Starfinder Society Scenario #4-10: The Way In

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A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for 5th- through 8th-level characters.

Working closely with the Exo-Guardians, a team of Starfinders tracks down, scouts, and battles a fleet of enemy ships implicated in the Data Scourge attacks. Will this maneuver be the turning point in the conflict, or will the Starfinders' bold actions inflict dire consequences on the Society?

Written by: Dennis Muldoon

Scenario tags: Metaplot (Data Scourge), Faction (Exo-Guardians), Starship

[Scenario Maps spoiler - click to reveal]

The following maps used in this scenario are also available for purchase here on

  • Starfinder Flip-Mat: Basic Starfield
  • Starfinder Flip-Mat: Warship
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    Average product rating:

    4.50/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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    The Thrilling Conclusion to the Ziggy Arc


    I have almost nothing but good things to say about this one. The space station itself is a very well done space dungeon. Can't talk too much plot here, but I found the way everything was handled to be extremely satsifying.

    The starship combat was a little lacking and bland though. Its hard enough to get people up for Starship Combat, when the combat itself has very little interesting going on, its an instant uphill sled.

    One of the best


    This adventure is everything that makes Starfinder great - climactic space battles, desperate missions, and heroic opportunities. I enjoyed both playing and running this event.

    Paizo Employee Organized Play Coordinator

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    Announced for October! Cover and product description are not final and are subject to change.


    I think the skittermander I gave the GM credit for 4-07 is still level 7. She's going to get very good at fragging robots.


    Have you locked down which maps are used?

    Paizo Employee Organized Play Coordinator

    2 people marked this as a favorite.

    Cover and map list updated.

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