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That escalated quickly...

Why couldn't it be a cohort for Ekkie?

I loved Ezren in RotR! I think I have a new favorite character myself! I love that you can have a built in auger for ALWAYS! I will have to be thoroughly convinced to play another character for my first time through the AP.

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This blog post did it for me, I am now subscribed to WotR! I can't wait to die by that Demon!

I guess I haven't bought S&S yet, because of two reasons really. The first, being that we only JUST finished RotRL about a month ago. The second, is that the pirate theme really isn't all that inspiring for me. I may well get it eventually, but there is little incentive for me to rush and get it, as I've already missed out on my chances at the promos. I think I'll likely just try for the new set as it comes out.

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I felt the need to contribute to this discussion. I need to make clear that I LOVE psionics and have been a fan ever since 2nd edition AD&D. I have to agree with Mogart, at least in part, regarding the aegis class. I will not use a min/max example because I don’t feel that you need to look there to see how the class is unbalanced. (Also, I have a particular disdain for min/maxing.)

The aegis class is essentially a fighter class that has access to a “Magical” suit of customizable half-plate armor at first level. There is no real drawback save for you still have an armor check penalty (which can be mitigated if you so choose) and anti-magic effects can mitigate the armors’ use.

While I appreciate that you can throw around dispelling effects, and in fact MUST do so if you want to have any semblance of balance, this will get very old to the psionic character if you do it often enough to create the needed balance with other non-psionic characters. I simply feel that some sort of system to regulate the armor’s use, such as number of uses per day, having a psionic point cost, or even simply requiring maintaining concentration to manifest the suit would have been a sufficient mechanism to balance the class.

As it stands the aegis will outclass EVERY other ‘warrior’ class, particularly at first level with non-optimized builds. (I would even go so far as to suggest that it might even outclass optimized ‘warrior’ classed.) I would GREATLY welcome any evidence that would suggest that I’ve overlooked something in the rules for Psionics. I truly love psionics, but in my games a REASONABLE level of balance is required.

Well, thanks for the update and hard work Mr. Smith (and crew)! I still don't have my Psionicy goodness yet, but I am thrilled that you pushed it through for the earliest of adopters in time for Christmas! I wait with baited breath for the PDF to come to those of us who ordered through Paizo.

When are we who ordered pre-order from paizo directly going to get our PDFs?

I really like the feel of Golarion with the specific exception that Golarion seems to have "everything and the kitchen sink" thrown in. I think I'd have personally preferred for it to be a LITTLE less a bit of everything. (Especially the tech themed nations/regions.) But, for me, I usually just pare them down for my own personal take on the setting!

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Being just beyond Veteran's Day this is particularly relevant.

I HATE when people ask if I have killed anyone in my service as a soldier during my deployment to Afghanistan. (I was a combat soldier on the line in the birthplace of the Taliban... It's not hard to figure out...)

*Also, I ask those of you insensitive enough to ask a veteran such a question. Does it matter?