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After all, one of the most beautiful things I've been called in all my life is Diablo Unique Item.

I also thought this looked the Horadric Cube, that's why I chose it as an avatar.
But the name it's so abstract for a reason.

A person that I had met not a lot of time ago, who was friend of one of my best friends and players, called me a "Diablo unique item" as a way to say that I am a special person in a positive way, after having GMed a game for a group I was in.

This guy is one of the best GMs I had, even though I could only play with him once, and also a wonderful person. Receiving a compliment like that from someone who barely knew me really touched me.

So a few years later I still use "Diablo unique item" as a joke title.

Yes! One point for the inanimate object from an old game that is still better than many new ones!

Vid's Inner Ninja shouldn't rule this city because he is a cute backstabbing rodent!

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This one has a story behind... it's a title I was given a few years ago and that makes me be proud of myself xD