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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Rules arguments-You need to prove you're right, not have others prove you are wrong!

Highest Damage Reduction Found in Bestiary

Five things the Pathfinder message boards taught me that were wrong

Mike-Mike Min-Maxing: Codename The Green Arrow

Combat, skills, healing, spells... any more role to be added?

How long do your campaigns last

Paizo Blog: Shax's House of Pain!

What is some of the best reflavoring that you've done?

OP / Broken Classes

Most interesting places on Golarion you never want to go.

Bard. The best class?? inquiring minds seek thoughts.

Please no more combat expertise!

Why isn't spiked chain a reach weapon?

"Combat Expertise is a useful feat.." from melee toolbox.

Favorite line in a published module / scenario / AP?

More Epic than Epic?

So I have an idea but i need some help

A 20th level fighter is bathing: how does he survive an attack by a 10th level party?

A Genderless / Genderfluid / Agender Iconic

Monk master of many styles / Bear shaman

A great next step for Paizo? A big push for DM training.

Comparing Pathfinder to a certain other system

At What Level Does Each Class Come Online / Start To Shine

Modern Setting Thoughts

why all the hate on charm person?

The Baddest of the Bad. Bestiary Hunt for the biggest, baddest monster. (Monster Mash Arena!)

Triple Gestalt Characters

Revolving door character players

101 Paladin Falls

"Small" Aasimar clarification

The World's Most Reliable Sneak Attacker

Fluff Text vs. Mechanics?

All Gish party

Why go Eldritch Guardian?

Anyone find it odd that the brawler has an option for SA but the monk doesn't

Heavy horse / light horse fluff - just curious.

Samurai in Non-Eastern Settings

3.x things your players try and scam you into allowing

Quick information request!

Bard divine spellcasting

How should one roleplay a witch with the transformation Patron?

What defenses are there against trip attacks?

Options, options everywhere! Did no one stop to think?

some misnamed swords

Clerics of Razmir: Why Not?

Thought exercise: make the fastest character you can

An Oni Ate My Onigiri and other mischief

NPC Merchants Using Psychology to Make PCs Buy More?

What's the best Pathfinder Class to make the Bloodborne Hunter?

Shaman Build Question

Dancing Ranged Weapons

Wizard (Shadowcaster) Archetype: Shadow spells and cantrips

Plot hooks

Alignment question: Wernher von Braun

DMing style

druid. melee or blaster caster?

No Traits Allowed?

Monkey business

Help me find a monster

What am I missing regarding Divination?

Blade Adept Arcanist melee challenge

Ragechemist? Is it viable??

Unpleasant Encounters

Silverdisks to Batteries

Explain to me why you love the slayer, I don't

Oracle class underpowered?

One Class

Vampires and entering private home or dwelling?

So I'm having trouble checking what book things are in that I find online.

Is Fast Healing really that powerful?

Exalted and Evangelist

Arcane Trickster Advice - Self Buffs

Living Weapons?

Difference between a good rules lawyer and a bad one

James Bond's CHARACTER alignment.

PCs have two days to plan and prepare for an attempted assassination plot...

Sleeping in nothing but a belt and a headband.

Why is everyone gaga over the Eldritch Guardian?

4 Man Arena Style

Remaking Perception?

ways to gain a 1st level spell

Unchained Summoner Changes

dragons and negative levels

Paladin and Bard; Why don't they have deeds?

Arcane Bond: Ioun Bond

caster druid archetype. menhir Savant vs storm druid

20th Level Commoners: A Pathfinder Podcast for New Players and Old Masters


What noncore thing removed would make Pathfinder feel wrong to you?

I want a monkey jetpack, build thoughts?

Best Villains of All Time

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

Racial Point Calculation

Name That Character / Item!

Freemasonry & Pathfinder

Looking for a kid friendly adventure

Question about some good aligned famaliars

Summon Monster simple templates based off Type

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