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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Final Thoughts: Vigilante Playtest

Quick Reference Cards using Magic Set Editor

What does a high level Mesmerist look like?

Preparing Players for a Whole New Type of Combat

At-will short range teleportation.

Dead companion hunter

What about DMing is fun for you?

A village of NPCs, and Average Joe Farmer is a professional.

How do you feel about bosses with multiple "turns?"

Keeping Track of Minutia (or its the little things)

How do you guys handle the DEX on a CAGM Barbarian

Help me choose what books to buy.

interesting feats form ultimate increase?

Getting into characeter

Background Video for Immersion

How do you carry a Bag of Holding?

List of Luck Bonuses

Armor and weapon weights published vs. history

can you use attack spells to intimidate?

Metallic Wings + Dazzling Blade?? Valid combo?

Looking for these PF Resources: Caster Level & Spell DC Boosts and Extra Spells Known

Fist of Fury - The Art of Exciting Combat

Dear Paizo, please make an Epic Level Handbook

Preferred immunity / vulnerability combo?

Name one Pathfinder rule or subsystem that you dislike, and say why:

XP of literary heroes

Is it just me, or do animals and giants have a weird chassis?

Beyond 20th level

What Does Your Spell Preparation Look Like?

Question about Globsters?

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

Similar Races?

Black blade questions

Challenge: Highest caster level

Kineticist Powers I Would Like To See

a ''Normal'' high level party.

Houserule idea: Cleric prepared spells chosen by GM each day?

Transmutation Special Insight?

Our first evil campaign - or OMG what have I done

Is binding an evil outsider an evil act?

monstrous physique lists

What do you tink of Unchained Action System


Elf Equivalencies

Super Sentai Vigilante teams

Need advice where to start after not playing Pathfinder for awhile

Elf Equivalencies

FCB sorted by class

Understanding The Shaman Class

Dual Strike Weapon Trick

Choosing Vigilante Talents

Building a town... Online?

Why Is Evil Being Good So Important To Some People...

Pathfinder Pixie

NPC classes

+1 all ability MADness

Hmmm... is the Vigilante an answer to have a playable Aristocrat?

Summoning evil makes you evil?

Why is it so hard to conceal spellcasting in Pathfinder?

What does a typical, optimized melee class swing look like?

Who is your favorite character?

This isn't even my final form! - or enemies that have 2nd stages

Dirty Tricks Thread

Monsters too weak?

Automatic Level Progression character sheet

Different Magical Child variant

Partial Caster List?

First Time Pathfinder DM Starting at Level 3

Incorrect pricing Shield of Covered Retreat?

Stone Discus spell in ACG

Summon Good Monster using Summon Natures Ally?

Of Death and Tension

At what point do you think point buys affect CR?

Monster Feats: One of My Favorite Toys

Psychic+Art+Crossbow, I got excited, then depressed.

Ode to the Old School Wizard

Examples of Social Adventures and Heists?

Can't remember a feat / ability

How does a Cleric Exorcise Ghosts

A tribute to my players

Cleric / Wizard Hybrid Class?

Horror Adventures and kineticists

What does it mean to be immune to critical hits, but not to precision damage?

The Saucy Sorceress

why not allow musket masters to start with blunderbuss

Siege Mage? Am I missing something?

Extra vigilante talent

Live play podcasts?

Pathfinder Podcasts?


The Ballard of the Reincarnated Druid

Arcane Ladies (a poem)

Between Paladins and Assassins; Morality and alignments.

Flying Blade Swashbucklers can't actually use flying blades.

Changeling size?

Magus weapon choice, why only scimitars?

Animal compainion with Valet

Roleplay vs Rollplay

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