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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Final Thoughts: Vigilante Playtest

Best Open Content

FAQ System

Class "Default" Alignment

Kineticist damage?

GM creates Artificial DCs on the spot.

Old School Gaming ?

Unconventional liches

"Oh, I didn't know the spell did that, too!"

Stat Blocks

Paizo Blog: He Must Die—Again!

Spontaneous Alchemy? Huh?

The Archetype Hall of Shame

Red Dragon Inn, Anyone?

What are the Vudrani Holy Texts based on (if anything)?

Low Level Adventure Design

Liches and alignment

Halloweenish / Fall Adventures

Psychic early access spells

Is anyone bothered by one strategy classes?

Are there any tropes we are missing now?

Favorite Martial types

Green Faith Marshal plus Sacred Huntsmaster Inquisitor=Nature Bard?

Anti-Tippyverse Concept

Magic Item descriptions

Genie Tropes

Into the Deep Blue Sea

Taking 10 or rolling: the dilemma

Players getting tired of their characters?

2nd edition?

The Ninja Hybrid class--what would you like to see in it in terms of class abilities?

Escalation of Strategy

Quasi-Immortal PCs

Dr. Vanadium and Other Atrocities

[Unchained] Automatic bonus progression and weapon special abilities

Fun with VMC

A stupid thing you've noticed

20th Level Commoners: A Pathfinder Podcast for New Players and Old Masters

Playstyle / Character concepts for the Sensate (OA)

Death By Errata - a burial ground for characters slain by FAQs & Errata

Custom Character Sheet

Why do Martials need better things?

The True Master of War

How best to do with Vancian?

The forgotten hunter

GM's Kneejerk reaction to Kineticist?

Off the charts!

[Unchained] Revised Action Economy feedback

spreadsheet for DMs

My first campaign (Supernatural), please help

Why go Eldritch Guardian?

Psychic Duels: How often will they actually show up in game?

Does this paladin fall?

Medium changes from playtest?

[Interest Check] youtube channel and / or podcast about "min-maxing" in pathfinder

Top 10 Favorite Races + Class

River Kingdoms

Tomb and Manuel's who would do that????

Am I having trouble understanding the Medium?

Why is there established Hell Knights in Magnimar?

Epic Battle

[Horizon Walker] where is the OP everyone writes about ?

Would this Oathbound paladin fall?

Looking for City random Encounter charts, preferably for Magnimar.

What is a good baseline for damage and ultility for an "At Will" class?

Pathfinder forum should have a review / balance option

Are combat maneouvers common enough?

Help me remember this item

Through the Looking glass... But I shot the Rabbit... With a BLASTER.

So when is Pathfinder going to have a second edition?

A comprehensive Class-Tier List?!

Giant mecha and other anime fun

Who writes the Pathfinder Tales? Also, can we write our own stories using Pathfinder?

Huh... what's so "occult" about the Kineticist again?

Name That Character / Item!

Need help building an Occult Paladin

Looking for an adventure set in a sanitarium / psych ward

Barbarian strength bonuses

Poll: Costly Material and Focus Components--When Do You Take Notice?

Smite as a free action?

maxing modifiers instead of maxing class abilities?

[ADVICE] Come One, Come All: Tips Needed for Introducing the Game

Effects of using evil spells

Paizo Blog: Monkeying Around

let's face it death in pathfinder is not the end

PSA: Witches are OK blasters now

The "boogeymen" of PFRPG

Is this type of thinking still prominent in Paizo?

Roleplaying a Half-elf female ranger monk

Why not more spells that polymorph others?

Is a nerf to archery expected?

Paladin vs Oath discussion

Why don't people play at high-level?

Infernal Healing


Do you allow retraining?

Kineticists and AoO

4 Common Mistakes DMs Make (And How To Avoid Them)

Prestige Class Requirements Chart

Icerift Castle area

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