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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Ratfolk are FAT.

Not Another Balance Thread

What closed content do you most covet?

Fighter vs Barbarian, by the numbers.

What makes a god a god?

Issue with Martials

About time for a Ultimate Skills Book?

what drives you away from a class?

prices of magic items

Pathfinder E6

Spell Incantations

Have you ever used Psionics in your games?

Most valuable skills?

After ACG: Do you still miss a class ?

Ifrit and Aasimar parents

At this point Epic rules has to be on the radar right?

A question about Hero points

Cheap magic items you really enjoy

Anti-Casters now viable?

Summoners Broken?

Scariest monster in Pathfinder?

What are some of the best designed Feats, Traits, Spells, etc. and what makes them so well designed?

Pathfinder Adventure Paths and Lone Wolf's Realm Works

Why are rogues subpar?

To truly kill your enemy

Could a neutral aligned paladin exist in pathfinder?

Optimized Cantrip Challenge

Planar binding seems kind of shady...

What are your Favorite Feats?

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

Some Genuine Advice for a struggling group

Assault on a Thieve's Guild: Looking for a Module

What exactly would a 20th level commoner be?

Convert Adventure Paths in a Board Game

Sorceress Starsoul Bloodline Question!

Ya Know What I'm Craving....A Little Bit of EVIL!!! (A Request to Paizo Devs)

Shouldn't Cayden Cailean have the Liberation Domain?

Handling maps in-game

Religion in Golarion

Should martials be buffed... or casters brought down?

[UE] Decoy Ring: Greater Invisibility?

Unusual Character Concepts

How to go about finding players in my hometown?

Birthdays that coincide with pathfinder holidays.

Map of the Realm ??

Martial Guilt

What's wrong with the Summoner?

Arcanist Exploit Equivalent To A Mythic Ability?

Ways to fight zombies as a ranger?

Dancing around the corpses!

Is clairaudience / clairvoyance the only location-scrying effect?

Poll Poll?

RAW Modern Weapons and vehicles.

Why do't ninjas get ki feats like grit feats (..signature deed)?

Paladin hate.

Gaming Story Chapter Three: The Ballad of Baldric Brimstone

Pharasmas Boneyard

Ring of spell knowledge making sorcs the devils of versitility

Combat: Quick and Dirty vs Tactical

Anyone know a Watto type creature.

What if Pathfinder is just one big, complicated game of CLUE?

Best PFS-legal items / spells / feats / tidbits that no one else seems to know about

Mana Wastes

Help me kill these misfits

Sensible mercenary fees

magic recharge

Welcome to the dark side.

Anyone know a Watto type creature?

Allowed sorcerer bloodlines?

Recent Favorite Character Moments?

Do you usually play similar PC's?

Paragon Surge FAQ

Ghost Sound how does it truly enhance Silent Image

The trouble with in-party conflict

The Avengers? In PF? WHAAAAT????

gestalts are so cool: summoner paladin gestalt?

Mage armor and Synthesis summoner

Suggestions on stat generation for campaign?

Everfilling Mug?

How do you take crafting feats into account for WBL?

Lich Level

Why is arcane magic not completely ubiquitous?

Are there plans to nerf more caster stuffs?

On Murder-Hobo-ing, a Cautionary Tale

Ancient Athens / Plato Republic as Lawful Evil cities.

Devil Fruits in Pathfinder

Most Creative PC's You've Seen?

Thesis on pen and paper role playing games and education

The Zen"ish" Archer: A 6 Level Starter To Many Archery Builds

Order 66

A Gunslinger By Any Other Name...

Gorilla Bear question

caster level

Looking for Resources on the History of the Pathfinder Society in Golarion...

Higher level content?

Constructs and undead, how fast can they run?

usage of SR items

Advanced Classes: are they awesome?

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