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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Spirit of the Retraining rules

Why low magic?

Possible other use for Infernal Healing

Should the use of Evil aligned spells affect your alignment as a PC?

Is Improved Weapon Finesse Really OP?

Gold / arrows / eating in pathfinder society

Does the Cleric need better class abilities

Pathfinder Complete Compilation Books of Feats, Spells, Classes

A thank-you to Paizo

Reach weapons, the good, the bad, and the powerful.

Transgender PCs

How does a slayer learn to be a slayer?

Weird Party Builds

Tiefling in Mendev

Spell combat (sorta) outclassed?

starting a campaign

Witches - Do you RP your Cackle spam?

Speculation on the unchained summoner 2

Halflings and Classes

Master work weapon question

Centaur Race

Do AntiPaladins make sense?

Your character makes the scene

Speculation on the unchained summoner

Spaceships and Magic

Am I counting my damage correctly?

Emerald Spire Superdungeon Advancement Track

Mythic Adventures - lets fix it

Ever tried starting a party at 2nd level?

If you could change one thing about the Rogue.....

Combat Expertise

A more realistic way of working with energy resistance and non lethal damage...

Monstrous Player Characters?

Even MORE Rules Pathfinder Players Keep Forgetting

Is there any interest in homebrew?

What is rage cycling?

Contact of Creation

Base classes and prestige classes

Paizo Blog: Exciting Holiday tax Forms!

Hee hee - watch me friend craft +5 magic weapon for 800 gp

OGL Question

Saving Throw - New webseries teaching RPGs, starting with Pathfinder!

Why Damage Reduction

Investigator Hybrid Class Rogue Talents: Follow Clues

Fighter using Synthesist Summoner as a mount

Steal Diatoms's Encounters and NPC Builds!

The part left out of CR calculation that seems to be a problem again and again...

Pathfinder database with search filters, is there anything out there in the web?

Would you play in a ZERO magic homebrew?

Abusing Caster Level When Crafting

You know the GM is out to get you when -...

How can anyone stand for it?

Does it make sense to start looking at class building like race building?

Most common monsters / creatures / beasts / villains in Golarion

Sailing Ships exemple image

Possible rewards for high leadership scores.

Culture Question: Spell Research

Can some one draw my OC

How many traits are better than feats?

Staff Magus

Method of Determining an Outsider Monster Entry's Additiona Class Skills?

another backstory

Paizo Blog: Meet The Iconics: Seltyiel

What are some things about the Pathfinder rules that you think most people do not know?

Denizens of the Shadow Plane

Extra Deeds Feat

Interesting ways to start a campaign

Library Teen RPG Group

need some ideas for a campaign

Sell me on the Hunter

Robe of Bones question

Wordcasting and the new classes

Problems with Sorcerers

Melee Focused Sorcerer

Encounter Planning Sheet?

Class skills feeling off?

What exactly is an Arcane bloodrager?

Measure of a Mythic Monk! A statistical record through a campaign

Web based DPR calculator

Bottle of Shadows

Should Magical Healing Leave Scars?

Furious Focus for Deadly Aim

If you could only keep 1 archetype for each class what would they be?

Can we have a list of all Hand vs "Hand"?

What is the item that allows resizing of armor and weapons?

Ability score bonuses as feats?

Rogue and Fighter: Is there an archetype they can do not covered by another class?

Awakened Creature template?

Monster Advancer

What Classes / Builds Do You Think Represent the Seven Cardinal Sins the Best?

Supernatural getting out of control

White Mage Arcanist

Fighter skill points

Awakened Cohorts?

Does anyone know the ethnicity of the Surtova family in Kingmaker?

Help me understand Inquisitors. Please?

Character Creation

spell component pouch and what's in it

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