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You have found yourselves in the village of Vilnar, population 496, and near the northern border of the Empire. An Imperial Army fortress sits about half a day's march west of the village.

Your party of 10 has attracted surprisingly little attention, as Vilnar is a frequent waypoint for groups heading north out of the Empire.

please keep off topic stuff here.

The idea would be to work collectively for several weeks to build the basics of a setting, probably using a combination of discord and google docs, then run a play by post game in that created setting.

I would be looking for 4-6 players (or potentially more if others are willing to also run campaigns in the same setting. But I wouldn't want to go above 2 parties including a second GM worth of people to begin with).

A few key assumptions would need to be in place.
-magic level/ tech level of pathfinder
-at all core classes are common
-all core races are playable
-use pathfinder pantheon so significant time isn't spent building a different one

that is not to say that non-core races or classes couldn't exist just that at a minimum everything core will be available.


so let me know if you are interested and throw out some 1-3 sentence descriptions of settings that think would be interesting to build.


My potential setting idea:
The old world order is failing as sorcerer bloodlines weaken and inheritance of innate magic is no longer guaranteed within the nobility. Some dare to study and record magic in tomes and spellbooks in defiance of the ancient laws. As if sensing weakness, ancient evils begin to stir.

Sunset arrives like it does every night, in this the year of our lord 1242. Though the night quickly becomes more interesting as you receive a message from the Prince's court requiring your presence at Elysium tomorrow night. You are also advised to spread word to any kindred you are friendly with in case they did not receive the message. The Prince is taking the roll of the City. Any kindred that do not appear are assumed to be in violation of the traditions and/ or in league with the Ashirra and thus are to be freely hunted down, though their heartsblood cannot be claimed without approval.

As you are aware the Prince holds court within the catacombs beneath the central cathedral.

Please keep all off topic discussion here.

It is the first day of the year of our lord twelve hundred forty two, the papal see has sat vacant for months after the sudden death of a second pope in less than a year, the princes of the church debate how to proceed.

Our story however is set in Iberia, close to the front lines of the christian reconquista and the city of Valencia, retaken by the forces of the King of Aragon in 1238 with christian vampires in tow. Many of the previous canite residents of the city have fled, fearing that final death would come with the Christians, others have gone to ground unwilling to yield to the infidel invaders.

With a new prince comes new opportunities, and most of the court is new to city. Emilo Secada is the new Lasombra prince, and most concerned with consolidating power.

A more detailed list of vampires in the area will be provided before the game starts.

I am looking to recruit a coterie of vampires for a Dark Ages V20 game set mostly in Valencia in 1242.

Lasombra are ascendant in Iberia at this point in time, though Brujah, Cappadocian, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu and Toreador vampires are also common. Tremere, Tzimisce and Ventrue are uncommon in this area. Followers of Set and Ravanos pass through but are rarely welcome to stay. Assamites are common on the Islamic side of the border, though would be hunted down on sight in Christian Iberia. If you want to run an Assamite, Follower of Set, Ravanos or bloodline, you will need to sell me on why I should allow it.

Characters should expect a good mix of adventures, from combat to investigation to intrigue. Their plans and motivations don’t need to line up perfectly, but player vs player combat should be avoided.

Character creation will be as laid out in DA V20 except that willpower costs 2 freebie points.

I plan to leave character creation open for about a week, regardless I will give 24 hours notice at least before closing recruitment.

Please keep as much out of game discussion in here.

The Black Scepter has been docked in Tortagor for nearly a week, many of the crew are running low on money and the Captain has called all the crew back to the ship. Often Captain Irons asks for the crew's opinions on different potential choices, knowing that an unpopular captain rarely stays captain for long.

as the crew gathers he stands atop the aftercastle, by the ship's wheel. He is a tall man, dressed in dark clothes that were probably fashionable about a decade ago.

"Gentlemen, welcome back, I trust none of you got too rowdy while ashore." He pauses while most of the crew laughs. "As many of you know, Dwarven prospectors from Dol Golmar found adamantium in the jungles on the mainland before winter. Now that the winter storms have passed, the kingdoms of the old world are coming in great ships, fat with gold, valuable tools, and weapons, maybe even a nobleblood or two to ransom. But such work is dangerous, and we also have offers of safer work. In particular, a gnome wishes to transport some goods to Dol Golmar without drawing attention from that Kingdom or the Order of the Sun. The mates will ask you your opinion after noon and we depart on the evening tide."

The campaign is based in a homebrew setting somewhat taking after the Golden age of Piracy in the Caribbean, though with less technological disparity between the old world and the new. Contact between the old world and the new is recent, only being common for the last 50 years mostly because of advances in tech.

Firearms are commonplace. The ship combat rules from the skull and shackles will be used with some added gunpower based seige weapons.

The players will start in the relatively unorganized Cortill Islands at the independent port town of Tortagor, they are part of the crew of the Black Scepter, a sailing ship. Recent discoveries of gold and adamantium to the west have caused an increase in trade between the old world and the new, along with interest from Kingdoms of the old world.

character creation:

Lvl 1
Focus and Foible stat generation
max starting wealth
2 traits
available sources: Core rulebook, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Advanced Players guide, use the unchained summoner instead of the APG one, other unchained classes you can chose which you want. If you want something from another source you will have to sell me on why it should be included.

you automatically gain 1 rank in profession (sailor) every odd level.

focus and foible:

Chose your primary stat or focus, it is an 18
Chose your weak stat or foible, it is an 8
roll 1d10+7 in order for your other 4 stats.
Apply racial modifiers

if you have any questions let me know. Recruitment will stay open until next monday.

I am looking to for 2 additional players for my V20 Caitiff Campaign. The Party is currently trying to figure out what happened to them when they where kidnapped and experimented on by some group of mystical scientists whose identity is still not completely determined.

Thus character creation is slightly different as you will basically be building a mortal character rather than a neonate vampire.

character creation:

dots to spend 6/4/3

dots to spend 11/7/4
Ranks in Drive affect riding horses
No ranks in Computers

dots to spend 3

only the following backgrounds are available to begin with.
Alternate Identity
Retainers (only mortal retainers)

dots to spend 7
Willpower: Equal to Courage
Humanity: Equal to Conscience + Self-Control

Freebie points 10

Freebie Point Costs
Attribute 5 per dot
Ability 2 per dot
Background 2 per dot
Virtue 2 per dot
Humanity 2 per dot
Willpower 2 per dot

You also get 3 regular XP so you are at the same point as the current players.

If you are interested please have your character completed by the end of Nov 7. I will decide who to select after work the next day.

Feel free to ask any questions you have.



Mr Aketer is walking down the street of the small village down the road from his mill when something attracts his attention in an alley between stores. When he goes to investigate he is attacked from behind and clubbed over the head with something. He slumps to the ground unconscious.

He wakes an unknown time later for a few moments; tied up, in darkness on a wooden floor, a strange feeling of motion. He fades out again.


Billy has just left a tavern that he and his friends are drinking in to releave himself in the back lane, as he turns to head back inside he sees an easy mark heading away from him down the back lane. A fat, old man in nice clothes, Billy will lose him if he heads back inside for his friends. But why would he need them, this is an easy mark. He follows and is suddenly grabbed from behind, a foul smelling cloth is pressed over his mouth as he is held down. The vapours overwhelm him and is vision gets darker as it fades to black.


Miles has just gotten off the train with his bag when he sees a coach driver standing on the platform holding a placard with his name on it."Mr Thorne, your uncle has hired me to take you to the farm. The rest of the family is already there."

As he gets into the coach, something strikes him from behind, knocking him out.


As he heads home from work Rory hears someone call out to him from an alleyway, "Mr Dunsirn, HELP." As he turns into the alley he feels a prick on his neck, shortly thereafter slumping to the ground.


You wake up in a stone walled chamber, you think it is underground. It is as if a fog is clearing from your head. A gag in your mouth prevents you from speaking. You have no idea how much time has passed or where you are. The chamber is dimly lit by a handful of candles. It is probably about 40ft by 40ft. The walls are painted with some kind of strange runes and symbols.

You can't really see the floor as you are strapped to a table, secured at the wrists, ankles and knees an additional strap across your chest. Some kind of tube is connected to your left arm.

As you look to see where the tube connects to, you realize that there are 3 others similarly strapped down to tables and a fifth figure, upright attached to what looks like a similar table what you are on, stood on its end and secured to the floor. The four tubes connect back to him, some kind of dark red liquid is slowly making its way down the tubes towards you. The man it is coming from is incredibly pale and looks to be unconscious, he is completely naked and covered in runes similar to those on the walls and ceiling.

Once the liquid reaches you it feels both cold and burning at the same time. A thick sludge that you can feel spreading through your veins. After a few minutes, you hear chanting and can see several masked and robed people have entered the room, as they approach you one of them stops to move a huge switch on the wall Something begins, sparking, arcing its way down the tubes towards you; your body goes rigid. The others stab each of you at the same time. You feel your blood flowing out, being replaced by whatever is flowing out of that tube. The runes on the walls, ceiling and the pale man are now glowing an unearthly red. You scream in pain, the sound muffled by the gag.

Darkness, blissful, painless darkness accepts you.


When you awake the candles seem brighter and the chanting men have left. You feel so thirsty, as if you haven't had anything to drink in 2 days. Your thirst is almost a hunger to drink.

Please use this thread for all out of character discussion.

Also try to remember that to begin with your characters know nothing about being kindred and don't even know that they are kindred.

I am looking to run a V20 campaign starting in 1840 in England. All players will be newly turned clanless or Caitiff vampires so will be weaker than normal starting characters. At least initially your characters will not be aware of the Camarilla or the Sabbat or any other group of vampires. They won't even understand what it is to be a vampire as the game starts just after they have become vampires and they won't even know they are vampires to begin with.

Thus character creation is slightly different as you will basically be building a mortal character rather than a neonate vampire.

character creation:

dots to spend 6/4/3

dots to spend 11/7/4
Ranks in Drive affect riding horses
No ranks in Computers

dots to spend 3

only the following backgrounds are available to begin with.
Alternate Identity
Retainers (only mortal retainers)

dots to spend 7
Willpower: Equal to Courage
Humanity: Equal to Conscience + Self-Control

Freebie points 10

Freebie Point Costs
Attribute 5 per dot
Ability 2 per dot
Background 2 per dot
Virtue 2 per dot
Humanity 2 per dot
Willpower 2 per dot

I am looking for up to 4 players and recruitment will stay open until 4PM EST next Wednesday.

Feel free to ask any questions you have.

I recently had an idea to build a fantasy setting heavily based off of the Mediterranean in the time period between the death of Alexander the great and the rise of Rome.

Rome would probably be a human centric republic, other major powers of the time could be other core/ bestiary 1 races. Other ideas at this stage are the gauls as orcs and Greeks as dwarves.

Keeping it E/P6 would allow magic to play a part without completely dominating the setting.

Does this interest anyone as something they think would be worth working on?

Each of you arrive at camp delta at different times over the course of a few days. you are taken with all your kit to one of the half dozen drab, Vietnam era buildings on the camp any of which could be shacks, offices or . You can see a small military airport in the distance to the north.

As you enter the building with your escort of two armed American marines, both of whom have arms bigger than most tree trunks, you see a sign identifying the building as part of the Interdepartmental operations training school. The escort takes you down stairs into a basement, then to a sub-basement where there is an elevator.

As you get on the elevator one of the escorts says. "This facility is an off the books fallout bunker from the cold war. Anything short of a nuclear missile hit within 100m of the bunker will not destroy it."

The elevator descends for what has to be at least 10 levels before coming to a stop.

The doors open and you see the most well constructed controlled access point you have ever seen. A half dozen remote weapon systems connected to either a M16 automatic grenade launcher or a 50 cal machine gun are visible, The walls are made of steel plates and the only reason you can see that there is a door is due to the larger seam between it and the adjacent panels.

"The room can also be flooded with a variety of substances if necessary."

The door opens with a hiss and you enter a tiny room, separated from a control room by a half inch of bullet proof glass. A second steel door prevents you from leaving. Inside the control room are another 2 marines, each as jacked as your escort.

"Ah, one of the new candidates, here is your ID pass. Keep it on you at all times. Not that you are going to be leaving the facility frequently."

The second door opens and your escort takes you down a hallway labeled accommodations. They stop before one of the doors.

"This is your room, your ID pass will open the door. The mess is on level two. The Col will call for you when all the new candidates have arrived."

An hour or so after the last of you arrives, the intercom in your rooms activates. "All new candidates report to briefing room 2 in 15 minutes."


The briefing room could comfortably hold a platoon of soldiers but other than all of you there are only four other people, A British WO 1st class, a Canadian Master Warrant Officer, an Australian Major and an American Colonel. A huge conference table dominates the room and a large screen is at one end.

"Greeting gentlemen, please sit. I am Colonel Anthony Stevens, CO of the Special Tactical Assault Regiment, this is Major Wells, A Coy commander, RSM Hull and Sgt Maj Grazani. You are probably all wondering why exactly you are here. Your message didn't say Special Tactical Assault Regiment exactly did it."

He turns and activates the screen. A map of the world comes up and starts being populated by triangles of different colours.

"Our world is at war, gentlemen. Right now we have no real idea exactly what we are at war with, as they do not mount conventional attacks on targets. But to many weird things have started happening across the world for it to all be co-incidence; fortunately most incidents have been kept out of the media so far. We will determine what is causing these occurrences and stop them. Until further notice you are all part of Alpha Company, Special Tactical Assault Regiment. Before I continue are there any questions?"

Please keep off topic stuff here.

The gameplay thread will be up shortly.

Greetings Candidate,

Based on recommendations from your chain of command, you have been selected for the first serial of a new-interdepartmental training course to be held at Camp Delta in Western Texas. The Sub-unit leader interdepartmental operations and planning course is a rigorous and challenging course, designed to prepare the leaders of tomorrow to effectively operate with other government agencies. All necessary paperwork is attached to this message.

Col Antony Stevens
CO Interdepartmental Operations Training Centre South

So I am looking to run a X-com like campaign where the players are investigating and responding with appropriate force to a very covert alien attack on earth. They will part of STAR (Special Tactical Assault regiment) as subset of Project Gatekeeper, the Five Eyes response to the alien attacks which doesn't technically exist, so officially they are on the Sub-unit leader interdepartmental operations and planning course. All characters will be from some kind of military, police or para-military government organization, though that could be national, local or anything in between. Project Gatekeeper is far to classified to bring in contractors.

I expect people to be able to post on a close to daily basis. There will be a lot of combat so people need to be able to post frequently to keep things moving. Anyone that is chosen should have a rough set of instruction for if I need to bot them to keep things moving.

I will be using a modified version of Only War, the 40k RPG from Fantasy Flight games. All modified rules are found Here. If anything seems wrong put a comment in the google doc and I will take a look. Each of the regiment options is labeled something but if you want to use those options for a different background that is fine.

Players won't be worried about base building or anything like that but their actions and requests will impact what research is being conducted and how long that research takes. It will be far harder for the scientists to figure out something if they don't have working examples or prisoners to interrogate.

Note that at this point Project Gatekeeper is a Five Eyes operation so your character should be from one of Canada, the US, the UK, Australia or New Zealand.

What I need from Applicants
A description of your character including why they should be selected for such a secret and specialized operation. Include what his previous experience was before being offered a place in the program.
A completed character

I am looking to recruit a 4 to 6 player party.

Recruitment will close on the 8th of April

Let me know if you have any questions and I will answer them as soon as possible.

If I were to run this campaign it would be set around now. Players would be recruited by an organization that doesn't officially exist from a variety of sources; Special forces, highly specialized police, intelligence agencies. Weird things are happening around the world that no one can explain, so the players would be getting sent off on classified missions to engage the unknown threat, returning with whatever intel possible, making sure that other organizations with less benevolent goals don't get their hands on whatever the threat is.

As the campaign progresses you would get access to newer gear better suited to the threat you are facing and may be offered the chance to gain psychic abilities, genetic enhancements or bionic upgrades.

Players wouldn't be directing what research is being conducted, gear created or base building; but their actions could impact what results the organization is achieving. Bringing back piles of scraps and dead bodies probably won't help as much as live prisoners or intact weapons.

I would be using a modified version of only war, one of the 40k RPGs.

Let me know your thoughts and I would be happy to answer any questions you had.

The wet season has ended recently and your clan has moved east towards the coast establishing a camp in a series of caves about 2 kilometers nort-west of the delta.

4 hunters departed early this morning hoping to find giant turtles in the same location as last year.

Discussion for things that aren't in character for your current life.

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In this campaign you will be reincarnating many times throughout the ages, guiding your people in times of importance. You will probably play each character through only a handful of scenes. Your people start as a small clan of about a dozen adults and a few children in the stone age. At this stage your clan doesn't have any racial traits or abilities, that will change over time. What decisions you make as players will impact what racial traits, stats and abilities your people develop.

Throughout the ages you will encounter others that are able to transcend one mortal lifetime.

Each time your character reincarnates, you will gain 1 or more reincarnation points that let you retain things from your past lives.

reincarnation points:

1 point = 1 free skill rank in a skill your previous character had

2 points = 1 bonus hit point

4 points = one feat your last character had that you still meet the prerequisites for

5 points = 1 first level class ability your previous character had or 1 level 1 spell your previous character could cast 1/day.

For your first characters class choice is extremely limited. Over the reincarnations more will become available over time.

first character creation:

1st level
15 point buy
No race
no traits
half your normal class average starting money
only bone, stone or hide for weapons and armour
classes available = Barbarian, fighter, ranger, rogue, slayer

In order to keep things moving I am looking for people who can post at least once a day.

Finally 2 other questions

What terrain is your clan currently living in? Why?

Why should your first character be chosen to carry his spirit through the ages?

Of course if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.

I have an idea for a campaign where the players are guiding a clan through the ages; reincarnating at times when their people need great heroes. It would start in the stone age, only a few classes would be available and the clan, like all other humanoid clans at the time, would have no racial stats.

Over time more classes would unlock and player's decisions would help shape their clan's racial stats. Each reincarnation the players would be able to bring parts of their past life with them; starting with 1 rank in a skill they had in past life (each reincarnation granting one or more "reincarnation" points) and farther in being able to retain feats or low level class features in their next life.

How long you play in each life would depend on the story that needs to be told in that life.

Of course there would be NPCs that could be encountered across the ages, that could including things like other reincarnating spirits, immortals, dragons, liches.

I would use some form of P6 for this. Overall your level would improve over the ages, but I won't be directly handing out xp.

Let me know if the idea interests you and if you have any ideas to make the scenario work better. I can't guarantee that I will use them, but I will at least consider them.

So I had an idea for a campaign that starts at the dawn of civilization. Races haven't developed from a generic humanoid yet and are at a stone age level of technology.

The players and some NPCs from other clans get reincarnated every generation or every few generations to help guide their people. As they guide their clan over generations it would begin to develop racial traits and the characters would carry some of their knowledge from past lives with them. Players would probably have to discover things like divine and arcane magic, ki or other more special abilities.

Starting off it would look something like this

15 point buy

Racial modifiers +2 to one stat

level 1 characters

no spell-casting at this point

After a few sessions of playing those characters through a few key events, say their clan being attacked by a fierce predator that they must track down and slay and later they make first contact with another clan; they reincarnate Making new characters that would retain something from their previous life, probably a skill point.

Each character would only be played for a couple sessions, but over time their clan would gain racial traits and their characters would retain more and more information from past lives eventually being able to retain feats or low level class features from previous lives. over time the level of the characters would go up as well.


Mission 1: Operation Stolen gift

You are all newly arrived to Watch Fortress Delphi, on the eastern fringe, just to the galactic west of the Damocles gulf. The watch fortress is a massive structure built into the surface of an airless moon that is orbiting a mildly habitable world far to distant from the start to be comfortable. What few humans live there are miserable and little bothered by the Imperium at large.

Only a few towers of the fortress are visible from the surface, the majority of the structure is buried within the moon's surface. Few can say exactly how large the fortress is, but at a minimum there are dozens of kilometers of tunnels and multiple hangers with the capacity to each hold a score of thunderhawks.

each of you is provided with a small group of chambers that are decorated in a very spartan manner. There is a room to store your personal equipment, another for sleeping.

You are given a few days to meet the other members of your new killteam then called to one of the briefing rooms. The briefing room is rather small, probably able to hold a full squad plus a couple more. There is a solid metal table in the centre of the room with a holoprojector above it pointing down.

There you find veteran brother sergeant Odesses, a hardened space marine on his second tour with the deathwatch, originally from the silver skulls chapter.

"Please, be seated brothers and we can begin."

Once you are all seated he begins.

"As I am sure you are all aware, the greatest threat the imperium in this region of space is the expansionist Tau Empire and its allies and clients."

The holoprojector begins to power up and displays a star system.

"This is the Vegar system, a frontier system used by the Demiurg. The Demiurg are one of the Tau's most advanced allies. As far as we can tell they are not actually a part of the Tau Empire but are trading partners and to some extent share technology."

He pauses while the display zooms into a area near one of the gas giants in the system.

"Our sources indicate that a sub-destroyer class vessel was badly damaged by ork raiders recently and has limped into orbit of this moon where repairs are ongoing. We believe that this class of Demiurg vessels has some kind of active stealth technology that masks its heat signature and signals emissions. It is effectively invisible to most sensors. Your mission is to board the vessel and remove the equipment that is generating this effect for study. Destroy the xenos vessel once the tech has been recovered and engage other targets of opportunity in the orbit of the moon. Are there any questions?"

Each member of the killteam has 50 requisition for this mission.

looking for some feedback on one of the races I made for my homebrew setting, Nosstrach. Dragonkin were created millennia ago by dragons to act as officers and shock troops for their armies.

Dragonkin (Humanoid (Reptilian))

Attributes +2 Str, +2Charisma, -2 Wisdom
Dragonkin are strong and posses a natural charm but are quick to act and often don't think through their actions.

Medium Dragonkin are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to size.

Hatred Dragonkin have a longstanding racial hatred of Giants and Orcs. They gain a +1 to hit rolls against creatures of the Giant and Orc subtypes.

Low Light Vision

Natural Armor Dragonkin have scales covering their body, they gain +1 Natural armor.

Skill Bonus Dragonkin have a +1 racial bonus to Intimidate and Knowledge (History)

Breath weapon Dragonkin have a breath weapon that deals 2d6 damage in either a 15ft cone or 30ft line, pick one of fire, cold, acid or electricity for damage type. Those affected can make a reflex saving throw (DC 10 +1/2 level + Con bonus) This ability can be used 2/ day.

Languages Dragonkin speak common and Draconic. Dragonkin with a high intelligence can choose from Elven, Dwarven, Gnome, Halfling, Celestial, Abyssal and Infernal.

Dragonkin are about 6ft tall on average, with males being about 2in taller than females on average. They tend towards large, bulky builds. They have thick, scaly skin that can have colors similar to any true dragon, like a true dragon their color and the damage dealt by their breath weapon are linked. Dragonkin live to about 140 years on average and mature by the time they are 20 years old.

Welcome the deathwatch campaign discussion area. All out of character discussion about the campaign, character creation, character advancement and such will happen here. Once everyone is good to go I will create the gameplay thread which will link at the top.

Please do all your dice rolling in the appropriate thread. There should be an expandable section on how to format things below the box you type in to post.

So character creation

Characteristics will be generated as per the rulebook with one exception. after you have rolled your 9 stats and done your re-roll (if you wish to use it) but before you apply any chapter modifiers you can switch any 2 of your stats.

You can select any chapter from any published Deathwatch supplement. If for some reason your preferred chapter can't be properly proxied with any existing chapter rules let me know and we can use the chapter generator to figure something out.

The rest of character creation should be as per the core rulebook, except for power armour. I will be using the rules in rites of war that add extra power armour history tables and have rules for the different marks of power armour.

If there are any questions feel free to ask them.

My friend and I are working on a world called Nosstrach. We are looking for talented and energetic people to come into the fold and help build this world. We are looking for people whom have an interest in the world and match our vision for a Pathfinder setting.

Nosstrach is a world that has birthed dragons, giants and many other "tiny" races. The dragons and giants formed most of the foundation that other civilizations have built on, however they fought a war of attrition that both lost. The other races of the world had fallen into dark times and had to fight simply to survive. The world is now in a period of hope where civilizations are now able to prosper and fight off the goblinoid and undead hoards.

The year for Nosstrach is 600 days, the growing season is long and is generally able to produce several rounds of crops, but the winters are equally long. Many animals hibernate through the worst part of the winter.

Dire animals are typical mounts for many, with exceptions for the most tame, civilized areas as well as goblinoids.

The two moons of the world cause tides to be erratic and dangerous to live close to, many of the major cities are away from the coast line.

The western continent runs from the north through the equator to the far south. The far south was the birth place of the intelligent life of Nosstrach. A mountain range runs the length of this continent. Some of the civilizations that span this continent are the Tothians and Agerachians. Agerachians are formed of several different countries that inhabit the birthplace of dragons. Tothians are a sturdy folk that have wide spread reach and were the beacon of hope to many in a time of darkness.

The channel separating the two continents is called the scar, this was caused by a battle between the parents.

The eastern continent runs from the west to east and is smaller than the western continent. The northern jungles are a vicious place inhabited by halflings and elves and you would be stupid to explore without a guide. The southern coast is the home to many civilizations, built on top of ancient ones.

To the south and east of the eastern continent is home to elves. The trade winds make travel to and from difficult. The civilizations are bold in all aspects of their lives, including interactions with outsiders.

To the east of the western continents northern tip is an island, Malorak, known for their mithril mines and quality of steel. This island was infested with undead and was the birthplace of Telmatrass the Unliving.

On a chain of smaller islands to the east of the eastern continent is an Island nation of Ida. This nation is one founded in a part of the world that was mostly undisturbed and was able to form a society based on learning and knowledge.

If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them.

If there is enough interest I am looking to start a vampire the masquerade campaign starting in the 1800s where all the players are clanless and at least initially unconnected with normal kindred society. The campaign would start just after you have been embraced and initially focus on determining exactly what you have become and the limitations of undeath.

You follow the servant down a badly lit hallway that twists and turns a few times. It takes you at least 10 minutes to reach your destination. You arrive at an office that has clearly been in use for some time and is about 15 feet by 20 feet. The back wall is covered in bookshelves that are jammed with texts, in front of it you see a desk that is covered in notes, maps, scrolls and open books. There are four chairs set in front of the desk. Off to one side is a table that has a few refreshments on it, some wine, bread, cheese and smoked sausage. All three other walls have maps tacked to them and most of the maps have hand drawn notes, annotations and corrections, along with pins and string linking pins.

Behind the desk is an elderly elf wearing practical grey robes. He is busy making notes as he consults a text of some kind, though his hand seems to shake slightly as he writes, a few moments after you enter the room he finishes writing and looks up.

"Welcome, welcome, I hope you haven't been waiting too long. I am Torsi, one of the keepers of knowledge at the university. Have they told you anything yet about why you were selected?"

Welcome players, please keep off topic things confined to this thread and not the gameplay thread.

”Welcome explorers, to the University of Anok, the oldest organized centre of learning on Nosstrach. As you may be aware we send explorers throughout the known world in an effort to create an accurate map and history of our world. Now that the world has passed through the dark night, our efforts have increased and we are currently recruiting new explorers.”

I am looking for players looking to help explore a homebrew setting, Nosstrach. Two of my friends that are also working on the setting will be participating as players and we are looking to add to make a party of 4-6 players. We are far more concerned about interesting player characters rather than making a balanced party. I will be adding setting information to the campaign tab over the next few days.

Nosstrach is a world that has recently made it through the darkest part of its history, The Age of Despair. The world was overrun with undead, evil overlords and greenskin hordes. But much of that has been over for more than 100 years since the first lich, Telmatrass the Unliving, was slain and his black banner was broken hopefully to never be rebuilt. With the odds less stacked against them many humanoids have dragged themselves forward into fledgling countries, though the elves and some dwarves are centuries ahead as the darkness of the Age of Despair never truly reached their islands.


Due to the setting the following are the available playable races. Stats for any races or culture groups not in the core rulebook will be in the campaign tab shortly.
Dwarves, Island Dwarves and Northern Dwarves
Elves, Jungle Elves and Southern Elves


We will be using the focus foible system from Way of the Wicked. It is detailed below for those not familiar with it.

1. Choose your focus, that ability is an 18
2. Choose your foible, that ability is an 8
3. Roll 1d10+7 four times in order. Assign these numbers in order to your 4 remaining stats
4. Apply racial modifiers

Dunos a Human fighter wants his focus to be strength.
He doesn’t think he needs good charisma so he picks that as his foible.
He then rolls 1d10+7 four times
Str 18
Dex 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
Con 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8
Int 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12
Wis 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9
Cha 8
He then applies his racial modifier to constitution bringing that stat to a 16


Everyone will start at level 1.

All classes in the core rulebook are good.

Any classes from other paizo sources or archetypes PM with ideas as to how that class or archetype can fit into the setting, if it is reasonable or we can find a way to make it reasonable it will be allowed.


Starting wealth is average starting wealth.

2 traits, if your trait is from a source other than the APG please tell me where you found it. Culture groups of elves and dwarves can take any trait open to their parent race.

Recruitment will stay open until Midnight EST Sunday September 27.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

As often happens with play by post games, I have lost several players from this campaign. Conveniently no recruitment thread was used when this campaign first started so the gameplay and discussion threads are already connected.

This campaign takes place in Ustalav and has the players investigating and dealing with the workings of a cult of necromancers. Ideally people should be able to post once a day. I and the current party somewhat got away from this but recently I have been working to bring it back to a more active state. Part of which is recruiting back up to 6 people.

I am looking for 3 players to replace our losses along the way.

My priority for how I will recruit people is as follows.

Character concept

How new to play by post you are. Against normal wisdom I tend to prefer helping new people get involved than recruiting more experienced people.

How well your character rounds out the party.

Power level of your character.

I aim to make my selections on June 4. So any characters submitted before 1600 EST June 4 will be considered.

Now the truly important part, the requirements for your characters.


Stats are generated using the standard rolling method.4d6 per stat take the best 3. Use in any order.

Only core rulebook. This is a hard rule, so don't ask for an exception it won't be granted

Level 2

800 gold

Currently the part consists of a gnome cleric, a human barbarian and a human monk.

I will be around to answer any questions people have.

I couldn't find any information on this topic so I was wondering what kind of lifespan people think pseudodragons have? I am thinking of going with about 20 years as the average.

I am going to be starting a new pathfinder campaign this summer and am currently planning on doing an E6 style campaign with a few other house rules which I figured I would share here to get some feedback. The campaign will be somewhat sandbox style with the players helping to establish a new kingdom. Players will know about all the house rules before the campaign starts.

In addition to E6 I am using several other house rules including the following.

-Every class gets +2 skill points but at least 1 skill point must go into a profession or craft skill.

-classes with martial weapon proficiency instead are only proficient with the martial weapons from a single fighter weapon group. The martial weapon proficiency feat will grant proficiency with an additional fighter weapon group.

-arcane casters can only know spells from a single school of magic. Once they can cast 3rd level spells they may cast 1st level spells from a second school.

-I am still trying to figure out exactly what to do for divine casters but I am thinking of limiting clerics to only the spells from all the domains belonging to their god. Druids will have a table similar to the sorcerer spells known table. Other divine spellcasters will have similar thematic limitations to their spell choices.

-all paizo base classes except summoner and gunslinger are allowed

I am trying to go for a campaign where characters are more focused with what their main abilities are and where combat isn't always the go to solution because if they fight everyone the fledgling kingdom they are helping to build probably won't last long.

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You have all arrived at Castle Firrine in the last few days, along with about a dozen other new recruits.

It is mid-morning on a chilly early spring day. The damp is just starting to dissipate for the day. A old, hardened human soldier is approaching the group of new recruits, and he doesn't look terribly happy. He is wearing chainmail and has a spear without a spearhead on it and a heavy wooden shield.

"Good morrow maggots, I am Sergeant Bayan and it would seem that I am the lucky man whose job it is to prevent all of you from pissing yourself in fear and dying the first time an orc looks at you. Though it seems that some of you are better prepared than most of our recruits." He reaches inside his tunic and draws out a piece of paper.

"Captain Ortez has determined that the following individuals don't require the loving attentions of one of his instructors before joining the ranks. Jake Hobbes, Priest Davco, Castor Duchamp, Ragrimm Thunderhand, Jorizer Brokentusk, and Twiks?" The sergeant raises his eyebrow at the last name seeking acknowledgement that there is indeed an individual named Twiks on his training ground.

"The Captain wishes to speak to you in his office. Second tent on the left. Over there." He indicates the direction those named should go. "The rest of you worms grab a training spear and shield and form two lines NOW."

Please keep all off-topic posts or rules clarifications in this thread.

Against all conventional wisdom my most successful campaign as a GM on these forums was an almost completely new group. Therefore for my new campaign I will go against conventional wisdom and recruit an entirely inexperienced party.

This campaign will be mostly set in Lastwall and Belkzen, though other neighbouring countries may be visited as well. Expect many battles against orcs and their allies.

You will start at Castle Firrine, newly added to the ranks of the army of lastwall. Disturbing rumours are spreading that a powerful orc warlord is attempting to unite tribes into an unstoppable horde of destruction.

I will select a party of 4-6 on March 1 and am more interested in interesting characters than OP killing machines.

character creation rules:

Core Rulebook only - no exceptions
1st level characters
Focus/ Foible stat generation -as explained below
Max starting wealth - lastwall is generous with supplies
HP after first level rolled

Include your key stats under your name in your alias. At a minimum I want to see AC (including touch and flat), Initiative, Saves, and Perception.

Focus/ Foible:

This method of stat generation is easy and I find makes for more interesting characters.
You pick one stat as a Focus that stat is an 18
You then pick one Foible that stat is an 8
Third you roll 1d10+7 4 times in order to generate your other stats.
Fourth you re-roll your 4 rolled stats if their total bonus is less than a +3.
Fifth you apply any racial mods to your stats.

So as an example if I am making a strength focused fighter
Focus Str 18
Dex 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
Con1d10 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12
Int1d10 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10
Wis1d10 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13
Foible Cha 8

I would then apply any racial stat mods.

I will be using the fast XP chart and also giving XP for important non-combat accomplishments.

I will do one main update a day around 6-7PM EST, normally I will be able to make smaller updates or answer questions several times a day.

I expect people to be able to post at least once per day (and at least once a weekend).

When you post please include your experience with play by post.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Please put any feedback you have or non-gameplay discussion here.

If we don't have enough players I will make at least one character unless one of you wants to run 2 characters.

Your first encounter will be a CR1 encounter vs a trio of orcs. I will be running them with the stats they have in the bestiary. I will also be trying them with no boosts.

You will start on opposite sides of a clearing 100ft across.

Please roll initiative when you make your first post.

Orc Initiative 1d20 ⇒ 20

I am looking for 4-6 players interested in playing the pre-alpha for the five moons RPG. People must be willing to post several times a day and provide useful feedback. Specific feedback the developer is looking for is on page two of the document.

The focus of this will be on testing the available elements of the system in combat, so once one combat is done things will get reset, people have some time to provide feedback and then another combat unconnected to the first would be set up.

As new playtest documents are made available, I would be looking to transition to them. Once there is a relatively stable document, I will gauge interest in moving into an actual campaign.

playtest document

Traditionally attempts to divide a bestiary entry into "class" levels has focused on trying to fit everything that a creature gets in it's bestiary entry into a reasonable number of levels.

What if instead we considered the bestiary entry to be more like an NPC class whereas the end result of the monster "class" who be the PC version. Thus taking say a 5 HD creature and giving it enough abilities to make it equivalent to 5 class levels instead of trying to fit 5 HD and a few other abilities into say 3 levels.


For a while I have had an idea for eventually increasing the number of GMs available for running APs. If GMs ran campaigns only for people who committed beforehand to run the AP once they have completed it. For example I eventually want to run way of the wicked as a GM, but want to play through it first.

Does this concept interest anyone? And yes I realize it isn't an immediate solution to the lack of GMs.

Silvam is a typical village in Ustalav, small, bleak and dreary at the best of times. Colours almost seem slightly muted here. The people are suspicious of outsiders, and incredibly superstitious. Many people considered to be part of the village live in the surrounding area working their fields but can reach town within a hour or two walking. The people live in wooden houses with thatched roofs, most houses have visible symbols that are thought to ward off evil, spirits, the damned, or other supernatural threats. Wise villagers have their homes blessed frequently by Bayan, a local priest of Pharasma.

The center of the village is a small square where a north-south and east-west road meet. Their is a decent sized, old stone church on the east side, with Bayan's house across the east road from it. Several shops and businesses fill the adjacent area, the most important of these being a tavern in the south-east corner and a large blacksmith's shop beside it.

About a kilometer north of the village on a small rise is the old and ill-maintained Gelu House, ancestral seat of the Gelou family. This house is noteworthy as the only stone structure other than the church in the area.

The players have found themselves in Silvam for a variety of reasons, but most were simply passing through the area when the first winter storm hit on the last day of Neth. It began raining heavily and didn't stop. You were forced to find shelter but no peasant would let you into their home, not trusting strangers to spend the night under their roof. Anywhere you tried stopping directed you to try the tavern in Silvam.

The tavern in Silvam is nothing to brag about, it doesn't even have a name being the only tavern in the area. Fortunately the Swiftfeet serve decent drinks and food so the last day you have been stuck there has been rather pleasant other than the strange looks you get from the few locals who have braved to storm for a pint.

The inside of the tavern has enough tables and chairs to seat about 35 people comfortably. The walls are adorned with various odds and ends that probably all have interesting stories behind them and the fireplace does a decent job of keeping out the damp and chill from the storm.

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I haven't seen anything that talks about centaurs in Ustalav, but the inner sea world guide talks about an unusual tribe of centaurs in Razmiran which is just east of Ustalav.

Do people think centaurs in Ustalav would be normal centaurs or would they be changed in some way even if only in alignment and culture?

A place to talk about things relating to the introductory campaign I am running in Ustalav.

I am looking into the possibility of running a Codex Alera campaign. However given the lack of existing systems that well portray the setting, significant conversion work will be needed. Before I embark on such a task I want to make sure there is interest in such a campaign. My initial thought was to use GURPS but a modified world of darkness may work as well. Which system do people think would work better?

I am considering running a gurps campaign. There are two possible settings that I would do, both of which would require a bunch of work so I want to make sure there is interest before I start working on the details of how that setting would work in GURPS.

The first setting would be Stargate, probably set somewhere in the middle of the SG-1 show somewhere between 2000 and 2002. The party would be an SG team.

The other option would be a campaign based in the setting of the Codex Alera. The campaign would be set well before the book series.

If either of these interest you please let me know and indicated which is more interesting. Also any help people would be willing to provide would greatly ease in the amount of time it would take to be ready to launch a campaign. People who actually contributed towards ironing out mechanics would most likely be automatically included in the final party.

Many of the original gods have faded away, growing tired of manipulating matter. The tiny creatures that crawl across the land bore them. So they have withdrawn from any involvement in shaping creation.

New gods are arising to take their places. However 3 of the old gods remain to exert their power over the world and the remnants of what others have done still remain.

I am looking for 6 new players to join the three remaining players in my dawn of worlds campaign. There are still 3 remaining players and we have just entered age 2.


Gameplay thread

The current Gods are
Ryazan, NG, the burning light, lord of valour, keeper of justice

Sheher, LG, protector of creativity and invention, master of the inspiring flame

Aninga, CN, the storm dragon, ruler of the waves

I control 4 minor elemental gods that occasionally act as well.

Each deity must have a different alignment than existing ones. The plan is to have one deity of each alignment. So if you and someone else both post ideas for gods of the same alignment only one of you will be chosen, and submitting gods with NG, LG or CN alignments is pointless.

The minimum info I need to consider your idea is the name of your deity, what alignment they are and what their "area" of divine control is.

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