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I was thinking about a 1 level dip of druid for my 7 level fighter for the growth, reach weapon, and trip play-style. Is there any heavy armor which mirrors the Tatami-do 7AC and 3Dex that a druid could wear?

I recently hit level 8 on a character that has 7 levels of fighter (foehammer). I planned to add a level of cleric and asked if I needed a deity. I was told "No, why would your character do it when he's shown no interest, aptitude nor has backstory leading to a holy path?
And no, clerics need a diety unless given GM permission, which is no because it defeats the cleric's purpose since there are druids and oracles". So I've been told I can't even take a level of cleric.

Despite having all the Dwarf gods written down on his character sheet and talking about them since day one, and despite the vagueness of how I feel the phrase "holy path" can be taken, I was wondering if there's any other way to grab domains with a 1 level dip? I think a druid may be able to, but I have limited knowledge of that class, and I can see being denied an inquisitor level for the same reason.

If any options are limited to magic items please note that I have none and only 500 gold.