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Luca Werner




Wizard (Teleportation) Third, Sorcerer (Sage) Second, Ultimate Magus (PrC) First







Special Abilities



True Neutral, it is all about perspective.


Pharasma, The Lady of Graves


The Immortal Principality of Ustalav


Many including the ancient tongues of Man and the evolving dribble of the newer nations.


Scholar, Investigator, Courier etc.

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Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

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Luca Werner
Der Zugzwang Architekten

“When we play the ancient and noble game of chess, we grapple with ideas about honesty, deceitfulness, bravery, fear, aggression, beauty, and creativity, which echo (or allow us to depart from) the attitudes we take in our daily lives. So do you want to play? Then I’ll tell you, who you are.”

Physical Appearance: Luca stands just over six foot in height, his slight frame accentuates this, causing him to be perceived to be much taller. He favours darker shades with different and even brighter colour trims to his attire. His staple item of clothing is his cloaks. He prefers full length as to their versatility with respect to the deserts of Osirion and the frozen wastes of Irresden (though he has never been just read a few books).

Relationship to the Professor: While travelling to the War College located in country of Lastwall. Luca saved the professors life, though Luca believes he should actually be indebted to the Professor for the events of that late afternoon.

This was Lucas first time out of his home country of Kyonin and travelling by coach to Vigil. The journey past through the harsh terrain of Lastwall; its trails were unforgiving to the coaches’ passengers as it was to the carriage. Among the passengers (new recruits for the War College) was the professor (well that was what Luca was told by the other passengers within the coach anyway). The professor didn’t interact with his fellow passengers and only the coachman (Marrell) received the occasional pleasantry during the days travel. The coach’s journey was one that took many days and stopped of at various hamlets throughout Lastwall. Luca talked and made polite conversation with a few of the passengers but was distracted by the entrance exams of the War College, Luca studied during most of the journey and didn’t have cause to interact with the Professor. Until that fateful day!

Marrell, a middle aged man of few words (many of the passengers believed him to be asleep while driving as he has travelled the same route for many years), his carriage and horses were of good stock a couple of years ago. Time had taken its toll on Marrell and his carriage. Marrell awakes early most mornings to tend to the horses and to prepare the carriage for its continuing journey to Vigil. Marrell’s regular preparations for the days commute include checking the condition of the horses’ tack, checking the condition of the horses’ harnesses and checking the condition of the carriage. That day in which Luca meet The Professor was much the same for everyone but Marrell, This day Marrell was tired, not lack of sleep tired but tired of the routine, tired of travelling, tired of it all. He concluded that his soul was exhausted and that he had little left to give Abadar today. Marrell that day, didn’t arise as early as he usually does, overlooked his regular checks and failed to attend to the horses appropriately.

Ashen, Amber and Azure, were of fine stock, they had traversed this trail countless times and Marrell has faith aplenty in his three friends. The drive alongside the hanging valley was a slow uninterested one for the three mares, its trail is that of little deviation that requires even smaller direction on behalf of their coachman. Their coachman tried hard that late afternoon to resist sleeps embrace but to no avail, Ashen, Amber and Azure continued their trek that day accompanied by Marrells rhythmic somnilalia and his enchanted driving whip.
That day was just like any other for Luca, that day had the same feel, the same texts to revise from, the same carriage, the same coachman and the same unforgiving trails. Only the smallest of events, changed that day! Luca was revising and making notes, occasionally seeking respite for his sight and mind by glancing away from the monotonous text and looking through one the coach’s many windows. The vista from the coach encapsulated a hanging valley, illuminated by radiance of the late afternoon sky, Luca allowed his mind to wander away from academia and enjoyed the view.

The view on that day was impressive and only Luca was looking out. His fellow passengers were all sleeping to the rhythm of the carriage’s wheels over the smooth earthen trail. This melody of the natural barrel organ had a reassuring influence on Luca and reminded him of his upbringing and what he had left behind. Luca snapped back to the present and was aware of a sudden change in the coach’s tempo, the horses were trotting. Unable to see the coachman from his vantage point Luca looked around at his fellow passengers and not one of them took note of the change of pace. He began to take a look outside towards Marrell and could just see him sat in the coachman’s seat wielding his whip in an appropriate manner. Reassured Luca returned to his seat, though his previous train of thought was but a faded memory with the new melody being played by the trotting horses. Unbeknownst to Luca, Marrell had just murmured in his slumbersome state, causing the driving whip to push the horses onto a trot.

Unable to concentrate on revision Luca took in the view of the valley and attuning to the new pace, the horses started a canter. The course seem to be less indicative to the trail previously repetitiveness, Luca braced himself and a great lurch from the carriage as it climbed with gusto, the trails camber. Luca’s fellow passengers all arose to their feet involuntarily in unison as a wave and then crashing into one another as they landed haphazardly around the carriage. Books, bags and Luca’s notes intermingled chaotically with the passengers. Marrell however was precariously hanging from his perch by the security belt screaming and shouting in panic many of the god names, while trying to climb back towards his perch. The jambalaya from within the carriage had moaning and sluggish movement, some of the passengers were unconscious from the fall, and the professor was awake, trying to get to his feet. Luca however, was trying to open the carriage door. The terrain was hostile and uneven, the carriage was being thrown around and the horses were being whipped as a conductor whips his orchestra.
The professor arose to his feet but now under his control and head towards Luca. They exchange glances as they both could see Marrell failing to climb the wayward carriage and they both could see that the Marrells belt was starting to fail. Luca thought about the spells he had learnt over breakfast, he knew he hadn’t learnt anything that could aid Marrell. Luca could clearly see in his mind the pages in his spellbook that detail the only spell that would help. He thought of his mother and how magic came so naturally to her and why had he not been blessed with her natural ability. Luca looked towards the belt that was about to snap and willed his mother’s bloodline to present itself. The belt began to strengthen, thicken and shorten, and Marrell was then able to grab a handhold to the perch from which he fell. Enabling him to wield the driving whip and stop the horses.

Upon stopping, Marrell was able to access the damage of the carriage and the horses’ attire. Luca and the professor attended to their fellow passengers and started the arduous task of the sorting out their possessions. Marrell later informed all of his passengers of the damage and that walking and taking it in turns by horse maybe the only way. Marrell was swamped by the other passengers. Luca took a step away and thought hard about what had happened, the professor joined him and together they discussed Luca heritage and that he had never shown signs of his mother’s talent before. Professor Lorrimar explained a reasonable hypothesis and asked if maybe Luca could try again but this time with a book that was damaged in the crash. Luca did try, and after a couple of failed attempts managed to repair the pages of Professor Lorrimar book. The mystic words that Luca proclaimed acquired the attention of the mob around Marrell. Luca was then approached asking for him to repair the carriage, tack and harnesses. Luca agreed and the incident of the sleeping coachmen was all but a story to tell the grandchildren. The rest of the journey was rather uneventful, though questions were asked about how it happened. Marrell believed it was wolves that panicked the horses! Upon reaching Vigil, Professor Lorrimar then took it upon himself to thank Luca, for saving his life. Luca was quite stunned and modest about such a statement but believes that the professor honestly believes this. Luca believes that Professor Lorrimar was a large influencing factor in his understanding of the purpose of the presentation of his mother’s gift.

How does the character feel about his appearance: Luca is not overly bothered by his appearance, believing that the ability to create and control a lasting positive impression is through the art of conversation and not the mere act of ostentatious semantic banter. That being said he always makes an effort for occasions of importance and good standing. His approachable demeanour and unhurried attitude compliments his casual and relaxed style.


Relationship with parents: Luca’s formative years he was taught the importance of studying by his father (Torsten Werner) and the responsibly of station by his mother (Gabriele née Blau). This lead to a competitive bond with his father, that over the years influenced Luca’s training and his eventual pursuit of academia and his application to the Crusader War College in Vigil, Lastwall. Luca has a much softer and casual understanding of his mother. Together she would take him to experience the arts and the people of Greengold.

Education: Before accepting the offer of a placement at the War College, Luca was schooled by his father and mother mainly with his attendance at any organised school becoming a part time affair. His father would take him to the local library to learn and study, while his mother would teach Luca about life first hand and show him the markets, farms, and courts. She strongly believes that you can’t learn every important aspect from books but people are books in themselves and the way to read a person is to understand them. She always was able to explain the hierarchy and formality of events and procedure.

Relationship with siblings: One brother who is much younger as he is 15 years old. Luca doesn’t have much of a bond due to the age gap and being away to War College.

Lifestyle whilst growing up: A solid and supportive upbringing by both his parents, up until the age of ten Luca had their full attention. Until his brother arrived.

A little about the Author, I’m Dan Jewell. I’m UK based though I do get to SD Comic Con most years. Played lots of LG and I’ve written for a player base of 100 players in the UK, attending Conventions and giving a home campaign feel some huge events (very proud of the friends I’ve made along the way). So I thought I would put up my Character Background for Carrion Crown as our GM is just amazing. If you need me message me or Facebook me.