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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Best / Most effective fighter you ever had?

AoOs: Fighter, Monk, or Rogue?

I wanna be the very best DM there ever was

Worst archetype ability ever.

So... What Shenanigans Can We Get Up to With Racial Heritage Today?

Rogue, Worst Does Not Equal Bad


Thought Experiment, Single Class Campaign

What are your ability scores?

Pets / livestock of the non-human races

What steps to take for us to make our own sourcebook?

Paizo Blog: Monkey See, Monkey Do? An FAQ on Intelligent Animals

Are there any good "Linear Guild" scenarios?

What is the point of a Geisha bard?

Arcane Archer uselessness

Gnomes and Combat Maneuvers

Thoughts on the Spiritualist?

What Would You Pack For a Crossover Campaign?


Dragons and Aboleths

I'd like to introduce you to racer walrus

1001 Villain of the Week Ideas

How do you get players interested in side quests?


Strange things happen when you start GM'ing


Mythic Feather Fall can one-shot almost everything in the game

Swinging the Old NERF Bat, an Attempt at Maximizing Single Target Debuffs

Arcane Disruption is a useless spell

Race Point Issue on the Undine's Acid Breath Alternate Trait

Does risky striker and power attack / piranha strike stack?

Words of Power Arcanist - What would you allow as a DM?

Is it metagaming if...?

Writing Novella want to say it's in a Pathfinder Universe...

Mythic Rules: What is the Accepted Wisdom?

Peter Jackson's "Hobbit" Movie Builds

Fighters, Rangers, Paladins (and OK, Barbarians)- trends, strengths and weaknesses

Sorcerer weapon as arcane bond instead of familiar? Anyway?

Happy Holidays from the Pathfinder Design Team!

Eldritch Heritage ( Arcane )

Pathfinder database with search filters, is there anything out there in the web?

Weapon size ruling

Review Challenge - Golden Legionaire

Why WOULDN'T You Dip Horizon Walker for Your Martial Characters?

Unexpectedly Good Builds

Way to get eldion?

Themed campaigns


Sorcerer weapon as arcane bond instead of familiar? Anyway?

Silverdisks to Batteries

Society-Legal Mounts

Mistakes I've Made

What's the value of a caster level?

Iconics for some of the Archetypes?

Best classes for Android race

I need a new character

Why low magic?

So how is the bard doing these days?

A Story About How A Cheating Player Got His Comeuppance From A Cyclops

The History Behind The Paladin

What is the most fun in-game thing you've ever experienced or done?

Printable Boon

android characters for iton gods: need advice

Zen Archer with Wings!

Reasonable Spell nerfs!

What spellcaster demographics mean for the world.

Another random which would you prefer scenario.

What is the tower shield based on?

Classes should come with a point buy adjustment modifier

Halflings and Classes

Monster Alignment

Number of possible combinations...

Favorite Sorcerer / Wizard spells by school

Does the Cleric need better class abilities

I'll take 100 Tangleburn bags please, oh and throw in a few Hippogriff mounts while you are at it...

A God's Alignment: How is Zon-Kuthon "Lawful" Evil?

"Cool it with a baboon's blood, then the charm is firm and good"...WHAT?!

Taking down a Golem at 5th level?

Anyone tried a Cthulhu Pathfinder 20's / 30's era game?

Why is the Vouivre a Monstrous Humanoid?

Give me medieval pirates, please!

DR is basically useless. Anyone try using 3.0 DR numbers with 3.5 / PF bypass conditions?

Changeling Witches?

Rappan Athuk review: survival to 4th!

Do you Re-Do your characters?

Need GMing advice for preventing problems with diffcult players.

Bonded ring

DMing styles changing the value of in-game skills / abilities / classes...

Google spreadsheet for downtime management (teams / rooms / orgs / buildings calculator)

Daring Champion Cavalier / Juggler Bard VS. Charging Cavalier

Is it just me, or is Broad Study terrible?

Changelings and the Pathfinder Society

Fun or interesting traps you've made or encountered

What's the deal with the rogue hate?

Poll: Reach Weapons and the 2nd diagonal. Do you use the 3.5 exception?

Mount Feat question

Power Creep - Are the newer options just plain better than the Core Rulebook ones?

Paizo should turn the Eldritch Scion into an alternate Class

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