that Level Up

Rolling instead of point buy... HELLO 17's across the board.

Character Flavors.

Animal Companions, and long lives.

Why is healing so much harder than doing damage?

Various weapons of war

White Necromancers - Thoughts?

Good alignment Witch

Why does the Advanced Races Guide hate Bite?

Why aren't there feats to enhance Channeling

Spells that should be feats and so on.

Why worship an evil deity?

Inner Sea Combat: New Monk Archetypes

The feat tax / trees.....observations of a long time player / DM

Optimizing Necromancers

Stupid question from a noob

How to help players attack a megadungeon

Monkey lunge cleave

Monsters with a Mechanical Twist

What can a Wizard do that a Sorcerer can't?

Ley Lines Contest Voting Now Open

Damage and Armor focused Fighter Optimization

Anti-Caster Caster

Gender Equality in Golarion a pipe dream? A poll

new paladin

Perception is not Search.

SPAM alert!!

Animal companion weapons

Hypothetical alignment question

Ranks in non-class skills

Throw with Called Enchanments

Returning to Pathfinder--Old School Gamer

Rogues, Monks. The party's sidekicks to the BBEG's mooks?

Player Gear and Tidiness

The Paladin of Freedom Thread

Alignment, the War Stirring Beast that needs to be sealed.

Detect Magic - How Powerful Is It?

**Advanced Class Guide Playtest Feedback**

Chaotic Neutral: the Lazy Gamer's Tool?

How much Pathfinder stuff do you have?

Should you be able to use Sense Motive in this scenario?

Why are divine spells so much better than arcane spells?

Brawler, Monk, Fighter face-off

Question to the designers / developers arising from Inner Sea Gods

Advanced Race Archetypes; do you ever use them on other races?

Gunslinger Magical Equipment Suggestions

Convince me Magic Missle isn't useless?

Some creatures to infest the dirt sea with?

Pathfinder Sheets Online

To create the Kings Wit (Way of Kings)

Interesting mechanical incongruities

Casting a spell through an intermediary

Adventures involving recruiting armies?

Looking for a group in Tulsa, Ok

How to justify multiclassing trained classes?

Players who have Golems, and Downtime construction projects...

Is there any real reason for the "Vertical" part of Wall of Iron?

Why is the Inquisitor Ranged?

Staggering Critical--crazy good or too good?

Class Comparisons

does anyone else miss the cure minor wounds spell from 3.5?

Remember the Titans?

Who is St. Cuthbert's Golarion Equivalent?

Barbarians and Arcane Strike

Knowledge skill checks

Seltyiel and the Pathfinderwiki

The Main Problem with Fighters

Golarion Australia?

What does your eidolon look like?

Brawler - The good, the bad, and the ugly.

How is Shapeshifting Hunter Not Completely OP?

Craft: Alchemy - Did I figure this out correctly?

Magical Mundane Items?

Wild Shape (Polymorph) excel sheet.

Cleric vs. druid

What do consider to be a Powerful a normal game?

Zain60 Unofficial Game Aids

What are some village councillor positions?

Kitsune - How other party members will deal with it?

Crane Wing errata poll

Shouldn't the Alchemist alchemical items scale?

[Humor] Pathfinder Lexicon / Dictionary

Non-Core Pathfinder Classes; Your Opinions?

Human Versatility: Favored Class Bonuses.

Favorite multiclass dip in PFS?

It's not cheap running a Magic Shop.

House rules against Linear Warriors - Quadratic Wizards?

Metamagic Rod of Heighten, Does it exist?

A Simple Question

I stole something I don't think was planned for

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