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I'm looking at the settlement rules and I'm confused to the purchase of multiple magic items of the same type...

If a group wishes to purchase cloak of resistance +1 they are required to roll a 75% availability chance...

If the item is available can they purchase multiple +1 cloaks? Or do they have to roll for each cloak? If they have to roll each time, why can't they just roll again if the first was a failure?


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Just a quick question...

Should the Undine Adept archetype also have the access to the Aquatic terrain domain?

If yes can it be changed, If no, why? Is this an oversight? with the many options available, is this a conscious decision not to include this domain, did the author not know of its existence? I didn't until recently... I’ve included some quotes that highlight why I believe this is an oversight…

Undine Adept Archetype - Advanced Race Guide

An undine adept dedicates herself to preserving the knowledge of the first undines and ensuring her people's ancient connections to the natural world remain undisturbed. They serve as the keepers of the roots of the undine people and as their protectors.

Domains - An undine adept who chooses a domain must choose the Community or Water domain, or any subdomain of those domains.

I understand that the Aquatic domain is not a subdomain of Water but maybe it is more of a substitute domain for the Water domain.

Aquatic Terrain Domain - Ultimate Magic

Presented below are rules for animal and terrain domains—domains for druids whose focus is more specific than the Animal, Plant, Weather, or elemental domains.

When it mentions elemental domains it I assume means earth, air, fire, water? Just better focus.

Druids are devotees of nature, protecting the bleakest deserts and most verdant forests. Through their kinship with animals and the elements, they learn the most potent secrets the natural world has to offer, and can call upon great power in the form of both magical abilities like wild shape and a wide array of thematic spells. Whether tapping the fundamental magic of the elements or relying on the teeth and claws of wild creatures to accomplish their goals, druids are forces to be reckoned with, and those whose actions threaten the wild places these nature folk hold dear had best be prepared to suffer the consequences.
Presented below are rules for animal and terrain domains—domains for druids whose focus is more specific than the Animal, Plant, Weather, or elemental domains. A druid with the nature’s bond ability can choose an animal domain or terrain domain listed here instead of one of the standard domains. Just like cleric domains, animal and terrain domains have granted powers and domain spells, and a druid who selects an animal or terrain domain gains a domain spell slot at each level. A druid who worships a deity (as opposed to nature in general) cannot select an animal or terrain domain that contradicts or is outside of the portfolio of her deity.

The power of the Aquatic domain means that certain undines can be healed or commanded... They can be effected by the domain but are unable to access this with their racial archetype for Druid...

Just food for thought... Maybe an FAQ clarification would be great...

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Hi All,

I'm playing a Bard (detective) in PFS and I have also taken Sound Striker.
I'm confused and would like some advise on how a couple of spells work with this the Careful Teamwork BP. Currently when I have Careful Teamwork running on the party and I use either a Masterpiece, Wordstrike or Weird Words, I adjust the initiative scores believing that I have a BP in effect. I'm assuming this is correct?

I've now want to start taking spells that aid my BP: Exquisite Accompaniment or Virtuoso Performance.

EA states "The instrument plays as you direct, and as long as it plays, you do not have to expend rounds of bardic performance from your daily allotment to maintain an effect. Activating a bardic performance or switching to a new effect still costs a round of your overall bardic performances per day"

I'm not maintaining an effect, so is this a useless spell, or can it be used in a different manner with the above abilities that I'm just not seeing.

VP states: While this spell is active, you may start a second bardic performance while maintaining another. Starting the second performance costs 2 rounds of bardic performance instead of 1. Maintaining both performances costs a total of 3 rounds of bardic performance for each round they are maintained. When this spell ends, one of the performances ends immediately (your choice).

I'm not maintaining a BP. I believe I would still need to expend two BP to use another performance but would I need to also expend and extra one BP to maintain the Careful Teamwork bonus? If I decide not to have a second BP in effect would I still need to expend one BP to maintain the effect?