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Best Open Content

FAQ System

While I love the ninja class I there are a few small tidbits I wish were different.

Why does the Mythic Guardian get so little love?

Pathfinder 2.0 is NOT Inevitable

Kingdom Building Questions.

[Unchained] The Monk Unchained

Not maximizing your primary ability?

Please, explain to me why Dex to damage costs so much in terms of character resources

How is the unchained rogue?


Another alignment shift threat, seriously why is this so black and white? It's getting tiresome. : /

Why Are New Things Always Called Cheese?

Alignment shift threats on the other end of the spectrum sound like they could be kind of funny.

The future of Pathfinder

Witch is absolutely carrying the party

Seeking advice for teaching a new player

Books on building dieties

Paizo strategy for new players?

Uncooperative player, how to deal with?

Does anyone know the backstory for this art?

[Unchained] "Unchained Summoner" vs "APG Summoner" FIGHT!

What do Dwarves eat underground?

The start of a new campaign, pirates this time!

I would like to talk about Npc codex and the Monster codex

101 Ways to Integrate Dinosaurs Into Your Campaign

Strange convo today. TWF Crossbows, and magic, and hands

Bailing on a plot hook

Gaming Miniatures and 3D Printers

New Wounds system?

Scariest monster in Pathfinder?

101 Creative Uses for Undead

What qualifies as cover and how?

[unchained] How is the new action economy system?

[Unchained] What are YOUR "always on" unchained rules going to be in your games?

What's your favorite Easter egg in Pathfinder books?

Dinosaur themed class?

Thought Experiment: How would you do it?

Let's do a Mini-Mikazemas in March

[Unchained] Why replace standard multiclassing with variant multiclassing?

20th Level Commoners: A Pathfinder Podcast for New Players and Old Masters

Ignoring requirements for Magic Item crafting

So I broke the story by mistake....

RIP SMASH CRUSH. The pinnacle of weaponless fighting.

Titan Fighter / Mauler and... Juggler Bard?

Using TV for map while keeping game as low tech as possible???

How much is too much? The threshold of rules bloat

When was the first batch of Pathfinder 2e threads?

The objectively best thread about alignment

There aren't many races with Int bonuses

When Cantrips Save the Day

+INT to skills. Should that be the only option?

Tools to help implement some of the options in Pathfinder Unchained?

Animal Soul uses

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

PFS Unhinged - Updating Scenarios

Question about the Pathfinder novels.

Worm that walks and smite evil

A Possible Future Book: Advanced Archetypes

[Unchained] What's up with Lore?

Fabricate options

Linkman81's Archer Build (fighter archetype)

Inner Sea Build Guide

Fun with a common spelling mistake, a new class called the Rouge

[Unchained] Replacing the big 6 items?

Can a blind paladin still detect evil and use smite evil?

[Unchained] Barbarian Rage powers

101 Solutions to the "Goblin Baby Problem"

What Guides would you like to see on The Comprehensive Pathfinder Guides Guide?

Thanks to All on Forums

What PF spells do you think are over-powered?

Pathfinder Complete Compilation Books of Feats, Spells, Classes

advice with character sheet apps

Summoner assistance

Is there some reason a Paladin's Divine Bond ability allows flaming but not frost?

Throw Anything is weird

the best of a bad thing- living with curses.

Slashing grace

Morality in pathfinder vs. the real world.

Pathfinder Tutoring

Shadow Dancer PrC: Summon Shadow

[Unchained] Fighters

Help, need to hit a construct 80AC!!

[unchained] how its the new skill system?

Adamantine Doors

[Unchained] Gunslingers and Inherent Bonuses

2 Characters or 1 Character

Am I missing something with the Skald?

Holy Guide FAQ / Errata?

Why would you play a Hunter?

Different outsider categories


Dragon Empires Book

[Unchained] What do the page borders look like?

101 Uses for an Unseen Servant

Unseen Servant shinanigans!

What Alternate Magic Systems do you like?

Interaction with dynamic environments

CR Question from a new pathfinder GM

Monster Creation (PF unchained)

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