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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Final Thoughts: Vigilante Playtest

You Don't Have Any Actual Authority, Just Because You're A Paladin

In Pathfinder, you can't see the Sun

Melee initiative problem

Name one Pathfinder rule or subsystem that you dislike, and say why:

Anyone else feel like characters derive too much of their power from magic items?

Alas, Absalom

Paladin is the only Full BAB class with a good will save and that makes me a sad panda.

Favorite uncommon race?

Kineticist very fun and surprisingly good!

Spontaneous Arcanist?

The most "Cost Effective" Point Buy you can make

An experiment in communication: Do I "optimize" my characters?

Do you met tarrasque yet?

Stalwart Defender

Do wizard strongee than socerer or socerer stronger than wizard?

Could anyone point me towards a large battlefield grid map?

Suggested equipment buffs...

Father's Day gift for a GM

Elemental Arcane Schools. What elements are missing still?

Can someone with the new "Magic Tactics Toolbox" do me a favor in the next 24 hours?

Magical Child spellcasting? Why the Summoner class?

GM messing with my character, am I over reacting?


Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

Things that bother you

Playing an adventurer with no reason to adventure? An short tale

I'm fairly certain that I'm a bad person. A confession of sorts.

Do perform actually usefull ?

Looking for Ideas to Implement a PC Backstory

Does This Combo (ABP + Mythic Tiers) Make a Magic Item-Scarce Campaign Work?

Would enchantment magic work better structured this way?

Paladin code of conduct - When is a lie not a lie?

Do the Fighter / Sorcerer classes need unchained versions?

Firearms too strong

To what standard do you expect GMs to live up to?

Occult class PC in Rise of the Runelords.

Choo Choo - The Fine Art of Railroading

Best advice you never got

All For One - Using Just One Class in a Party

Random thought on elven biology

[Unchained] Summoner Guide

Help With Backstory?

5 Ways to Overcome Small-Sized Damage

Could Asmodeus and Nyarlathotep be the same individual?

What happend if tarrasque get split into 2?

what i must to do in sea battle ?

Warlock spell list opinions

Why does the Kensai use the Duelist's AC progression?

Flying Blade Swashbucklers can't actually use flying blades.

is there a medic class?

How many archetypes is the most a class can have?

Role playing Disarming magical traps.

A guide to Golarion - For newbies by a newbie

Aasimar / Tiefling Age Categories

Youngling Tiefling?

Licensed Pathfinder on Virtual Tabletops

A question about the Church of Nethys

NPR (Studio 360) Talks About D&D, RPGs and Alignment!

What are the best adventures with parties / soirees / banquets?

Can I use HeroQuest to transition to Pathfinder?

Party foil balancing

Bloodrager Arcane Archer (Rate it?)

A 'good' evil person?

Is there anyway to duplicate a poison?

Metastatistics Of Generic Monsters By CR

Quick Reference Cards using Magic Set Editor

Summon Monster Printable Cards

Shocked by new feat

What order should I buy the Pathfinder books in?

Please help me understand the amnesiac psychic archetype.

Mounts / carrying mounts for a desert enviroment

Classes, Archetypes and Prestige Classes I (and hopefully others) would love to see be made real

SRD Site

Cleric alignment review / analysis (should I / how should punish this cleric -continuation)

1st level characters

Everything you wanted to know about Pathfinder, but were afraid to ask

Classes and Spellbooks / Help

What does a high level Mesmerist look like?

Claws of the Ice Bear Practicality

Intrigue, Influence, Contacts, Relationships: How do they interact?

Kineticist Powers I Would Like To See

How often do you get "ah ha!" RP moments as a PC?

Summon Monster Printable Cards

is this a good feat combo?

Challenge: Highest caster level

Best all rounder?

Tropest Place in Golarion

How to cope with PCs finding fun in breaking game immersion?

the "Batman" thread

Necromantic Servant - How?

Player versus player combat

Custom Wondrous Items

What is the logic behind taking a 5-foot step?

Favorite really crazy builds... GO!

Would having only one attack be all that bad?

Incorrect pricing Shield of Covered Retreat?

Don't Look a Gift Horse: Giving Your Players Non Experience Point Rewards

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