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Ok, I'm the GM, and I don't go for obvious paladin dickery. I like messing with paladins in ways that make them really wonder if they are messing up or not. Knowing this, here is the setup so far...

The party cleric is on the edge of death and for story reasons he is out without major help. Que GM story shenanigans where the party is introduced to a hags coven. The hags ask for three tasks in exchange for a draught of regeneration which will restore said cleric. First task is recovering the living head of a troll. The second is fetching rare poisonous roots. The third is...?

I'm having trouble coming up with a doozy of a task that is not obviously evil. No steal a unicorns horn. No switch out a baby changeling wise, etc. Everything up till now has been possibly evil but in black and white terms has been not over the line given the circumstances.

Bonus Fun fact, the hags speak in rhyme. I've got 16 lines of rhyme for their main bit so far, and some 4 line bits for possible side questions.

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All verbage pulled from PRD

Rules debate:

Skills chapter under Stealth:
"If people are observing you using any of their senses (but typically sight), you can't use Stealth. Against most creatures, finding cover or concealment allows you to use Stealth."

Combat Chapter under Concealment:
"Concealment and Stealth Checks: You can use concealment to make a Stealth check. Without concealment, you usually need cover to make a Stealth check."

CRB Glossary under Invisibility Condition:
"The ability to move about unseen is not foolproof. While they can't be seen, invisible creatures can be heard, smelled, or felt.

Invisibility makes a creature undetectable by vision, including darkvision."

Hypothetical situation:
Combat has started, everyone is aware of everyone. An enemy casts invisibility. He now:

A) Uses his move action to stealth since he has concealment and concealment says he can stealth?

B) Just has total concealment, and can not stealth without something else like a bluff for distraction because everyone is aware of him and is "observing" him with their ears?

My Stance:
He takes option A, concealment is a specific rule that overrides a generic rule such as stealth which states that simply listening to/for someone you're aware of makes it impossible to stealth.

My opponents stance:
He takes option B, if you're aware of them at the start of their turn in any way, he can't stealth, ever.

Does anyone have anything concrete that supports either stance? Developer opinion, rules monkeying, obscure book knowledge, etc?

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Since the time I saw most of you (Gencon). My life has taken a change in priorities. I've had to pick 10-20 more hours a week at work, and I've started taking College classes. As you can imagine, that has put a crippling crunch on my gaming time.

So in result I reluctantly tendered Mike my resignation knowing that by doing so, I'd be turning over my beloved West Michigan over to someone who had more time to devote themselves to it.

This doesn't mean I'm completely out of the game. It does mean I need to take a significant step back in my gaming. I hope to hit my 5th star by next Gencon. I think I'm 20-30 sessions away. I still hope, and plan on going to Gencon next year too. Though maybe less GMing, 10 sessions was a little nuts, but I did it. Who knows, maybe one day down the road I'll feel safe in assuming another leadership role. Just not now.

I'd like to thank my three Venture-Lieutenants Eric, Kelvin, and Jim. You three have truly helped me grow our region. I can't express how much I've appreciated your help. If any of you need my help. Don't be afraid to ask. The worst I can do is say I'm out of time.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Mike Brock. It was truly an honor to serve under you and to work with you. I look forward to working with you at future major events like Gencon, or PaizoCon if I somehow swing it.

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I’d like to announce the promotion of Jim Tinklenberg to Venture-Lieutenant of South Haven, MI. He has earned this position through his dedicated work as a GM not only in our home region in Michigan, but across the Midwest as a whole. Jim has always been willing to step up to GM, and organizes game days regularly just so people have more opportunities to play. He's put 70,000 miles on his car in the last year visiting cons all over tarnation. So, in closing. Lets all put our hands together for another awesome Venture-Officer

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As I'm sure you're aware if you're from Michigan, but the MichiganPFS.org website has been down regularly for 3 days now. We've been down for a day or so here and there before, but never like this.

So, I contacted GoDaddy.com and became very pointed with them about this, and finally got a reasonable response. We are under a DDoS attack for some reason. Which explains why we have between 20-30 guests from what I can see loading in every time. I think the most I've seen on at one time is 10 users.

GoDaddy.com is working on resolving the problem, but this is also a heads up of a sort to other organizers. I'm not sure why we're under attack. My best thought is some hacker somewhere is sharpening his skills on us.

I'm not the most tech savvy person out there. I have a rank or two in computers. If you know of a solution, I would be interested in hearing it.

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In the Kalamazoo region, 14 year old Nate Merrell has been working hard towards his 1st star. Yesterday he accomplished that. Congrats Nate!

To my knowledge he's the youngest "starred" GM in Michigan, and we're curious does anyone knows of a younger GM with stars?

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So, I am trying to add a bit of depth to my players making purchases in town to force interaction with the locals.

One of the things is, when they ask what they've got in stock. I hate just saying "If it's less than X, it's available." Not every shopkeeper keeps infinite mithril daggers laying around because they're cheap, etc.

Is there a resource that I've missed that would help me establish this?

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I want to congratulate Venture-Lieutenant Eric Clingenpeel on earning his 4th star at Marmalade Dog. At least officially he will when I finish reporting the sessions. :)

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I am proud to announce the appointment of West Michigan’s newest Venture-Lieutenant, Kelvin Frizzell! Kelvin has been working very hard since he broke into the gaming scene to put together regular game days in Grand Rapids and has been doing very well to support the rest of the West-Michigan region such as Kalamazoo, and Greeneville as much as he can. Kelvin will be officially in charge of Grand Rapids, Muskegon, and Greeneville. He also has overlap into Kalamazoo, and areas of Central Michigan.

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Date: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Feb. 8-10, 2013

Location: The Bernhard Center
1903 W. Michigan Ave.
Kalamazoo, Mi 49006

Slot times:
Doors Open: 2:30pm
Slot 1: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
Slot 2: 7:30pm - 11:30pm
Doors Close: 11:30pm

Doors Open: 9:00am
Slot 3: 10:00am - 2:00pm
Slot 4: 2:30pm - 6:30pm
Slot 5: 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Doors Close: 11:30pm

Doors Open: 10:30am
Slot 6: 11:00am - 3:00pm
Slot 7: 3:30pm - 7:30pm
Doors Close: 8:00pm

Player Cost:
All weekend: $20
Fri/Sat: $15
Sat/Sun: $15
Fri or Sun: $7
Sat: $10

Parking Fee:
Bring $5 in quarters for Slot 1 parking meter. The rest of the weekend is free parking.

Game Master Cost:
Run 3 slots and your weekend is free. Otherwise, you're free for the days that you GM.

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Slackers Family Fun Center
1800 Pipestone Rd, M-56
Benton Harbor, MI 49022
(269) 325-7525
Note: Use direct entrance, do not go through mall.

Sunday, September 30th, 2012 @ 1pm

2 Table (12 seats)

GM: Dan Luckett
Tier 1-5: Either Intro 1 or Rise of the Goblin Guild if we have vets

GM: Jim Tinklenberg
Tier 1-5: Intro 1 (Vets will go to Dan's table)

Sign ups here: MichiganPFS.org

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Dates: October 26th - 28th

Time: 12pm Friday - 6pm Sunday

Location: Ann Arbor Marriott Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest
1275 S Huron Street
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

Slots: 7

12:00pm - Con Opens
1:00pm - Sign ups begin
2:00pm - Slot 1 (8 tables)
6:00pm - Dinner break
8:00pm - Slot 2 (10 tables)

8:00am - Sign ups begin
9:00am - Slot 3 (10 tables)
1:00pm - Lunch Break
2:00pm - Slot 4 (10 tables)
6:00pm - Dinner Break
8:00pm - Slot 5 (10 tables)

8:00am - Sign ups begin
9:00am - Slot 6 (8 tables)
1:00pm - Lunch Break
2:00pm - Slot 7 (5 tables)
6:00pm - Con ends

What are the incentives for judging?

U-Con will give a free entrance badge to anyone who judges at U-Con. In addition, if you judge five slots we’ll give you free tickets to play in two other slots. Due to the number of PFS judges there can/will be we have to GM a minimum of 2 for the free badge.

For further information, and to volunteer go to MichiganPFS.org

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Zomg! 3 new races!? Gonna make my Aasimar paladin!

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I have 4 people I'm looking forward to meeting. In no particular order, Mark Moreland, Mike Brock, James Jacobs, and F. Wesley Schneider.

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Question posed by my player base for the Beginner Box Sessions: Can someone who is not a beginner benefit from them? For example some know of the Free Rez that was granted in the original run of it. Is there a reward (beyond the coin) for finishing them this time?

Personal question: Do I get GM credit for running them? Not a big deal if I don't. Just mostly curious.

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I wanted to congratulate, Eric Clingenpeel on becoming Michigan's first Venture-Lieutenant! He's in charge of Lansing, Midland, and Mt. Pleasant, and the regions in between. He's definitely earned this!

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Titan's Entertainment Cafe
669 Capital Avenue Southwest
Battle Creek, MI 49015
(269) 963-3773

Friday, May 11th, 2012 @ 6pm

What: Intro #2: To Delve the Dungeon Deep

Tier: Level 1 Only (This is to introduce new players and characters to PFS. It is infinitely replayable.)

Cost: $5 door charge per player assessed by venue. It can be saved as store credit, or buy yourself some snacks, minis, or whatever. Either way, $5 to play.

Notes: 2 Tables Available, 14 seats in total.

Sign up @ Michiganpfs.org

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One of my GMs is being "exiled" for the summer to Mt. Rushmore. He's in need of his PFS fix over there. Anyone know where he could play?

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So, last weekend. I thought it would be the greatest game day for us ever. We had record attendance, and record tables going off. What made it sad...I TPK'd my table, on the first combat vs. zombies. It was a perfect storm, no one had slashing weapons, all of them 1st levels. Last zombie had 2 hp, and rolled a crit on the still standing sorceror. :(

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So, I'm trying to get a feel for who is playing and where in Michigan. Suggested format below.

Area: Kalamazoo, MI
Players: 42 including 5 GMs
Primary play location: D&W Fresh Mart on Romence Ave.
Game Shops: Fanfare on Westnedge.

Area: St. Joseph, MI
Players: 6 including 2 GMs
Primary Location: Private Home
Game Shops: None

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Are these the totems from Mists of Mwangi?

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