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Male Tiefling Bard (Detective, Sound Striker)

"I'm completely perplexed by this odd aberration..."


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Male Tiefling Bard (Detective, Sound Striker)

Putting aside his trusty kazoo and horn, Philton rereads the letter, now in an environment he could digest this information he Looks down at the unexpected appeal trying to recall what he knows of the details (if anything) from Eliza’s request? Maybe she meant this letter to my brother ‘Phioltone’…

Who is Eliza Baratella?
Brass Guild in Alkenstar - What is the Brass Guild and Where is Alkenstar?
Local authorities – Corrupt government?
Brass Guardians, clockwork creations – I don’t know where to begin?
Knowledge (local) +13
Knowledge (geography) +7
Knowledge (nobility) +9
Knowledge (arcana) +7
Lore Master 2/day (for important Knowledge checks)
I wonder who else received this request. I’ll enquire around…
Diplomacy (Gather Information) +32

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Accessing the site from a mobile device looks great... I'm sure it will be amazing...

I've tried to access the pathfinder modules link and end up viewing an empty page... A few other store pages also performed this...

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I understand the meaning of the thread, though instead of being the beginning I believe it actually propels the game into the GM choosing what is and isn't allowed and thus enriches the game further.

For instance, the Hybrid classes are clever and cover many ranges that means you do not have to have 9th level spells at 20th level to be effective... GM's do not need to fear Miracle and Wish as they can restrict by allowing classes that have no 9th level spell progression...

The beginning of the end will happen only when people lose or do not control their games. Bloat happens when you engorge yourself unhealthy with the options available.

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Male Sylph Druid (Nature Fang)

Looking completely dumbfounded Bear'f wonders what has he signed up for..."cheers fellas... I'm hoping we at least have one good nights sleep..."

With that Bear'f takes a cursory glance at the sky... muttering under his breath..."Tanagaar protect us..."

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Male Sylph Druid (Nature Fang)

Caravan duty, you say Rafaelis… Are you expecting trouble? The thought of a varied fayre seems to sway the sylphs doubts… Thank you Rafaelis, I’ll speak to this Mr. Gribb, I sure I can be of assistance…

What a cute pair of hounds… Bear’f approaches the dogs with warmth and an outstretched hand to stroke and pamper them both… If only I had such close devoted companions as you have here…

Albern Fee, nice to meet you and my you are a proud fellow… Your handshake belies your strength…

Where is the caravan heading? You see… I’m planning on trying to investigate the Druidic presence of the area… I could do both…

Scarab Sages

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Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Companion, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi All,

I'm playing a Bard (detective) in PFS and I have also taken Sound Striker.
I'm confused and would like some advise on how a couple of spells work with this the Careful Teamwork BP. Currently when I have Careful Teamwork running on the party and I use either a Masterpiece, Wordstrike or Weird Words, I adjust the initiative scores believing that I have a BP in effect. I'm assuming this is correct?

I've now want to start taking spells that aid my BP: Exquisite Accompaniment or Virtuoso Performance.

EA states "The instrument plays as you direct, and as long as it plays, you do not have to expend rounds of bardic performance from your daily allotment to maintain an effect. Activating a bardic performance or switching to a new effect still costs a round of your overall bardic performances per day"

I'm not maintaining an effect, so is this a useless spell, or can it be used in a different manner with the above abilities that I'm just not seeing.

VP states: While this spell is active, you may start a second bardic performance while maintaining another. Starting the second performance costs 2 rounds of bardic performance instead of 1. Maintaining both performances costs a total of 3 rounds of bardic performance for each round they are maintained. When this spell ends, one of the performances ends immediately (your choice).

I'm not maintaining a BP. I believe I would still need to expend two BP to use another performance but would I need to also expend and extra one BP to maintain the Careful Teamwork bonus? If I decide not to have a second BP in effect would I still need to expend one BP to maintain the effect?