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Created for Pathfinder fans by Pathfinder fans, this eighteenth issue of the ENnie Award-winning Wayfinder fanzine crosses over into the First World with the mischievous fey! This free fanzine includes dozens of articles, including original fiction, new monsters, NPCs, classes and options, magic items, spells, and a side trek adventure to the Witchmarket —just a small portion of what we packed into this issue!

Contributing Authors: Charlie Brooks, Calder CaDavid, Robert Cameron, Benjamin Chason-Sokol, Jeremy Corff, Jason Daugherty, Matthew Duval, Robert Feather, Kim Frandsen, Wojciech Gruchała, Amy C. Goodenough, Taylor Hubler, Luke Hudek, Chris L. Kimball, John Laffan, Crystal Malarsky, Randal Meyer, Jacob W. Michaels, Daniel Angelo Monaco, Stewart Moyer, Dennis Muldoon, Andrew Mullen, Dave Nelson, Nicholas S. Orvis, Emily Parks, Lyn Perrine, Amanda Plageman, Matt Roth, André Roy, Stephen J. Smith, Kendra Leigh Speedling, Jeff Taft, Brendan Ward, Christopher Wasko, Nicholas Wasko, and Kerney Williams.

Contributing Artists: Catherine Batka , John Bunger, Tyler Clark, Snow Conrad, Jeremy Corff, Liz Courts, Andrew DeFelice, Jess Door, Catarina Eusébio, Peter Fairfax, Silvia Gonzalez, David Hoffrichter, Fil Kearney, Danny Hedager Krog, Alberto Ortiz Leon , Clay Lewis, Mike Lowe, Dionisis Milonas, Jesse Mohn, Alex Moore, Adam Munger , Beatrice Pelagatti, Jessica Redekop, Tanyaporn Sangsnit, Kristiina Seppä, Ashton Sperry, Bob Storrar, Carlos Torreblanca, Todd Westcot, and Stephen Wood.

Cover Art by Bob Storrar
Foreword by Dain Nielsen

Wayfinder #18 is a 72-page full-color PDF suitable for printing or viewing on your computer. It is released under the Paizo Inc Community Use Policy.

This fanzine uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Paizo Inc, which are used under Paizo's Community Use Policy. We are expressly prohibited from charging you to use or access this content. This fanzine is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Paizo Inc. For more information about Paizo's Community Use Policy, please visit paizo.com/communityuse. For more information about Paizo Publishing and Paizo products, please visit paizo.com.

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***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Another Awesome Issue


As a disclaimer, I contributed to this issue.

Wayfinder is always amazing, and this theme was both amazing and timely. Well worth a look.

Also, Gerbie Corruption is terrifying. Really. Twilight Zone at its best levels of terrifying.

Simply Unbeatable


As a disclaimer, I wrote the Adventure Card Game entry for this issue. While I appreciated the opportunity to experiment with ACG design, I predominantly play the Pathfinder RPG, so I'll be speaking mostly to the value of this installment's content for GMs and players. That being said, "valuable" is an egregious understatement when it comes to the material provided in Wayfinder #18.

For a game with a cultural and mechanical legacy as expansive as the Pathfinder RPG, one of the best compliments I can give a content writer is to immediately think, "How does this not already exist?" I was stunned how often this thought crossed my mind while reading this issue of Wayfinder. The most obvious examples arise from the Bestiary, which includes fairy tale and urban legend classics ranging from the Hidebehind to the Big Bad Wolf. Spells like fey road and liar's light seem like they should already be a core part of any fey spellcaster's arsenal, masterfully applying game mechanics to frequently-used fairy tale tropes. The authors clearly did their homework, and even hardcore Brothers Grimm traditionalists will find something to love in the pages of this issue.

This is not to say Wayfinder #18 spurns fresh ideas for the sake of nostalgia. The new content effortlessly expands the scope of the First World without ever feeling like it's gone too far. In the Bestiary, new spins on old favorites (e.g. the Gravestone Dryad and the Poppy Leshy) expand a GM's options while maintaining similar themes, while brand new monsters like the Tintargurill offer GMs tools for fitting supernatural fey into a realistic ecosystem without compromising the fantasy flavor. Archetypes allow spiritualists to be haunted by bogeymen, anti-paladins to draw power from First-World patrons rather than fiends, and so on, all providing fresh new rules to vex players while still fitting the mold of the fey to a T. Perhaps my favorite article in the whole installment is the Gerbie Corruption - never before have I considered a cartoonish adherence to nonviolence and whimsy so threatening, and yet I read it and thought, "Of course this should be a corruption! It makes perfect sense!"

Perhaps more than any Wayfinder to date, every page is oozing with flavor. The short adventure that opens the issue reads like it fell out of a Brothers Grimm volume, allowing players to bid for others' memories at the cost of the things that make them who they are (e.g. their eye color). The fiction is simultaneously frolicsome and horrifying, drawing the reader deeper and deeper into a wondrous tale that they know won't end with Happily Ever After.

Given how frequently fey pop up in Pathfinder games and Paizo adventures, every single GM (and likely several players) could enrich their game with the contents of this fanzine at a price that is simply unbeatable (namely, zero dollars). I cannot recommend Wayfinder #18 highly enough to anyone who has ever played, GMed, or even heard of a tabletop roleplaying game.

Sovereign Court Wayfinder, PaizoCon Founder

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Now available to download for FREE!!!!!!!!

Dark Archive


Nice! I'm happy to have contributed 2 illustrations for this issue and to be included among so many other great artists.

- John Bunger

Liberty's Edge Contributor, RPG Superstar 2012

I saw a lot of great material in my editing and proofreading passes. I hope you all enjoy the latest issue of Wayfinder!

Also...please do leave a review.

Woot, will have to download my copy this weekend :)

Sovereign Court Wayfinder, PaizoCon Founder

I will second that request for reviews and comments! It means a lot to everyone involved on this issue to hear what people think.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Card Game, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

Thank you SOO much for another great issue!!! You all never cease to amaze me! Kudos for holding the torch high!

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3 Things:

1) The arts are awesome!
2) To th person who edited my submission: Thank you for your great work and Sorry (French is my mother language).

3) For the Feyling, here's the Height, Weight and age table I've created.

Race: Feyling
Base Height: 3ft. 6 in.
Base weight: 55 Lb
Modifier: 3d4
Weight multiplier: x2

Adulthood: 12 years +d6 (Intuitive); +2d6 (Self-taught); +3d6 (Trained)
Middle Age: 65 years
Old: 125 years
Venerable: 190 years
Maximum Age: 190+1D100 years

Sovereign Court

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Mike Welham wrote:
Also...please do leave a review.

Beat you to the draw on that request, mister! ;)

Liberty's Edge Contributor, RPG Superstar 2012

Oh, hey, this issue has its first review. Thanks, Nick!

Sovereign Court Wayfinder, PaizoCon Founder

And a 2nd review! Thanks Amanda!

Good to have some free "feyful" and "fey-filled" Wayfinder-type goodness out there. ;)

Belated thanks to Todd Westcot (for the 2nd straight year!) for his illustration for my article. I admit the first thing I did after downloading the issue was to check to see if Gruepert was wearing pants. He wasn't, I giggled, and then I moved on to other things. When I came back and looked at the artwork a second time, I caught more of the details Todd always seems to slip in: in this instance, the gaggle of holy symbols around his neck. The little red guy has some big ones, using the holy symbol of the goddess of revenge to pick his teeth.

Oh...that was some unfortunate wording, especially when coupled with the whole no pants thing. Some things you just can't unimagine....

Back on point, the other thing that caught my eye was the mustachioed mite on the right. I swore I'd seen him somewhere before.

Could it be Mr. Whipple (sans the glasses)? That scroll he's squeezing just might be the remnants of a roll of Charmin.

Also, thanks to the editor(s).

So out of curiosity:

Will a printed copy be sent to the contributors like in previous issues?

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