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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Worst 1st party feats released?

Fighter vs Barbarian, by the numbers.

Why aren't adamantine weapons targeting touch ac?

Sacred Geometry

Alchemists Are / are Not Versatile?

High level fighters and wizards

Have you ever used Psionics in your games?

What closed content do you most covet?

Metagaming and Fun (AC vs. AB)

PFS: Half Orc Sorcerer

Unlisted Monk Bonus Feats

Unbalanced druid power

Best Solo Class?

Permanent wound system

Pathfinder... Startin' to groan...

Pathfinder Fanart : Valeros and the Bortusk League

Rage Points: Were They Ever Republished?

Has anyone tried using Numenera's special rolls to replace.....

Items that give feats, or more actions

Planar binding seems kind of shady...

Hexcrafter Magus scaling issue

Issue with Martials

What exactly would a 20th level commoner be?

monk sorcerer question

Scariest monster in Pathfinder?

The Unnerving Effect of a Party NPC Dying

Teamwork feats?

Playing Armies in Mass Combat

The Wizard Police

Still waiting on a decision about "cold ice strike"?

Is the sansetsukon (san-setsu-kon) really a 2-handed weapon?

Anyone know of a good way to boost touch AC without increasing normal AC?

Dragonrider Advice

Why do't ninjas get ki feats like grit feats (..signature deed)?

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Character Creation Dio / JoJo

The low ability score arcane / divine theurge not being as problematic as it might seem...

Creative spell use

PFRPG Tresure generator for MAC

What makes a god a god?

Adventure Paths, school me on it please

Archetypes You'd Like to See

Paladins and Cannibalism: Would they actually resort to it?

After ACG: Do you still miss a class ?

Could a neutral aligned paladin exist in pathfinder?

Worst Criticals Ever

Paragon Surge FAQ

Has anyone compared pathfinder and 5e creatures?

PCGen Character Sheet Reader [Android Tablet App]

Copper and Silver coins

Brother of the Seal oddity / Awesome Blow question

Cheap magic items you really enjoy

Witch Archetypes

Paizo Publishing sends heartwarming message to transgender fan

How do Paizo PDF look on a Kindle?

All Possible Potions

What are some of the best designed Feats, Traits, Spells, etc. and what makes them so well designed?

Healing is Handy (Major Second Darkness Spoilers!!!)

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

Not Another Balance Thread

Why is Precision Damage on a Critical Hit not multiplied?

Doug the Deathless Dhampir?

what drives you away from a class?

Abusing Downtime

Ratfolk are FAT.

Anti-Casters now viable?

At this point Epic rules has to be on the radar right?

Unusual Character Concepts

Ok, what's with Damiel, the iconic Alchemist?

Pathfinder E6

About time for a Ultimate Skills Book?

prices of magic items

Spell Incantations

Most valuable skills?

Ifrit and Aasimar parents

A question about Hero points

Summoners Broken?

Pathfinder Adventure Paths and Lone Wolf's Realm Works

Why are rogues subpar?

To truly kill your enemy

Optimized Cantrip Challenge

What are your Favorite Feats?

Some Genuine Advice for a struggling group

Assault on a Thieve's Guild: Looking for a Module

Convert Adventure Paths in a Board Game

Sorceress Starsoul Bloodline Question!

Ya Know What I'm Craving....A Little Bit of EVIL!!! (A Request to Paizo Devs)

Shouldn't Cayden Cailean have the Liberation Domain?

Handling maps in-game

Religion in Golarion

Should martials be buffed... or casters brought down?

[UE] Decoy Ring: Greater Invisibility?

How to go about finding players in my hometown?

Birthdays that coincide with pathfinder holidays.

Map of the Realm ??

Martial Guilt

What's wrong with the Summoner?

Arcanist Exploit Equivalent To A Mythic Ability?

Ways to fight zombies as a ranger?

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