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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Final Thoughts: Vigilante Playtest

Best Open Content

FAQ System

Why do Martials need better things?

Hypothetical Caster-Killer

Divine Protection Errata

rubber, spells, potions and alchemists....

Discussion of recently released Advanced Class Guide Errata

Strongest / Most Well rounded 4 man party?

Occultist VS Medium

The complexities of the kineticist

Which kineticist element is the most powerful?

The D-team; A discussion on adventuring with no full casters.

What Else Should I have for Rise of the Runelords?

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Imrijka

Treacharous DM Syndrome

Weapons weapons weapons

The ACG Graveyard

How would you build a four person wizard party?

Contingent action errata - too much

Caster / Caster Disparity

I, for one, welcome our new Canny Tumble + Circling Mongoose Rogue overlords

death comes to everyone.....

Necromancy and legality

Why doesn't a witch get prestidigation?

Good Nerfs in PF History

Arcanist nerf -> Exploiter Wizard nerf

Create Pit, and the Wall spells...

Why isn't spiked chain a reach weapon?

Class Idea: Pathfinders Version of Artificer

How Much Does Pathfinder Change in a Long-Running Group vs.One With High Turnover?

The Saga of Majenko Part Four: Blood Pig Champion!

What's In A Name? How Character Class Can Limit Creativity

Best "Caper" adventures?

Fighter's Concept...

The Official Martial / Caster Discussion Index

Bane, Evil outsiders, or outsiders with the evil subtype?

Golarion- Pub Quiz

How often does low light vision come into play?

What's a good set of rules for artillery?

Challenging my party

Combat Basics Overhaul

Monk Special Weapons - What are they and Flurry of Blows

In Search Of - Scary Helmet?

Martials who get OK things

FEAT: Dex based damage

Strength V.S. Dexterity: A Comparison of Form, Ability, and Power

Spellcasting from inside a barrel

Is the Primal Companion Hunter useless now?

Would you read a new blog or watch a new youtube channel on Pathfinder advice (rules, builds, gm tips, etc?)

ACG Errata

High level Cleric Spells?

Martial / Caster disparity- In Real table top gaming

1001 Villain of the Week Ideas

Why can't Marshall's get nice things?

Pick your classes

Allow more martial abilities to stack?

[Unchained] The Monk Unchained

Pathfinder Arena

The big realism question

Question regarding a Fighter's Armor Training

Characters destined for their role

Touch Injection + Skinsend

How quickly do you level?

Any experience with online player sheets?

Pathfinder to 5e Monster Converter

20th Level Commoners: A Pathfinder Podcast for New Players and Old Masters

Kineticist: Burn

Why is there no "Extra Ki Power"?

Spells stealng Martial abilities

[UE] Decoy Ring: Greater Invisibility?

Quick Brainstorm: "Additional" abilities for multiclassers?

Thought Experiment: A Cleric dedicated to Atheism

Any New Cool Kineticist stuff you can tell me about?


Rolling Stats and Point Buy equivalencies

Ultimate Caster-Martial Disparity Poll

What does a "non-wuxia" high-level fighter look like?

"Original Gamer" argument annoying?

Is gender ever mechanically relevant?

How to in Hero Lab...?

Treating class tier as a known factor in-game

101+ Cursed Spells

Happy Camper Sheets and the Advanced Class Guide?

Water proof extra dimensional spaces

Gom-Gom (owlbear doll) Plush Toy

Advice for Herald Caller cleric....

If we were to "fix" the system so martials do "get nice things", what would we do?

Does using daze effects make the game boring?

Advice for Battle Herald cleric....

Published pathfinder products that support wild west style play / gun tech?

PC construct races that allow non-humanoid builds?

Arcane fist (magus archatype)

Cheap magic items you really enjoy

Is there any point to Ironwood?

Idea for breaking minor and greater artifact

[Unchained] Summoner Guide

Question of concept

Ugh this is definitely one of my biggest peeves in the whole system.

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