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A beautiful map, but the sections don't quite line up when you try to tack it to a wall.

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I own this book. I have never found a use for it, not even once.

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Extremely High Quality


I was taken immediately by the High Quality Picture in this Independent film. The rich colors really make the whole thing just generally pleasing to the eye.

Then the comedy kicked in...Holy Cow! This is some fun stuff! :D I don't know if its because I'm a gamer or if anyone would get these jokes, but wow. I was rolling. Love Glorian. The Acting is excellent. The Orcs are Great and the Orchish is Totally Awesome! Seriously, I'd recommend this product just for the incredible Orchish duel!

There are some sexual innuendo that seems a little inappropriate for mixed company. FYI, this is not really for children.

BUY THIS! It's worth every penny!

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Darn Useful Map!


This is By Far the most useful Flip Map I have ever bought! This Map seldom leaves the gaming table! The Villiage square side is Perfect for all those in town battles and stealth missions, in and out of the city. And the Flip side is Great for everything from Forests to Mountains (with the addition of a few added terrain features).

I highly recommend that anyone using miniatures Buys This Map!

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I have bought several of the booster packs from my local game shop since the product launch and all in all I am pleased with the quality. The Miniatures are decently painted, on par with any other plastic mini (after all there is only so much a machine can do) and some are very nice (like the goblins).

I like the idea of the $3.50 medium and $6.50 large, 1 figure randoms. That way i don't feel cheated when I spend more and get less because the randoms aren't even close to what I need. At that price they are something I can throw in the basket in addition to my regular purchases.

These minis are worth buying, I recommend picking some up.

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Half & Two Thirds


I bought this book on Friday, I've decided to use it to make things a little different when the Party heads off into The First World. The Magus will be introduced into the campaign as will the Words of Power casting system. Of course, since the Words of Power have to be chosen at character creation the PCs will not have access to it unless they make new toons.

So far the book is useful. I use the PDF versions and miss the links that the Core Book has. But I do like that, unlike the Core Book, the pages automatically size to fit the window.

This is a good product for a GM that is looking to change things up a little.

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Hilarity Ensues!


I used these cards for the first time in my campaign last session. The PCs started off the chase by finding the Half-Orc Kidnapper inside a building. The Kidnapper dived out the window with a sack containing the unconscious gnome Oracle into an allyway piled with boxes! [cluttered alleyway card] the PCs could follw him down the ally or go around the building into the crowded street [the Crowded street card]. They decided to split up. The bard and paladin going down the crowded street while the Barbarian, Druid and Sorcerer followed down the ally.

After that I placed a random card face down at each junction of possible routes. Some made sense others didn't. The Sorcerer finally caught up to the Kidnapper while both the Kidnapper and the Barbarian were trying to get past a gaggle of bakers in the street [the buffuddel bakers card] and she snatched the bag from him. So the chase then switched directions as the Kidnapper tried to get the bag back.....

As you can see there were some opportunities for hilarity in this chase at virtually every turn! It was great fun. The only thing was that since we were new to the chase cards they disrupted the flow of the story and plunged the players into a more board-game type of feel.

Even so, we enjoyed the heck out of these cards and will definitely use them again

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Nice Quality Product Damaged by Folding


The quality of this product is nice (its paper not battle-mat fyi) but I wish they had not folded it. I would have preferred a rolled mat that if I wanted it folded then I would have that option.

Other then that I am happy with it. It enhances the suspension of disbelief that I am always looking for in my game to get the players really emotionally involved. With this map pack and some peasant miniatures you can really get a good feel for the environment.