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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Vampire and Lich

I'm starting to think pathfinder 2.0 should happen

I think an Anti-Cleric is a reasonable class

Gay Male Characters in Pathfinder.

Deathless spell on magic items

Where has all the magic gone

Why commoners are always 1st level

Session Notes / Campaign Notes?

The Best There Is At What I Do - Dealing With Characters That Are Really Good At A Thing

The planar police

Alternate Swashbuckler Weapons

Paizo Blog: I Drank What? An FAQ on Poison

Visage of the Bound = OP ?

When should Magical Beasts be considered mere Animals?

Some artwork based on Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Name That Character / Item!

[unchained] How is the new action economy system?

New Skinwalkers

I have afraid to use a Rouge

Anyone else paranoid when it comes to martial characters and weapons?

Cayden Cailean and undeath

Help finding a weapon

What the purpose of this game ?

What is in your Top 5 "Things to Change" list for Pathfinder?

Fighter Vs. Spellcaster

Too taboo for the table!

The Harrow Character Generation: Attribute Generation Through Fortune-Telling

Best way to protect mount's mind

Thoughs: Arcanist X + Wizard 1 + Sorcerer 1 dips w / BD and SU exploits

Aasimar / Tiefling Age Categories

Looking for he name of a specific feat

Villain Codex, full of Cunning

The Medium class from Occult Adventures: what's it good for?

Cartoon Magic

How are you playing the game "wrong"?

Class guides and Pathfinder

Size shenanegans rogue

How would a cleric of Wadjet or any pathfinder cleric peform a wedding ceremony ?

A long-winded grumble about Medium Armour

Positives and Negatives of a 10 point buy.

How to best use the "Speak with Animals" special ability granted by the Cleric's Animal Domain, which is measured in rounds per level.

Pathfinder E6

Does weapon types tied to class mechanics irk anyone else?

Additional Unchained Poisons by Mark Seifter

Kineticist Powers I Would Like To See

What's wrong with the fighter

Grossly violating god's teachings for Cleric of Asmodeus?

Inquisitor and the blunderingly boring weapon selection

What is your favorite thing about pathfinder?

Ustalavic Superstitions & Prejudices

Leadership: Cohort Uses

Why is Perception a Skill?

Reasons why a gnome fighter can't treat gnome weapons WITHOUT the word gnome in them as martial weapons (already off-topic)

Modern Firearms in a Campaign

Chaos Surge Spells

Why is INK so bloody expensive?


How many groups keep track of divine spell preparation times?

Anti paladins

Another Kal rant - forgotten rulesets


The Role of Maps in Pathfinder

what rogue archetype has the best focus on stealth?

Adventure path blog / diary

creating an eidolon without eyes

Druid Hellknight

Do you ever have a hard time deciding on the rules for a character concept?

Golarion vs Eberron -- Which is more "progressive"?

Optimized Pistol Flurry (Gunslinger / Fighter / Monk)

I have 3 wishes, what to do need help with deciding these wishes???

Thanksgiving Day Modules?

Funny / Awesome character concepts

Is it ok for villain win a day.

Intelligence to Will Saves - balanced?

Pathfinder players manifest the attributes of their characters


Opinion on "Blessing of Fervor"

The Pill-Popping Paladin (A Concept I'm Having Fun With)

Mounted Goblin Druid HELP!

DM vs Alchemist

Has anyone ever introduced the Iconics into a Home Campaign as NPCs?

But it was me, the shopkeeper

She wished for full plate, got a shawl instead.

Hypothetical Paladin variant multiclass with Cavalier is totally broken

Some stories from my After-School Program

150+ Clearly Misunderstood Monsters

Respecting LGBTQ people: Is this character backstory disrespectful or flattering?

Am I crazy, did I misremember this?

Wizardly Help

Pawns advice for RotRL&CotCT

[Help] Dwarven Balista Engineer

Fighter Archer Build Suggestions

Fencing grace

What would the future look like if Pathfinder magic and monsters suddenly appeared on modern-day Earth?

Do Golarion's gnomes have pointed ears?

Way Outside the Box - Allowing Your Players To Be Innovative And Rolling With It

Fencing grace

Villain Codex Questions

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