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My book finally arrived today just before I had to leave for work. A big thanks to the Paizo team for being honest about all this.

Can I get an update on Paizo Order #4781705? Sadly I'm in a tiny Town in Alabama, and still no book.

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Thanks for the update on US orders, Vic. I hope you get past this hiccup with your sanity in tact.

Most all of the delivery updates are for overseas orders, can we please get some information on US orders, please?

Hopefully I'll get mine by the end of next week.

Can we get at least an estimated delivery date for the US orders?

I had this same issue. My order is 4781705. I really don't want to miss this.

My order, #4298786, has seemingly vanished in shipment. I have not had any tracking updates since the 5th of this month. Neither the USPS or UPS mail innovations can provide me with any help and both have urged me to contact you. I am a huge fan of Pathfinder, bit this is my first online order with you as I generally prefer to buy my books at local brick and mortar game shops. Can you please provide me with some information as to what is happening?