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I'm looking at the settlement rules and I'm confused to the purchase of multiple magic items of the same type...

If a group wishes to purchase cloak of resistance +1 they are required to roll a 75% availability chance...

If the item is available can they purchase multiple +1 cloaks? Or do they have to roll for each cloak? If they have to roll each time, why can't they just roll again if the first was a failure?


I always figured it means there's a 75% chance of having one available, and if one is then there's a 75% chance of another being available, etc. But I have no rules text to back this up.

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I agree with Fuzzy-Wuzzy. Each thing you buy you roll for, otherwise the village might have the nation's net worth in cloaks if you find one and try to buy a bazillion.

As for the question: "If they have to roll each time, why can't they just roll again if the first was a failure". That question makes no sense.

If you look through a deck of cards for an ace and don't find one, you're out of luck. If you do find one and stop looking, there could still be other aces in that deck.

Also, all of this is 100% within the purview of the GM's discretion, so it's not even a house rule for the GM to rule that there are more or less of whatever you're looking for.

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WatersLethe wrote:
As for the question: "If they have to roll each time, why can't they just roll again if the first was a failure". That question makes no sense.

Sorry, I was working a night shift at the time and had night time brain...

What I meant to write was... If you have to roll for each +1 cloak, what is the point if you can keep trying again. There is no time limit or resource being tracked, what stops, hinders, or even confounds this roll... What is the point of the role if you can try again without consequence or penalty?

I know I'm going to be the GM for Mummy's Mask and want to understand the purchasing rules... I'm very much involved with a group that just sell the looted items and buy the functional main stat boost items etc... I'm not going to force items as that is a douche bag move, they are a great group, we just always use the main items and rarely adventure outside of the main core rulebook...

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I think there's two good ways to handle this:
1) 75% of having any cloaks. If not, no one can get a cloak.
a) If there is a cloak, there is a 75% change that a second cloak is available.
b) If a second cloak is found, there is a 75% change of a third cloak. etc.

2) 75% of having any cloaks, and you have a number of them until the GP value of the town is exceeded.
ie ) 1 in a small town, 2 in a large town, 4 in a small city, etc.

Personally, I use rule 2 if it becomes relevant, because its quick and easy.

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Regarding the "why not keep rolling until you succeed?", (from memory) I think the rule is that it takes a least a week for there to be a chance that other stuff has come in.

Whatever rule you use, you want to make sure it doesn't become a pain when someone wants to stock up on a dozen potions of enlarge person. I mean, Fuzzy sounds correct but checking in on a bunch of villages until you succeed on 12 of those 75% rolls sounds like more trouble than that's worth.

I completely ignored this in my campaign. Instead I built . . .


A single massive workshop with outlets in every major town. They used permanencied circles of teleportation to move merchandise around (at a small fee). I ruled that any basic item could be found, but if the group wanted to start stacking wierd abilities they had to put in a ticket. They then had the option to surrender their item for enhancement, or commission a new one to be built. Once completed they could sell their old whatever to help pay for the new thingamabob.

For instance: They would have no problems finding a weapon with just about any combination of elemental damage abilities on it. But if they wanted a Keen, Brilliant Energy Rapier that would not be. They had armor with enhancement bonuses on it up to +5 with up to one ability in stock. Start stacking and its going to take time. I also allowed them to pay more for rush orders. (This built off of the collaborative crafting mechanics).

This way my group wasn't constantly being thwarted in their attempts to find better gear by their pesky dice. . .

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