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Also, did they eventually defeat him or were they unable to?

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I really appreciate the playthrough and the thorough review! Even down to the descriptive text. It makes my day. And yeah, the forums definitely have a Jaali flavor.

And now that you mention it, I hadn't thought about the exact nuances of that to be fair.

I looked it up before replying and I did find that the hardness does NOT go away. The AC does go down but the hardness will stay according to current RAW.

I had thought that 7 hardness would be a bit much as well, but I didn't change it because that was what the books said was supposed to be that equivalent challenge. In this case an Animated Statue for a "Severe" threat solo-boss. No environmental hazards.

I had thought about offering an adamantine weapon as a possible loot option, but the problem with that is it is a much, much higher level item and worth a fortune. It would be up to the players to stay in agreement with the institute getting all the artifacts, weapons included.

How many players did you end up doing this with, may I ask?

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I am all for all the options presented so far, as each of them has some very interesting ideas! ESPECIALLY number 4.

Number 4 is dangerous if left unchecked, but Living Greyhawk was a perfect example of how that worked. For example retiring scenarios after a set period of time or even making certain adventures regional.

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Sounds good!

I am cooking up Part 2 already.

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Now that the forums are back up, how did it go? Did you managed to run it?

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This is listed in the Playtest Bestiary.

In fact I wrote an adventure using these adjustments to test the system.

If you look on pages 22-23, it shows you how much XP an encounter has. Monsters give certain amount of XP for their level.

You can find the adventure here and see where the adjustments are. I made it adjustable from 2-6 players in total on a table.

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Sounds good! Please let me know how it goes, but more importantly the developers.

As for the maps I use a free online tool called ANAmap.

Map Tool

I agree with the thoughts on the map. The price is also very attractive.

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Just wanted to make sure this was still here after the maintenance.

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Greetings fellow testers/gms!

I decided, since I have gone through almost all of the available content so far, that I would try my hand at some encounter building.

An associate requested an adventure when I mentioned it to him, and I figured this would be as good a place to post it up for public consumption.

Match's First Dive

I put together all of the encounters with the GM tools provided and adjusted each one for party size differences.

If the math all works out then this should be runnable for a party size between 2 - 6, all level 1.

Let me know what you think! If the work is acceptable I may continue on with a series focusing on each level. In either case it's a good test of the GM world creation side of things.

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So, I just ran my first 6 hour long session in the AP that is provided, and I'm beat. But satisfied.

I wish it had been released on a monday or something, but I was prepared enough to at least start with. However there is already a bit more to consider so far as a GM than with 1st ed. Just like track-keeping wise.

Some points on what I mean:

Each time a player drops they have their own DC they have to save against depending on what dropped them.

There are now Hit Points, Spell Points, Hero Points, and resonance that the GM now has to be aware of.

Combat is rough on the party so far. Like, really rough. And healing so far is as limited as I expected. No one has died but it's been a matter of saves.

Speaking of saves, poisons. Poisons and the save process for them are interesting to say the least. But definitely seems more crunchy than 1st ed.

Adjusting to the smaller numbers of everything is, hard but refreshing? I love how the economy was adjusted. It makes so much more sense. Also, highest skill we have right now is a 5 at level 1.

Dealing with the DC table is interesting as well, but I wish there was an easier-to-reference document for it instead of having remember it's on page 337.

That's all I have so far! I will add onto it as the games progress.

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James Jacobs wrote:
The tightening of the alignments is ABSOLUTELY story driven, and intended to curtail certain types of clerics who didn't make thematic sense with their deity. By abandoning general rules for allowed alignments and custom designing each deity's allowed alignments we have a lot more flexibility.

"Flexibility?" That word you use, I don't think it means what you think it means.

What I have read here, as many of my fellow players have already pointed it, is that the current alignments and restrictions put into place do the exact opposite of that.

You say it is not to stifle creativity but I am afraid that is exactly what it does, despite claims to the contrary.

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Bumping because this is kind of a big thing to either have or not have.

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Yes, not a fan of this system either.

Racial feats should not be spread out, such as half-orcs darkvision for example.

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Damanta wrote:

I didn't say bulk :) I said inertia. Mass is still a thing, even in space.

Yes more powerful engines and thrusters and stuff make it easier to move bigger mass, but that doesn't mean it gets easier, even with more advanced control systems :).

I pretty much think that the system is set up to be challenging as long as you use tier/level appropriate stuff, which includes enemies, spaceships, and equipment.

Yes flyby is extremely potent, which is why I agree that the DC shouldn't be based on your's (or even the enemy's) starship tier.
I think it should actually be based on opposed rolls between the two pilots.

I don't see anywhere in fiction or real world that says more advanced and powerful systems wouldn't make it easier for a pilot to control the vehicle. In fact we have evidence to the contrary with things like power steering that allows drivers to turn without needing to be moving first. Granted it's not in space but these are all fictional anyways so we are a bit beyond that.

Otherwise we are in complete agreement about everything else. I agree that it is a system that is trying to balance itself, and my whole point is that it fails to do so in a compelling way.

Besides, the original issue is something we all seem to agree on which is also my original post. It shouldn't be your own ship. This offensive roll should go against a defensive stat/roll.

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Damanta, again that is my exact point. This system encourages you to use lower tier ships because it is easier than using tier appropriate ships. All the math we throw at this just further proves my point that the system is not balanced the way it should be.

You see bulk in a high tier ship, I see more powerful engines, more powerful thrusters, more efficient armor, more advanced control systems, and of course one huge upgrade to the CPU running everything. (Though anything regarding bulk is also almost entirely mitigated by the fact that in space it's pretty easy to get stuff moving about. Especially with the higher tier equipment that should blow some cheap fighter out of the water in every respect.)

As for how it sits now, I found my first spaceship combat slow but the next few amazingly simple. Their system is just that, simple. Ish. At least compared to something like Pathfinder.

Though if they REALLY wanted simplicity, they could have instead opted for a dice vs. dice method that a plethora of ship-oriented games already utilize.

Instead of DCs, have different kinds of bonuses/negatives based on current modifiers. In fact this is a PERFECT opportunity to utilize all of those dice we all have.

Lower end parts would only add a 1d2 or 1d3, but the better you go the higher the bonus. You could even break that down further into parts that have a static bonus of +1 or something similarly small that is both easy to use and fun to count. (Let's be honest, we love to count our die totals. Or at least I've never met a player who didn't.)

Each part can grant a simple bonus/negative system. Your heavy missile might give a bonus of 1d10 on your offensive rolls but because of it's size, or perhaps placement or whatever justification that can be easily used, it is slightly unwieldy and so it also gives a single negative to piloting.

As for the possibility of a lot of math going around, that is what a well documented ship sheet is for. There is no reason all of the applicable modifiers and bonuses shouldn't be decided upon and on paper for easy reference once a game has begun. And yes it might just be a little weird rolling 1d4+2d6+1d8+(character bonus) or what have you as opposed rolls. But I'd argue that is only because the d20 is currently king.

That is just what I could come up with over the past 45 minutes. It's far from perfect but the more I think on this the more I am wondering if I am going to lose sleep fleshing out the idea just to see where it goes. Though I have no one to blame but myself if I do I suppose!

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I also want to note that I agree with their new x1.5 numbers instead of x2.

I agree that the DC's should go up in this manner.

I agree that enough of a tier discrepancy means some fights are finished before they begin.

What I don't agree with is basing the DC of an offensive move off of the attacking ship, as opposed to the defending ship. Especially when it was written to be against the defender like every other similar mechanic in the first place.

Edit: Also, your numbers just kinda prove my point. A properly leveled and skilled pilot shouldn't need the help of their captain and computer just to get the same auto succeed for flyby on a tier 1 ship. In fact, your example works better than mine did at explaining my issue.

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I used the minimum on purpose to show the disparity in between the Tiers.

Yes, I am aware that Tier 20 ships are flyable by properly leveled characters. I was hoping that was obvious.

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This was assuming the same bonuses and all available positions filled.

Yes I used all available actions and resources, otherwise it wouldn't have been a fair test.

I encourage you to do it yourselves. Don't take my word for it.

And that was JUST an example.

Obviously a larger class ship with something like DT 15 would have a better chance, but he PRINCIPLE of the issue remains.

What I mean is, even if we aren't talking about tier 1 ships you are incentivized to use smaller ships. The best example of this is to simply list out the Flyby DC's in question.

Tier 1: 16
Tier 2: 18
Tier 3: 19
Tier 4: 21
Tier 5: 22
Tier 6: 24
Tier 7: 25
Tier 8: 27
Tier 9: 28
Tier 10: 30
Tier 11: 31
Tier 12: 33
Tier 13: 34
Tier 14: 36
Tier 15: 37
Tier 16: 39
Tier 17: 40
Tier 18: 42
Tier 19: 43
Tier 20: 45

This is the crux of my issue. At the extreme ends of this list, the same character with that +15 piloting has either a 100% chance of success or a 0% chance once you hit Tier 14. But not because of the level of the other ship that is the actual target, but because of one's own ship.

Another simple way to look at it is the BP system. BP is used to represent all ship resources including how powerful/advanced some parts are. The current rules state that a smaller, less armored, less armed, less advanced engines, less advanced computer, less advanced power source, etc etc etc... is still more capable of flybies than the ship that has literally dozens of times the resources focused on a single vessel.

Tier 1 BP: 55
Tier 20 BP: 1,000

A pilot in that Tier 20 would need a MINIMUM +25 with a NAT 20 to flyby that tier 1 ship. Again, this is the extreeeeeeme comparison, but that should only point out the issue all the more.

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Now granted, this is also assuming high player levels in low tier ships.

Higher level characters with +15 or more in the various skills essentially won't ever have to worry about these DC's as they sit now.

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quindraco I just ran a quick mock fight with a squadron of 6, tier 1 fighters against 2 Tier 6 ships.

The fighters owned with these rules. Not quite sure what you mean by lose.

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If it is, then me and my group are getting 1/2 tier fighters and flybying the bolts off of larger ships.

Especially since we can target any arc. Focus fire four or five little ships, each equipped with as heavy a forward weapon as possible.

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I searched the forums and found nothing related to this, so I figured I would bring it up directly.

In the FAQ, the flyby stunt has the correct DC equation, but it changes the target. Instead of using the enemy's stats for the DC like the CRB states, the FAQ has it using your own ship.

Was that intentional? I would hate to think so as that means basically any Tier 1 ship could fly through almost any other ship hex without fear of provoking.

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A very merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

For those who don't, I have other good tidings that everyone should appreciate! The final schedule for Society games at Las Vegas Open!

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Exciting and them some, to be sure!

Seriously well done for this faction. It is mechanically unique, very interesting in general, and definitely has a much appreciated artistic flair.

I would like to congratulate those who worked on it and thank directly whoever it was that had that first idea.

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Whaaaat? Las Vegas Open is back?!

Yes it is! And it's looking to be quite the event. I have spoken with some of you already but this is the Official Notice, officially confirmed and officially ready to rock.

This year we are looking at 4 and 1/2 tables!

2 of those will be Pathfinder Society games.
1 of those will be Starfinder Society games.
1 of those will be the pathfinder Adventure Card game.
And the 1/2 a table will be an information table for Pathfinder where interested newbies can go for a bit of knowledge. Also maybe sign up for some empty seats if it comes to that?

Anyone who wishes to GM will of course have all material provided, as well as badges for the convention.

Speaking of badges, there is no additional cost for Society material within the Las Vegas Open itself. However, an event badge will still need to be purchased. I will also be getting some more badges personally so I can give them away at local games. Who will win them, I wonder?

Buy your badges here!

Otherwise if you are wishing to GM, please sign up on this handy schedule. All scenario material will be provided.

GM Sign Up

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If we could get a link or something like that I would certainly appreciate it!

My own Search-fu is apparently not up to the task either.

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Greetings Starfinders!

I have recently run a series of Starfinder games and the same thing has come up three times from three different players. Which in this case is the only reason I bring it up and it is regarding Dayjob checks with Sleight of Hand.

Starfinder Society guide says: "You gain a number of credits equal to twice your Profession
skill check result, as per the “Earn a Living” entry in the Profession
skill (Starfinder Core Rulebook 146). You cannot use other skills to
make a Day Job check."

Starfinder Core Rule Book says: "Entertain
You can use Sleight of Hand to entertain an audience, as if
you were using the earn a living task of the Profession skill."

My first thought on this is Sleight of Hand cannot be used per the "no other skills" but because of the numerous times it has been brought up I figure a clarification was needed.

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Apologies, I found a prior thread that covers this.

There is a correction.

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I have the PDF of the book, with a physical copy coming soon. I don't know if this is in the printed version.

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So reading into the Themes today and I noticed something odd about the Icon Theme.

In the Theme Knowledge section it states that the DC is an increase, not a decrease.

I confirmed that all other Themes receive a decrease. Pretty sure this is a typo? Or do Icons just get it tough?

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Can we get a faq or something on this?

Preferably for Society play as one of my players here in Vegas wished to use this combo.

The questions are, does the enemy take the extra damage?

If so, is it crit damage or 'normal' damage?

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Quick update!

For any players who pre-order your tickets, you will be in a drawing to win either a Villains Codex and/or a Villains Codex box!

Info for the drawing will be given at the event.

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Always looking for more players!

Sticky would be appreciated for this post.

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Good morning my fellow Pathfinders!

I hope this message finds you well. This February, you have the chance to visit the City of Neon Lights to perform, battle, and barter your way though some of the toughest challenges yet. bEjY/edit?usp=sharing

Here you will see a list of our games and the related requirements.

It is a few months away so there is still some time, however once the seats are filled that is it!

I look forward to seeing you there!

-Ethan Cline
Las Vegas Venture Captain

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Good morning my fellow Pathfinders!

I hope this message finds you well. This February, you have the chance to visit the City of Neon Lights to perform, battle, and barter your way though some of the toughest challenges yet. bEjY/edit?usp=sharing

Here you will see a list of our games and the related requirements.

It is a few months away so there is still some time, however once the seats are filled that is it!

I look forward to seeing you there!

-Ethan Cline
Las Vegas Venture Captain

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Mystic Lemur wrote:
The allegation that VOs are discussing rules in the VO boards, getting them wrong, and then using their status as VOs to spread these wrong interpretations is troubling.

Such allegations are incorrect. My name is Ethan Cline and I am the VO/GM in question.

The resources I cited was a conversation from 3 years ago because I couldn't find anything else that stated otherwise. Largely the topic hasn't been clarified in my eyes.

Particularly from, as Chris as said, an Official.

At this point I am unsure of the rulings in either case and would also appreciate a final ruling or a link to a faq that is considered legal and accurate.

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Hey guys!

I am wanting to give this online thing a try. I am all set up for this game.

This will be a CORE game. Levels 1-5.

First 6 people to confirm their spot gets it. There will be a maximum wait time of 15 minutes. If you are late your spot will be filled.

I will post all the info once the slots are filled.

I look forward to gaming with you!

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Inspiring and saddening. I wish his family and friends all the best. The community was lucky to have him.

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Hey guys.

My name is Ethan and I am the new Las Vegas Venture Captain. I will be setting up weekly games and have already begun to set up an email tree and of course, Warhorn.

It is basically good to go, we just haven't used it as much as we have.

Send me an email with contact information and I will add you to the list of those who get emails. The emails will contain scheduled games with links to warhorn games.



Happy Gaming!

Silver Crusade *** Venture-Captain, Nevada—Las Vegas aka Darth Bass

Thank you very much! I will do my best and bring the Vegas society to glory!

Once again, thank you for the opportunity. It's awesome to a degree that is difficult to express.